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Passenger Rides

4x4 Passenger Ride Experience

Nationwide Locations

From £29.00

    • Passenger rides in 4x4 off road vehicles
    • Voucher valid for your choice of venue around UK
    • At least 10mins per passenger of ride time
    • Ride with others to group your ride time in the car
Ariel Atom High Speed Ride

Locations Nationwide

Save £10 From £29

    • A high speed Ariel Atom thrill ride
    • Experience this exoskeletal car as a passenger
    • Be prepared for serious speed on two hotlaps
    • Your pro driver will drive the Atom to the maximum
Ariel Atom Hot Laps

Essex, Lincolnshire & South Wales

From £49.00

    • Seriously hot hotlaps in an Ariel Atom
    • This is supercharged motoring at its best!
    • A professional will drive you for three laps
    • Available at a choice of venues around the UK
Atom Race Ride
Based On 1 Reviews

Nationwide Locations

From £49.00

    • Experience going 'head-to-head' in an Ariel Atom
    • Ride as passenger as your pro-instructor lets rip
    • Track locations available across the UK
    • You'll be riding in a supercharged Ariel Atom
Drift Car Passenger Thrill

Brands Hatch & Birmingham Wheels

From £25.00

    • Drift passenger thrill rides in Mazda MX-5s
    • Available in Birmingham and Kent
    • Experience the art of drifting with a pro driver
    • Three high speed laps of the drift training circuit
Drift Lap Rides

Birmingham, Northampton, Oxfordshire, Hampshire

Special Offer From £15

    • Passenger rides in high speed drift cars
    • Be a co-pilot in a fully race-prepped drift car
    • Take part in a classic drift duel out on the track
    • Choose from 3, 6 or 12 hot lap experiences
Drift Taxi Passenger Rides

Lochgelly, Fife

Save £40 From £29

    • Thrilling drift passenger rides in Scotland
    • Three or six laps around Lochgelly drift track
    • Be driven by high-speed, expert drifters
    • All cars are fully race-prepped and drift ready
High Speed Passenger Ride


From £25.00

    • Two lap demo in a Vauxhall VXR saloon
    • Personalised hotlap certificate
    • Discover how the pro's handle a car on track
    • Nationwide locations
M3 Hotlap or Drifting Passenger Thrill

Nationwide Locations

From £49.00

    • Passenger rides in a powerful BMW M3
    • Choose between high speed or drifting laps in the M3
    • Available at a choice of tracks around the UK
    • You can invite two other passengers to join you
Monster Truck & 4x4 Passenger Rides

Telford, Shropshire

Special Offer From £39

    • Passenger rides in a 4x4 and a monster truck
    • Be a passenger in a Land Rover as you go offroad
    • Crush cars on your American monster truck ride
    • Tackle some serious terrain in both off roaders
Nissan 350z Drift Car Ride

Bovingdon Airfield, Hertfordshire

From £29.00

    • Ride as a passenger in a competition drift car
    • Four laps in a Nissan 350z on a drift track
    • Witness the pro-drifter driving linked slides
    • Drift turns at speeds of up to 70mph
Professional Drift Car Passenger Hotlaps

Birmingham, Kent and Middlesborough

From £50.00

    • Drifting passeger rides in pro drift cars
    • Experience drifting in competition-standard cars
    • Watch in awe as your pro drifting pilot drives you
    • Three laps in a Nissan or BMW pro drift car
Race Car Passenger Experience

Bovingdon Airfield, Hertfordshire

From £29.00

    • High speed passenger rides in one or two race cars
    • Four laps in your choice of high-powered supercar
    • Professional drivers will pilot these amazing cars
    • Try to get through a lap without closing your eyes
Radical Passenger Rides
Based On 1 Reviews

York, Wiltshire, Leicestershire, Gainsborough

Save £10 From £39

    • It does what it says - it's Radical!
    • Single or multi lap options available
    • Be driven at speed by an expert racing driver
    • Radical passenger ride certificate included
Rally Car Rides Essex

Saffron Walden

From £25.00

    • Rally car rides at Langley Park in Essex
    • Be a passenger in a fully-prepped rally car
    • Ride the loose gravel rally stage at serious speed
    • Hosted by an experienced rally driver
Ride & Survive Passenger Thrill

