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Adopt & Sponsor an Animal

Adopt an animal and help support animals in need. Adoptions focus on animals classed as being at risk, with a donation from each gift tin made to animal welfare, adoption and conservation projects abroad & at home. It's the gift that really gives! Animal adoptions FAQs
hive sponsorship

Sponsor a Beehive

East Anglia

From £55.00

Sponsor a Beehive
  • Adopt a beehive in East Anglia
  • All packs include honey from your bees
  • A private hive visit for the 'Queen Bee' pack
  • Welcome pack full of bee info
Adopt a meerkat

Adopt a Meerkat


Buy For £20.00

Adopt a Meerkat
• Adopt a Meerkat for 12 months
• The Magic of Meerkats booklet
• A photograph and booklet of the Meerkat
• 10% discount off the Meerkat Magic Tour
tiger adoption box

Adopt a Tiger or Big Cat


Buy For £20.00

Adopt a Tiger or Big Cat
• Adopt one of four endangered species of big cats
• A3 big cats poster and a presentation certificate
• A regular newsletter direct from the charity
adopt a sloth tin

Adopt a Sloth

Nationwide Delivery Available

Buy For £20.00

Adopt a Sloth
• Adopt an adorable Sloth with Into the Blue!
• Your adoption helps fund sloth conservation
• A pack filled with sloth pics and facts
• Your very own sloth adoption certificate
alpaca with harness

Alpaca Adoption Pack

Romney Marsh, Kent

Buy For £45.00

Alpaca Adoption Pack
• Adopt a gorgeous alpaca at this Kentish farm
• Pack comes with an alpaca-themed gift & photos
• Two visits to meet your alpaca & their friends
• An alpaca walk is offered during one of the visits
dolphin tin

Adopt a Dolphin

Nationwide UK Delivery

Buy For £20.00

Adopt a Dolphin
• Adopt a dolphin gift tins supporting ORCA
• Delivered directly to you or the recipient
• Contains lots of facts & info on dolphins
• Register for your personalised adoption certificate
Adopt a donkey

Adopting a Donkey


Buy For £20.00

Adopting a Donkey
• Adopt a Donkey for 12 months
• Information on the Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary
• A personalised certificate
• A coloured photo of the Donkey

Adopting a Penguin


Buy For £20.00

Adopting a Penguin
• Adopt a Galapagos Penguin for 12 months
• A personalised certificate of your adoption
• Gift pack filled with Galapagos facts & figures
• Help conserve the only penguins north of the equator
Adopt an elephant

Adopting an Elephant


Buy For £20.00

Adopting an Elephant
• Aid an Asian elephant project
• Receive personalised supporter certificate
• Help important conservation & research work
• Support the People's Trust for Endangered Species
Adopt a panda leaflets

Adopt a Panda

Help save this endangered species

Buy For £20.00

Adopt a Panda
• Adopt a giant panda for 12 months
• Receive a personalised supporter certificate
• Giant Panda souvenir poster
• Leaflets on protecting Pandas
Adopt a giraffe

Adopt a Giraffe


Buy For £20.00

Adopt a Giraffe
• Adopt a giraffe for 12 months
• Help important work being carried out in Kenya
• Support the People's Trust for Endangered Species
• Pack contains lots of giraffe info and images
llama pack

Adopt a Llama

Nationwide UK Delivery

Buy For £20.00

Adopt a Llama
• Adopt a loveable little llama!
• Receive a gift tin filled with goodies
• Personalised certificate when you register
• Donation helps foster & rehome unwanted llamas
Adopt a monkey

Adopt a Monkey


Buy For £20.00

Adopt a Monkey Gift Tins
• Adopt one of five endangered species of Monkeys
• Endangered monkeys and apes booklet
• An A3 wall poster and a presentation certificate
• Regular PTES newsletters

Should I buy this experience?

