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Aerobatic Flight Experiences Nationwide

Be brave and go big on an aerobatics experience! Aerobatics is a highly specialised form of flying that, as the Civil Aviation Authority says: ‘involves flying the aircraft close to the edge of the permitted flight envelope’. Experience G-forces when you join a skilled pilot for some aerobatics. Aerobatics experiences FAQ...

Aerobatics Coventry
Based On 11 Reviews

Coventry Airport

Free Gift From £175

    • Try aerobatics at Coventry Airport
    • Take to the skies in a rare Robin R2160
    • Aircraft is rated for +6 and -3g aerial manoeuvres
    • Weekdays and weekends throughout the year
Aerobatic Flight Essex

Damyns Hall Aerodrome, Upminster

From £180.00

    • Aerobatic flying out of Damyns Hall in Essex
    • Fly stunts in a CAP10-C competition-standard plane
    • Club has some of the UK's finest stunt pilots
    • Perform loops, rolls & more in your 20 min lesson
Ultimate Extra 330 Aerobatics Experience

White Waltham Airfield, Berkshire

Save £50 From £249

    • Aerobatics in an Extra 330LX aeroplane
    • Choose between a 20 or 30-minute flight
    • Fly from White Waltham - home of British Aerobatics
    • The chance to have a go at the controls yourself
Aerobatic Experience in Blackpool
Based On 34 Reviews

Blackpool Airport

From £159.00

    • Fly stunts over Blackpool with this 30mins flight
    • Plane used is a Cessna FA 150K Aerobat
    • Dual controls means you can have a go at flying
    • The chance to do aerobatics at this famous resort
Ultimate Aerobatics - The Utter Nutter
Based On 4 Reviews

Chichester, West Sussex

From £399.00

    • Extreme aerobatics out of Goodwood Aerodrome
    • Fly the craziest stunts in an Extra 300
    • The Ultimate = classic display moves
    • Utter Nutter = Cravats, Rouade, Mulleroid & more
Fly with a Fighter Pilot

Goodwood Aerodrome, West Sussex

From £299.00

    • Train like a fighter pilot on thrilling flights
    • Learn basic controls & aerobatic moves in the air
    • Take the controls yourself for loops & turns
    • The ride can be as mild or as wild as you like
Pitts Aerobatic Biplane Berkshire
Based On 1 Reviews

White Waltham Airfield Near Maidenhead

Save £10 From £179

    • Hosted by skilled aerobatic display pilots
    • Full running commentary during your flight
    • Stunts such as loops, wingovers & cuban eights
    • Fly a Pitts Special - a legendary aerobatics plane
UK Wide Aerobatic Experiences
Based On 2 Reviews

Locations Nationwide

From £145.00

    • Our most flexible aerobatics voucher
    • 20-30mins of flying time at your choice of venue
    • Pull some serious G during your flight
    • A variety of aerobatics planes used for flights
Aerobatics Experience Camberley

Blackbushe Airport, Surrey

From £135.00

    • Experience aerobatics in a Cessna Aerobat
    • Flights depart Blackbushe Airport near Camberley
    • Your chance to take the controls as you fly
    • Do loops, stalls, spins and more during your flight
Lessons in Aerobatics
Based On 8 Reviews

Thruxton Airport, Andover

From £145.00

    • Loop the loop over Thruxton Airfield nr Andover
    • You will be flying in a Decathlon 8KCAB aircraft
    • This flight school has been operating since 1967
    • Chance to take control for part of flight
Aerobatics Oxfordshire

Bicester Heritage, Bicester

From £219.00

    • Aerobatic flying from Bicester Heritage, Oxon
    • Learn to fly basic aerobatic moves in a CAP10
    • A full linked sequence finale (time permitting)
    • Crew includes pilots with air display experience
Aerobatics Peterborough

Sibson Aerodrome

From £125.00

    • Aerobatics lesson at Sibson airfield, Peterborough
    • You'll be taking off in a Cessna Aerobat
    • Dual control aircraft so you can have a go too
    • A 30 min flight with ground briefing on top
Aerobatic Stunts Surrey
Based On 11 Reviews

Redhill Airport

From £139.00

    • Aerobatics flying at Redhill Airport in Surrey
    • Go looping the loop in a Cessna Aerobat 152
    • Experience aerobatics pilots will take you up
    • You can combine 30min lesson + 30mins of tricks
Biplane Aerobatics Sussex

