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Gifts for Families

Family gifts are a great way to organise a day out to spend quality time together as a family unit. We've put this selection of gifts together as it offers suitable days out for all the family, keeping both the kids and the parents happy and entertained. There are all sorts of gifts on offer, from sporty and sightseeing activities to relaxing and action-packed. All are available to buy directly online and all gifts for families are valid for a full year.

Finding an gift that all the family can enjoy together is never easy. If you're wanting to treat the family to something special to do there's no need to trawl through all 800-odd of our activities, as we've done the hard work for you.

Each one of the gifts featured on this page is particularly suitable for families to enjoy together and by buying a family voucher you will often be getting extra value for money too. Each gift voucher has certain requirements with regards the minimum and maximum ages for children that can be included in a family voucher, so make sure the activity suits you.

The experts are always saying we don't send enough time together as families, so it's great to have a full range of fun and exciting gifts for parents to enjoy with the kids. We especially like the activities that let you into a whole new world to discover something new and unforgettable, or the ones that give you the chance to enjoy an adrenaline-filled experience that is one of the 'once in a lifetime' type gifts for families.

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