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Falconry Experience Days

Go ‘nose to beak’ with raptors on a falconry experience at UK-wide centres, many of which are not normally open to the public. It’s your chance to appreciate those incredible eyes, sharp claws and gorgeous feathers at close quarters. Nothing beats the first time a majestic bird of prey swoops down to land on your gloved hand. All our falconry experiences include meeting, handling and flying.  Falconry FAQs

Birds of Prey Experience
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From £75.00

    • Small group half & full day falconry experiences
    • Choose from many locations around the UK
    • Witness close relationship between falconer & bird
    • Handle, fly and marvel at majestic birds of prey
Based On 30 Reviews

Nr Lyme Regis

2 for 1 From £75

    • Falconry experiences at venues in Dorset
    • Meet, handle & fly owls, hawks & more
    • Book the Ultimate experience to meet the Eagles
    • Bring friends - buy spectators passes locally
Nationwide Falconry Offer
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Locations Nationwide

Save 50% From £24.5

    • Falconry at a range of venues around the UK
    • Courses hosted by highly experienced falconers
    • Chance to meet various species of bird
    • Sessions usually last around three hours
Falconry in Kent

Knockholt, near Sevenoaks

Special Offer From £25

    • Falconry experiences at Knockholt in Kent
    • A full range of experiences to choose from
    • Meet and fly raptors in a nature trail setting
    • Garden centre, shop, cafe & nature trail on site
Based On 16 Reviews

Southmoor, Oxfordshire

From £45.00

    • Falconry at a farm shop & park nr Abingdon in Oxon
    • Tour the aviaries & mews, fly & handle the birds
    • Centre run by Sharon & James houses 90+ raptors
    • A variety of family-friendly experiences offered
Falconry Tunbridge Wells

Southborough, Kent

From £35.00

    • A range of falconry experiences nr Tunbridge Wells
    • Fly birds of prey to your gloved hand
    • Sessions take place at the Honnington Estate
    • Meet Owls, walk with Hawks and a whole lot more
Based On 3 Reviews

Near Bedford

From £49.00

    • Falconry at an activity farm near Bedford
    • Hundreds of birds of prey are resident here
    • Tasters to advanced falconer training offered
    • Excellent visitor facilities within the farm
Birds of Prey Dorchester

Lewell near Weymouth

Special Offer From £29

    • Visit the falconry sanctuary nr Dorchester in Dorset
    • Fly and handle a variety of birds of prey
    • Meet some very rare species of raptor too
    • Relaxed experiences in a very tranquil setting
Birds of Prey Hertfordshire
Based On 35 Reviews

Ware, Hertfordshire

From £19.00

    • Learn about hawks, falcons and owls
    • 2 hour experience available
    • Get close up and handle the birds
    • Expert falconers to answer all your questions
Birds of Prey Kent

Eastwell Manor, near Ashford

From £75.00

    • Venue is Eastwell Manor near Ashford in Kent
    • Centre run by Ryan & his dedicated team
    • Group sizes are kept nice and small
    • Enjoy the stunning Kentish Downs estate setting
Birds of Prey North Somerset

Congresbury, near Bristol

From £45.00

    • Owl & Falconry experiences 1hr from Bristol
    • The chance to meet and fly various birds of prey
    • A lovely countryside garden centre setting
    • Hear about the work of this non-profit organisation
Birds of Prey Peterborough

Orton Hall Hotel & Spa

Save £58 From £19

    • Meet, handle and fly birds of prey nr Peterborough
    • Takes place at the Orton Hall Hotel country estate
    • Choose between an owl or birds of prey experience
    • A family-run company that's friendly & welcoming
Birds of Prey Shrewsbury

Wem, Shropshire

Save £35 From £55

    • A range of falconry experiences in Shrewsbury
    • Lots of hands-on time handling & flying the birds
    • Exclusive access - this centre not open to public
    • Plenty of time to take photos of the raptors too
Falconry and Birds of Prey Wales
Based On 12 Reviews

