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Flight Simulator Experiences Nationwide

Flight simulators let you experience the thrills of flying without leaving the ground. Jump into the captain's seat, enter your flight co-ordinates and get ready to fly wherever you fancy going. You can even make it rain, add some turbulence, or fly a full sector from start to finish. Flight simulators FAQs...

Emirates Aviation Experience

Greenwich Peninsula, London

Save £25 From £95

    • Fly a simulator at the Emirates Aviation Experience
    • Choice of Airbus A380 or Boeing B777 simulators
    • 10 short and long haul airports to choose from
    • Entrance to the Emirates exhibition included
Spitfire vs Messerschmitt Combat for Two

Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire

Back in Business From £70

    • Virtual aerial dogfighting in flight simulators
    • It's the Spitfire vs Messerschmitt Bf109
    • Two of you will 'fly' in the sims at the same time
    • See if you can hunt & shoot down the enemy!
737 Simulator Gloucestershire Airport

Staverton, Cheltenham

Save 50% From £75

    • Fixed-base sim sessions at Gloucestershire Airport
    • Be the captain of a Boeing 737-800 airliner!
    • A huge range of durations available up to 2hrs
    • Choose where you'd like to fly from and to
737 Flight Simulator
Based On 4 Reviews

Manchester, Northants & Sussex

From £110.00

    • 1:1 tuition in this fixed base 737 simulator
    • Choice of flight durations available to choose
    • 4 locations to choose from
    • Bring along a friend to enjoy the 'flight'
Spitfire Simulator Warwickshire

Henley in Arden

Back in Business July 2020 From £99

    • Pilot a Spitfire simulator in Warwickshire
    • Fly an aerial mission during the Battle of Britain
    • You can choose from many different fight options
    • Surround sound, fixed base simulator experience
F3 Tornado Experience

Hawarden Airfield, Cheshire

From £99.00

    • Meet an ex-RAF F3 Tornado at this Heritage Centre
    • A fascinating experience for fast jet fans
    • Guided tour of the aircraft & sit in the cockpit
    • Spend time in the Tornado Procedures Trainer/Sim
The Ultimate Spitfire Simulator

Goodwood Aerodrome, West Sussex

From £200.00

    • Fly the world's only pro MkIX Spitfire simulator!
    • Sim is based on a genuine WW2 Spitfire
    • Learn the basics of flying this iconic plane
    • Looks, feels and even sounds like a real Spitfire
737 Simulator Warwickshire
Based On 37 Reviews

Henley in Arden, Warwickshire

Back in Business July 2020 From £69

    • Boeing 737 simulator at Henley in Arden, Warks
    • This is a fixed base model with 180 degree views
    • Family can watch on the big screen in reception
    • Your pick of take off & landing airports
Vulcan Bomber Flight Simulator Experience

Stacksteads, near Manchester

From £120.00

    • A session in the world's only Vulcan bomber sim
    • Sit in the exact-size replica cockpit
    • Choose the military mission you'd like to go on
    • 'Fly' in this iconic delta-wing fighter jet
Motion Flight Simulators Coventry
Based On 7 Reviews


From £125.00

    • 737, 747 & A320 airliner simulators in Coventry
    • Be wowed with latest 3D graphics on your flight
    • Hydraulic Motion on 737 and A320 is included
    • Trip Advisor 'Certificate of Excellence' 2017/16/15
The SULLY Experience

Coventry Airport, Bagington

From £199.00

    • Simulate the famous 'Miracle of the Hudson' flight
    • Practice the 3 emergency scenarios of flight 1549
    • Will you handle the pressure of an aerial MayDay?
    • A total of 60 mins in the Airbus A320 simulator
737 Simulator Suffolk


Back in Business From £80

    • Flights on a professional-rated Boeing 737 sim
    • 30 min ground briefing plus flight time
    • Take control from engine start up to shut down
    • A choice of 24,000 airports worldwide for you
737 Simulator Peterborough
Based On 21 Reviews

