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Mothers Day Gifts

Everyone knows their Mum is really special and that's why we've taken the time to gather together and present our very best gifts for Mother's Day onto one, easy to browse page packed full of unique and unusual ideas, as well as all the tried and tested classics.

Indeed, Mothering Sunday is the one day of the year you can really spoil your mummy and what better way to do that than buy buying her an activity gift experience from Into the Blue. We've got lots of ideas for Mother's Day presents, from something nice and relaxing or fabulously indulgent, to downright adrenaline-filled.  What's more, we've got experiences for Mothers who live all over the UK, so it doesn't matter where they are, we'll have something fun, creative and fabulous for her!  Read more...

Mothering Sunday was originally a religious festival celebrated centuries ago, before Mother's Day as we know it became popular. This special day for Mum still follows the church, with the actual day falling on the fourth Sunday of Lent, which is why the date changes every year.

Traditionally good boys and girls baked sweet things for Mothers as the day was all about eating cake, but these days you can treat Mum to a whole wealth of cool activities and experiences courtesy of Into the Blue. Having said that, cakes can still feature in your Mother's day plans with our impressive range of tasty afternoon teas!

What's great about our choices for presents for Mum is that they are so much more fun than the usual Mother's Day gift of flowers and much more thoughtful than just a store voucher. So why give Mum blooms when she can go on a course to learn how to arrange them herself? Why buy a glass vase when your Mummy could go into a workshop and create one herself?

If your Mum is one of those pretty cool ladies, why not get her doing something completely off the scale? How about River Bugging in the white waters of Scotland or perhaps at the other end of the UK, a waterborne gift in the form of a sailing lesson in Southampton might float their boat? But if your Mummy is like our Mummy and she won't be wanting to get her hair wet, how about inviting her on a Thames cruise with lunch - and while your at it, why not invite her Mother too? After all, Grandma would love a little cruise and a meal too wouldn't she?

But our absolute favourite present ideas for Mother's Day are the creative ones. Mum never takes time for herself, so it'd be good to get her creative juices flowing as she learns a new skill, such as jewellery making, or perhaps designing her own 'celebrity' perfume

It's these sort of ideas we are proud to present at Into the Blue. Your Mother is a true inspiration to you and your siblings. Motherhood is amazing, but often not easy, so we think making Mum the most important person in your life for at least just one day each year is a lovely thing to do and here at Into the Blue we have a gift that Mum will never forget.

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