Denbigh, North Wales

From £90.00

    • Private Hawk experiences in North Wales
    • Join host Richard and his Hawks in the countryside
    • Spend time getting to know & flying the hawks
    • All participants receive digital photos of the day
Falconry at Herstmonceux Castle
Based On 7 Reviews

East Sussex

From £65.00

    • Half & full day falconry experiences in East Sussex
    • Meet & work with head trainer Gerard & his team
    • A stunning Tudor castle setting complete with moat
    • Fly kestrels, hawks, owls and falcons
Based On 12 Reviews

Near Northwich

Save £19 From £59

    • Falconry courses near Northwich in Cheshire
    • A full range of experiences offered
    • Exclusive to IntotheBlue - the Raptor Experience
    • Over 85 birds inc the rare White Tailed Sea Eagle
Based On 5 Reviews

Risley in Derbyshire

From £35.00

    • Falconry at Risley Garden Centre estate in Derbys
    • Learn from experienced host Ben Breward
    • Witness hunting & flying & go on walks with birds
    • Tasters to in-depth falconry sessions available
Based On 2 Reviews


From £65.00

    • Choose between Tavistock or Okehampton venues
    • Both idyllic locations on the edge of Dartmoor Pk
    • Go hawk walking, watch free-flying displays & more
    • Lessons run in groups of up to 4 budding falconers
Based On 1 Reviews

Bonnyrig, Edinburgh

From £40.00

    • At 13th century Dalhousie Castle in Bonnyrigg
    • Meet & fly owls, hawks & buzzards in Scotland
    • All experiences include lots of 'hands on' time
    • Family friendly - minimum age just 9yrs
Based On 5 Reviews


From £29.00

    • Birds of prey at Barleylands Farm Park, Billericay
    • Follow raptors from egg to fully-fledged adult
    • Some rare species like the African Fish Eagle
    • Excellent facilities inc. the Hive restaurant
Falconry for Two in Staffordshire

Rangemore, Burton on Trent

Half Price From £55

    • Falconry experiences in Staffordshire nr Burton
    • Raptor days and owl experiences offered
    • Plenty of chance to handle and fly the birds
    • Small group experiences (up to a max of 8 usually)
Based On 2 Reviews

Near Hardwicke

From £80.00

    • This centre is not normally open to the public
    • Hosted by Ben Long, a UK leading falconer
    • Meet the birds nr Hardwicke in Gloucestershire
    • Flying with Peregrine Falcons and Hawks
Falconry Halifax
Based On 10 Reviews

Halifax, West Yorkshire

From £60.00

    • Falconry sessions near Halifax in West Yorks
    • Sessions are hosted & guided by Kevin & Jo Ryan
    • Meet vultures, owls, hawks, falcons & eagles
    • Spend time to really understand these fine raptors
Based On 5 Reviews

Ross on Wye, Herefordshire

2 for 1 From £70

    • Falconry lessons at Llangarron nr Ross on Wye
    • Hosted by Mike Hill head trainer & centre manager
    • Swing lures for falcons, fly owls and much more!
    • Hawk walks to see birds flying in natural habitats
Falconry in Lanarkshire

World of Wings, Cumbernauld

From £60.00

    • A range of falconry experiences 30mins from Glasgow
    • Hosted by World of Wings at Cumbernauld
    • Everything from hawk walks to private sessions
    • Plenty of time to meet & fly a variety of raptors
Based On 3 Reviews

near Wark

From £49.00

    • Falconry in Northumberland National Park nr Wark
    • Handle, weight, photograph & fly raptors
    • Learn falconer skills at this family run centre
    • Owls, hawks & falcons in unspoilt countryside
Falconry in Powys

Powys, Mid Wales

From £120.00

    • Falconry days exclusive to you in Powys
    • Enjoy meeting the birds in this mid-Wales setting
    • One to one sessions to meet & fly various raptors
    • Set in 120 acres of oak wooded Welsh countryside
Falconry in Rutland

