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Zombie Experience Days UK

Do you have what it takes to face hordes of the undead on a Zombie experience? Get ready with your weapons to take seek out, identify and eliminate the gruesome creatures. No experience in previous apocalyptic episodes is required, just bags of the enthusiasm and a keen sense of imagination and you will rid the UK of these pesky zombies. Zombie Experience FAQs...
black and white zombie

Zombie Archery Norfolk

near King's Lynn

Buy For £35.00

Zombie Archery Norfolk
• Zombie archery session near Kings Lynn, Norfolk
• Complete zombie training, then go on a mission
• Save the universe from the zombies in the quarry
• Use your bow & arrow to exterminate the zombies
zombie infection

Zombie Infection Experience

Sheffield, Liverpool, Nottingham

From £79.99

Zombie Infection Experience
• Fight the hordes of infected Zombies & find a cure
• Unique locations around the Midlands
• Very realistic, dramatic & theatrical set up
• You'll be armed with an airsoft replica firearm
zombie rifle shooting

Zombie Apocalypse Training

Lime Woods, near Calverton Nottingham

Buy For £48.00

Zombie Apocalypse Training
• Zombie shooting session nr Calverton Nottingham
• Use air rifles, crossbows and axes to tackle undead
• Lots of different zombie-themed targets to aim at
• All the gear & training to shoot zombies included!

Should I buy this experience?

Who it's for

You'll need to be a fairly 'up for it' type of person to sign up for a zombie experience where you go chasing ghastly brain-eating monsters. But quite frankly in situations like this, with the country being overrun by mindless corpses who love nothing more than to tuck into a platter of human flesh, the world needs you!

Who it's not for

In all seriousness, you'll need to be fairly physically fit to chase zombies down, so if this doesn't appeal a zombie experience probably isn't for you. If you still fancy take a few pot shots at targets a little less ghoulish than zombies, why not try one of our rifle shooting experiences? All the on target action without the fake blood!

Zombie Experiences FAQs

What is a zombie experience?

We have two types of zombie experience for you. The full-on zombie adventures are rather like paintballing experiences, where you work as a team following a scenario, moving around to find and eliminate the ghoulish zombies that are also running around looking for you. We also have zombie experiences that are more like target training, where you line up shots at zombie-like fixed targets that are glaring right back at you!

What exactly are zombies?

Zombies are the pesky undead. They're corpses that have somehow come back to life. Often disease-ridden and pretty grotesque, they're attracted by the smell of human flesh, so you'd better watch out!

Are these zombie experience days indoors or outdoors?

It depends where in the UK you are for your zombie encounter. Some take part in suitably eerie places like former warehouses and factories, others are at outdoor shooting ranges. Make sure you read the full details on each of our zombie experiences to find exactly where your zombie enemies will be appearing.

What weapons will I be fighting the zombies with?

You'll be kitted out with some form of gun. It might be a paint gun or a laser gun if you're chasing moving zombies, or an air gun firing pellets if you're pulling the trigger on fixed zombie targets. You and your comrades will be trained to handle your weapon and just what to expect when you come face to face with these grim, pathetic visions of sub-human life. You'll be shown how to seek them out and then take them out, so you can chase each and every one of these beasts, pushing them to extinction.

Do I need any previous zombie fighting experience?

Nope. All amateur zombie fighters are welcome. All the kit for chasing zombies is included and all the tuition you need to understand your mission and use your weapon will be provided too.

OK, it's like role play, but will I get into it?

Yes! The ambience is pretty electric when you're about to storm the zombie-infested building. With all the gear on and armed with your gun, it won't belong before you're pursuing the undead with great enthusiasm. And if you're out on the range aiming at zombie targets, it's less physically intense, but that competitive spirit is bound to come out that will have you concentrating on taking those zombies out. So yes, whatever type of zombie adventure you embark on, you can can totally 'into it'!

What's the minimum age?

The minimum age varies according to where you go zombie fighting. In general, the role play group experiences have a minimum age of 18 years. Please see each page for individual requirements and get in touch with us by 'phone, email or online chat if you need more info.

Are zombies real?

Zombies are fictional characters from films, games and comic books, so no, zombies don't really exist. Having said that, on these zombie battle experiences you'll be coming face to face with some very realistic undead. They are, in-fact, played by actors with very convincing zombie costumes, make up and special effects.

Do the zombies attack you?

On the live zombie experiences those pesky undead will indeed seek you out and try and grab you before you can shoot at them. Of course, it's all role play but we bet you let out a scream when the zombie attacks! Those on the fixed target zombie shooting sessions don't have the same problem - the gruesome targets will just be looking blankly the whole time...

Do I need to be physically fit for these experiences?

For the full-on adventures you do need to physically fit as you will be running around trying to find and destroy the zombies before they take over the world, so they'll be no dilly-dallying!

I don't like the sight of blood. Will I freak out?

If you can't stand watching horror movies, the chances are you won't like the zombie-chasing experiences. Just like in the films, it's all fake blood and stage makeup, but it is all frighteningly realistic!

Which zombies eat brains?

You won't know that until it's too late! They say zombies love nothing more than the smell of human flesh and eating human brains seems to be a true delicacy for these gory undead.

Do zombies actually die?

Can the undead really die to never come back? We have no idea. We've never hung around long enough to find out.

How do I kill a zombie then?

It's believed zombies can starve, be burnt or fall to their deaths. On these experiences you have to take them out like a sniper with a shot (or several shots) right on target. It's tough, but you can eliminate zombies if you're cunning in your combat.

Is this suitable for hen/stag groups?

Yes! Zombie experiences are perfect for hen and stag groups all over the UK. You could even get a group of mates or work colleagues together to tackle zombies.

How many people will be participating on the day?

This very much depends on the venue. For the larger scale zombie hunts you can be up to 40 people taking part at once on a zombie chasing rampage. For the events at shooting ranges, group sizes are generally smaller so you're not hanging around waiting for your turn too long.

Do I need a whole team to book a zombie experience?

Nope. We sell vouchers for one person or lots of people. Individuals will be grouped with other intrepid fighters to form a fearless crew of zombie hunters.

Where can I go fighting zombies near me?

So where do you go to find scores of the undead in the UK? You might be surprised to find they have integrated into everyday life in the likes of:
  • Sheffield
  • North Nottingham
  • Kings Lynn
  • Liverpool
  • Nottingham
  • Greater Manchester
  • Kidderminster
  • Bury
  • Wigan

Ready for global meltdown? Book onto a zombie experience and help rid the world of the awful undead!

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