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Gifts for Families

Family gifts - spend quality time together as a family unit. We've put this family-friendly selection of gifts together to offer days out for all the family, keeping both the kids and the parents happy and entertained. Gifts for families FAQs...

Should I buy this experience?

Who it's for:

If you’ve got kids (of any age) and are looking for a gift you can all enjoy and do together, this is the place to look. Activities and experiences to suit all families and their budgets. 

Who it's not for:

For those kid-free couples, we’ve got a selection of gifts just for couples!

Gifts for families FAQs:

• Will we be doing the activity all together as a family?
Yes! We have trawled through the hundreds of activities on our website to find those suitable for families to do together.

• What are the minimum and maximum ages for the kids?This depends on the activity. Each experience page gives you all the age requirements under the ‘More Info’ tab then choose ‘Suitable For’. So whether you’ve got teenage kids or younger ones, you can find the right gift for you and your family.

• Days out as a family can be expensive. What cheap family gifts do you have?Booking all together as a family with one voucher can amount to decent savings when compared to booking individually. In many cases, you as a family will form an exclusive group for the experience you’re doing, so it’s just you and your squad!

• Is all the gear we’ll need as a family included?
Yes. We know doing an activity as a family can be expensive if you need to kit out everyone, so all the gear you need is included in the cost of the family gift voucher.

• Why do you sell family gifts?
The experts are always saying we don't send enough time together as families, so it's great to have a full range of fun and exciting gifts for parents to enjoy with the kids.

• We’re looking for a ‘once in a lifetime’ activity to do as a family?
We can do that! It could be something fancy like an exclusive helicopter charter, or a hot air balloon ride. We’ve also got unusual weekends away for parents and offspring to enjoy, daredevil antics and more.

• Could these family experiences turn into a new hobby for us all?
Quite possibly!. Lots of families enjoy giving new sports like archery, clay pigeon shooting and karting a go, so much so that they continue after their experience. Who knows, you could be nurturing a future Olympic star or F1 champ?

• Are there any hidden extras to cover in the cost of our family day out?
Any extra costs that are payable locally will be clearly shown on each experience page. It could be for things like coveralls that can be bought for a couple of pounds, or photos and videos of your activity that are available to purchase, which are optional add-ons.

• Can extended family/friends come and watch us?
It depends on the nature of the activity you’ve chosen as a family, but in general, yes Gran and Grandad and your family friends can watch at least part of your activity (for example, wave you off on a sightseeing flight, watch you from the pit lane on your drive and so on).

• Can the family dog come along too?
We know your dog is an integral part of the family, but you won’t be able to share you family day out with your four-legged friend. Just make sure you take plenty of photos and videos to show Fido when you get back home!

• What have you got for an adventurous family to do?
We have lots of exciting days out and activities for action-packed families to enjoy. How about walking up and over the O2 arena in London? Or a thrilling survival weekend where you’ll be channelling your inner Bear Grylls in the wild? Have a browse and see what adrenaline-filled activities take your fancy as a family.

• If it gets competitive, can I expect to be beaten by my own children?
In a nutshell - yes. Take our driving activities. It can quickly get competitive out on the track when it becomes Mum & Dad vs Kids. And invariably, despite not being old enough to drive on the actual roads, your teens will trounce you. You’ll just have to take it on the chin!

• We’re not your usual 2+2 family, what have you got for us?
Make sure you check out all voucher options for your chosen activity. It might be that there is something like a one adult + one child option that suits you better. If you need any more advice or help, you can use the chat window that pops up on the page, ‘phone us or email us to get in touch.

• Are there any family gift experience days near me?
There’s bound to be a funky family gift experience near you. Have a little browse of our selection and see what you think. You won’t have to travel far as a family to have fun together with current locations such as:
  • London
  • Brighton
  • Bradford
  • Birmingham
  • Cardiff
  • Dartmoor
  • Sussex
  • Milton Keynes
  • Manchester
  • Liverpool
  • Leicester
  • Luton
  • Coventry
  • Sheffield
  • Southampton
And many more! Book your family-friendly experience gift now!
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