Greetham Valley Hotel & Golf Course

From £35.00

    • Falconry at Greetham Valley Golf Course & Hotel
    • Owl experiences & full/half day falconry sessions
    • Lots of hands-on time handling & flying the birds
    • Lovely rolling Rutland countryside to explore
Falconry in Surrey

near Dorking, Surrey

From £38.00

    • Themed falconry experiences in Surrey
    • Hosted at a private farm near Dorking
    • All sessions are hands-on with lots of flying time
    • A variety of British, American & African raptors
Falconry in Warwick

Hatton Country World, Warwickshire

From £45.00

    • Falconry experiences near Warwick for all ages
    • The centre is in the Hatton Adventure World park
    • Meet, handle and fly a variety of raptors
    • Indoor & outdoor flying arenas - fly in any weather
Based On 2 Reviews

Near Market Harborough

From £75.00

    • Falconry on a farm estate in Market Harborough
    • Sessions are hosted by expert falconer Andrew
    • Learn about breeding, hatching, rearing & feeding
    • Fly & handle a variety of birds inc eagles
Falconry Northamptonshire
Based On 3 Reviews

Near Northampton

From £70.00

    • Falconry at the Holdenby House estate in Northants
    • Fly birds where King James II kept raptors!
    • A fascinating insight into a falconer's daily life
    • Meet & fly eagles, hawks, owls & even vultures
Based On 16 Reviews

Hagley near Birmingham

From £65.00

    • Falconry days at Hagley near Stourbridge
    • Meet, handle & fly some of 30 species of raptor
    • Experiences inc hawk walks, larger bird flying etc
    • Good onsite facilities inc garden centre & cafe
Falconry West Yorkshire
Based On 4 Reviews


From £30.00

    • Falconry at Pontefract nr Leeds with Kira
    • Kira is a gifted & passionate falconer
    • Meet her collection of bred & rescue raptors
    • Go on hawk walks, learn about training & more
Medieval Falconry at Hedingham Castle

Halstead, Essex

From £170.00

    • A Medieval falconry day at Hedingham Castle
    • Meet the birds, including a trained Raven
    • Go on a Hawk Walk around the castle grounds
    • Experience includes a lunch for all participants
Meet Loki the Raven Essex

Halstead, Essex

From £45.00

    • Meet Loki the cheeky Raven in Essex
    • Spend half an hour interacting with Loki
    • Be wowed by this highly intelligent bird
    • Hosted by an expert member of the falconry team
Owl Encounter Derbyshire


From £55.00

    • Two hour owl experiences at Risley in Derbyshire
    • Meet Ben, Lisa & their owl collection
    • Everyone loves the Barn & Snowy Owls!
    • This centre is not normally open to the public
Owl Experience East Sussex

near Eastbourne

From £90.00

    • Meet and fly owls near Eastbourne in East Sussex
    • Experiences run as private bookings just for you
    • Vouchers for one, two, three or four people offered
    • Indoor & outdoor arenas for flying in any weather
Owl Experience Hertfordshire

Ware, Hertfordshire

Save £58 From £19

    • An owl encounter near Ware in Hertfordshire
    • A unique daughter & father set up for this centre
    • Meet, handle & fly different species of owl
    • Lots for the family to do at this Farm Park venue

Fife, near Kirkcaldy

From £95.00

    • Private falconry collection not open to the public
    • Feel like part of the family as you learn falconry
    • Experience takes place in Fife nr Kirkcaldy
    • Head out in a Land Rover to fly falcons & eagles
Falconry Handling in West Sussex
Based On 1 Reviews

Near Chichester

From £75.00

    • Falconry training nr Chichester, West Sussex
    • Spend time working with these magnificent birds
    • Full day includes a home-made lunch
    • Create jesses & anklets on the full day experience
Birds of Prey Photography

near Abingdon, Oxfordshire

From £99.00

    • Photograph birds of prey at at falconry centre
    • You will be given unrivalled access to the raptors
    • Staff assist with the birds so you get the shots
    • Snap birds in flight, in hunting mode & portraits

Should I buy this experience?

Who it’s for

Falconry is a fabulous activity for all ages. It’s a great way to get outdoors, learn something new and have fun with friends or family. It’s utterly mesmerising being able to get up so close to the birds of prey and being able to fly them to your gloved hand is really very special.

