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Harvard Warbird Flights

Fly a Harvard and experience warbird aviation American-style! The North American Aviation T-6 Texan, otherwise known by the RAF as the Harvard, is an iconic aeroplane used by Air Forces around the world as a fighter pilot trainer. It's a tricky aircraft to master! Fly in a Harvard FAQs...
Harvard flight

Harvard Warbird Flights Berkshire

White Waltham Airfield near Maidenhead

Save £50 From £385.00

Harvard Warbird Flights Berkshire
• Flights in a genuine 1942 Harvard warbird
• Operating out of White Waltham Airfield in Berks
• Choose from a 20, 30 or 40 minute flight
• Maybe even try a few aerobatics during your flight!
Harvard flying through the air

T6 Harvard Trial Lessons Kent

Headcorn Aerodrome, near Ashford

From £299.00

T6 Harvard Trial Lessons Kent
  • Fly in a Harvard from Headcorn Aerodrome
  • This is a trial lesson where you take control
  • This T6 was upgraded to a T6-G in 1949
  • Full range of flight durations offered
pilot and instructor in harvard
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Harvard Flight Duxford


From £459.00

Harvard Flight Duxford
• Fly in a vintage Harvard from Duxford
• A chance to take the controls of the plane
• Experience includes entry to IWM Duxford museum
• Ground briefing & plane walk around included
Harvard flying

Fly in a Harvard Warbird

Peterborough & Biggleswade

Save £50 From £299.00

Fly in a Harvard Warbird
  • Introductory flights in a stunning Harvard warbird
  • The only Harvard flying in Desert Air Force colours
  • Flights offered at different UK locations
  • Aerobatics & perhaps a chance to control too
New choice Image

Flyers Choice

Locations Nationwide

From £50.00

Flyers Choice
  • Choose from a wide choice of Flying Experiences
  • Locations across the UK
  • Option to top up your voucher on line
  • FREE premium packaging included worth £4.99
spitfire and harvard in formation
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Harvard and Spitfire Experience Duxford

Duxford, Cambridge

Save £300 Buy For £1,395.00

Harvard and Spitfire Experience Duxford
• Fly in formation with a Spitfire from Duxford
• You will be the passenger in a vintage Harvard
• Welcome & reception in the 1940s control tower
• A full ground briefing from your Harvard pilot
Spitfire on the ground and flying

Spitfire Pilot Training Day

Imperial War Museum, Duxford

From £5,495.00

Spitfire Pilot Training Day
• One & two day Spitfire pilot training courses
• Fly in three different vintage aircraft
• Learn tailwheel flying skills at Duxford
• Finale is a flight in a two seater Spitfire
red harvard
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Harvard Air Experience Flights Dorset

Compton Abbas Airfield, Salisbury

From £399.00

Harvard Air Experience Flights Dorset
• Chocks away for a flight in a Texan/Harvard
• Fly out of Compton Abbas airfield
• See Wiltshire and Dorset from this vintage plane
• You will fly in a Marines At-6C Mk2a Harvard
2 planes flying

Ultimate Spitfire Training

Headcorn, Kent & North Weald, Essex

Buy For £5,395.00

Ultimate Spitfire Training
• The ultimate in Spitfire pilot training days
• Out of Headcorn in Kent or North Weald in Essex
• Fly in a Moth, a Harvard & a two seater Spitfire
• This is the place pilots come to fly the Spitfire!
harvard in air

Harvard Warbird Flights Essex

Earls Colne Airfield, Colchester

From £325.00

Harvard Warbird Flights Essex
• Harvard flights out of Earls Colne near Colchester
• Fly in this genuine 1942 warbird aircraft
• A range of flight times - aerobatics add-on available
• A landaway to Duxford & museum also available
Fly a T6 Harvard

Harvard Trial Lessons North Weald

North Weald Airfield, Epping

From £299.00

Harvard Trial Lessons North Weald
• Harvard flights from North Weald Airfield nr Epping
• A full range of flight durations is available
• Your chance to have a go at the controls
• Fly in a fully restored 1943 Harvard warbird

Vintage Military Flying Day

Compton Abbas Airfield, Salisbury

From £889.00

Vintage Military Flying Day
• A full day of historic aviation at Compton Abbas
• Chipmunk, Harvard & Stearman flights
• Lunch for two in the aerodrome's cafe
• Video footage of your flights is included

Should I buy this experience?

Who it's for

If you're into your vintage aviation, you will love flying in a Harvard. Hear the roar of that engine, clamber aboard and get ready for an amazing flight in this legendary fighter training aircraft from across the Atlantic. You might even get a chance to try flying the Harvard yourself!

