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Bungee Jumping in the UK

Bungee jumping - get ready to experience the ultimate energy rush! It's big thrills guaranteed, as you jump solo or tandem from platforms and bridges between 160 and 300ft off the ground. Bungee jumps are one of the best adrenaline experiences available to book online - and at unbeatable prices too. Bungee jumping FAQs...
whitby bridge jump

Bridge Bungee Jump North Yorkshire

Larpool Viaduct, Whitby

From £99.00

Bridge Bungee Jump North Yorkshire
  • Bungee jumps from Larpool Viaduct near Whitby
  • Single or double (front & back) jumps
  • Jump from 130ft over the River Esk
  • Spectators can watch from the bridge
Outdoor Bungee Jump
Based On 9 Reviews

Outdoor Bungee Jump

Nationwide Venues

Buy For £75.00

Outdoor Bungee Jump
• The jump is usually taken from a height of 160ft
• Feel the pressure on your harness as you jump
• A crazy high adrenalin sport
• Locations Nationwide
Tandem Bungee Jump

Tandem Bungee Jump

Nationwide Venues

Buy For £125.00

Tandem Bungee Jump
• Launch yourselves from a 160ft platform
• The jump partner of your choice
• Venues are available across the UK
• Take the ultimate test of nerves
Woman getting ready to jump
Based On 2 Reviews

Triple Whammy in Sheffield

Magna Science Adventure Centre, Rotherham

Buy For £75.00

Triple Whammy Experience in Sheffield
• The world's highest indoor zip activities!
• Triple Whammy gives you 3 high level challenges
• Take on the zip wire, free abseil & The Drop!
• Located at Magna in the north Sheffield area
bungee london
Based On 2 Reviews

Bungee Jumping London

Battersea Park, London

Buy For £99.00

Bungee Jumping at Battersea London
• Bungee Jump from 160ft on a crane
• London bungee address : Battersea Park
• A personalised certificate of your jump
• Great views of the Thames and London skyline
man indoor bungee jumping

Indoor Bungee in Yorkshire

Magna Science Adventure Centre, Rotherham

Buy For £50.00

Indoor Bungee in Yorkshire
• Climb 143 steps to the top of the steel tower
• Take the plunge and jump 150ft to the ground
• Jumps take place in Sheffield
• Music, lights, dry ice and a scary drop
300 Ft Bungee Berkshire

300ft Bungee Berkshire or Manchester

Bray Lake, Windsor & Tatton Park, Manchester

From £120.00

300ft Bungee Berkshire or Manchester
• A 300ft bungee jump - the highest in the UK!
• Available at Maidenhead and Manchester
• The ultimate adrenaline rush
• Jump solo or tandem from 300ft
fab bungee

Forward and Back Bungee


Buy For £99.00

Forward and Back Bungee
  • The Forward & Backward bungee package!
  • 1x jump forward,1 x jump backwards
  • Two jumps from 160ft in one day!
  • Available at jump zones around the UK
tandem bungee london

London Tandem Bungee

Battersea Park, London

Buy For £175.00

London Tandem Bungee
• Bungee Jump together from 160ft
• Takes place at London's Battersea Park
• Thames views towards Chelsea
• A personalised certificate for you both
lovers leap bungee jump

Lovers Leap Tandem Jump with Champagne

Nationwide Locations

Buy For £135.00

Lovers Leap Tandem Jump with Champagne
• Perfect for Valentine's Day, or to show your love!
• Take the leap of faith together from 160ft
• You'll be harnessed & tied together for your jump
• A mini bottle of Champers to celebrate afterwards
Woman indoor bungee jumping

The Awesome Foursome

Magna Science Adventure Centre, Rotherham

Buy For £99.00

The Awesome Foursome
• Have a go at zip wiring, abseiling and more
• The Drop and indoor bungee jumping
• An adrenaline-packed day
• Takes place in Sheffield
Woman screaming parachute simulator

The Drop Free-Fall Experience

North Sheffield

Buy For £30.00

The Drop Free-Fall Experience
• An indoor parachute simulator jump from 150ft
• Make the climb of 143 steps to the Jump Station
• Be brave and step off into the abyss
• This is a realistic free-fall sensation - indoors!
outdoor choice

Outdoor Choice

Locations Nationwide

From £50.00

Outdoor Choice
  • Choose from a wide choice of Outdoor Adventures
  • Locations across the UK
  • Option to top up your voucher on line
  • FREE premium packaging included worth £4.99

Should I do this experience?

Who it's for:

Let's destroy the common myth first: you don't have to be a student or antipodean to enjoy bungee jumping! As long as you're in good health and are up for it, anyone from the age of 16 can throw themselves off a platform at least 160ft off the ground, either solo or as a tandem. We're mystified as to why anyone would want to actually do a bungee jump, but as one of our perennial best sellers, it seems there's no shortage of daredevils all over the UK who want to fall through the air.

Who it's not for:

If you don't like heights and don't fancy the idea of plunging into the void below you to then bounce on what is essentially an elastic cord, bungee jumping is definitely not for you. Bungee jumping is one of out most adrenaline-charged outdoor activities on the books, but there are plenty of other experiences to get you enjoying the great outdoors without having to leave the ground.

Bungee jumping FAQs:

What should I wear for my bungee jump?

