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Unusual Driving Experiences


Unique and unusual driving experiences. It’s going to be a steep learning curve, as you’re shown the controls of anything from powerful JCBs and tractors on farms, to double decker buses and fire engines. Time to drive something different!  Read more about our unusual driving gift experiences...

digger driving

Mini Digger Driving Doncaster

Blyth, Doncaster

From £39.00

Mini Digger Driving Doncaster
  • Mini digger experience near Blyth
  • Drive a Bobcat E26 excavator
  • Fully tracked - turns like a tank!
  • A 360 degree pirouetting cab!
The Triple Beast Driving Experience at historic Bicester Heritage

The Triple Beast Driving Experience

Bicester Heritage Centre, near Oxford

Save 52% Buy For £189.00

The Triple Beast Driving Experience
  • The Triple Beast experience at Bicester
  • Drive a fire engine, military truck & tank
  • Great fun driving away from the public roads
  • Excellent facilities at Bicester Heritage
apache rally
Based On 4 Reviews

Apache Rally in Kent

Near Maidstone

Buy For £95.00

Apache Rally in Kent
• Drive a high performance Apache Rally Buggy
• Onboard 1:1 tuition from a pro-instructor
• Learn how to drift, lock and control the car
• Sessions can be adapted to suit your skills!
Truck Driving in Surrey DAF Lorry
Based On 3 Reviews

Truck Driving Surrey

Dunsfold Aerodrome, Cranleigh

Save £15 From £95.00

Truck Driving Surrey
  • Drive a 44-ton DAF truck!
  • At Dunsfold Circuit in Surrey
  • Hosted by a professional driver training school
  • You'll be driving on the track in your truck
Bus Driving Experience in Kent near Sandwich

Bus Driving Experience in Kent

Sandwich, Kent

From £99.00

Bus Driving Experience in Kent
  • Drive a modern single decker bus
  • Hosted by professional training centre
  • Try reversing & drive on private roadways
  • 30 & 45-minute experiences available
Two Wheeler Horse Cart Driving Experience on the Escrick Park Estate in Yorkshire

Two Wheeler Horse Cart Driving Experience

Skipwith near York

From £60.00

Two Wheeler Horse Cart Driving Experience
  • Cart & horse drives near Selby, Yorkshire
  • On rideways at Escrick private estate
  • Learn to drive a two-wheeler cart
  • Option to include Ploughman's lunch
Tractor Driving in Rutland
Based On 6 Reviews

Tractor Driving Rutland

Greetham, Rutland

From £59.00

Tractor Driving Rutland
  • Drive the Massey Ferguson tractor
  • The workhorse of the family farm
  • Hosted by Lucy & Jack on their poultry farm
  • In the heart of the rural county of Rutland 
bus and driver
Based On 45 Reviews

Bus Driving Experience

North Weald, Essex

From £169.00

Bus Driving Experience
  • Drive one or two genuine London buses!
  • Go nostalgic as you drive a Routemaster bus
  • Try your hand at driving an 18m Bendy Bus 
  • Have a go in a modern double decker 
drive a dennis fire engine
Based On 1 Review

Drive a Dennis Fire Engine UK-Wide

Nationwide venues

Buy For £47.99

Drive a Dennis Fire Engine UK-Wide
  • Drive a genuine Dennis fire engine
  • Available to juniors & adults from 10yrs old
  • Offered at circuits around the UK
  • Spend 20mins at the wheel
drivers choice

Driving Choice Voucher

Nationwide venues

From £50.00

Driving Choice Voucher
  • Flexible driving gift voucher tokens
  • You choose the amount to buy
  • They choose the experience they want
  • FREE premium packaging included worth £4.99
New Tractors
Based On 105 Reviews

Tractor Driving Wiltshire

Devizes, Wiltshire

Save £59 From £129.00

Tractor Driving Wiltshire
• Drive tractors on a farm near Devizes
• The legendary Case International 1455XL
• And the high-tech John Deere 6R195
• See just how powerful these workhorses are!
fire station
Based On 3 Reviews

