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Horse Riding Experiences

A stable full of horse riding experiences that get you in the saddle or in a horse drawn carriage. Suitable for novice and expert riders alike, these equestrian activities give you the chance to enjoy a trot out. Book a beach ride on the coast, a western adventure in the forest, or a private riding lesson at the stables. Tack up your trusty stead, saddle up and ride 'em out! Horse riding experiences FAQs...
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Beach Riding on The Sussex Coast


Buy For £159.00

Beach Riding on The Sussex Coast
• Exhilarating horse riding experiences on the beach
• Explore the West Sussex coastline on horseback
• Suitable for those with riding experience
• All beach horse rides are guided and at low tide
horse riding

Private Confidence Riding Lesson Perthshire

Pitlochry, Perthshire

Buy For £95.00

Private Confidence Riding Lesson Perthshire
  • Two-hour private riding lessons
  • One-to-one teaching adapted to you
  • Regain your confidence on a horse
  • At a specialist school in Pitlochry
outdoor choice

Outdoor Choice

Locations Nationwide

From £50.00

Outdoor Choice
  • Choose from a wide choice of Outdoor Adventures
  • Locations across the UK
  • Option to top up your voucher on line
  • FREE premium packaging included worth £4.99
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Learn to Play Polo Lincolnshire

Leadenham, Lincolnshire

From £60.00

Learn to Play Polo Lincolnshire
• Learn to play polo at Leadenham in Lincolnshire
• Two-hour tasters or full day courses available
• No need to be able to ride a horse
• Play your first polo chukka on the full day session!

Should I buy this experience?

Who it's for

Our horse riding experiences are suitable for anyone interested in horses. We have some that are specially adapted for those with no experience in the saddle, as well as treks and hacks that suit novices who have ridden before, even if it was a long time ago. These sessions offer you the chance to reconnect with horses and discover just how pleasant a day out in the countryside, forest or coast with horses is.

Who it's not for

Whilst most of the sessions accept those with no riding experience, you will need to be OK in the saddle for some of the beach and longer treks. If you're nervous around horses will be put at ease, but if you have a real fear of our equine friends, it might be best to choose a different way to enjoy the great outdoors. Maybe a Segway ride?

Horse riding experiences FAQs

I've never ridden a horse before. Can I join in?

Yes! We have lessons that are perfect for absolute beginners who want to try horse riding for the first time. You can also book onto the experiences where you aren't on horseback, but you work with horses in a different way. That's to say our horse and carriage riding and driving experiences. For the horse treks and trots out, the best for beginners are the Western adventures, where the pace is relaxed and horses are chosen for their wonderful temperament, so that beginners feel at ease.

Do I need some experience for the horse treks?

It is better of you do have some experience of riding for the longer treks and beach rides. The tours are all guided and horses are chosen according to your experience in the saddle, so you will not be out of comfort zone on these experiences. You don't need to be a champion jockey to enjoy these experiences, just be comfortable at being in the saddle. For further info, read the Full Details sections on each experience page, or get in touch with us.

What's the difference between Western and English riding?

Western riding uses a heavier, more comfy saddle that has a handle at the front called a 'horn'.The stirrups are larger and the reins are different. This all harks back to the cowboys and cowgirls, who need to be able to ride one-handed to round up cattle at the same time, as well as being comfy in the saddle for longer lengths of time. In comparison, English riding uses a lighter saddle with less padding and you have both hands on the reins at all times. English riding is considered a sport, so you won't need the comfort to be in the saddle for a long time.

I used to ride but haven't ridden in ages, are these experiences suitable?

Yes! Many of you buy these horse riding experiences to 'get back in the saddle' after time away. It's the best way to do that without having to book multiple lessons, or having the commitment of your own horse. You can either go on a trek, or brush up your equestrian skills with a lesson.

Do you actually ride on the sand on the beach rides?

Of course! That's what makes these horse rides on the beach so popular. The horses love trotting along the sand and splashing in the sea as much as the riders. Treks are all guided and are timed to be a low tide, when there are wide expanses of coastline to explore. The stuff of horse riding dreams!

Is there a weight limit for these horse riding experiences?

Maximum weights of rider depend on the horses available and the type of riding you'll be doing. Western saddles weigh more than English, so this can limit the maximum weight. It's best to check on the experience page you're interested in, as all requirements for that particular activity will be listed. You can also contact us by online chat, 'phone and email.

What should I wear to go on horseback?

If you've already got the hat, jodhpurs and boots then you can, of course, wear them. Stables will have riding hats you can borrow and sometimes boots as well. In general, long trousers/jeans worn with sturdy boots or shoes with a small heel is all you need. Please note flat shoes and trainers are not suitable.

Do you have any experiences where I'm not at the reins?

Yes we do. You can take a horse drawn carriage ride experience (we also offer carriage driving experiences too) and on the Shire horse day you can book for two and let one of you take the reins.

Do you offer horse riding lessons?

Yes. If you are looking for tuition we offer horse riding lessons at the stables we work with. Whether you are a novice who needs a refresher, a complete beginner, or a fairly accomplished rider who wants to perfect techniques, all lessons are bespoke to you.

Do you offer teaching in dressage and jumping?

These are advanced horse riding skills and our sessions are generally to learn basic riding skills such as trotting, rising trot and canter.

Are the lessons private or in a small group?

Our horse riding lessons are private, taught on a one to one basis. That means all lessons are geared towards you and your level of riding.

I'm nervous of horses…

Don't worry! The stables have superbly trained mounts who are very used to working with humans. The horses and ponies are very patient, as are the instructors. It's all about building confidence and understanding.

Is horse riding good exercise?

It is excellent for core strength, as you use corse muscles to stay balanced on the horse. Many horse fans will also tell you going out for a pleasant afternoon hack is very therapeutic - and we have to agree. What could be better than a trot along the seashore, or a quick canter through the New Forest followed by a barbecue?

Can I go on a hack without an instructor?

This isn't possible as our experiences are guided or instructor-led. This is to ensure that the experiences are as inclusive as possible for those with little or no riding experience.

Do you have any experiences with Shire horses?

Yes, you can meet these gorgeous creatures and work with them for a whole day on our Shire horse experience in Shropshire.

Can I learn to ride a horse and carriage?

Yes! Carriage riding is a great way for you work as a team with your horse or horses. You can either learn to drive the carriage, or go on a very pleasant horse and carriage ride. In both cases, you don't need any horse riding experience.

Where can I do a horse riding experience near me?

We have horse riding experiences at selected equestrian centres around the country including:
  • Shropshire
  • Hampshire
  • West Sussex
  • Sussex
  • New Forest

Ready to ride? Trot over and buy your horse riding experience now!

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