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Escape Rooms Across the UK

Thrilling escape rooms around the UK. Solve the puzzles and see if you can get out of that locked room within the allotted time. A great team challenge that's fully immersive. Book live escape game experiences at venues around the country online. Escape room experiences FAQs...
Escape door

Escape Room Experience Kegworth

Kegworth, Derbyshire

Buy For £25.00

Escape Room Experience Kegworth
• Two escape rooms near Kegworth in Derbyshire
• Do 'Houdini's Last Secret' or 'USS Redemption' rooms
• Ideal for teams of 3-6 gamers, but duos can play too
• Movie-set style rooms with great attention to detail
Sherlock main

Sherlock: The Game is Now Escape Room with Dining

Shepherds Bush, West London

From £140.00

Sherlock: The Game is Now Escape Room with Dining
• Sherlock Holmes themed escape rooms in London
• Incredible sets and totally immersive & cinematic
• 100 minutes to solve the mysteries and escape
• Make an appointment at Doyle's optician's today!
medieval room

The Crystal Maze LIVE London Experience

Shaftesbury Avenue, London

From £150.00

The Crystal Maze LIVE London Experience
• Take part in the Crystal Maze game in London
• Located in the heart of London's West End
• It's all just like the 1990s TV game show!
• Work through the zones doing challenges

Escape Rooms East London

Whitechapel, London

From £80.00

Escape Rooms East London
• Escape room adventures in Whitechapel, East London
• Four thrilling scenarios to choose from
• High-tech, fully immersive challenges
• Use your brain power to earn your freedom!

The Crystal Maze LIVE Manchester Experience

Central Manchester

From £99.00

The Crystal Maze LIVE Manchester Experience
• Play the Crystal Maze live game in Manchester
• The set is just like the original TV game show
• Takes place in the former Granada TV studios
• Buy a voucher for 2, 4, 6 or a full team of 8
prison van

Escape Game Rooms Bristol

Two Bristol Locations

From £54.00

Escape Game Rooms Bristol
  • Thrilling live escape room games in Bristol
  • Exclusive escape sessions for 2 to 6 gamers
  • Five different escape rooms to choose from
  • Five star reviews for this Bristol escape rooms


Should I buy this experience?

Who it's for

If you love a mental challenge you'll love these escape rooms. They're great fun to do as a team, with colleagues, mates or even with the family joining together to play.

Who it's not for

If you're someone who can't sit still for five minutes, the chances are you won't want to be in a locked room trying to work out how to escape using clues, puzzles and codes. But don't worry, Into The Blue has plenty of experience for hyperactive types!

Escape room experiences FAQs

Are there any escape rooms near me?

Escape rooms are really popular right and they're all over the UK. There's bound to be an escape room near you and we have picked some of the best to feature on your website. You can buy your voucher online in just a few clicks! Current escape room locations in the UK include:
  • London - Shepherd's Bush
  • London - Whitechapel
  • London - Islington
  • Bournemouth
  • Bristol

What are escape rooms?

Escape rooms are immersive and interactive games where you are in a room and you have to solve puzzles, crack codes and decipher clues to be able to get yourself out within an allotted time. In essence, it's a live adventure game.

How long do you get to escape from the room?

Most escape rooms give you 60 minutes to escape, whilst others can be 90 minutes. And of course, you can do the game in less time if you're an escape room genius!

What's it actually like when you're playing escape games?

Most escape games have a story or a scenario that'll you be told about. Then you and your team will go into the rooms (or rooms) and that's it. You're left to your own devices to work out how to unlock the door. It could involve spotting clues, mechanical challenges like padlocks, automated computerised tasks or even interaction with a live character.

Where are the best escape rooms in the UK?

There are excellent escape room games all over the UK. Each with a different set up, a different scenario and different tasks and challenges to undertake. The best thing to do is to have a browse of all the escape rooms we offer and see which story or game scenario takes your fancy. Also, venues change their game every so often, so make sure you check back to see if your favourite has a new room to play in.

How many people can play in a room at once?

This depends on the size of the room. In general, rooms are for between two and twelve players.

Are escape rooms scary?

You're in a room and you don't know what's going on. It's that fear of the unknown that makes escape games so exhilarating. But don't worry, the only surprises you'll get when you're in the room will be fun ones.

Is it going to be dark in there?

Some escape rooms are dark, to increase the sense of drama and mystery. Escape rooms are like sets, so they often have a theatrical nature to them with music, sound effects and lighting.

Are you really locked in the room?

Yes. But don't worry, you're not locked in and left there. There's always someone watching what's going on to monitor your progress. In some cases, you can ask to leave the room unlocked and it won't affect gameplay.

How much do escape room games cost?

There are escape rooms all over the UK with different prices. We offer games from £40 for two, up to £279 for teams of four at a venue where you work through multiple rooms and enjoy a meal at the end of it all.

Are escape rooms claustrophobic?

The rooms themselves are a good size. Although the door is locked, it doesn't mean you are unable to get out if you wish. Each escape room operator has its own procedure for anyone who wants to leave the room and it'll be explained to you before you start your game time.

Are escape rooms wheelchair accessible?

Accessibility varies from escape room to escape room, so if you need anymore information don't hesitate to contact us by email, 'phone or online chat.

What if we get stuck on a puzzle?

If time is ticking and you're getting nowhere fast, look and listen for a clue. This could be someone popping into the room to see you, a mystery voice or a visual message. However it's done, the clue will help you solve it, rather than solving it for you.

Can you do the same escape room more than once?

Providing you pay the entrance fee, of course you can do the escape game more than once. Just remember that most escape game venues have several rooms, so why not try to crack a new story and scenario?

Would you go on a date to an escape game?

Now there's a question! We're no dating experts, but if both of you are passionate about escape games, then why not? It could certainly be a great way to break the ice for the new love birds!

Reckon you can get out? Book your escape room experience now!

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