Fire Engine Driving Oxfordshire

Bicester, Oxfordshire

Save £50 From £49.00

Fire Engine Driving Oxfordshire
• Drive a genuine Fire Engine in Bicester
• You will be driving a Dennis Sabre XL
• Optional ride in a 1950s Green Goddess 
• Get the sirens wailing & the lights flashing!
double decker bus

Double Decker Bus Driving


Save £30 Buy For £99.00

Double Decker Bus Driving
  • Drive a Leyland double decker bus
  • Tackle the auto-test track
  • Try to reverse park your bus
  • 15-minutes at the wheel
fire engine

Ultimate HGV Driving Experience


From £159.00

Ultimate HGV Driving Experience
  • Drive 3 heavy goods vehicles
  • 15-mins driving in each 
  • Tackle the auto-test circuit
  • Weekday & anytime vouchers offered
hands up
Based On 1 Review

Immersive Police Pursuit Driving Experience Mazda MX5 or Porsche Boxster

Bovingdon Airfield, Hertfordshire

Save 50% From £89.00

Immersive Police Pursuit Driving Experience Mazda MX5 or Porsche Boxster
• A live Police pursuit escape game
• Takes place at Bovingdon Airfield
• You're driving the getaway car
• Cops chase you in the Dodge Charger Pursuit
dennis fire engine

Fire Engine Driving

Nationwide Locations

From £59.00

Fire Engine Driving
  • Drive a Dennis fire appliance
  • Tackle the purpose-built auto-test track
  • 15-minutes of total drive time
  • 17-tonnes of fire engine power!
italian job driving experience

Ultimate Italian Job Driving Experience

Oxfordshire & York

Save £98 Buy For £199.00

Ultimate Italian Job Driving Experience
• Drive three Italian Job-inspired vehicles
• Features the coach, the Mini & the E-Type
• At venues in Oxfordshire & York
• 10-15 mins in the coach & 3 miles in each car
italian job bus driving

Italian Job Bus Driving Experience

Oxfordshire & York

Buy For £99.00

Italian Job Bus Driving Experience
  • Drive an Italian Job style Charlie Croker bus
  • A faithful remake of the famous bus with ramps
  • Available at Oxfordshire & York
  • 20-30 minutes drive time
Drive a Digger Experience in Leicestershire

Drive a Digger Experience for Two

Leicestershire/Northamptonshire Border

Buy For £75.00

Drive a Digger Experience for Two
  • Drive a Volvo excavator in Leicestershire
  • Dig holes & shift earth as a digger driver
  • At a brilliant former quarry site
  • Instructor demo then you're let loose to dig
grizzly vs kart experience

Little and Large Driving

East Grinstead, West Sussex

Buy For £185.00

Little and Large Driving
  • Drive a large monster truck and a little rally kart!
  • Monster trucks and RWD rally karts combined
  • Enjoy a total of around 25mins driving time
  • Event takes place at purpose-built offroad arena
Traction Engine Driving in Cumbria - Western Star
Based On 3 Reviews

Traction Engine Driving in Cumbria

Near Broughton in Furness

Buy For £275.00

Traction Engine Driving in Cumbria
  • Meet & drive a 1912 steam traction engine
  • Learn all about Western Star's history 
  • Try some manoeuvres on the farm
  • Then take a short drive on the roads
sunset tractor
Based On 13 Reviews

Tractor Driving Nottinghamshire

Blyth, Doncaster

From £35.00

Tractor Driving Nottinghamshire
• Tractor driving experiences near Blyth
• Easy access from J34 of the A1(M)
• Drive a course & do farming tasks
• Deutz Fahr & Fendt tractors usually used
kirkwood tractor
Based On 2 Reviews