Orton Southgate

Special Offer From £59

    • Fixed base flight sim sessions in Peterborough
    • Fly from your choice of airport in a 737-800W sim
    • Plane is positioned, engines on, ready for takeoff
    • Two passengers can join you in the flight deck
Boeing 737 Simulator Derbyshire

Shirebrook, Derbyshire

Special Offer From £85

    • Captain a virtual Boeing 737-800 in Derbyshire
    • A full range sim session durations available
    • Follow airline Standard Operating Procedures
    • Gives a real insight into the life of a pilot
WW2 Flight Simulators

Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire

From £55.00

    • Virtually fly a World War Two fighter plane
    • Choose between the Spitfire & Messerschmitt Bf109
    • A wide variety of flight durations are available
    • Authentic, full-size simulators are super realistic
737 Boeing Simulator Newcastle
Based On 9 Reviews


From £119.00

    • Flight simulator experiences in Brunswick
    • Fixed base Boeing 737ng, Spitfire & F-35 fighter
    • Captain a Next Generation Boeing jet airliner
    • Choose your flight path and flight duration
737 Flight Simulator Bedfordshire

Leighton Buzzard

Back in Business From £55

    • Virtually fly with Capt. Mark in Leighton Buzzard
    • Take control of a Boeing 737-800NG simulator
    • Fixed base, with motorised seats & surround sound
    • Invite up to 2 to share flight time on 1hr+ flights
737 Flightdeck in Boston

Boston Aerodrome, Lincolnshire

Special Offer From £99

    • Fixed base sim flights at Boston Aerodrome
    • Be the Captain of a replica Boeing 737 flight deck
    • A huge range of airports worldwide to choose from
    • Invite up to 5 friends to watch on the flight deck
737 Simulator Blackpool Airport

Blackpool, Lancashire

Special Offer From £80

    • Be captain of a Boeing 737-800NG in Blackpool
    • Full range of sim flight durations to choose from
    • Hugely realistic with 220-degree wraparound screen
    • Invite up to 5 passengers to sit in the cabin seats
737 Simulator Doncaster

South Yorkshire

From £75.00

    • Fly a Boeing 737-800 flight sim in Doncaster
    • Hosted by working commercial airline pilots
    • Fixed base, hyper real wraparound graphics
    • Decide on your flight itinerary before take off
737 Simulator Ellesmere Port


From £108.00

    • Flight simulators at Ellesmere Port nr Liverpool
    • Captain a Boeing 737 or an Airbus A320 sim
    • Genuine cabin & cockpit set ups with HD visuals
    • Ultimate experience: fly a sector in real time
737 Simulator Glasgow

Glasgow International Airport

From £129.00

    • Flight simulator experiences at Glasgow Airport
    • Captain a Boeing 737-800 series airliner
    • This is a fixed base sim at a flight training school
    • On 60/90mins: fly a full sector in 'real time'
737 Simulator Harrogate

North Yorkshire

From £144.00

    • Boeing 737 flight simulator flights in Harrogate
    • This is a full-hydraulic motion simulator
    • Hosted by experienced commercial & RAF pilots
    • All sessions are one to one & geared to you
Airbus A320 Motion Flight Simulator Manchester

Salford Quays

Save £25 From £100

    • This is a full-motion Airbus A320 simulator
    • A facility run by ex RAF & commercial pilots
    • A full range of sim flight durations available
    • As captain, you choose where to fly in your sim!
Alpine Challenge Simulator Offer

Gloucestershire, Manchester, Northants, Cheltenham, Sussex

Save £25 From £85

    • A Boeing 737 flight sim experience to the Alps
    • See if you can land at the tricky Innsbruck Airport
    • Soar over snow-capped peaks & tackle turbulence
    • The experience gives you 30 minutes in the sim
Boeing 737 Simulator Barnsley

Wombwell, South Yorkshire

Save 20% From £76

    • Boeing 737-800NG simulator near Barnsley
    • Over 20,000 flight destinations to choose from
    • Full range of sim flight durations available
    • Impressive 220-degree, 4K enhanced visuals
Can Anyone Fly the Plane?

