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The recipe for great open air concerts: spectacular outdoor locations, full orchestras with wind, brass and string instruments, charismatic conductors and talented singers. Then all you have to do is sit back and enjoy an evening of popular classical music in a proms spectacular style with the lights, big screens and expertly timed fireworks. Superb!

Summer concerts take place in stunning outdoor locations, usually country house estates with the stage built on manicured lawns. Plenty of room to lay down the rug, open up the picnic basket and get to work on quaffing a nice bottle of rose or Champagne, munching on strawberries and enjoying the concert. Read more...

Summer Proms for Two - Fathers Day
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Summer Proms for Two

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Summer Proms Spectacular for Two
  • Entry for two people at a classical proms concert
  • Spitfire air display, parachute display & cannons!
  • Classical favourites and spectacular musical fireworks
  • Selected Saturdays in July / August 2024
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Resounding music, sing-a-long epic tunes and a superb light show - that's what these open air concerts are all about! Each year a full summer programme of outdoor shows is produced to offer fabulous nights out for music lovers.

These shows are true spectacles and a very British affair. Where else would you round off the night enthusiastically waving the Union Jack as the orchestra belts out Jerusalem? Under the auspices of the equally demonstrative conductor, each and every musician and singer on stage gives it there all for an incredible finale that'll leave you bursting with pride and positivity.

Of course, we need to be realistic as this is England, so there is a chance that on the night of the performance the weather might be a little inclement. But fear not, the organisers of these sort of events are used to the unpredictability of the forecast and are well prepared. The venues for these outdoor theatres are chosen for their adaptability in mind. A stage can be cleverly covered, whilst the audience are well protected too, so if there's rain, it doesn't necessarily stop play.

If you're a newcomer to these sort of open air events, we can give you a few tips. A picnic in a wicker basket, all laid out on a tartan rug is the quintessential modus operandi for the Proms and don't forget the chilled vino and a corkscrew. However, if you'll liable to get a bad back sitting on the lawn, we can recommend one of those little folding chairs. Some venues offer seated tickets, but it might still be worth bringing a cushion with you, as it could be wooden tiered amphitheatre seating.

So as the orchestra strikes up, get ready for popular classic and patriotic uplifting tunes including everything from Edward Elgar's 'Pomp and Circumstance March No1' to Thomas Arne's 'Rule Britannia' to be on the programme for these truly brilliant open air concerts.