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White Water Rafting Experiences in the UK

Get drenched rafting on the finest white waters of the UK! Climb aboard a rugged inflatable raft and ride those fast-flowing rapids. No previous rafting experience is necessary, as you’ll have an on-shore safety briefing and training. We’ve got white water rafting sessions on natural river rapids and at man-made watersports centres around the country for you to choose from. White water rafting FAQs

Lee Valley White Water Rafting

Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire

Special Offer From £55

    • White water rafting at Lee Valley White Water Centre
    • Venue hosted the London 2012 Olympic Canoe Slalom
    • Gallons of fun on the grade four water course
    • Enjoy the views & a drink in the Terrace Bar & Cafe
Nottingham White Water Rafting Experience
Based On 3 Reviews

National Watersports Centre, West Bridgford

From £45.00

    • A thrilling white water rafting experience!
    • Ride some of the most technical & exciting rapids
    • One and three quarter hours on the water
    • All equipment is provided by the venue
White Water Rapids Experience Teesside
Based On 2 Reviews

River Tees, Stockton on Tees

From £50.00

    • White water rafting at Teesside Barrage centre
    • Ride the rapids on this 350m manmade course
    • You'll paddle multiple descents of the course
    • Conveyor belt brings you & the raft back to the top
Bala White Water Rafting

River Tryweryn, North Wales

From £55.00

    • White water rafting sessions on the River Tryweryn
    • Paddle this popular spot on the edge of Snowdonia
    • Rafts take up to six, plus your guide onboard too
    • Raft a 5km stretch of this dam-release river
Exclusive White Water Rafting Peak District
Based On 18 Reviews

River Derwent, Matlock

Save £60 From £329

    • Raft from Darley Dale to Matlock Bath
    • Rafting time is approximately one hour 20 minutes
    • Briefing by your BCU or IRF raft guide
    • Your own private raft for a group of rafters
Extreme River Bugging North Wales

River Dee, Llangollen

From £55.00

    • Extreme river bugging near Llangollen
    • Ride the rapids on the River Dee
    • All the gear you need is included
    • Decent fitness level required for this!
Hydrospeeding Adventure

Lee Valley White Water Centre, Hertfordshire

From £50.00

    • Give the exciting watersport of hydrospeeding a go!
    • Ride the rapids on your own hydrospeed 'float'
    • Takes place at Lee Valley White Water Centre
    • Includes on-land briefing & swim assessment
Rafting Fort William

River Garry

From £60.00

    • An exciting 2 hour white water rafting experience
    • A challenging course
    • AALA licensed instructors on hand
    • Wet suits, helmets and life jackets are provided
White Water Rafting North Wales
Based On 11 Reviews

River Dee, Llangollen

From £59.00

    • A white water rafting session on the River Dee
    • Spend around 1.5hrs out on the water
    • All equipment is provided by the venue
    • This is one of the best rapids spots in the UK!
White Water Rafting Northampton
Based On 2 Reviews

River Nene

From £45.00

    • Flat water practice session
    • Up to 6 runs of the white water course
    • Ride in a raft on these manmade white waters
    • All safety equipment is provided
White Water Rafting Scotland
Based On 11 Reviews

River Tay

From £40.00

    • Experience rafting on the River Tay
    • Perfect for groups or individual rafters
    • Half and Full Day options available
    • All kit and tuition included
White Water Rafting Cardiff
Based On 1 Reviews

Cardiff Bay

From £58.00

    • Ride the rapids at Cardiff's premier rafting venue
    • 2 hour session with multiple runs of the course
    • Available for individuals or groups of up to 13
    • All equipment and BCU instructor included
River Bugging Experience
Based On 2 Reviews

Perthshire - River Tummel

From £50.00

    • One and a half hours out on the water
    • An introduction on dry land
    • Tackle the rapids, drops and splashes of the river
    • Safety equipment is provided by the venue
River Derwent White Water Rafting

Matlock, Peak District

From £55.00

    • Rafting along the River Derwent in Derbyshire
    • Start at Darley Dale and paddle to Matlock Bath
    • Ride easy and moderate white water rapids
    • Qualified rafting guide rides in the raft with you
River Tubing Adventure Matlock

River Derwent, Matlock

From £45.00

    • River tubing on the River Derwent near Matlock
    • A fun activity in the Peak District National Park
    • Open to all ages from just 6 years old
    • All the gear to river tube is provided for you
White Water Activities Glasgow

Pinkston Watersports Centre

From £40.00

    • White water rafting, riverboarding & funyaks
    • Choose your weapon to ride the Pinkston rapids
    • Watersports centre on edge of Glasgow city centre
    • All the gear you need to ride the rapids included
Kayaking in The Peak District

River Derwent, Matlock

From £45.00

    • White water kayaking on the River Derwent
    • Go as gently or as wild as you like on these waters
    • Solo and tandem inflatable kayaks available
    • Full tuition with sessions hosted by a guide
White Water Hot Dogs for Two

Lee Valley White Water Centre, Hertfordshire

From £100.00

    • Take on the rapids in a two seater kayak
    • Try to co-ordinate your paddling as a duo
    • Ride the Legacy Loop at Lee Valley White Water Centre
    • Excellent on site facilities at this Olympic venue
White Water Kayaking for Two Nottingham

National Watersports Centre

From £80.00

    • It's kayaking - but in white water rapids!
    • Takes place at Holme Pierrepont near Nottingham
    • Vouchers are for 2 to ride together in the kayak
    • Kayaks are rapid-riding rigid inflatable types
White Water Paddleboarding


From £55.00

    • Try the extreme version of stand up paddleboarding
    • This is paddleboarding, but on white water rapids
    • Half day or full day courses available in Wales
    • All the safety gear plus board & paddle included

Should I buy this experience?

