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Zombie Experience Days UK

Do you have what it takes to face hordes of the undead on a Zombie experience? It's like a scene from Night of the Living Dead  as you are suddenly surrounded by these ghoulish creatures who love nothing more than the smell of human flesh.

Our undead apocalypse will turn the world as you know it on its head. Shaun of the Dead and even the Walking Dead has nothing on these zombie experiences. We're on course for a global meltdown and we'll all be counting on you to seek out, identify and eliminate the gruesome creatures. No experience in previous apocalyptic episodes is required, just bags of the enthusiasm and a keen sense of imagination and you will rid the UK of these pesky zombies. Now that's what we call an adventurous experience day to remember! Read more...

Zombie Archery Norfolk

near King's Lynn

From £35.00

    • Zombie archery session near Kings Lynn, Norfolk
    • Complete zombie training, then go on a mission
    • Save the universe from the zombies in the quarry
    • Use your bow & arrow to exterminate the zombies
Zombie Blitz

Wigan, Lancashire & Bury, Greater Manchester

From £49.99

    • Tackle a zombie apocalypse and battle the undead
    • Your zombie blitz takes place in Wigan or Bury
    • Ideal for individuals and groups together
    • Work as a team to eliminate zombies & solve puzzles
Zombie Infection Experience

Sheffield, Liverpool, Nottingham

From £79.99

    • Fight the hordes of infected Zombies & find a cure
    • Unique locations around the Midlands
    • Very realistic, dramatic & theatrical set up
    • You'll be armed with an airsoft replica firearm
Zombie Survival Experience
Based On 1 Reviews

Kidderminster & Bury

From £99.00

    • Zombie busting missions in Bury or Kidderminster
    • Use of a Benelli shorty replica shotgun
    • Photo shoot with the Zombie actors
    • Full tactical clothing and safety goggle hire

Forget the weekly shop, chase zombies instead this weekend!

Given the choice of going shopping, doing the chores or signing up for a zombie experience chasing ghastly monsters on a brain eating escape adventure, we know which we'd choose to do of a weekend! The world needs you as we are being overrun by mindless corpses who love nothing more than to tuck into a platter of human flesh. Eww.

Living out this childhood (or adult) sci-fi fantasy could not be more realistic. With IntotheBlue our zombie experience days are as exhilarating and frightening as they seem, with some ghoulishly gruesome characters to meet. But beware the training is real. What would you do if an undead rising did come to reality....

Where do you find zombies in the UK?

But where do you go to find scores of the undead in the UK? You might be surprised to find they have integrated into everyday life in the likes of Bardney, Manchester and Kidderminster. They're even lurking in a former Stanley Tools factory, as you can see from this rather shaky zombie experience video in Sheffield.

Just imagine, there you are minding your own business and suddenly you find yourself being surrounded by the blood-riddled gruesome things hassling you. So what do you do? Get kitted up and get ready for mortal combat, that's what!

You and your comrades will be trained in weapons handling and just what to expect when you come face to face with these grim, pathetic visions of sub-human life. You'll be shown how to seek them out and then take them out using your highly effective airsoft gun, with a good stock of pellet ammunition so you can chase each and every one of these beasts, pushing them to extinction.

Zombie alert - immerse yourself in this crazy world

What's totally brilliant about these days out is that fact that you will totally get into it. The atmosphere is one of high red alert as soon as you are initiated into camp and the adrenaline comes free-flowing when you get the first signs that the undead are stirring.

If you like your Resident Evil, Dawn of the Dead and Marvel Comics you will adore your zombie adventure It's going to get pretty physical as you hunt down these pesky abominations, so you'll need to be prepared for a fair bit of running and sniper type action in some dank, dark and dusty places. At the end of the day it's a simple case of you saving the universe or them conquering it with their blood-thirsty ways. Our unique zombie experience days will get you and your friends blood pumping in a way your never thought possible. Prepare for the worst...


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