Who it's not for

The Harvard is quite a tricky plane to handle. It's not as quiet or smooth as modern planes, so if you fancy getting airborne with more mod cons than this WW2 aircraft, you might be better off with a trial flying lesson in a modern light aircraft.

Fly in a Harvard FAQs...

What's the difference between the Harvard and the T-6 Texan?

Nothing! The plane is known as the North American Aviation T-6 Texan in its native USA and in the Commonwealth, the aircraft is more commonly known as the Harvard. It's the same aeroplane, just different names - although we have no idea why that's the case!

Can I bring friends and family along to watch me fly in a Harvard?

Yes of course. Flying in a Harvard is a big deal, so all our operators welcome spectators to come and cheer you on. Airfields often have good facilities on site, from a friendly clubhouse and cafe, to a full on visitor centre and museum, like you'll find at Duxford.

The Harvard makes a lot of noise - what engine does it have?

It does indeed make a lot of noise for a little plane. They were originally powered by a Pratt & Whitney Wasp radial engines and once you've got that huge prop primed, you can't miss the sound of the Harvard. It might not be the iconic Merlin engine of the Spitfire that's much-loved by us Brits, but it's a still a symphony of sound you'll love!

Who made the Harvard?

The Texan was designed and developed by North American Aviation in the USA. The first Texan flew in 1935 and was adopted by Air Forces in the States and around the world, including the RAF, where it was renamed the Harvard. Even other manufacturers based their planes on the design of the Texan. The final version of this iconic aircraft was built by the Canadian Car and Foundry in Edmonton, Canada, with production finally ceasing in the 1950s.

How many Harvards were built?

Over 15,000 of these iconic planes were built, being dispatched to pretty much every corner of the globe.

How many Harvards are still flying today?

Estimates reckon around 500 Harvards are still airworthy and flying in the world today. Of course, to be certificated to fly, these planes have all undergone rigorous renovation and restoration to meet today's strict aviation standards, without losing the essence of flying in a classic warbird.

Is the Harvard a plane from World War 2?

It is indeed. Although operational well before WW2 started, the Harvard become the trainer of choice for pilots in WW2. The pick of the best pilots were chosen to train on the tricky Harvard, seen as a stepping stone to fighter planes such as the Spitfire - even though the Harvard was a pretty adept fighter in its own right!

How old will be the Harvard I'm flying in?

We have Harvards dating back to the 1940s and 50s that operate these flights. All have a wonderful story to tell, with each plane sporting their particular livery for a specific reason. All do, of course, meet current CAA safety standards.

How fast does the Harvard fly?

That 600bhp Pratt & Whitney engine can get you flying at an impressive 208mph at full throttle!

Is a Harvard easy to fly?

No. It's what is called a taildragger aeroplane for start. That means there's no tailwheel to aid take off and landing, just a skid, which means it's a grass runway landing only. It's certainly a handful this plane, which is why only fully qualified pilots on this type rating will be flying!

What's it like inside the cockpit of a Harvard?

Inside the flight deck is pretty basic. Think a 1970s Mini dashboard compared to that of the latest SUV today with all the gadgets and gizmos. It might be more challenging and hands-on to fly, but that doesn't mean the Harvard isn't a whole load of fun to fly in!

Are there any restrictions on who can fly?

Please see each individual Harvard experience page for the requirements, as they can vary from operator to operator, but in general, you'll need to be at least 14 years old and no more than 18 stone to fly in a Harvard. You'll also need to be fit enough to climb a couple of steps to get into the cockpit.

Will we be doing any aerobatics during the flight?

Whilst the Harvard may be capable of busting some fancy moves in the sky, whether you'll be doing any during your flight very much depends on conditions, air traffic control, your pilot and whether you're up for it. It's not consistently part of the programme for these taster flights, but you never know!

Do I get a chance to take the controls of the Harvard?

In most instances, yes. The decision is with your instructor pilot in the plane with you, but if you're up to it and there's time, you might well get to have a little go at flying the Harvard straight and level and maybe initiating a turn.

Where can I fly in Harvard near me?

Harvards are pretty rare birds, so you won't find them at very airfield in the UK. We've chosen to work with a selection of specialist operators who live and breath these wonderful aircraft. You might have to travel to get in one, but it's well worth a few miles to be able to fly in a Harvard. Current locations include:
  • Duxford
  • Kent
  • Northumberland
  • Peterborough

Ready to fly in a Harvard? Book your flight in this iconic warbird now!

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