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Find the Ideal Short Breaks and Weekend Getaways


If you're looking for that quick getaway our range of short breaks will give you the time out you need. Go and explore, discover and generally just bask in the glory of a nice weekend away. Whether you're someone who loves the luxury of a country castle hotel, or you want to get back to nature with a spot of glamping, we've got short break deals you'll love.

Mini holidays are great for recharging your batteries and a lot a cheaper than the usual week-long stay. But spend just a couple of days away and you'll come back to everyday life feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world again, with that 'I've been away for ages' feel. So pack your overnight bag and set off for some great value short breaks from Read more...



Wish you were here on our short breaks

Fancy a gentle cruise along the Seine? Want to take the kids away for a special treehouse treat? Looking to spoil your other half rotten with a weekend in swanky hotel? Our collection of cheap short breaks is the perfect place to begin your search.

As well as overnight stays, we've also included a nice range of day tours too. So if you haven't got the time to go away for long you can still enjoy discovering a new place and be back home in time for dinner. You can even enjoying a spot of foreign travel to visit a city abroad in just a day.

Our deals are generally for two people to enjoy, but of course, by no means do you have to be a couple to make the most of these short breaks and tours. How about taking your good old Mum on a day trip to Liverpool so she can relive the Beatlemania of her youth? Maybe you could invite the in laws out to a tour and lunch in the Cotswolds? A move that's sure to impress.

A change is as good as a rest

The best thing about going on these sort of short breaks is the fact that you experience living and being in completely different surroundings to those you are used to staying in and in just a couple of days, the change of scene will do you the whole world of good.

If you live in the countryside, why not book a stay in a city centre hotel so you indulge in some serious shopping and take in the bright lights of the bustling High Street? Conversely, those of you who live and work under the grey, pollution-filled skies of the big towns will delight at ditching the daily commute (even if it is just for a short time!) with a mini holiday break to the middle of nowhere. No wifi, no telly, no telephone nothing but Mother Nature.

Far from sounding dull, a break like this for a couple of days could be heaven on earth for those of you who really want to get away from it all. One word of warning, you might have to actually talk to each other, rather than having your eyes glued to your smart phones!

And if the thought of packing is putting you off booking a little time away, then don't worry we've got that covered too with our insider tips on how to pack for your trip!

So go on, treat yourself and your loved ones to one of our hand-picked short breaks and discover some of the finest tourist locations in the UK. We've got breaks and across the Channel on mainland Europe too (don't forget your passport!). After all, there's nothing better than a little holiday to cheer you up!