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Rally Driving Experiences

A rally driving experience is about learning techniques like handbrake turns, power slides, understeer and oversteer. For these rallying sessions, you’ll be driving a proper rally car designed to be flung round corners and over loose gravel stages. Just don’t try rally driving in your own car, as they say! Rally driving experience FAQs...

Iconic MK2 Escort Rally Experience

Saffron Walden, Essex

Save £99 From £150

    • Drive an iconic Ford Escort MkII rally car
    • Tackle the loose gravel rally stage in Essex
    • The most successful rally car ever in the 1970s!
    • In car tuition from an instructor in passenger seat
Rallying Fun Day Out Gloucestershire
Based On 2 Reviews


From £165.00

    • Competition spec Citroen C2 Rally Challenge cars
    • Practice runs to learn the course plus a timed run
    • Stage times & driving rally assessment to take home
    • Flat out instructor rally hot lap included
Supersprint rally experience day out
Based On 1 Reviews

Bradford, Elvington, Fulbeck Aerodrome

Save £46 From £79

    • Drive a Mitsubishi Evo 9 or a Subaru Impreza STi
    • Expert instructors to guide you through the stage
    • Choice of venues in the North of England
    • Authentic style tarmac and gravel rally courses
Subaru vs Evo Extreme Rally Battle
Based On 1 Reviews

York, Lincolnshire, West Yorkshire

Save £91 From £149

    • Mitsubishi Evo vs Impreza Sti - which is the best
    • Drive 2 iconic rally cars on dirt stages
    • Rally instructor on board giving driving tips
    • Fully 'works prepared' cars
Escort RS2000i Rallying Activity Days in Yorkshire
Based On 10 Reviews

Seaton Ross, North Yorkshire

From £95.00

    • Go rallying in a classic Ford Escort MKII
    • Tuition is in the car, not the classroom
    • A range of durations to choose from
    • This is authentic rallying in a legendary car
Mini Cooper S Prodrive Rally

near Saffron Walden, Essex

Save £110 From £90

    • Drive a Mini Cooper S ALL4 on the rally stage
    • This all wheel drive Mini packs a punch on gravel
    • In-car tuition from experienced rally drivers
    • Opt for a hotlap to scare you witless!
Subaru Rally Driving Days in Staffordshire
Based On 7 Reviews

Stafford Driving Centre

Save £45 From £69

    • Six laps on the fast tarmac track in Staffordshire
    • Drive a Subaru Impreza WRX Sti rally car
    • In-car instructor to give you driving tips
    • Rounded off with a high speed passenger ride
Rallying experience in Oxfordshire
Based On 3 Reviews

Near Bicester

From £179.00

    • Drive the legendary rear wheel drive Escort RS2000
    • Includes a timed lap challenge
    • Dedicated Rally stage with concrete and gravel
    • Many of the instructors have competed in rallies
Adrenaline Rally Northamptonshire

Silverstone, Towcester

From £110.00

    • Learn classic rally skills in a classic Subaru
    • Three mini workshops on different areas of the site
    • In-car teaching from top-notch rallyers
    • Try handbrake turns, powerslides, doughnuts & eights
Escort RS2000 and impreza gravel rally driving activity

Bicester, Oxfordshire

From £195.00

    • Old school & new school rallying experience in Bicester
    • Drive Escort Mk II RS2000 & Subaru Impreza WRX STi
    • Rear wheel and all wheel rallying at its best
    • Timed gravel rally lap challenge included
Extreme rally challenge

Bradford, Elvington, and Fulbeck Aerodrome

Save £41 From £358

    • A Full Day learning to drive a Group N Rally Car
    • 6 1:1 driving sessions on an authentic rally stage
    • Locations across the North of England
    • Options with the Mitsubishi Evo and Subaru Impreza
Full Day Subaru Rally Worcestershire

Honeybourne Airfield, Worcestershire

From £234.00

    • A full day of rallying in Worcestershire nr Evesham
    • Morning & afternoon sessions in a Subaru Impreza
    • Learn rallying on the loose gravel rally stage
    • Timed laps & high speed passenger laps to finish
Full Throttle Rally Driving Silverstone

Towcester, Northamptonshire

From £275.00

    • Full throttle rallying day at Silverstone
    • Book for whichever car or cars you prefer
    • Learn lots of key rallying techniques
    • 1:1 in-car instruction on the rally stage
Mitsubishi rallying ativitiy day in Lincs. Yorks
Based On 3 Reviews

West Yorkshire, York and North Lincolnshire

Save 37% From £135

    • Multiple sessions in a group N Mitsubishi Evo
    • Discover the limits of grip, steering and braking
    • Various driving durations to choose from
    • Locations in West Yorks, Lincs and York
Prodrive Subaru Rally

Saffron Walden - Essex

Special Offer From £135

    • Subaru Prodrive Impreza rallying in Essex
    • Take the 300bhp Scooby for a spin on loose gravel
    • Benefit from in-car coaching from top rally drivers
    • Choose a 9 or 18 mile rallying session
Rally driving days in Leicestershire
Based On 1 Reviews