Real Farm Tractor Driving Dumfries

Lockerbie, Scotland

Buy For £126.00

Real Farm Tractor Driving Dumfries
  • Drive a tractor on a working farm in Scotland
  • Located near Lockerbie in Dumfries
  • A 60-minute drive for 12yrs+
  • Move hay bales, try reversing & more
british classic car driving
Based On 2 Reviews

Drive Dads Car Experience

Ambergate, Derbyshire

Save £15 From £49.00

Drive Dads Car Experience
  • Drive your choice of classic British motors 
  • Hosted by the Great British Car Journey exhibition
  • Driving on the internal road circuit of the factory
  • The Best of British from modest to luxury
Aviation Fire engine drives Lutterworth

Fire Engine & Military Driving Leicestershire

near Market Harborough

From £225.00

Fire Engine & Military Driving Leicestershire
  • Drive a genuine airfield Fire Tender
  • Formerly used by Bournemouth Airport
  • Combined with 1 or 2 military vehicles
  • 20-mins drive time in each vehicle
argocat leicestershire
Based On 2 Reviews

Amphibious Driving Leicestershire

Market Harborough, Leicestershire

Buy For £39.00

Amphibious Driving Leicestershire
• Manoeuvre an eight-wheeled amphibious Argocat
• Tackle the challenges of the all-terrain course
• Drive down steep slopes, water and obstacles
• Around 15 minutes of extreme amphibious drive time
sporting trials action
Based On 3 Reviews

Sporting Trials in Kent

near Maidstone

From £95.00

Sporting Trials in Kent
• Get behind the wheel of a 'Sporting Trials' Car
• 1:1 onboard tuition from expert instructors
• Discover the fiddle brake and 'bounce' techniques
• Learn how to balance the throttle to keep you going

JCB Driving Experience Leicestershire

Market Harborough, Leicestershire

From £99.00

JCB Driving Experience Leicestershire
  • Drive a JCB at Market Harborough, Leicestershire 
  • Dig holes, move earth, refill & more
  • In-cab tuition on a one-to-one basis
  • Vouchers for one or two people sharing 


Unconventional, extraordinary & unique drives

Unique vehicles and unusual driving experiences. To be honest, we didn’t know where to put this collection of atypical driving days on our website, so we created this Unusual Driving section especially for our eclectic collection of unusual vehicles.

If you’ve already driven the rest, then it’s time to think outside the box and buy a voucher to drive something completely different! 

Harking back to your childhood with some remarkable vehicles

Many of these experiences are the stuff of childhood dreams. A far cry from the dull commute to work, these experiences will get your realising those day dreams of your younger years.

Drive a bus

Who hasn't dreamt of driving a classic big, red double decker bus? This is your chance to grab that huge steering wheel and take an original London Routemaster bus for a spin around an airfield coned circuit.

And take a look at this clip to see an experience day client demonstrating just how easy it is (or not!) to slalom in a Routemaster bus .

Digging up the dirt

If it's all about heavy plant machinery, you'll love the diggers, earth movers and dumper trucks. Again, these are vehicles you see on building sites all over the country on a daily basis, but it's not that common to see them offered to the general public. These are experiences you should definitely book up in advance, as all things JCB and digger are permanently popular.

Farm vehicle driving fun

Down on the farm, our tractor and combine harvester drives are really, really popular. Again, it’s all about realising those dreams of when we played with model tractors when we were little. And we have to say, modern tractors are amazing high-tech machines that really are the essential tool for any farmer. And they are great fun to drive too.

Sirens on, it's the fire engine

And don’t forget the fire engines. It’s not every day you get the chance to switch on the blues and twos and go nee-nahh-ing around a circuit! If you’re thinking of buying a fire engine drive as a gift, you can’t go wrong. After all, everyone loves a Dennis fire appliance!

This is just a little taster of the fleet of unusual vehicles that are on our books. Have a browse of this rather distinctive section of our website and see what you can dig up! 

Buy unusual driving experience vouchers now