Shoreham Airport, near Brighton

From £265.00

    • Fly aerobatics over the Brighton coastline!
    • Take to the skies in a vintage Stampe SV4C biplane
    • Your chance to take control and fly the plane
    • Put this French-built biplane through its paces
Decathlon Experience Staffordshire
Based On 6 Reviews

Tatenhill Airfield

From £99.00

    • Stunt flying at Tatenhill nr Burton On Trent
    • Head into the sky in a Bellanca Decathlon plane
    • Fully inverted oil system means full inversions!
    • Aerobatics with a school established in 1987
Firefly Aerobatics Experience Essex
Based On 3 Reviews

Stapleford Airfield

From £145.00

    • 20mins aerobatics flight from Stapleford Airfield
    • Flying in the British-built Slingsby Firefly
    • Try slow stylish rolls, the Firefly signature move
    • Firefly has a side by side cockpit configuration
Pitts Special Aerobatics Gloucestershire

Staverton Airfield, Cheltenham

From £195.00

    • Flights in a Pitts Special S2a from Staverton
    • Experience aerobatics in this iconic plane
    • You get the chance to fly the Pitts as well
    • Malverns, Cotswolds & Severn Estuary is the backdrop
Top Gun Aerobatic Experience
Based On 4 Reviews

Goodwood Aerodrome

Special Offer From £499

    • Flights in a military T67 Firefly aircraft
    • Take off for a thrilling aerial dogfight
    • Based out of Goodwood Aerodrome in West Sussex
    • Ground briefing inc parachute procedures
Chipmunk Flight Experience Oxfordshire

Bicester Heritage, North Oxfordshire

From £95.00

    • Flights in a beautifully restored Chipmunk
    • This Chipmunk was the first to be built in the UK
    • Your chance to fly in a piece of aviation history
    • Operating out of historic Bicester Heritage
Glider Aerobatics Experience

Ridgewell Airfield, Essex

From £225.00

    • Do aerobatics in a glider!
    • Powerless flight with a unique twist
    • Departing from Ridgewell Airfield nr Sudbury
    • Fly with a glider aerobatics champion

Should I buy this experience?

Who it's for

If you're one of the two million or so who has watched in awe, as an expert pilot performs a breathtaking aerobatic flight at one of the 250 or more air shows held in the UK every year and have uttered the words "I'd love to have a go at that!". This IS your chance. Not for the fainthearted, but it is the most thrilling form of flying there is!

Who it's not for

If just the thought of flying upside down makes your stomach churn, an aerobatics experience may not be for you. You will be looping the loop, barrel rolling and more, so it’s an experience that’s definitely reserved for the most adventurous amongst you. Don’t let that put you off trying flying though, we have trial flying lessons in light aircraft where you’ll stay the right way up!

Aerobatics experience FAQs

Is aerobatics flying dangerous?

Flying is one of the safest form of transport. All aircraft are maintained and controlled to current CAA legislation and all aircraft are inspected before each flight. All instructors are fully qualified pilots (many are ex RAF and/or current commercial airline pilots), who undertake regular pilot licence re-validation by authorise flight examiners.

What’s all this talk about G forces?

Acceleration is described in units of the force called ‘Gs”. On the ground the gravity we experience is 1 G. Even on a commercial airliner flight, you feel the G force at the moment of acceleration in a straight line to take off. It pushes you back into the seat, so it’s +G. Being pushed forward (for example when you land) is -G.

So will I be experiencing G force on my flight?

Oh yes. Despite the fact that we, as human beings, are adapted to be at 1 G, if you’re mad enough to want to go on an aerobatic experience, you certainly will be experiencing life at + and - Gs, whilst your pilot executes a fine sequence of tumbles, rolls and spins. Don’t worry, you’ll be securely strapped in, so inverted flight will be a doddle!

I love roller coasters, will I like this?

Probably! Aerobatic flying is the ultimate in aerial flying and a totally unique experience. It is so different to being a passenger on your typical airline flight. It is totally immersive and you will be amazed at just what aerial stunts these little sports planes are capable of.

Can any plane do aerobatics?

No. The plane needs to be specially adapted for aerobatics. They need things like header tanks and flop tubes to make sure fuel can get to the engine when in inverted flight. Of course, all the aeroplanes offered on these experiences are indeed built for aerobatics.