Orton Southgate, Peterborough

From £99.00

    • Respond to the 'Can anyone fly a plane' call!
    • Act out a 'talk down' landing in a Boeing 737 sim
    • Listen to the instructions in your headset
    • You get 30mins of sim flying time
Cessna Flight Simulator

City Airport, Manchester

From £59.00

    • Virtual flying in a Cessna 172 simulator
    • Sessions take place at Manchester Barton airfield
    • All experiences led by qualified instructor pilot
    • Choose between a 30 or 60 minute experience
Cessna Skyhawk Yorkshire

Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Special Offer From £45

    • Flight simulator sessions in Wakefield, Yorkshire
    • Take to the virtual skies in a Cessna Skyhawk
    • Sit in the replica cockpit for your sim flight
    • Choose your take off, landings, weather etc
Diamond Flight Simulator Lee-on-the-Solent

Solent Airfield, Fareham, Hampshire

From £65.00

    • Flight simulator experiences at Solent Airport
    • Fly in a virtual Diamond DA40/42 light aircraft
    • Hosted by expert sim trainer instructors
    • Fly in LA, with Innsbruck add-on for 45-min sessions
F16 Fighter Pilot Yorkshire

Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Special Offer From £45

    • Pilot an F16 flight sim on aerial missions
    • Choose from 30, 60, 90 or 120 flight durations
    • Sit in a ejector seat mock up for your flight
    • Full ground briefing before you 'fly' in the sim
F35 Combat Simulator Suffolk


From £60.00

    • 60-minute experiences in an F-35B flight simulator
    • Hosted by a specialist sim company in Mildenhall
    • An insight into life as a modern combat fighter pilot
    • The F-35B - try short take offs & vertical landings
F35 Simulator Newcastle
Based On 3 Reviews

Newcastle upon Tyne

Save £10 From £69

    • Lockheed Martin F35 military fighter jet simulator
    • The only place in the UK offering the F35 sim
    • Discover the amazing avionics & stealth technology
    • Can be combined with a Boeing simulator flight too
Fear of Flying Course Northampton or Sussex

Northampton & Sussex

From £169.00

    • Ease your fears flying on these courses
    • Hosted by experienced commercial airline pilots
    • Session tailored to you to combat your own fears
    • Explore flight deck and 'fly' in the jump seat
Fighter Jet Simulator
Based On 8 Reviews

Near Harrogate

From £144.00

    • Fly a McDonnell Douglas F4 simulator nr Harrogate
    • Sim cockpit is an ex-operational military Phantom
    • This is a full motion hydraulic platform simulator
    • Various flight durations offered in this fighter
Fighter Pilot Experience
Based On 5 Reviews

Stalybridge, Cheshire

Special Offer From £39

    • Top Gun-style jet fighter simulator experience
    • An actual ex-Romanian Air Force Delfin 29 cockpit
    • Wear a genuine RAF fighter pilot flight suit
    • 'Real time' flying & full military flying skills
Flight Simulator Glasgow

Glasgow International Airport

From £80.00

    • Flight simulator training at Glasgow Airport
    • Learn how to virtually fly on these 1:1 sessions
    • Excellent in-cockpit training by qualified pilots
    • Each experience is geared towards the student
Flight Simulator Training Essex

Earls Colne Airfield, Colchester

From £79.00

    • Flight simulator training at Earls Colne airfield
    • Fly in a Robin HR200-style simulator
    • A full 60-minutes inside the cockpit set up
    • Choose where you want to fly as captain!
Flight Simulators Perth
Based On 10 Reviews

Perth Airport

Special Offer From £59

    • Fly a flight simulator at Perth Airport
    • Generic sim can simulate 3 different plane set ups
    • Choose from Beech 200, Piper Seneca or Citation II
    • Try the sim student pilots use for qualifications
Flight Training Simulator Hampshire