Prestwold Driving Centre

From £59.00

    • Learn understeer and oversteer rally techniques
    • Individual Driving Certificate included
    • Drive fully prepared rally cars
    • Various driving durations to choose from
Rally Driving Experience in Powys
Based On 2 Reviews

Powys, Wales

From £199.00

    • Authentic rallying in the Welsh forests of Powys!
    • Cars include Escort RS2000 & Impreza
    • Small group sizes make this school unique
    • Drive the stage used for competitive rallying
Drive a Rally Car in Scotland

Knockhill Racing Circuit, Fife

From £175.00

    • Rallying on a purpose-built 1mile tarmac stage
    • Circuit overlooks main Knockhill Circuit in Fife
    • Three driving sessions & one high speed demo run
    • Drive the fully rally race prepped Ford Fiesta ST Zetec
Rally Driving Experience Days at Silverstone
Based On 4 Reviews

near Silverstone Northants

From £99.00

    • Taster & half day rally sessions at Silverstone
    • Trip Advisor 'Certificate of Excellence' holders
    • Choose the voucher for the car you want to drive
    • Hone rally skills on different areas of the centre
Sierra Cosworth Rally Driving

near Safron Walden, Essex

Save 60% From £99

    • Rallying Ford Sierra Cosworth style!
    • Learn to rally in a classic Cossie on loose gravel
    • Control the oversteer in this rear wheel drive car
    • Top-notch teaching from owner Tom & his team
Half Day Subaru Rally Experience
Based On 3 Reviews

Bradford, York and North Lincolnshire

Special Offer From £199

    • Half Day Rallying Experience in a Group N Subaru Impreza
    • 1:1 tuition over 3 driving sessions
    • Onboard radio comms just like the professionals
    • 3 locations covering the North and Midlands
Suzuki Rally Essex

near Safron Walden, Essex

Save £110 From £70

    • Rallying in Essex in a Suzuki Swift Sport
    • Experience front wheel drive rallying first hand
    • Try this testing loose gravel rally stage
    • Hot lap option to ride like a proper co-pilot!
Apache Rally in Kent
Based On 3 Reviews

Near Maidstone

From £85.00

    • Drive a high performance Apache Rally Buggy
    • Onboard 1:1 tuition from a pro-instructor
    • Learn how to drift, lock and control the car
    • Sessions can be adapted to suit your skills!
Buggy Rally Experience Bristol

Coalpit Heath, Bristol

From £139.00

    • Drive Walker Adams buggies near Bristol
    • Practice in the fun & funky Rebel buggies
    • Lap the grass track in the 4x2 Revolution buggy
    • High speed passenger lap in the 4x4 Revolution
Extreme Rage Buggy Experience

Leicestershire, Oxfordshire & Yorkshire

Save £50 From £39

    • Drive Rage Motorsport Hurricane buggies
    • A full choice of experience durations
    • Learn Scandi flicks & handbrake skills
    • Buggies do 0-60 in less than 4 seconds!
Rage Buggy Rally Driving

Chichester, West Sussex

From £30.00

    • Learn to rally cross in an agile Rage buggy
    • 0-60 in under 4 seconds on dirt!
    • Full and Half day driving options available
    • Passenger rides also available
Ultimate Driving Experience Scotland

Knockhill Racing Circuit, Fife

From £325.00

    • A fun packed day of driving events in Scotland
    • Race, rally and kart at Knockhill's famous circuit
    • In-car teaching in fully race prepped vehicles
    • Spectators can watch from pit lane or race control

Should you buy this experience?

Who it's for

Rally driving is a high adrenaline driving experience especially designed for the car racing lovers out there! If you're looking to explore your adventurous side and test your driving skills, this is the experience for you!

Who it's not for

If you suffer from motion sickness even when it’s you who’s driving, rallying might not be for you, as you’ll invariably spin the car out as you’re trying to get to grips with the handbrake tuns and the like. If you prefer straight-line speed, you might prefer one of our supercar experiences on a nice, smooth tarmac track!

Rally drive experience FAQs

What are the height and weight limits for rallying?

Requirements vary from one rally school to another, but in general you will need to be between 5’0” and 6’ 4” tall and weigh less than 20 stone. It all very much depends on the type of car and the seats it has fitted (rally racing buckets seats tend to be lower and narrower). If you’re in any doubt, check the info on each rally experience page, or get in touch with us.

Do I need a driver’s licence to go rally driving?

Generally, yes. Although you will be rallying well away from the public roads, you do need to know how to drive a manual car. Some operators also ask that you have held your full UK driving licence for at least two years, others don’t. Please check each page for the full requirements. For those too young to hold a driver’s licence, we also have teen rally driving experiences.

Can my friends and family come along to watch?

Yes! Some venues may ask you to book any guests accompanying you for your rally car drive in advance, some charge a small fee locally, which includes unlimited refreshments. Depending on the sort of rally stage you’ll be driving, spectators may not be able to see the whole circuit, but it’s great to have them to cheer you on.