We'd advise bungee jumpers to avoid wearing skirts and dresses and go for comfortable, but close-fitting clothing like sportswear. Remove any loose items such as long necklaces and so on. As for what shoes to wear for bungee jumping, big boots should be avoided and the best are lace up trainers.

Can I jump with someone?

Yes. We offer solo and tandem bungee jumps at many locations around the UK. If you jump solo, it's just you braving the bungee. On tandem jumps, you will be harnessed together with your bungee partner. You'll need to be pretty close friends as the position you adopt for your jump is to literally hug each other!

Is bungee jumping safe?

As with any extreme sport, there are risks involved in participating. All bungee jump operators take your safety extremely seriously and extensive measures are in place to minimise any risk. Processes will be checked and double-checked by several crew members throughout the day and they will explain what it is that they are doing. Do not hesitate to speak to them or the site manager if you have any questions, or if you want further information on anything.

What happens on the day of my bungee jump?

It'll be a big day, with a constant succession of bungee jumpers arriving. You are given a time slot and an arrival time, which allows for all the safety briefings, the kitting out in your ankle harness and body back up harness. Technicians will talk you through what will be happening. Some jumpers will be hyper excited, others will be battling their anxieties. But fear not, the crew members are great at being encouraging so that everyone enjoys their day. Once you're up there, you'll see the jumper in front of you go and without too much hesitation, it's time for you to take the plunge!

Does bungee jumping hurt?

Skilled technicians ensure that the correct bungee gear for your weight is used to ensure the smoothest bungee jump possible. If you follow all the instructions given to you by the jump crew, bungee jumping shouldn't hurt if you're in good general health. If you're asking whether the rebound (when you bounce back up wit the elasticity of the rope) hurts, it won't 'snap' you back up if the elastic cords have been correctly selected for you weight. There are scales on site so you will be weighed.

Who invented bungee jumping?

The pioneers of bungee jumping were actually the members of the Oxford University Dangerous Sports Club, who tied ropes together and jumped off the Bristol Suspension Bridge in 1979. The first commercial bungee jumping was organised by AJ Hackett in New Zealand in 1986. Since then thousands of bungee (or bungy) jumps have been enjoyed at locations around the world and it's become very much one of those 'bucket-list' experiences to do at least once in your life.

How much does bungee jumping cost?

Considering the exhilaration levels you'll be getting, bungee jumping is very reasonably priced. Solo bungee jumps cost from £50 for a standard 160ft plunge, to £100 for the 300ft mega jumps, whilst tandem bungees (where you're literally strapped together) cost between £150 and £190.

Can I wear contact lenses for my bungee jump?

Hard contact lenses, glasses and sunglasses are not allowed when bungee jumping, but soft contact lenses are OK.

How is the bungee cord attached?

The cord is attached to you via the ankle harness. There's also a secondary back-up body harness that you'll be wearing too.

Can kids go bungee jumping in the UK?

Check each operator for their policy on age, but the minimum age is often 16 years old, with an accompanying parent or guardian required on site to sign the disclaimer on their behalf.

Are there age/weight/height restrictions for bungee jumping?

There's usually a minimum weight of 40kg, maximum of around 120kg. For the harnesses your waist size will need to be within a range of around 40-125cm. Most operators say the minimum age is 16 (with parental consent) and for any jumpers over 50, you will need a medical certificate.

How high are the bungee jumps you offer at IntotheBlue?

Our standard outdoor bungee jumps from crane platforms are 160ft above the ground. We also offer higher jumps, from cranes and bridges, for that extra thrill.

Can I bring people along to watch me bungee jump?

Yes! It's usually quite a fun atmosphere on jump days, with spectators watching and taking photos from the area around the bottom of the crane. They can cheer you on and encourage you when it's your moment of fame as you're standing on the brink ready to jump.

Will I get a refund if I bottle it when I'm standing on the ledge?

No. As you have already booked a slot that can't be re-sold, no refunds will be made for circumstances like this. It's worth noting that it's normal to be scared, but the advice from jumpers is to not over-think it and don't hang around too long on the platform before jumping!

Are all bungees over water?

Some of the Intotheblue bungee jump locations are indeed over water, such as Berkshire, Manchester, Bristol, Cambridge, Leicestershire, Birmingham and the Middlesborough bridge jump.

What does a bungee jump feel like?

As you shuffle to the ledge with your ankles tied together, right on the edge of the 160ft (or higher) drop below, your heart will be in your mouth and you'll be feeling decidedly shaky. But that 'taking things to the limit of your comfort zone' is what bungee jumping is all about. Then it's bend the knees, arms up and you dive off head first. There's that falling feeling with the wind ruffling your hair as the ground rushes towards you. Then you'll feel the bungee cord at your feet take the slack and in a massive rush of blood to the head, you're rebounded back up - and the first bounce is always the biggest - until you have pretty much stopped and you'll be released from the bungee harness. Time to congratulate yourself on your bungee jump!

Can I go bungee jumping near me?

Yes! Each year the country's biggest bungee jump operator organises a tour of the UK, taking in various venues for crazy thrill seekers to enjoy the sensation of bungee jumping. Locations include:
  • Windsor
  • Belfast
  • Birmingham
  • Brighton
  • Bristol
  • Cambridge
  • Glasgow
  • Manchester
  • Ripon
  • London O2

So you're daredevil enough to make the leap? Book your bungee jump experience now!