Popham Airfield, Winchester

From £65.00

    • Fly an Ikarus C42 simulator at Popham Airfield
    • This is the world's only Ikarus Simulator
    • Simulator boasts full motion & triple HD screens
    • Hosted by pilots who instruct in real Ikarus aircraft
Flightdeck Experience near Manchester
Based On 39 Reviews

North Manchester

From £110.00

    • Fixed base 737-800 flight sim near Manchester
    • Fully enclosed cockpit & cabin is hyper realistic
    • Invite up to 12 guests to sit in the main cabin
    • A totally airline/airport themed experience
Full Motion Flight Simulator Bristol

Bristol Airport, North Somerset

From £39.00

    • Simulated flight from Bristol International Airport
    • This is a full motion flight simulator
    • Based at a purpose-built training facility
    • Lunch in the Flight Lounge add on available
Helicopter Simulator Experience Cheshire

Ellesmere Port, Cheshire

From £120.00

    • Fly in a helicopter simulator in Ellesmere
    • The sim is built using a real Agusta 109 fuselage
    • Lots of heli flying tasks to choose from
    • Invite up to 4 people to join you inside the heli
Lancaster Bomber Flight Simulator

Brighton City Airport, East Sussex

Exclusive Offer From £75

    • Fly an Avro Lancaster bomber simulator
    • Based at a flying club at Brighton City Airport
    • Get a feel for what it was like as WW2 bomber pilot
    • Choose between one or two 30-minute sessions
Lynx Helicopter Simulator

Mildenhall, Suffolk

From £89.00

    • Try your hand at piloting a helicopter simulator
    • Created from an actual ex-Army Westland Lynx heli
    • Virtually experience military helicopter power!
    • Choose between a 60 and 90 heli sim session
Virtual Reality Spitfire Simulator

Newcastle upon Tyne

From £49.00

    • A Spitfire simulator with added Virtual Reality!
    • Wear a VR headset as you fly the Spitfire
    • Sit in the full-size cockpit replica as you fly
    • Take part in a Battle of Britain mission
Drone Flying Experience London

Theobalds Park, Hertfordshire

Save 50% From £99

    • Drone flying lessons at Theobalds Park
    • This is London's first outdoor drone arena
    • Fly Mavic, Phantom and Inspire pro drones
    • Sim practice, obstacle course & aerial filming

Should I buy this experience?

Who it's for

If you’re ever been curious about what it’s like to be on the flight deck, these flight simulator experiences are for you. Whether you’re a fan of super fast military jets like the F3 Tornado, quite fancy emulating Captain Sully when he landed on the Hudson River in his Boeing, or want to guide a Cessna over your local skies, we’ve got a simulated flight experience for you.

Who it's not for

You might not be keen on trying a flight simulator because you’re worried you won’t be able to do it. However, there’s nothing to be nervous about. The staff are all super patient and very skilled at building confidence and getting the best out of those who have never even tried a home simulator before, let alone stepped inside cockpit. So go on, give it a go. We reckon these experiences are for everyone!

Flight simulator FAQs

Do pilots use these flight simulators?

Yes! All of our flight simulators are professional standard and many (especially the airliner sims) are indeed used by licensed pilots. The quality is second to none and it’s a very realistic experience. You’ll soon get immersed in the whole sensation of flying and forget you’re in a simulator!

Can flight simulators teach you to fly?

Yes and no. You can indeed learn to how to fly a plane by clocking up time in a simulator, but it doesn’t give you any qualifications to actually fly a real plane.

Are these flight simulators games?

Definitely not. Many of us have tried the flight simulator programmes on games consoles and computers and they are nothing like these high-powered simulators. Even if you have a fairly decent home set up with joysticks and a seat, you probably won’t have anything like these full cockpit set-ups.

Can you use a flight simulator experience to overcome a fear of flying?

Yes you can. Several of our flight simulator centres offer ‘fear of flying’ experiences as part of their programme. It’s a really good way to get over the anxiety you feel when taking a flight and should help you be able to fly off on holiday without the panic.

Do I choose where I fly?