Who it's for

Anyone who likes animals! An adopt an animal kit is a present with a heart and a conscience. Help save that abandoned donkey who's walked his last walk on the beach. Assist with research into the lives of polar bears on the melting ice-caps. Animals all over the world need your help!

Who it's not for

If you don't crack for a cute-as-a-button abandoned kitten you've got a heart of stone! We can't actually think of a reason why you wouldn't want to adopt an animal. They make great gifts to give.

Animal adoptions FAQs

Are you actually adopting an animal to take home?

No. These gifts are to adopt an animal by supporting the work that the conservation group or foundation does to support their chosen species of animal. Every adoption pack purchased will help keep your favourite animal healthy and happy, so it'll be smiles all round.

How do animal adoption kits work?

The majority of our sponsorship packs come in a funky little tin, with an adorable picture of the species you'll be helping on the front. Lift the lid and inside you'll find a wealth of information on the charity, sanctuary or welfare project you'll be helping, as well as a photo your chosen non-human.

What comes in the pack?

Inside the tins you have lots of information on the animals you'll be helping through your adoption. Contents may vary depending on the animal, but it could be anything from a photo of the actual animal you're sponsoring, certificates, conservation info, facts and figures and lots more.

Can I meet the animal I've adopted?

Some adoption packs do include tickets or discount codes to visit zoos and animal parks where your adoptive animals live, or where close relatives live if you're supporting a project far away. Please read the full details on each adoption pack carefully - all the info on what you will receive is included.

Can I adopt a meerkat?

Yes! Thanks to a certain advertising campaign, one of the most popular mammals to adopt is the Meerkat. They are undoubtedly gorgeous, but they also need your help at places like the special conservation project in South Africa, providing a safe and secure environment for poorly, orphaned and injured Meerkats. We have to say, it doesn't get much cuter than that.

How long does the adoption last?

Adopt an animal today and you will be sponsoring them for a full year. Whether it's helping yelping puppies, lovable kittens, neglected ponies or panda breeding programmes, you'll be helping their worthy cause for a whole 12 months!

Will I get updates throughout the year?

Check each product page for the full details, but in some cases you will indeed get updates. It could be in the form of a newsletter, photo or something like a postcard to tell what the latest is.

Are adoption gift tins suitable presents for children?

Yes and they make great presents to give. Although not specifically aimed at children, little ones will enjoy reading about the animals (maybe with a little help from a grown up!).

Does the gift tin fit through the letter box

Yes it does. That's the beauty of these adoption kits. There's no faff when it comes to delivery and they've got something nice to open. It's a win win situation!

Why should I adopt an endangered species?

Because they need you! With deforestation, global warming and mankind's inhumanity, more and more animals need protecting to stop them becoming endangered or even extinct. It'd be nice to think that with your help, some of the species will come off the endangered list in years to come.

What animals can you adopt?

You can adopt all sorts of animals. From stray cats and dogs in the streets of Cyprus, to Asian elephants being protected in a sanctuary in India, we've got lots of different animals looking to be adopted the world over.

How much goes to the charities involved?

The percentage varies between the project and scheme partners, the full details of which are included in the gift tins.

Will I really be helping the animals?

Yes. These are verified charities and projects who work tirelessly to save and protect the animals. They often receive little or no funding, so rely on donations from people like you who buy adoption gift tins. Adoption tins really are gifts with a conscience.

Where are the animals?

The animals to be adopted are at locations around the world. From Alpacas in Kent and dolphins in Portsmouth, to sloths in Costa Rica and penguins in the Galapagos. They are often projects run by UK-based charities, who have the expertise to manage and organise schemes to protect animals in countries all over the world and the UK.

Where can I adopt an animal near me?

You can adopt an animal from anywhere in the UK - and you don't even have to leave your comfy sofa to do it! Pop one of our animal adoption gift tins for your animal of choice into your basket and you're well on the way to helping make your chosen species feel safe and wanted, wherever they are in the world.

Gone soppy for your favourite animal? Buy your adopt an animal kit online now!

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