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Zombie Experience Days UK

Do you have what it takes to face hordes of the undead on a Zombie experience? Get ready with your weapons to take seek out, identify and eliminate the gruesome creatures. No experience in previous apocalyptic episodes is required, just bags of the enthusiasm and a keen sense of imagination and you will rid the UK of these pesky zombies. Zombie Experience FAQs...
black and white zombie

Zombie Archery Norfolk

near King's Lynn

Buy For £35.00

Zombie Archery Norfolk
• Zombie archery session near Kings Lynn, Norfolk
• Complete zombie training, then go on a mission
• Save the universe from the zombies in the quarry
• Use your bow & arrow to exterminate the zombies
Zombie Infection

Zombie Infection Experience

Liverpool, Sheffield, Nottingham, Portsmouth, Yeovil, Somerset & Shewsbury

Buy For £79.99

Zombie Infection Experience
• Fight the hordes of infected Zombies!
• Unique locations around the UK
• Immersive, dramatic & theatrical set ups
• You'll be armed with realistic weapons
Scary Zombie

Zombie Laser Tag London

North Greenwich, London

Buy For £37.50

Zombie Laser Tag London
  • Laser tag Zombie games in London
  • Eliminate & contain the undead!
  • Lots of tasks & challenges to do
  • 'Real' Zombies played by actors!

Zombie Escape Room Experience London

North Greenwich, London

From £30.00

Zombie Escape Room Experience London
  • An escape room game with a difference!
  • You're trapped in a room with a Zombie
  • Solve the clues to find the hidden key
  • Shared group & private bookings
zombie rifle shooting

Zombie Apocalypse Training

Lime Woods, near Calverton Nottingham

Buy For £48.00

Zombie Apocalypse Training
• Zombie shooting session nr Calverton Nottingham
• Use air rifles, crossbows and axes to tackle undead
• Lots of different zombie-themed targets to aim at
• All the gear & training to shoot zombies included!

Should I buy this experience?

Who it's for

You'll need to be a fairly 'up for it' type of person to sign up for a zombie experience where you go chasing ghastly brain-eating monsters. But quite frankly in situations like this, with the country being overrun by mindless corpses who love nothing more than to tuck into a platter of human flesh, the world needs you!

Who it's not for

In all seriousness, you'll need to be fairly physically fit to chase zombies down, so if this doesn't appeal a zombie experience probably isn't for you. If you still fancy take a few pot shots at targets a little less ghoulish than zombies, why not try one of our rifle shooting experiences ? All the on target action without the fake blood!