Yep. The software is so sophisticated now on simulators that many have an impressive database of over 24,000 different airport and airfields around the globe. What you’ll do and where you fly is usually discussed with your instructor as part of your pre-flight briefing.

Why does everyone go on about St Maarten, Innsbruck and Kai Tak airports?

Ah yes. These are legendary airports for various reasons. St Maarten’s is the one where you fly in straight over the beach, Innsbruck is a very narrow valley in the Austrian mountains and Kai Tak is the former Hong Kon airport that meant a final approach in amongst the skyscrapers. They are often mentioned as they are by far the most popular airports (alongside local UK ones) that participants want to try.

Are the cockpits real?

Whilst many of the cockpits used for our flight simulators are highly accurate replicas, some are actually real, in the sense that they are ex-airworthy airframes used to create the cockpits. So you could be sitting in an ex-Romanian Air Force L-29 Delfin, or on the slightly worn seat of Airbus A320-111 that has flown hundreds of thousands of miles on commercial routes for GB Airways.

Can friends and family come and watch?

Yes. Often there’s room inside the airliner cockpits for one or more in the ‘jump’ seat. Some sim operators have a cabin set up with several rows of airline seats where friends and family can be ‘passengers’ on the flight. In the case of the fighter jets and smaller aircraft simulators, there’s usually an area where you can spectate and watch screens that are showing what is happening inside the cockpit.

Do these simulator experiences count towards pilot licence training?

No. If you want to go for a Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) you’ll need to take flying lessons in real aircraft. If you're keen to find out what it’s like flying a light aircraft, you can buy a trial flying lesson from us. We’ve got flight training schools onboard around the UK so you can get a feel of what flying for real is like.

Are the instructors real pilots?

Many of the instructors who host these simulator sessions are indeed qualified pilots. On the Boeing and Airbus simulators, many are working commercial pilots. Others are retired, whilst some are ex-RAF working in pilot or avionics capacities.

Do the flight simulators move?

Most of the flight simulators we offer are fixed base. That’s to say the cockpit doesn’t move, but you do get all the very realistic noises that the plane makes. We do have some premium simulator sessions on fully hydraulic flight simulators, which means the whole pod moves, simulating the way the plane moves in the sky.

Can you change the weather?

Of course! You don’t have to fly in calm sunny weather. If you want an extra challenge, the flight technician can add in some fog, a bit of turbulence or even lightning strikes. Maybe a snowy final approach to Geneva Airport would be your thing?

How realistic are the visuals on these sims?

We can’t stress how realistic these sims are. Just sitting on stand at London Heathrow you’ll see everything a real pilot in a real airliner would see, right down to the gate numbers, baggage trucks, tugs and refuellers whizzing around the apron. We’re talking high quality HD graphics on wraparound 180 degree screens in the majority of cases.

Do I need any flying experience to operate a flight simulator?

No. In fact, most of the people who go on our flight simulator experiences have no previous flying experience, in either a real plane or a simulator. All sessions are geared to your level and what you want to do as well, so if you’re a bit of a sim buff there’s a challenge for you do as well!

Do I fly the simulator myself?

Most definitely. You will be sitting in the left-hand captain’s seat, so you’ll be the one in command at the controls. Help is there when/if you need it from your expert pilot instructor, but the whole idea of these experiences is that you get to see what life is like as a pilot.

Canswitch the seatbelt signs on and off?

Yep! Believe or not, this is the first thing that people ask if they can do when they get inside the simulator. Of course, there’s none of that on the civil or military aircraft simulators, but in those cases you might have extra challenges like mid-air refuelling, aerial dog fights and aerobatics to tackle.

Are there flight sim centres near me?

Yes. Several simulator centres are based in or near actual airfields, with others dotted around the country at various venues. We even have simulators in city centres, including central London. Locations include:
  • London
  • Newcastle
  • Devon
  • Hampshire
  • Suffolk
  • Norfolk
  • Cheshire
  • Manchester
  • Scotland - Perth
  • Scotland - Glasgow

Ready to hone your pilot skills? Book your fabulous flight simulator experience and fly where you want to go!

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