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Harness and water zorbing all around the UK! Venues vary in terms of terrain, but in essence it's you rolling down some form of hill inside a large plastic ball! Zorbs can reach speeds of up to 30mph as you roll over and over, around and around. Be prepared to feel like you're in a bit of a spin!  Zorbing experience FAQs...
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Zorbing Manchester

Heaton near Manchester

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Zorbing Manchester
• Rolling the hills on the farm as a duo!
• Choose  harness or aqua sphereing
• Located by the Peak District National Park
• Spectators are welcome to cheer you on

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Who it's for

Zorbing (or sphereing as it's also known) is a fantastic outdoor activity for daredevils on a budget, making it a great gift for youngsters and older go-getters alike. Zorbing is sure to have you screaming with delight and laughing out loud as you go rolling, rolling, rolling…

Who it's not for

You will be inside an inflatable plastic ball, so if you don't like confined spaces, you probably won't enjoy zorbing. Try harness rather than water zorbing if you don't like getting wet and in both cases expect to be rolled around so much so that you don't know which way up you are. Again, probs best avoided if you don't fancy feeling disorientated!