I’m not a petrolhead but always fancied a go. Is it for me?

Go for it! As all the tuition is done on a one-to-one basis, with an instructor in the car with you at all times, sessions will be adapted to your level and ability. As long as you can drive, you can rally. And believe us, it’s great fun ‘letting loose’ in a rally car and getting the dust flying, even if you don’t perfect your Scandinavian flick!

Is all the tuition done whilst I’m in the car?

All experiences include a safety briefing after registration. This may be the form of a video, a short talk in a briefing room, or outside before you get into the hot seat. But in essence, yes, all the teaching will be done in the car whilst you’re driving.

Do I need any previous rally experience?

No. If you do show a natural talent, or you have been on other rally driving experiences, the sessions will be adapted to your level. So beginner or not, you’ll have fun and learn lots.

Who runs these rally schools?

Rally driving experiences are a bit different to other driving experiences. They are very often run by professional rally drivers who are actively competing and the schools go hand in hand with motorsport teams that they also run. That means they whole team has the experience, the equipment and skills to keep rally cars up and running for these experience days.

Where will I be rallying?

Off the public roads, that’s for sure! That actual circuit depends on what sort of rally school you enrol with. In some cases rallying is an offshoot to supercar experience days, with the special stage set up in a coned off area of an airfield circuit. Other schools operate out of purpose-built rally stages, some of which are well-known on the rally circuit and even feature as stages in competitive rally series.

What sort of cars are used?

Even if they look like a standard car, all the cars used have been fully prepared for rally use. That’s to say things like roll cages, bucket seats, multi-point harnesses, uprated suspension, brakes and clutches, to cope with the stresses and strains of all that under and oversteer as a rally car. Many cars used are modified up to Group N (like the Imprezas), or Group 4 (like the Ford Escort Mk2).

Will I be doing handbrake turns and proper rally driver stuff?

It depends what sort of rally driving experience voucher you have. Some are designed to give you a taster of what rallying is all about, others give you several driving sessions over a half or even full day of rallying. On the longer experiences, you can expect to be nailing some of the classic rally moves by the end of your experience.

Is rally driving hard?

Yes it is. It requires co-ordination and concentration and sometimes you can try too hard to get it all right. Instructors are super patient and encouraging, so if anyone can learn rally moves you will with the coaching of your instructor. In any case, you’ll have brilliant fun!

What are the best rally cars?

Ah well now there’s a question. There are front wheel drives cars like Colin Mcrae’s Ford Focus, there are rear wheel drive classics like the RS Cosworth and there are modern all wheel drive legends like the Subaru Impreza. All have their fans and we’ve got all these and a whole load more of the best rally cars for you to drive.

What should I wear for my rally driving experience?

Casual clothing suitable for the weather isa must, but the main thing to consider is your footwear. Thin, flat-soled lace ups are best (such as trainers) as you need to feel the pedals beneath your feet. No high heels, chunky heels, flip-flops or heavy work boots please!

How dangerous is rally driving?

As with any motor sport there is an element of danger and risk. However, safety is the priority for all the operators we use for these rally experience days. They take the measures necessary to provide a safe, contained environment for you to rally in. Cars generally have dual brakes, so the instructor can intervene if necessary.

Can I book in-car footage and photographs of my experience?

The vast majority of rally schools set up cameras inside the cars to record you driving and have professional photographers on site too. You can buy media packs locally on the day to capture you having your Sebastien Loeb moment!

Are there rally days for complete beginners?

Of course! Whether it’s a three lap, a couple of hours, a half-day or a full day rally course, you’re welcome on all of them. The instructors are really good at building confidence, so even if you’ve never experienced full-lock on your own steering before, get ready for some serious rally driving fun.

How long do I actually get to drive for?

Here at IntotheBlue we are sticklers for this. We make sure you know how long or how far (in terms of laps) you should normally be behind the wheel for. The whole amount of time you’ll be on site will be longer and sometimes voucher companies only quote this time and not the actual driving time.

I’m a big rally fan. Can I book a specific rally car?

Make sure you look at each individual rally experience page for full details on the cars used. Whilst we can’t guarantee that the car of your choice will be operating on the day of your experience, it gives you a good idea of the sort of vehicles used. If you need any more help on this, get in touch via online chat, ‘phone or email, as we know how important the choice of car is to some guests.

Do these rally experiences count towards getting a rally driver licence?

No they don’t. But have a read of our blog article on how to become a rally driver if you’re looking to getting your ‘Go Rallying’ MSA Licence.

Where can I go rally driving near me?

Rallying is one of our most popular activities, so there’s bound to be a rally experience near you. We also know that serious rally fans are prepared to travel from all over the UK, to the very best schools at locations like the Welsh hills, so we’ve got those too. You can rally in:
  • Staffordshire
  • Essex
  • Yorkshire
  • Powys
  • Fife
  • Lincolnshire
  • Northamptonshire
  • Kent
  • Oxfordshire
  • Wiltshire

Reckon you can handle that oversteer and understeer? Book your rally drive experience now!

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