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Photography Lessons, Experiences and Gifts

Our selection of photography courses will have you snapping away like Testino or Bailey within hours! Most of us have digital cameras these days, but how many of us know just what all those settings on that dial do? Book onto a photography day course held at venues around the UK and expert snappers will show you all you need to know.

Soft focus, safari photography, macro close ups, landscape photography and even how to take a professional looking portrait - it's all on offer with these fun and informative photography lessons. Hopefully after a day of teaching from professional photographers, those mishaps of missing the action because the shutter was too slow, chopping off heads or red eye photos will be banished forever. Read more...

DSLR Photography Made Simple
Based On 10 Reviews

Locations Nationwide

Save £30 From £69

    • Ditch the auto and learn about modes on your DSLR
    • Learn about lens types and techniques
    • Guidance from a Professional tutor
    • Stunning photographic venues across the UK
Photography Courses London
Based On 1 Reviews

Central London

From £145.00

    • Improve your photography skills with the experts
    • Locations across London
    • Group and 1:1 options available
    • Suitable for first time photographers or improvers
Big Cat Photography
Based On 8 Reviews

Bedfordshire and Merseyside

From £129.00

    • Your chance to capture the big cats on camera
    • Guidance from an experienced photography guide
    • Close up photographic opportunities
    • Access to the safari park after your session
Birds of Prey Photography

near Abingdon, Oxfordshire

From £99.00

    • Photograph birds of prey at at falconry centre
    • You will be given unrivalled access to the raptors
    • Staff assist with the birds so you get the shots
    • Snap birds in flight, in hunting mode & portraits
Creative Photography Course
Based On 5 Reviews

Locations Nationwide

Save £30 From £69

    • Friendly tuition from expert photography teachers
    • Learn how to use different setting on your camera
    • Entry to your chosen venue is included
    • Locations across the UK
Getting Started in Photography


From £99.00

    • Learn the basics to get started with your D-SLR
    • Practice your new skills at Knowsley safari park
    • Small group sizes with lots of coaching time
    • Photographic notes to take home
Half Day Photographic Safari
Based On 5 Reviews


From £129.00

    • Half day safari style photographic experience
    • Choice of animal parks, Bedfordshire or Merseyside
    • Perfect for animal or photography fans
    • Top tuition from experienced guides
Landscape Photography Experience
Based On 3 Reviews


From £99.00

    • Improve your landscape photography skills
    • Learn about composition, motion blur and filters
    • Choice of beautiful landscape locations
    • A perfect experience for new photographers
Macro Photography
Based On 3 Reviews

Knowsley, Liverpool

Special Offer From £89

    • Discover the close up world of macro photography
    • Try out Macro lenses and learn the best techniques
    • Zom in and capture the Knowlsey Park wildlife

Learn to use your camera properly!

Most of us have cameras, but how many of us know how to use them properly? That's where these creative photography courses come in. Professional photographers will be hosting the lessons, so even if you don't know your focal point from your shutter speed, their patience and knack of explaining things in an easy to understand way will help build your confidence.

Try portrait photography

As for the subject matter you'll be pointing your lens at, well there's a huge variety. If you're a sort of people-watching type (but not as far as being a paparazzi!) who likes to capture everyday life in motion, you will love the courses on offer in central London. The capital is a wonderful backdrop for artistic snapshots with all the photogenic buildings, sights and people you could wish for.

Get out in the countryside with landscape photography courses

Beyond the city, we think the chance to capture the gorgeous sweeping landscapes of Great Britain is not to be missed. With a camera in your hand, you start to look at the world differently. You will be shown how composition, framing, light, lighting and shutter speed can all combine to create an amazing shot worthy of a Countryfile calendar cover.

As you can see from this Countryfile report, you don’t need to master large format photography to take impressive pictures!

Mother Nature is so rich in subject matter, it takes a lifetime to master this particular branch of photography, but the pleasure is most definitely there every time you take a picture. We're talking waterfalls, misty mornings over the moors, dense forests with shards of light sneaking through and gentle flowing rivers framed by dramatic skies.

Photographing animals in the wild

Of course, we are never alone in nature, so it's no surprise we have a good spread of safari and animal photography courses. These are without doubt the favourite amongst us here at IntotheBlue. Many of us have dreamed of heading to Kenya to snap lions at play, but now you don't have to travel far to do just that with our big cat photography experiences, where big game comes right here to the UK. And with some simple tricks, your expert hosts will show you how you can take very natural looking portraits of big game mammals.

You don't have to be a big or imposing mammal to make for an incredible snapshot. The macro photography workshop will see you hone your close-up skills using specific lenses and settings on your DSLR or advanced compact. It’s amazing to see the wonderfully detailed images of bugs, reptiles and other miniature creatures perched on flowers, or on hiding amongst pebbles. 

In essence, if you've got a good quality digital camera, you can join any of these photography courses, learn lots and get some superb ‘covershot’ pictures at the end of it all too.

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