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Drone Flying Lessons & Courses


Drone experiences and courses. Have you been impressed by drone footage on TV and fancy having a go? Are you a drone owner wanting to know more about the rules & regs in the UK? Our drone flying courses give you hands-on experience and the essential theory too. Drone courses FAQs...

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Drone Lessons Nationwide Venues

Locations Nationwide

Best Seller From £120.00

Drone Lessons Nationwide Venues
• One to one drone flying lessons & coaching
• Theory and practical hands-on drone tuition
• Learn to fly DJI Phantom and Mavic pro drones
• All lessons are bespoke and geared to your needs
countryside drone

1:1 Drone Training Hampshire

Chawton Village, Alton

From £99.00

1:1 Drone Training Hampshire
  • Drone training at Chawton, near Alton, Hampshire
  • Learn to fly Mavic & Phantom pro drones
  • CAA certified commercial drone pilot tutors
  • Fly in the village where Jane Austen lived

blue sky drone

Introduction to Drones Worcester

Droitwich, Worcestershire

Buy For £199.00

Introduction to Drones Worcester
  • Personal 2 hour one to one lesson
  • DJI Phantom 4 Pro & Typhoon H pro hexcopter
  • CAA certified drone pilot
  • Contains both theory & practical modules
drone in flight scotland

Drone Pilot Training Edinburgh

Oriam Centre near Currie

From £119.00

Drone Pilot Training Edinburgh
• One-to-one drone training near Edinburgh in Scotland
• Learn how they work, how to fly them and more!
• Indoor and outdoor flying arenas available
• Plenty of hands-on drone flying time during lessons
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Flyers Choice

Locations Nationwide

From £50.00

Flyers Choice
  • Choose from a wide choice of Flying Experiences
  • Locations across the UK
  • Option to top up your voucher on line
  • FREE premium packaging included worth £4.99

Should I buy this experience?

Who it's for

These drone courses are perfect for introducing newbies to the world of recreational droning. You'll get to fly drones, learn loads about how they work and discover what these amazing machines are capable of.

Who it's not for

Flying a drone takes a certain level of dexterity, so if you're not one to get excited about gadgets or remote controlled things, signing up to a drone flying course might not be for you. If you enjoy the amazing footage drones produce, you might be better off with a sightseeing flight, so you can see what the drones see for yourself!

Drone experiences FAQs

  • Do I need my own drone for these courses?
  • Do you need a licence to fly a drone in the UK?
  • Is it legal to fly a drone in the UK?
  • Who are the tutors on these drone courses?
  • Do you offer drone racing experiences?
  • Are the drone sessions outdoors?
  • What sort of drones will I be flying?
  • Is it easy to learn to fly a drone?
  • How long can drones fly for?
  • Will I crash the drone?
  • I have actually bought a drone, can I bring it with me?
  • Are these courses for beginners?
  • Will my drone lesson be cancelled if it's raining?
  • Do I get a drone licence at the end of the course?
  • Are these official drone schools?
  • I've noticed some of the schools use drone simulators - why?
  • Are there any drone schools near me?
  • Do I need my own drone for these courses?

    No. All the schools we use have their own fleet of drones from well-known drone manufacturers such as DJI, Parrot and Xero. They're all maintained in tip-top flying condition ready for you to learn all the basics of drone control and flying.

    Do you need a licence to fly a drone in the UK?

    You don't actually need a licence to fly a drone in the UK, but if you want to fly drones for commercial gain, you need what's called a PfCO - Permissions for Commercial Operations. This certification comes under the remit of the CAA, the Civil Aviation Authority.

    Is it legal to fly a drone in the UK?

    It is, but the CAA has issued guidelines as to where you can fly drones and there is much discussion in the media and within the business as to how and should drone flying be regulated. This sort of thing is covered in-depth in the theory part of drone courses.

    Who are the tutors on these drone courses?

    There are several 'sorts' of drone pilot. Some of our schools are born out of traditional plane and helicopter flying schools, where pilots have developed drone flying as an additional service. Others are experts at all things remote-controlled and gadgets and some are professional camera persons or photographers who have naturally migrated to working with drones. In all cases, your tutor will be a highly skilled drone expert.

