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30 Minute Helicopter Lessons Nationwide

Nationwide Locations

  • A 30-minute helicopter lesson 
  • Voucher valid at airfields nationwide
  • Try basic manoeuvres like pitch and roll
  • All lessons include a pre-flight briefing

What's Included

  • 30 minute trial flying lesson in a 2 seater helicopter
  • Pre-flight and safety briefing
  • Introduction to the principles of helicopter flight
  • Your instructor will demonstrate the use of the controls
  • Opportunity to take the controls during your flight
  • Personalised flight certificate

What Can I Expect

Our nationwide range of 30-minute helicopter lessons departing from a whole host of locations! These brilliant rides are totally flexible, as it's up to you where you decide to take your lesson.

The airfields may vary, but each experience starts in the same way - with a pre-flight safety briefing. Listen carefully, as you may well hear your pilot instructor say the words "And this is the T-bar shaped stick that controls which way the chopper goes" - pretty essential stuff!

Once you are comfortably strapped in, the instructor will perform the last run of checks. If you've never been in a heli before, you might be struck by how noisy it is and your first take off is sure to be an eye opener. You slowly rise up vertically for a few metres, then as you feel the chopper lean forward, you accelerate off into forward flight.

After gaining cruising height and speed, your pilot will introduce you to each of the three basic helicopter controls (including that all important cyclic we mentioned earlier!), demonstrating their use and effect. And remember, these are 30-minute helicopter lessons, so you will actually be at the controls!

You will learn about pitching the nose of the helicopter up or down, or rolling from left or right. You'll grip what is known as the collective, which you move up and down to make the helicopter do likewise. Your feet will be on the rudder pedals, controlling the direction in which the helicopter is pointing. There's a lot to think about when it comes to handling a helicopter!

If there's one thing you'll be certain of after your flight, it'll be that helicopters are not easy to handle. But it's great fun, especially with the reassuring presence of an experienced, qualified instructor next to you. Of course, they all have full dual controls - and with patient instruction, most people are able to achieve a degree of control within the 30-minute duration.

If you'd like a more in-depth lesson than offered on these nationwide 30-minute helicopter lessons, then try our Nationwide 60 Minute Helicopter Flights , where the lesson flights are longer and you'll be able to gain more experience.


  • Weekdays and weekends throughout they year
  • Specific days are subject to availability and weather conditions at your chosen location


  • Current available locations, may be subject to change
  • Berkshire   Maidenhead - White Waltham Airfield
  • Kent   Manston - Kent International Airport
  • Nottinghamshire   Nottingham Heliport
  • Nottinghamshire   Tollerton - Nottingham City Airport
  • Powys  Welshpool - Mid Wales Airport
  • West Sussex  Shoreham - Brighton City Airport
  • West Yorkshire   Leeds - Leeds Heliport

Suitable For

  • Minimum age 14
  • Under 18s must be accompanied on the airfield by an adult
  • Height restrictions: minimum 4ft 6ins, maximum 6ft ins
  • Weight restrictions: maximum 16 stone (15 stone at Doncaster - Robin Hood Airport and 17 stone at Nottingham - Heliport)


  • Spectators are always welcome to watch from a designated area and watch take off and landing

Anything Else

  • Most venues provide viewing areas, refreshments and toilets however facilities vary depending on location


5 out of 5 stars

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Total Reviews: 17
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  based on 17 reviews

Rating: 5 stars
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5 Months ago
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Rating: 5 stars
Allowed me to experience something I've always wanted to - flying a helicopter. A great gift to me ...
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Conor Clowes
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Colin Weller
Fantastic experience, would love to continue and gain my licence. Very friendly company can’t rate ...
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I purchased the helicopter experience for my husband for our wedding anniversary and he absolutely ...
Rating: 5 stars
I had an amazing time flying the helicopter! Would love to do it again sometime!
Rating: 5 stars
Raymond Townsend
Enjoyable experience. Would love to do it again and half-tempted to get a licence!
Rating: 5 stars
An excellent flight. Easy to book, great instructor.
Rating: 5 stars
Great experience. Went to Shoreham and booking was all easy, pilot great instructor and understood ...
Rating: 5 stars
Lynn Kowalska
An excellent experience at Central Helicopters, Nottingham Heliport October 16. Can highly recomme...
Rating: 5 stars
Peter Clark
very good, this was the second Intotheblue event i have taken part in. A chance to have new skills ...
Rating: 5 stars
Malcolm Rae
I had a superb experience, a blast from my past, when in the forces Shoreham were very helpful i...
Rating: 5 stars
Mr C Childs
It was a great experience. The instructor was excellent, informative of how the helicopter flies an...
Rating: 5 stars
Johan, by email
I had a fabulous introductory helicopter lesson from Into the Blue. It was AMAZING!  Organisat...
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Simon Allerton
The Helicopters were fantastic and my instructor was really good and explained all the information ...