Essex, Hereford, Wolverhampton

Save 30% From £34

    • Dare to be scared on a stunt passenger experience
    • Hosted by Guinness World Record holding stunt team
    • Experience reverse parking, donuts & more
    • You'll be sitting in the front passenger seat
Supercar Hot Lap Rides

Leicestershire, Yorkshire, Surrey, Kent

From £45.00

    • 3 mile supercar demo ride
    • Professional instructors deliver high speed rides
    • Wide range of supercars to choose from
    • Certificate to take home
Supercar Passenger Ride

Heyford Park

Save £26 From £49

    • 6 miles of thrill ride in your chosen supercar
    • Choice of cars including Ferrari and Lamborghini
    • Hotlap certificate to take home
    • Airfield style circuit with fast straights
Thrill Rides Staffs, Wigan and Wales
Based On 1 Reviews

Staffordshire, Wigan & Wales

Special Offer From £20

    • Experience a wild ride in a performance sportscar
    • Lotus, Subaru, Mitsubishi and more!
    • Hotlap certificate included
    • Choice of Anglesey, 3 Sisters or Stafford tracks
High Speed Rally Passenger Ride
Based On 1 Reviews

Castle Combe

From £25.00

    • Experience a Subaru Impreza at 100%
    • Ride alongside an experienced rally instructor
    • See how the experts execute Scandanavian flicks
    • A rally experience suitable for ages 14+
Monster Truck Passenger Ride
Based On 2 Reviews

West Sussex near East Grinstead

Special Offer From £35

    • Be a passenger in a huge American monster truck
    • Go on a 15 mins ride around the show arena
    • Sit in the specially constructed rear cab of truck
    • Open to riders aged eight or over
Monster Truck Thrill Ride
Based On 3 Reviews

North Shropshire

Special Offer From £19

    • A ride onboard the monster truck called Mayhem
    • Climb the metal ladder to get into the cab
    • Family monster truck ride tickets available
Ride with a Stunt Driver

South Tees Motor Sports Park, Middlesbrough

From £30.00

    • Ride with a highly skilled stunt driver
    • Stunt rides at South Tees Motor Sports Park
    • Experience first-hand all the best stunt moves
    • Includes refreshments & race car simulator play

All aboard for the passenger rides

You might think that all the fun comes from being the one actually driving. But whilst being at the helm is certainly a thrill, everyone should try a hot lap or two at least once in their life. It’s because an expert will be at the wheel, showing you how to get the very most out of the car, pushing it to the max, taking it way beyond what you could imagine doing.

Many of these passenger rides are resolutely high speed. There’s no way you’ll be pootling around the track in first gear during these supercar hot laps. It’s a case of belt up, hold on tight and get ready to hurtle around the circuit at crazy speeds. For many it’s all about acceleration. Until you’ve experienced it for yourself, most of us have no idea what it feel like to go sub four seconds on a 0-60mph run. Well we can tell you it feels like you’re in a drag race for Top Gear, that’s what!

Can you handle the hot laps?

Then there’s the handling. Having been pushed well and truly into the back of your seat with the launch, there’s the cornering to come. Arriving at what seems to be a very tight bend at a rate of knots that’d break the speed limit on a motorway, you’ll be doubting you’ll make it. But then the car brakes hard. Very hard. And as the wheels are screeching, you somehow fly around the bend and even accelerate out of the other side to continue your ride as a goggle-eyed passenger.

And to add an extra thrill to your hot lap, you can do your ride in a drift car. That means you’ll be hitting the bends sideways. Yes, sideways. As you sit there trying not to clutch the side of the seat so tightly that your knuckles go white, your pro driver will be grappling with the oversteer to make the car slide stylishly around the bend. And if you can’t imagine what that looks like, have a watch of this little drifting demo video - it’s pretty impressive.

Passenger thrills at low speeds

Of course, not all passenger hot laps have to involve posting record lap times. If you’re in a huge American monster truck or a fabulous 4x4, the adrenaline will be pumping without the vehicle even getting out second gear. It’s all about the terrain on these sort of passenger rides. Going up hills so steep that all you can see is sky over the bonnet (which also means you can’t see the drop the other side until you’re properly in it), getting the axels twisting as you start to lean on that very sharp banked turn and generally getting mud up to the door handles.

So remember a hot lap can be fast or slow, but in every case it’s going to be a thrilling ride.
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