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Passenger Rides & Driving Experiences

A passenger ride experience can be high or low speed, but always thrilling! You're in the passenger seat, with an expert driver showing you how it's done. We've got high speed passenger experiences in fancy cars, slow speed stunts in off road vehicles and even drifting rides. Passenger ride experiences FAQs...
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Ultimate Passenger Experience

Bovingdon Airfield, Hertfordshire

Buy For £78.00

Ultimate Passenger Experience
  • Passenger experiences at Bovingdon Race Track
  • 4 laps in 3 supercars of your choice
  • 4 drift laps in the Nissan 350Z
  • Driven by racers, stunt performers & drifters
bright coloured drift car

Drift Lap Rides

Birmingham, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Great Yarmouth

Save 57% From £15.00

Drift Lap Rides
  • Passenger rides in high speed drift cars
  • Be a co-pilot in a fully race-prepped drift car
  • Take part in a classic drift duel out on the track
  • Choose from 3, 6 or 12 hot lap experiences
Supercar Passenger Ride

Supercar Passenger Ride

Nationwide Locations

Save £36 From £39.00

Supercar Passenger Ride
• 6 miles of thrill ride in your chosen supercar
• Choice of cars including Ferrari and Lamborghini
• Hotlap certificate to take home
• Airfield style circuit with fast straights
car behind

Ariel Atom High Speed Ride

Locations Nationwide

Save £10 Buy For £29.00

Ariel Atom High Speed Ride
  • A high speed Ariel Atom thrill ride
  • Experience this exoskeletal car as a passenger
  • Be prepared for serious speed on two hotlaps
  • Your pro driver will drive the Atom to the maximum
high speed passenger ride
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Supercar Passenger Thrill Rides

Circuits Nationwide

From £49.00

Supercar Passenger Thrill Rides
• Experience a wild ride in a performance sportscar
• Ferrari, Aston, Audi and lots more!
• Lots of tracks around the UK available
• The best way to see what these cars can really do!
Man driving racing car

Race Car Passenger Experience

Bovingdon Airfield, Hertfordshire

From £29.00

Race Car Passenger Experience
• High speed passenger rides in one or two race cars
• Four laps in your choice of high-powered supercar
• Professional drivers will pilot these amazing cars
• Try to get through a lap without closing your eyes
ariel atom driving experience
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Atom Race Ride for Two

Nationwide Locations

From £75.00

Atom Race Ride for Two
• Experience going 'head-to-head' in an Ariel Atom
• Ride as passenger as your pro-instructor lets rip
• Track locations available across the UK
• You'll be riding in a supercharged Ariel Atom
landy in water

4x4 Passenger Ride Experience

Nationwide Locations

Buy For £29.00

4x4 Passenger Ride Experience
• Passenger rides in 4x4 off road vehicles
• Voucher valid for your choice of venue around UK
• At least 10mins per passenger of ride time
• Ride with others to group your ride time in the car
drivers choice

Driving Choice Voucher

Nationwide venues

From £50.00

Driving Choice Voucher
  • Flexible driving gift voucher tokens
  • You choose the amount to buy
  • They choose the experience they want
  • FREE premium packaging included worth £4.99
inside rally car

Rally Car Rides Essex

Saffron Walden

From £25.00

Rally Car Rides Essex
• Rally car rides at Langley Park in Essex
• Be a passenger in a fully-prepped rally car
• Ride the loose gravel rally stage at serious speed
• Hosted by an experienced rally driver
buggy on gravel

Extreme Rage Buggy Passenger Ride

Leicestershire, Oxfordshire & Yorkshire

Save £50 Buy For £30.00

Extreme Rage Buggy Passenger Ride
  • Rides in the Rage Motorsports Hurricane buggy
  • Be a passenger with a pro-buggy pilot at the wheel
  • Tackle the challenging gravel & grass circuit
  • Scare yourself silly for around five laps!
two 4x4s

Off Road 4x4 Family Passenger Thrill

Newark, Nottinghamshire

Buy For £30.00

Off Road 4x4 Family Passenger Thrill
• 4x4 passenger rides in Nottinghamshire
• Ride in a Land Rover with an expert driver
• One voucher for up to 4 passengers
• Suitable from age 6 & upwards - ideal for families
police chase

Police Pursuit Passenger Thrill

Stafford Driving Centre, Staffordshire

Buy For £50.00

Police Pursuit Passenger Thrill
• Be a passenger in a thrilling Police car chase
• Play the role of the cops or the bandits
• High-performance Audis and Volvos are used
• Take part in a high-speed TPAC mission
bmw front

