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Drone Courses

Drone Lessons

8 Locations Nationwide

From £120.00

    • One to one drone flying lessons & coaching
    • Theory and practical hands-on drone tuition
    • Learn to fly DJI Phantom and Mavic pro drones
    • All lessons are bespoke and geared to your needs
Drone Pilot Lessons

Haxey, Doncaster

From £120.00

    • One to one drone pilot training in Doncaster
    • Drone training takes place at a private airfield
    • Hosted by UK's only CAA approved heli & drone school
    • Choose between a one or two-hour drone lesson
Drone Pilot Training Edinburgh

Oriam Centre near Currie

From £119.00

    • One-to-one drone training near Edinburgh in Scotland
    • Learn how they work, how to fly them and more!
    • Indoor and outdoor flying arenas available
    • Plenty of hands-on drone flying time during lessons
Drone Racing Experiences

Loughborough, Leicestershire

Special Offer From £29

    • Learn to fly drones in an arena near Loughborough
    • This is the world's first indoor drone flying centre
    • Discover FPV (First Person View) drone flying
    • Mini drone hire, goggle set & teaching all included
Exclusive Drone Flying Lessons

Prestwold Hall, Leicestershire

Special Offer From £99

    • Drone training from the professionals
    • Learn the drone code to be a responsible pilot
    • All drone lessons are on a one to one basis
    • Bring your own drone or use a school DJI Phantom

From military to recreational - drones are everywhere!

Once upon a time drones were an all very hush hush military thing, but then they crossed over into the world of film and television as an amazing way of getting a bird's eye view. A large proportion of aerial footage you see on TV and in the cinema will have been captured by drones, piloted by skilled professionals. Then there’s the sport of drone racing. Once again, the pros make whizzing around a bespoke drone course look easy - but, as you’ll find on these drone flying courses it’s pretty tricky!

So what about us mere mortals who just fancy having a go? These drone experiences are perfect for introducing newbies to the world of recreational droning. Courses often start indoors on the simulator, so you can practice using a real drone controller without the risk of doing any damage (if you crash on the sim, you just hit reset and set off again!).

Sussed out the sim - time to go real with your drone

When you’ve got the hang of the basics. courses move on to the real thing. This could be piloting a funky micro drone through hoops indoors, then graduating to a spot of drone racing around the twisting, turning bespoke course like this unique indoor drone racing track in Nottingham.

Or you could be heading outside, to experience just how drones can be used to send back incredible footage from way up high in the sky. You might even get to take a drone selfie for the ultimate bird’s eye view photo looking back down to earth.

The rules and regs of drones in the UK covered

Of course, if you’re flying objects high in the air outdoors, there are rules and regulations on where, how and when you can fly. Our outdoor drone courses will explain all of this to you, so if ever you do get your very own drone, you’ll know what the score is.

If you’re interested in drones, these drone experiences will teach you all you need to know, with loads of hands-on drone time too. Whether it’s racing or filming, using the latest First Person View technology via goggles or monitor, you’ll be totally fascinated by the world of quadrocopters (that’s drones to you and us!).

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