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Surfing Lessons, Gifts and Experience Days

Everybody's gone surfing! Experience riding the waves with surf lessons at prime beach locations around the UK. Learning to surf is one of those uber cool extreme sports that has an undeniably idyllic lifestyle associated with it. Hang ten in the water, then chill out with your surfer buddies. Bliss. Surf lesson FAQs...

pembrokeshire surfing

Surfing Lessons Pembrokeshire

Haverfordwest, West Wales

From £42.00

Surfing Lessons Pembrokeshire
  • Half-day surf sessions in Pembrokeshire
  • Suitable from kids & adults from 8yrs
  • Transport to and from the main centre
  • Ride the waves on a Swell board
Body Boarding

Watersports for Two Sunderland

Sunderland Marina

Buy For £70.00

Watersports for Two Sunderland
• Watersports activities at Roker Beach in Sunderland
• Take your pick from the activities offered on the day
• Surfing, canoeing, bell boats, SUP, pier jumps & more
• No need to swim - just confidence in water needed

Should I buy this experience?

Who it's for

Surfing is cool, full stop. That life of sand, sunshine and watching sunsets as the water laps around your toes is massively attractive. These lessons give you a glimpse of the surfer life you secretly wished you had!

Who it's not for

Learning to surf takes effort and lots of practice. It can feel a bit like being in a washing machine at times, so if you're not confident in the water or don't like to get wet, then surfing probably isn't the right choice of water sport for you.

Surf lessons FAQs

Can you learn to surf on your own?

Although you can just rock up to a beach with your surfboard under your arm, beginners are always advised to take a surfing lesson before going it alone. There are some essentials to learn and it's much better to get a proper lesson than be one of those 'all the gear no idea' surf types struggling to stand up on their board for lack of technique!

How hard is it to surf?

The thing about surfing is that it's not as easy as the likes of the legend that is Kelly Slater make it look. It's not just a case of standing on the shoreline with your surfboard under your arm, picking the surf break and riding it. Beginners are better off going for easy spilling waves no bigger than four feet. Now that may not sound very high, but when you are out there in the sea as it rushes towards you it's still pretty impressive.

Can you go surfing in the UK?

Yes! When the winds are right and the waves are rolling in, it's definitely a case of surf's up in the UK. The obvious place to learn how to surf and ride barrels like a pro is Cornwall.. With beautiful Blue Flag beaches, you might be forgiven for thinking it was Hawaii and not Cornwall! As the saying goes, 'If it swells, ride it' and that's just what happens here, but it also goes off in North Devon and even Sunderland too!

Do I need to know how to swim?

For group surf lessons you will need to be able to swim for around 25m and be confident in the water.

Is it OK if I've never surfed before?

No problem. These surf lessons are specifically aimed at those with no or very little surf experience, making them ideal for beginners.

What should I wear for a surf lesson?

You'll need swimwear and a towel. Most first-time surfers feel more comfortable in a wetsuit for the lesson, so most surf schools provide winter-weight (ie nice and thick) wetsuits for free or a small fee payable locally for pupils. You can also bring your own.

Where do you put your keys when surfing?

Not as daft a question as it sounds! Surf schools generally have changing rooms with lockers on or near the beach where you'll be surfing. If not, there are tubs that you can put lock your personal items in and then lock in a safe place.

Will there be waves?

Our surf schools are located in areas of the UK that are well-known for good swells. Looking at the weather and sea conditions, the instructors will decide on the day which bay or beach you'll be going to for your lesson to make sure the conditions are the best they can be for your level of surfing.

Can I wear my glasses/contact lenses for surfing?

Glasses are OK if they are attached. For contact lens wearers, surf schools recommend that you wear a pair of daily lenses if possible.

Is it cold surfing in the UK?

In places like Devon, Cornwall and Dorset, water temperatures regularly reach between 24 and 26 degrees during the summer months, which is pretty nice! Having said that, most beginners still prefer having a wetsuit on, but surfing barefoot is definitely do-able! In winter months, surf schools lend you wetsuit boots, gloves and hats.

What will I learn during my first surf lesson?

The first thing to learn on any surf lesson is beach safety. Then you'll be shown how to handle your board. After some on-shore training, it's out into the water to catch some waves on your belly before progressing to standing up.

How do you paddle on a surfboard?

Paddling is an essential part of surfing. Lying down on your belly you learn how to use your arms to paddle out into the water, doing what surfers call 'duck dives' to go through on-coming waves. Then when you're ready to catch a wave, you start paddling before jumping into the surf stance with one foot in front of the other on the board.

Will I be able to stand up straight away?

Probably not. Most surfing newbies practice catching waves whilst lying on their bellies on the board and letting the wave take them back to shore. When you've mastered this and steering, you'll move on to giving standing up on the board a go.

Are the coaches for these lessons qualified?

Yes. All instructors are qualified for teaching surfing. Many also have lifeguard qualifications too. Instructors will be out on the water with you and/or on the water's edge keeping an eye on you.

Do you need to be fit to surf?

Surfing is a physically demanding sport. A certain level of fitness is required to be able to keep paddling out and trying to get up on the board.

Are there any alternatives to surfing?

Yes. Body boarding is a great way to ride waves without having to learn how to stand on the board.

Where can I go surfing near me in the UK?

Of course, you need to go to the coast to be able to surf those rollers. We currently have surf schools operating out of:
  • Newquay
  • Sunderland

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