M3 Hotlap or Drifting Passenger Thrill

Nationwide Locations

From £49.00

M3 Hotlap or Drifting Passenger Thrill
• Passenger rides in a powerful BMW M3
• Choose between high speed or drifting laps in the M3
• Available at a choice of tracks around the UK
• You can invite two other passengers to join you
car on track

Nationwide Drift Hot Lap Experience

Exeter, Leicestershire, York

Special Offer From £20.00

Nationwide Drift Hot Lap Experience
  • A thrilling drift ride in a Nissan 350Z
  • Available at various tracks around the UK
  • Feel the full force of sideways slides!
  • Passenger Drift Experience lasting around 5 minutes
Supercars lined up

Supercar Hot Lap Rides


Buy For £55.00

Supercar Hot Lap Rides
  • 2 laps supercar demo ride
  • Professional instructors deliver high speed rides
  • Wide range of supercars to choose from
  • Certificate to take home
Radical Passenger Rides
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Radical Passenger Rides


Save £10 From £39.00

Radical Passenger Rides
  • It does what it says - it's Radical!
  • Single or multi lap options available
  • Be driven at speed by an expert racing driver
  • Radical passenger ride certificate included
Vauxhall VXR

High Speed Passenger Ride


Buy For £29.00

High Speed Passenger Ride
  • One lap demo in a Vauxhall VXR saloon
  • Personalised hotlap certificate
  • Discover how the pro's handle a car on track
  • Nationwide locations
nissan 350z drifting car

Nissan 350z Drift Car Ride

Bovingdon Airfield, Hertfordshire

Buy For £29.00

Nissan 350z Drift Car Ride
• Ride as a passenger in a competition drift car
• Four laps in a Nissan 350z on a drift track
• Witness the pro-drifter driving linked slides
• Drift turns at speeds of up to 70mph
taxi front

New York Crazy Taxi Passenger Thrill for Three

Venues UK-wide

Buy For £49.00

New York Crazy Taxi Passenger Thrill for Three
  • Crazy taxi rides at the circuit of your choice
  • Ride in a Chrysler 300SRT super saloon
  • Experience is for three passengers
  • Car looks just like a NYC taxi!
passenger ride

Supercar Pro Driver Passenger Blast

Venues UK-wide

From £39.00

Supercar Pro Driver Passenger Blast
  • Passenger rides in the finest supercars out there
  • At a custom designed circuits or track near you
  • Enjoy three laps of warp-speed driving
  • Suitable from just 8 years old

Should I buy this experience?

Who it's for

Petrolheads, non-drivers and youngsters alike will absolutely LOVE these passenger ride experiences. If you want to experience a vehicle being pushed to the absolute limits, these are the rides for you. We can guarantee that at some point in the proceedings your right foot will be stomping on an imaginary brake pedal. Lots of thrills without the need for a licence.

Who it's not for

Don't worry about the speed or the extremeness of your passenger ride, the drivers are experts at gauging your reaction and how far to push the adrenaline-rating. That means a passenger ride is for everyone, except perhaps those who really don't like being a passenger in any car, let alone one that's being drive by a expert! And of course, if it's simply a case that you'd sooner drive that fancy car yourself, you can do that too with our extensive range of driving experiences.

Passenger experience rides FAQs

What is a 'hot lap'?

Hot lap, high speed passenger ride, passenger experience - it all boils down to the same thing really! Hot lap is a term coined by the motorsport industry to describe going round a track very fast. Which is exactly what you'll be doing if you book one!

Do you do passenger rides in supercars?

We certainly do and they are by far our most popular category of passenger ride. Even if you've driven one of these fancy cars yourself, it's a whole different ball game with a professional driver at the helm. You go so, so, fast it makes your eyes water and you are seriously pushed back into your seat with the acceleration.

Are all passenger rides high speed?

Not necessarily. The passenger rides in the supercars and sports cars are certainly all about the speed, but we have other rides where it's all about busting moves (that's to say drifting rides, stunt rides and rally rides) or the terrain you'll be hitting (that's to say 4x4 passenger rides).

I don't need a driving licence then?

Nope. That's what makes these experiences ideal for those who can't drive. They can experience the speed and abilities of these vehicles without having to actually drive it. Perfect for getting Gran's pulse racing then!