Who it’s for

White water rafting is one of the biggest adrenaline rushes you can have on water. You can raft out on the river tackling the natural obstacles, or do circuits of a man-made white water rafting course. It’s great fun for those who love the mix of swirling waters and tidal thrills, with the possibility of some spills at any moment!

Who it’s not for

Although the strength of the rapids varies at every location, if you’re really scared of water (particularly fast-flowing water), white water rafting might not be for you. You’ll need to work as a team to paddle together and you WILL get wet. We do have other more tranquil ways of getting out on the water though, including Stand Up Paddleboarding and Canoeing.

White water rafting FAQs:

How many people fit in a raft?

Rafts hold up to eight or nine rafters, as well as the instructor.

Do I have to get a whole group together to white water raft?

Not necessarily. If you book individual experiences you will be part of a group to make up a raft. Some venues do require a minimum number of people, so please see each individual rafting venue page for more details.

How are white water rapids graded?

White water rapids are given a grade between 1 and 6. One is gently flowing water, whilst level six is deemed ‘un-runnable’. The lower the number, the less gnarly the waters are!

What’s the difference between man-made and natural white water rapids?

When you go white water rafting on rivers you are riding the naturally occurring rapids in often stunning scenery. At man-made white water rafting centres the facilities are excellent and you will be riding a course where the flow of water can be controlled to make it as extreme or gentle as you like.

How many runs do I get on manmade courses?

It depends if you just want to ride straight up and down the course, or if you play in the stoppers and waves on the way down. Your experience is usually counted on a time basis, so within that time you might get multiple runs in.

Do I need to be able to swim to go white water rafting?

Each venue has its own policy on whether you need to be able to swim to white water raft. Some of the more extreme rapids will require you to be a good swimmer. In other cases, just confidence in the water is sufficient. For all experiences, an on-shore briefing will show you what to do if you fall out of the raft.

Will I need to be fit to go rafting?

Yes, a reasonable level of fitness if required for going white water rafting - and you’ll need to paddle whilst you’re in the raft too!

What should I wear for white water rafting?

Venues supply free of charge or payable locally wetsuits, helmet, buoyancy aid and sometimes wet boots too. You need to bring swimmers to wear under the wetsuit. If it’s cold a rash vest of thermal top can be a good idea.

What shoes should I wear?

You should wear trainers (preferably lace up ones) that you don’t mind getting wet. Some locations include wet boots with their provided kit.

What do I need to bring with me?

Don’t forget to bring a towel and a change of clothes. All our venues have toilet, changing and shower facilities.

Can I go rafting if I wear glasses or contact lenses?

This can vary between white water centres, but in general glasses with glass lenses are a no no, but contact lenses, glasses with plastic lenses, or prescription goggles are all OK.

Is rafting an activity for families?

It can be, yes! We have white water rafting centres that offer beginner sessions that are suitable from ages as young as 10 years old. Check each page for full details of their age policies.

Are there any height/weight/age restrictions?

Height is not such an issue as weight and chest size. For example, there may be an upper weight limit of around 18 stone and chest size needs to be less than 48”. Don’t forget to double check restrictions on each supplier page before you book.

Is white water rafting dangerous?

White water rafting is an extreme sport. You will definitely get wet and you might fall in the water, but you will have all the necessary safety equipment and your instructor will be onboard the raft with you at all times. Certain man-made centres also have staff stationed on the banks of the run. And of course, before you launch, you will have a full safety briefing.

Will I fall in the water whilst rafting?

If you want to fall in, that can definitely be arranged! For many it’s all part of the fun. For those who are not so keen, it’s worth noting that instructors will tailor the rafting to ride less aggressive waters.

Can I take a camera or GoPro on the raft with me?

No. Even if you have head or chest mounts, GoPros/cameras are not allowed in the raft with you for safety reasons. Get your on-shore supporters to do the filming for you! 

Where can I go white water rafting in the UK?

We have got some of the best white water rafting locations in the country for you. There are superb rivers in Scotland and Wales offering varied rapids in wonderful settings. And we have some of the best-equipped man-made white water rafting centres in the UK for you too. Here’s where you can go white water rafting:

Manmade rapids:

  • Nottingham
  • Wales - Cardiff
  • Hertfordshire
  • Stockton on Tees
  • Scotland - Glasgow

Natural rapids:

  • North Wales - Llangollen
  • North Wales - Bala
  • Scotland - Fort Augustus
  • Scotland - Perthshire
  • Peak District

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