What sort of aircraft operate these aerobatics experiences?

We've got aerobatic flights in all sorts of aircraft, including the high-wing monoplane Decathlon and the low-wing Slingsby Firefly, which are both often used as aerobatics trainers. Then there’s the wonderful crowd-pleasing Pitts Special bi-plane and the very rare Xtreme Air XA42. You can even do tricks in a vintage Stampe or Chipmunk, proving there's plenty of life left in those old wonders yet. But the most powerful of aerobatics planes has to be the Extra 300s. You’ll need to hang on to your shoulder straps for a flight in one of these!

Which of all these experiences is the most extreme?

Without doubt the Extra 300. It might look like a fairly sweet and innocent little low-wing monoplane, but once you’re strapped in and airborne, you’ll realise that this machine is the boss. This is the plane for competition aerobatics and air races. When being flown solo this aircraft’s maximum g-force is +10/-10 G and with a passenger onboard it’s +8/-8 G. It has a climb rate of 3300ft per minute, which means it is almost vertical. This agile, fast and manoeuvrable plane can do any aerobatic move you can think of!

Are the pilots on these experiences all specialised?

Oh yes. They undertake specific training to be able to perform aerial stunts and tricks. If you want to fly air displays you need an Unlimited Displays Authorisation and many of the pilots who fly these experiences have this. Some of them are even ex Red Arrows pilots and many are working commercial airline pilots too, so they are pretty experienced at this flying lark.

What sort of aerobatic manoeuvres will we be doing up there?

Once the pilot has checked you’re ready and up for it, you might start with a nice loop the loop. Depending on how you find that, some more inverted flight in the form of a barrel roll might follow. If you’re really keen, you might go for a full aerobatic sequence, where you link manoeuvres just like at an air display show. And if you’re in the Extra, expect gyroscopic moves like the Ruade when you climb at 45degrees, tip to the side and then tumble over the nose!

Where do I sit in the aircraft?

In tandem aircraft like the Firefly, Pitts and Extra you will be in the front seat in front of the pilot. In the aircraft like the Decathlon and the CAP10 you sit side-by-side.

Will I be air sick?

Well, that’s a good question. Your pilot instructor will only perform aerobatics if you are feeling OK and you want to do it. As one of our flight school instructors says: ‘If you prefer to fly straight and level and look at the clouds rather than trying to rip the wings off the plane, that’s fine!’ The pilots will also give you some tips for coping with G forces, such as lifting your feet off the floor of the plane, holding onto the shoulder straps and looking out of the cockpit to the horizon.

What happens is we’re in the middle of the flight and I don’t like it?

No problem. You will be equipped with a headset so you can communicate with your pilot, even if they are sitting behind you. Just say the word and they will return to straight and level flight and head back to land if needs be.

What should I wear for going aerobatic flying?

Wear casual clothes you feel comfortable in. Some aerobatics schools provide flying suits for these experiences.

Are there any restrictions?

Restrictions will vary from one aircraft to another, but in general there’s a maximum height of between 6ft 1” and 6ft 4”, with maximum weight between 15 and 17 stone. Please make sure you check each individual aerobatics experience page to see the restrictions for each type of plane/flight.

Can friends and family come and watch?

Friends and family are more than welcome to spectate and witness your first foray into the wild world of aerobatic flying! Many of our locations offer a club house or even an outside terrace area where guests can watch start up, taxi and take off, before gazing in total admiration at the aerial stunts being performed!

Do I get to have a go at the controls of the plane during my aerobatics experience?

In many cases yes. It is subject to conditions on the day and your instructor being in agreement, but in general, once you’ve reached straight and level flight, you might well be allowed to fly the aircraft yourself and even try a few moves maybe.

Where can I go on an aerobatics experience near me?

Aerobatic flying is quite a specialised activity, so experiences are available at selected flying centres around the country. To date, we have aerobatics flights at locations such as:
  • Redhill Airport
  • Bicester Heritage
  • Shoreham Brighton Airport
  • Thruxton Airport
  • Sibson Aerodrome Peterborough
  • Chichester
  • Blackpool Airport
  • White Waltham near Maidenhead
  • Goodwood Aerodrome
  • Coventry Airport
  • Damyns Hall Upminster

Reckon you can handle looping the loop? Book your aerobatics experience now!

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