    Do you offer drone racing experiences?

    Drone racing is an exciting sport that involves several smaller racing drones taking off at the same time and being flown around a circuit and negotiating obstacles as you go. It's usually indoors, with dimmed lights and theatrical lighting that makes something like a Robot Wars sort of setting - and yes we do offer it!

    Are the drone sessions outdoors?

    We have drone lessons that take place entirely outdoors, partially indoors and totally indoors. It all depends on the set up the school has, so check each individual drone school page for more details and feel free to contact us for more info if you need it. The quickest and easiest way is by using the online chat box that will pop up on the page.

    What sort of drones will I be flying?

    Some of the experiences use micro drones that can be flown indoors and are great fun. Others let you loose on the professional-standard drones (once you've gone through all the theory before taking off!). We're talking big name drones like the industry-standard DJI Phantom and Mavic models.

    Is it easy to learn to fly a drone?

    We'll be honest with you, it's tricky. If you've ever tried a remote control model aeroplane, you'll know what we mean. You will have the controller in your hand and it's your job to safely take off, fly and then land. Luckily the experiences are all run as one-to-one lessons, so you'll learn lots about drone flight from some of the best pilots in the UK.

    How long can drones fly for?

    That all depends on the model of drone, the batteries and the range of the transmitter and receiver. As you can imagine, you can get yourself in quite a pickle if your drone is flying off somewhere and runs out of power, so these eventualities will all be covered in your course.

    Will I crash the drone?

    Obviously the aim is to not crash the rather expensive drones. To that end, most of the schools will start you off gently either in the training paddock on smaller drones, or even on a drone simulator with the VR headset so you can get used to the controls and how drone have fly before you take the real thing up in the air.

    I have actually bought a drone, can I bring it with me?

    Pupils with their own drones are often keen to bring them along to the lesson. Most operators are absolutely fine with this, but you might want to check with them when booking in to make sure you have a suitable quality of drone.

    Are these courses for beginners?

    Absolutely. They are aimed at recreational droners who want to be safe and aware when flying drones. No previous experience is necessary as everything will be explained to you. Teaching will be geared to your level too, so if you already have some experience you will still learn lots of new things.

    Will my drone lesson be cancelled if it's raining?

    If it's an indoor drone school there's no problem. For the schools that operate entirely outdoors, it's their call. If the weather is deemed unsuitable, you should be able to reschedule your lesson.

    Do I get a drone licence at the end of the course?

    No. If you're talking about the CAA's PfCO (Permissions for Commercial Operations) certification, these taster lessons do not provide that. But nearly all out schools are CAA approved National Qualified Entities (NQEs), which means they have the clearance to teach drone courses and test drone pilots for their PfCO.

    Can the school advise me on buying a drone?

    Yes. Booking on one of these courses is a great way to try a drone before you buy, chat about what sort of drone flying you want to do and which drone would suit you according you your budget. It's a great opportunity to glean lots of useful information from your instructor. What's more, as experts in their field, many of the drone schools are also retailers for drones and all the equipment that go with them.

    Are these official drone schools?

    There's no official body for drone schools, but if a school teaches and assesses drone pilots for their PfCO, they have to be a CAA accredited National Qualified Entity (NQE), which shows they have reached a very high standard in the droning worlds.

    I've noticed some of the schools use drone simulators - why?

    This is a great way for newbies to get used to holding the controller and how the drone behaves in the air without the risk of anything going wrong - these fancy drones are pretty expensive you know, so best avoid crashing on your first outing!

    Are there any drone schools near me?

    We have a selection of drone experiences at centres around the UK. If there's not a drone school near you right now, keep coming back because we are adding new operators all the time as drones are getting really popular! Our current locations include:
    • Leicestershire
    • Edinburgh
    • Chester
    • Cambridge
    • Bradford
    • Bristol
    • Maidstone
    • Oxford
    • Winchester

    Ready to fly a drone? Book onto a drone course now!

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