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Jet Skis and Jet Bikes Experiences


Get out on the water with a jet ski, jetbike, jetRIB or even all three, on these action-packed Personal Watercraft experiences. With a simple turn of a key on these nifty waterborne machines, you'll be loving the sensation of utter speed as you zoom over the water. And as confidence builds, you'll be doing sliding turns and cutting lines round buoys like there's no tomorrow!

Riding a jet ski isn't hard. They're fully automatic, so there's no clutch or gears to worry about. The easiest are the sit down jet skis, as all you have to do is climb onboard and go for a spin. The stand up jet skis take a little more skill to be able to actually stand up and balance on them, but after some onshore tips and hints you should soon get to grips with this jet skiing lark. Read more...

jetskis by pier
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Brighton Jet Ski Safari

Brighton Marina, East Sussex

From £140.00

Brighton Jet Ski Safari
  • Jet ski safaris from Brighton Marina
  • Pilot powerful Seadoo GTI jet skis
  • Vouchers are for 1 or 2 people
  • This is an instructor-led 1hr safari 
Jetski hire
Based On 8 Reviews

Jetski Cornwall

Newquay & St Austell

From £119.00

Jetski Cornwall
• Jet ski at Lusty Glaze or Carlyon beaches
• Privately-owned beaches on the north & south coasts
• Sessions on Yamaha Waverunners
• Starts with a training & familiarisation session
Jet Ski Experience Newhaven East Sussex

Seven Sisters Jet Ski Safari

Newhaven, East Sussex

From £160.00

Seven Sisters Jet Ski Safari
  • Guided jetski tours from Newhaven
  • See Seven Sisters white cliffs & more
  • Spot seabirds & water wildlife too
  • Ride solo, or bring a passenger
jetski formation

RYA Jet Ski Training Dorset

Poole Harbour, Poole

From £325.00

RYA Jet Ski Training Dorset
• RYA certified Personal Watercraft training courses
• Learn to ride a jetski responsibly
• A mix of land and water-based training sessions
• Apply for your International certificate afterwards

The history of jetksiing

You might not know it, but Jet Ski is actually a brand name that Kawasaki used when they invented the first Personal Watercraft back in the crazy'n'wild 70s. Since then, other well known brands have come onto the market including SeaDoo and Yamaha with the much-loved WaveRunner, but all are generally known as jet skis these days. What's more, the design hasn't really changed and they all work in a similar way, with powerful little onboard motors.

The two types of jet ski

One thing's for sure, these are very versatile water craft. The easiest to master is the sit down version. These come as single seaters for solo riders, or as larger two and three seater models. They are ideal for cruising around the sea or pottering around inland lakes and reservoirs, making them the perfect choice for beginner riders.

Those with a little more jet-skiing experience will want to progress to the stand up type. These are an altogether different kettle of fish as they are trickier to master. Even though you can start off by kneeling on them, the ultimate aim is to ride them standing up. If you do get your sea legs and your balance right, you'll find them agile, super fast and even capable of doing freestyle tricks in, under and on top of the water. And if you needed any more convincing that jet skis are cool, watch this little video of jet skiers doing freestyle tricks .

Where to ride jet skis in the UK

As for where you can ride these types of craft in this country, we've got fresh water and sea venues for you to choose from. Some experiences are in the form of sightseeing tours where you can pop in and out of normally inaccessible coves around the coast, whilst others test your mettle as you swerve around slalom courses laid out with buoys.

Our most popular jetski experiences are the ones that combine several different craft into one session. Start off with a jetRIB, then try the sit down jet skis. The finale is a whizz around on a stand up jetski,

So, if piloting a jet ski or cruising on jetbikes isn't enough to satiate your waterborne desires, we can highly recommend the jetRIBs. These little vessels offer a whole different world of craziness as this craft combines a mini Rigid Inflatable with a jet ski to make for a stable, but very agile craft for sliding around the water on.

In essence, jet skiing makes watersports accessible to all, without the need to learn lots of theory before you can get started out on the water. They are, of course, powerful watercraft, so prudence is the order of the day, but they are a shedload of fun!