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Zorbing & Sphereing Experiences

Harness and water zorbing all around the UK! Venues vary in terms of terrain, but in essence it's you rolling down some form of hill inside a large plastic ball! Zorbs can reach speeds of up to 30mph as you roll over and over, around and around. Be prepared to feel like you're in a bit of a spin! Zorbing experience FAQs...
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Zorbing Manchester

Macclesfield near Manchester

Special Offer From £35.00

Zorbing Manchester
• Options for harness or aqua sphereing
• Located by the Peak District National Park
• Spectators are welcome to come and cheer you on

Should I buy this experience?

Who it's for

Zorbing (or sphereing as it's also known) is a fantastic outdoor activity for daredevils on a budget, making it a great gift for youngsters and older go-getters alike. Zorbing is sure to have you screaming with delight and laughing out loud as you go rolling, rolling, rolling…

Who it's not for

You will be inside an inflatable plastic ball, so if you don't like confined spaces, you probably won't enjoy zorbing. Try harness rather than water zorbing if you don't like getting wet and in both cases expect to be rolled around so much so that you don't know which way up you are. Again, probs best avoided if you don't fancy feeling disorientated!

Zorbing Experience FAQs

Is zorbing the same as sphereing?

Yes. Some people call it sphereing, some call is zorbing, but it's all the same thing!

What is the difference between water and harness zorbing?

For harness zorbing two of you are attached facing each other inside the ball, each of you wearing a harness. When you go water zorbing (also known as aqua or hydro), water is added, so you slosh around as you roll and you're not attached.

What is body zorbing?

When you go body zorbing you 'wear' a plastic sphere that covers you from your head to your knees. Inside you've got a harness and hand holds. The balls are open at the top and the bottom, so you can still breathe (conveniently!) and run. Once you've got your body zorb on, it's time to take part in some silliness, with group games such as bubble football, last one standing and bulldog. Just like the playground games of your youth, but with you inside a sphere.

Where was zorbing invented?

Zorbing comes from the home of extreme sports - New Zealand (where else!). Zorbing was started by David and Andrew Akers in 1994, who came up with the idea of the adrenaline experience inside a inflatable ball on the hills of Rotorua resort. Now it has truly taken off and it has been rolled out ('scuse the pun) to thrill seekers all over the world.

How does water zorbing work?

When you go water zorbing, up to 60 litres of water will be thrown into the sphere with you. You won't be attached with a harness whilst you're in there, so you when the zorb starts rolling, you'll slosh around inside the sphere. Obviously, you will be getting properly getting wet. If you don't fancy it, why not try harness zorbing, where you are attached inside the water-free ball?

How big is the zorb ball?

Inflatable zorbing balls are usually just over 10ft (or just over 3m for metric modernists!) diameter. They're cleverly constructed so they are rigid and strong and won't burst, but give you cushioning when you bounce. They're also transparent-ish so you have an idea of what is happening outside.

How long will my run last?

The length of your zorbing run will depend how long the track is.They're often between 150 and 250m long and you may get one or two rolls, depending on the zorbing voucher you buy.

How fast will I be going?

We are told zorbs can reach speeds of up to 30mph, but this pretty extreme and would require a fairly steep slope and a hefty shove off the start line! On our zorbing experiences you'll be going fast enough, that's for sure.

How do I actually get inside the ball?

This is a good point. You do need to be physically fit to be able to get inside the zorb, as it requires a sort of dive to get into the ball through the small opening. If you're in any doubt, contact us before you buy to see if zorbing is for you.

Where will I be rolling in the sphere?

Zorbing happens outdoors. Typical zorbing runs are on slopes so that the ball rolls, picking up speed as it goes, with an uphill bank at the end, to slow you back down and stop. Many venues have constructed purpose-built zorb tracks, complete with barriers, viewing areas for spectators and even nifty ways of getting the ball back up to the top of the slope again for the next zorbers!

What stops me falling out of it?

Once you're inside the zorb, the small opening you used to get in is sealed up for the duration of the roll, so neither you or the water (if you're aqua sphering) can get out.

Can I go zorbing solo or do I need a partner?

You can ride solo on a water zorbing experience, but for the harness version there will need to be two people inside the ball. If you book as an individual, you will be paired with someone on the day. Most of our vouchers are for two people to go zorbing together.

Is the water cold?

Yes, it might well be! Around 60l of the stuff will be inside the ball with you. If it's summer time it's going to be cold water and if you're lucky you might get warm water in the colder months, but don't count on it!

What do I need to wear for zorbing?

Wear something you don't mind getting wet for hydro zorbing and make sure you remember to bring a change of clothes. Most people wear shorts and a t-shirt. We recommend wearing something that protects your shoulders for harness sphering, as the harness goes over your shoulders. Also, make sure all jewellery is off before you roll.

Can I go zorbing when pregnant?

Zorbing isn't suitable for those who are or think they might be pregnant.

Are there any weight or height restrictions for zorbing?

Yes. Most zorb operators ask that harness zorbers weigh no more than 100kg each and the height range is 4'5" to 6'5". The total weight for water zorbing should not exceed 200kg (remember you can go solo or with a partner for this version of zorbing only).

Can I still zorb in the rain?

Yes. Rain won't stop play unless it gets torrential and the operations team deems it unsafe to carry on.

What does zorbing feel like?

Water zorbing feels like being inside a very large washing machine, whereas the sensations of harness sphereing are quite different because you're attached, face to face with your zorb partner. It's a bit like being a hamster inside one of those balls, but you'll be doing roly-polys on all axes.

Where can I go zorbing near me?

We've got zorbing venues around the UK where you can go both water and harness zorbing including:
  • London
  • Manchester
  • Surrey
  • Yorkshire
  • Edinburgh
  • Dumfries & Galloway

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