Will I be sitting in the front or the back passenger seats of the car?

In general you will be up front riding shot-gun in the car in the front passenger seat. In some cases you might take a seat in the rear of the vehicle and in the case of the monster trucks, there's room for a whole group of you on the open-air rear platforms on these huge vehicles.

Are the instructors qualified to drive like that?

Yep. Many compete in motor racing series, work as professional test drivers or even stunt drivers. Most are ARDS or BoRDA qualified, which means they possess officially recognised advanced driving qualifications. Believe us, these guys and girls know what they're doing and love nothing more than to show off their driving skills!

Will I be out on the track for these rides?

On the supercar and saloon car high speed passenger rides you will indeed be out on the track, so you'll be overtaking those out there on their driving experience days for sure, as your driver hits the rev-limiter. When it comes to drifting, rally, stunt and monster truck passenger rides, you'll be on purpose-built tracks and trails.

Are there any maximum height and weight restrictions?

This can vary from supplier to supplier, so please check each page carefully, but in general it's 6'4" and 20 stone for passenger rides.

Are the passenger rides suitable for all ages?

The beauty of these passenger rides is that they can be enjoyed by young and old alike. Most have lower age limits, such as 12 years old for 4x4 rides and 8 years for monster trucks. Some suppliers stipulate a minimum height rather than age, such as 4ft for supercar rides, and 1m (or 3'2") for truck rides. Please note that where a helmet needs to be worn, such as in the open cockpit Ariel Atom, the minimum height is 5ft.

Are all the cars available on the day for passenger rides?

All suppliers endeavour to have a full fleet of cars available and working on the day to your experience. However, sometimes it might not be possible to offer you your first choice of car. But there are so many fab cars out there, you're sure to find one you'd like to ride in.

Will I still go out on my hot laps if it's raining?

Yes. The cars will be fitted with wet weather tyres to cope with conditions out on the track and a bit of standing water will only serve to make your hot lap even more thrilling. If you're on any of the non-track passenger rides, a bit of rain also makes it more fun in a rally car or an off roader.

If it's extreme weather what happens?

If the organisers deem that the weather makes it unsafe to be out on the circuit or the course, your experience will be postponed and normal procedure is to re-arrange a new date for your passenger ride.

Is there a minimum height for a passenger ride experience?

Some operators specify a minimum height (4ft for most sports cars, 5ft where a helmet needs to be worn, 1m for some truck rides), whilst other specify a minimum age (12 for 4x4 rides, 8yrs for some monster truck sessions). Please check each individual page for full info.

Will the driver being putting their foot to the metal on my ride?

If you're up for it, yes! They will be as gnarly as you want. It's a bit like at the fairground with that immortal phrase 'the louder you scream the faster we go'! Joking aside, the drivers are all very good at pitching the ride at just the right thrill level. Expect wheel screeching, hard braking and serious acceleration though. No foot to the metal on 4x4 passenger rides, it's all about tackling ridiculously steep drops and hills to the point where you think you're going to roll…

Will I be scared?

Probably! A bit like a theme park ride, it's all about anticipation and then getting out of your comfort zone when the ride begins. Nothing is pushed too far though. They're all expert drivers who know the exact limits of the vehicle they're driving and your limits too. Having a few 'heart in mouth' moments are what these experiences are all about.

Do I need to wear a helmet for these passenger rides?

Some operators provide helmets for all passengers and drivers for all cars in their fleet. Others use helmets in the rally cars only, or open wheel/open cockpit racing cars. It very much depends on the supplier.

How long will my passenger experience last?

That all depends on what voucher you have. Many operators offer one, two or three hot-lap experiences in the high performance track vehicles. In the case of off road, rally and monster trucks it's usually done on time, for example a 15-minute ride around the arena. Please check the details on each page for all the timings.

Are there any passenger ride experiences available near me?

With so many operators offering passenger rides, you're sure to be near a centre that can offer you our passenger thrill ride. Current locations with IntotheBlue include:
  • Yorkshire
  • Oxfordshire
  • Wiltshire
  • Cornwall
  • Leicestershire
  • Warwickshire
  • Greater Manchester
  • Essex
  • Lincolnshire
  • South Wales
  • Hertfordshire
  • Kent
  • Wiltshire
  • Surrey
  • Suffolk
  • West Sussex
  • East Sussex
  • Teesside
  • Scotland
  • Northamptonshire

Ready to hop into the passenger seat? Book your passenger ride experience now!

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