Who it’s not for

If you’re scared of birds falconry won’t be much fun for you. These magnificent birds often have very large wingspans, making them an impressive sight in-flight that can be a little intimidating to anyone not comfortable with birds and the flapping of wings.

Falconry experience days FAQs:

What is falconry?

Often referred to as the ‘sport of Kings’, many say falconry is the oldest field sport in the world. Originally it was all about using birds to hunt, but modern falconry for most is about the sheer pleasure and enjoyment of looking after birds of prey. Some have roles as natural pest controllers, others take part in film work and weddings, whilst falconry displays and experience days such as the ones we offer are really popular.

Will I get to fly the birds of prey?

Yes! The fact that you get to meet, handle and fly the birds is what makes these hands-on experiences so different to just attending a falconry display.

What should I wear when taking part in a falconry day?

Most falconry centres are outdoors,so you’ll need to dress for the weather with comfortable shoes for walking. You should also makes sure you wear ‘earthy’ colours such as blacks, browns, beiges and greens. Bright colours should be avoided. And if it’s sunny and hot and you’re wearing a hat, you might need to remove it when the raptor is flying to your hand.

Is falconry expensive?

Actually owning and looking after a raptor takes money, time and lots of knowledge! However, we offer a full range of falconry experiences for all budgets. Meet and fly a bird on a great value taster experience, or book on a more costly full day course where you shadow the falconer for the day. These more in-depth experiences are ideal if you’re thinking about getting into falconry with your own bird.

Are these falconry sessions suitable for beginners?

Yes! Even if you’ve never even been within pecking distance of a bird of prey before, all experiences are geared towards those with no previous experience. If you book on a one-to-one experience, your falconer will tailor the session to you.

Can I bring people to watch?

Check each individual venue for their policy on spectators, but most centres charge a nominal fee (usually payable locally) for bringing a limited number of friends and family to watch. As spectators they’ll be able to take photos and listen in, but they won’t be able to handle the birds or fly them. We also have private falconry sessions that you can book exclusively for your group.

Will my falconry experience go ahead if it’s raining?

Some birds of prey centres have indoor flying arenas they can use if it’s raining. Otherwise, if the weather is deemed too poor for the raptors to fly safely, your session will be postponed.

Are dogs allowed at falconry centres?

No, you won’t be able to go with your four-legged friend. Whilst the falconers themselves may have dogs, they are familiar with the birds of prey and have been trained to work with them.

How much walking is involved on a ‘hawk walk’ experience?

Most hawk walks are more of a gentle stroll around the countryside than a frogmarch through the fields. You take time to chat and learn about the birds as you walk, with plenty of stops to observe the birds in their natural habitat.

Am I likely to get bitten by one of the birds?

When you handle the birds you’ll be wearing a long, leather falconer’s glove to protect your hand and you’ll be shown what position to adopt when waiting for a bird to fly to the glove, so even if you’re holding a tasty titbit for them to devour on landing, you won’t be part of their meaty treat!

Will the birds hunt live prey?

Raptors are naturally ferocious hunters. But nearly all of our experiences are about getting an insight into the work of a falconer and discovering how birds of prey are trained and bred. A couple of our venues do offer walks where birds such as hawks of falcons will be allowed to hunt for prey such as hares, pheasants, mice or rabbits. If this is the case it will be detailed on that location’s page.

Where can I go on a falconry experience in the UK?

Falconry is one of our most popular outdoor experiences, which is why we’ve got birds of prey centres the length and breadth of the country. Some are in the grounds of stately homes, others are in farm parks and many are deep in the countryside. Here’s just a selection of our many falconry experience locations in the UK:

  • Dorset
  • Devon
  • Kent
  • Oxfordshire
  • Shropshire
  • Bedfordshire
  • Hertfordshire
  • North Wales - Denbigh
  • Wales - Powys
  • Nottinghamshire
  • Cheshire
  • Essex
  • Leicestershire
  • Surrey
  • Lincolnshire
  • Northamptonshire
  • Yorkshire
  • West Sussex
  • Hertfordshire

Want to look into those beady eyes? Falconry experiences around the country available online now!

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