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Exhilarating Flying Experiences & Gifts


Time to fly and experience the wind beneath your wings

When you think of flying, you immediately think of an aeroplane. And of course we pride ourselves on having light aircraft experiences at aerodromes and airports in every corner of the UK, but aerial experiences don't necessarily mean sitting in a plane…

For starters, you could end up actually standing on the wing of one. Evidently you'll be firmly strapped in, but we still think you need to be just a little bit mad to do wing walking, but we have to say it's a firm favourite with daredevil IntotheBlue customers! Take a look at the different ways we can get you to reach for the clouds .

Some flying experiences only involve a one way trip. Yes, you'll take off in the plane, but you won't be landing in it as you will actually be jumping out of the thing once you reach the dizzy heights of, say, 10,000ft. Again, we think you have to be slightly unhinged to actually want to do this, but once again, it's one of our best selling flying experience gifts, so who are we to argue!

Going into the blue without leaving the ground

Other experiences in our flying section don't actually involve leaving the ground at all. The UK's aviation training industry is one of the most respected in the sector, with an excellent network of flight simulators around the country. We've managed to tap into that and get a good few of these training centres that are usually only for professional pilots, to open up the flight deck. That means us mere mortals can get onboard and have a go at virtually flying something very exciting like a big airliner or a powerful fighter jet.

And then there is the flying that doesn't have any wings. The most popular experiences we're talking about here centre around the brilliance of rotary flight. You have to admit, watching a chopper swoop in to scoop you up and take you on an aerial tour of the Great British coastline is pretty exhilarating stuff and feels very VIP indeed!

Not flying, but floating up, up and away

Not forgetting there's an altogether more chilled out way of reaching the skies that doesn't even need rotor blades or wings, just a load of hot air to get airborne. A hot air balloon will see you experience the wonders of flight at its most serene as you stand in the basket and just listen to the hum of everyday life below you rising up through the whistling hum of the balloon, interspersed with the occasional blast on the gas. Brilliant.

Whichever mode of aerial travel you try, these flying experiences are sure to delight all ages, whether you're an aviation enthusiast who wants to know what it's like up front in the cockpit where all the action is, or just want the aerial sightseeing delight.

With everything from a 10 minute hover, to a full day out at some of the UK's best flight training centres, there are flying experience vouchers to suit all budgets too. And in case you're wondering if it's expensive to start flying, we've put a handy guide to how much learning to fly costs . Come and experience flying with Into The Blue.