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Driving Experiences


You don't have to be a petrol head to love a Driving Experience or track day! If it's got a motor and it moves you'll find it here in our massive collection of driving experiences. Each and every one is available to you to buy as online gifts and we've got special driver days throughout the UK for you.

So have a browse, get revved up for a superb day out, and hit the accelerator pedal and pop that product into your basket. There's sure to be a driving experience that you just know will make the perfect gift for that motor-mad person in your life. It could be trundling along in a 4x4 or powering through the chicane in a high performance car; speed is not of the essence here, but the tank is full to the brim with motoring fun. Read more...



Accelerate into the right driving experience for you!

The best thing about a driving experience? Admittedly for most of us it's got to be about the speed hasn't it? Nothing beats pulling away from the pits and watching the needle lurch towards the redline of the rev-counter as you get pushed back into your body-hugging sports seat. But it doesn't just have to be about top-line speed in a straight line.

Maybe it's a shed load of sheer power a that driver's love to experience? Imagine being in command of a very large, very heavy, very powerful tank. You might not be rocketing off the start line, but what you lack in speed you certainly make up for in car-crushing brute force with those trusty tracks under your feet. Just getting into them is a physical challenge and not for the claustrophobic when the hatch is closed. What's more, it's nothing like driving a normal car, so maybe a little online tutorial into how to drive a tank would be prudent before your experience?

Then there's off roading prowess. As a result, the plethora of all-terrain vehicles included in these thrilling driving experiences, we give you the chance to leave the smooth tarmac behind and become a dirt-munching ditch digging devil in a 4x4, or make that a 6x6, or even an 8x8. You'll be amazed at how well these motorised beasts tackle the terrain that make 99.9% of cars you see on the road whimper in fear.

Driving experiences at airfield tracks and world-famous circuits too

And then there's where you take your driving experience. As well as a good helping of airfield coned out circuits (these are usually the most family-friendly and relaxed affairs), we've also got all of the UKs best tracks signed up for driving experience days. Just imagine following that racing line around Coppice and then hooning it down the long Starkey's straight at Donington Park. Or maybe you fancy yourself as a bit of a rally driver stepping into the Recaro bucket seat of the likes of Sebastien Ogier as you bump and bounce your way around a treelined stage that regularly hosts British Rally Championship events.

More than just the usual supercars and rallying

Of course, we're not just talking about cars in the traditional sense in this section of IntotheBlue. There are also gigantic HGVs, slippery Hovercraft, mega Monster Trucks and brilliant Buggies too. There are even genuine Routemaster buses and where would the world be without a big bad Harley experience where you get to bring a taste of the US of A to the UK?

Consequently, each and every one is a fabulous driving experience. If you have a young motoring fiend in your midst, we have a collection of junior driving experiences around the UK too. And if you know someone who doesn't like all these newfangled high-performance cars, we've also got a shining selection of gorgeous classic and vintage vehicles too - some of which you can take out for a cruise on the public roads!

Whichever driving experience you choose for your loved one, we are sure they will be absolutely thrilled to be at the controls of their chosen machine. So switch on the motor, get that engine turning over nice and smoothly and the oil up to temp and away you go, tyres screeching.