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Gyrocopter Experiences & Lessons

Is it a gyrocopter, a gyroplane, an autogyro or even an autogiro? Whatever you call these 'Little Nellie' flying machines, they're agile and easy to fly, enabling you take control on your very first flight. If you've tried the rest, isn't it time you took to the skies in a funky autogyro? Gyrocopter FAQs...
red gyro

Gyrocopter Flights & Lessons Manchester

City Airport, Manchester

Save £10 From £59.00

Gyrocopter Flights & Lessons Manchester
• Gyrocopter flights out of City Airport Manchester
• Try open-cockpit gyrocopter flying
• Your chance to take the controls as you fly
• A full range of flight durations available
gyrocopter pilot and passenger looking up
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Gyrocopter Flights Kent

Rochester Airport

From £75.00

Gyrocopter Flights Kent
• Fly open cockpit gyros from Rochester Airport Kent
• All aircraft are dual-controlled & tandem seating
• Experience the phenomenon of autorotation
• You have the chance to sit up front if you want to
view over ullswater

Lake District Gyroplane Experience

near Keswick/Ullswater

From £135.00

Lake District Gyroplane Experience
• Gyrocopter flights out of Berrier Airfield
• Fly over the Lake District and Cumbria
• Various gyroplane flight durations available
• Simply enjoy the views, or take the controls
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Flyers Choice

Locations Nationwide

From £50.00

Flyers Choice
  • Choose from a wide choice of Flying Experiences
  • Locations across the UK
  • Option to top up your voucher on line
  • FREE premium packaging included worth £4.99
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Gyrocopter Flight Experience York

Rufforth Airfield

From £59.00

Gyrocopter Flight Experience York
  • Gyrocopter trial lessons out of Rufforth Airfield
  • See the Yorkshire countryside from the air
  • Chance to take the controls during your flight
  • Side-by-side seating & all mod cons!
gyrocopter at sunrise

Gyrocopters Doncaster

Sandtoft Airfield, Belton

From £130.00

Gyrocopters Doncaster
• Gyrocopter flights at Sandtoft Airprort near Doncaster
• Fly in a high-tech closed-cockpit gyroplane
• You'll get the chance to have a go at the controls
• See the industrial & country backdrop from the air
gyro on ground

Gyrocopter Pilot Training Devon

Exeter Airport & Farway Common

From £129.00

Gyrocopter Pilot Training Devon
• Gyrocopter experiences from Devonshire airfields
• Fly in closed or open-cockpit gyrocopters
• Choose from a 30, 60 or 90-minute flight
• Stunning coast & countryside views as you fly
gold open cockpit gyrocopter

Gyrocopter Essex

Damyns Hall Aerodrome, Essex

From £75.00

Gyrocopter Essex
• Gyrocopter flights out of Damyns Hall Aerodrome
• Full range of flight durations available
• Cruise at 800ft above the Essex countryside
• Take off in a tandem, open cockpit gyroplane
Gyroplane Oxford

Gyrocopters Oxford

Chiltern Air Park, Wallingford

From £150.00

Gyrocopters Oxford
• Go gyrocopter flying from Chiltern Air Park
• Small & friendly private aerodrome in Oxfordshire
• Flights use a tandem Magni trainer gyrocopter
• Plenty of time to try flying the gyro yourself
gyrocopters wiltshire

Gyrocopters Wiltshire

Clench Common Airfield, near Marlborough

From £110.00

Gyrocopters Wiltshire
• Gyrocopter flying at Clench Common near Swindon
• Take to the skies in modern closed-cockpit gyros
• Enjoy great views over Wiltshire as you fly
• Your chance to have a go at the controls too
davids gyro

Gyroplanes Yorkshire

Melbourne Airfield, East Yorkshire

From £130.00

Gyroplanes Yorkshire
• Flights in a gyroplane from Melbourne Airfield
• See the East Yorkshire countryside from the air
• Lessons with David Beevers, expert gyroplane pilot
• Fly in a side-by-side Magni 24 enclosed gyrocopter
two gyroplanes in formation
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Gyrocopters Perth

Perth Airport

From £99.00

Gyrocopters Perth
• The magic of gyroplane flight at Perth Airport
• Meet & fly Big Nellie auto gyro in Scotland
• Being dual controlled you can have a go at flying
• Various flight durations in this open cockpit gyro
white open gyro
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Autogyro Hampshire

Basingstoke, Hampshire

From £150.00

Autogyro Hampshire
• Fly an autogyro at Popham nr Basingstoke, Hants
• Choose from open or closed cockpit gyrocopters
• Flights are with a certified training school
• 30, 60 and 90 minute flights are available

Should I buy this experience?

Who it's for

Gyrocopters are becoming increasingly popular, especially given how cost-effective gyrocopters are compared to other aviation experiences. So if you're looking for a great value way to take to the skies, this is it!

Who it's not for

They might look a tad fragile, but autogyros are actually really stable. However, if you're a nervous flyer you probably won't be convinced. If that's the case, maybe look at a driving experience, where you keep your feet firmly on the ground?

Gyrocopter FAQS

What's the difference between a gyrocopter and an autogyro?

Gyrocopter, gyroplane, autogyro or autogiro - they are all essentially the same thing, it's just a different name.

Is a gyrocopter a mini helicopter?

No! Gyrocopters might look like miniature helicopters but they're not. And no, they're not toys either, these are proper airworthy aircraft that you can fly in!

How does a gyroplane work?

Unlike a helicopter, a gyro doesn't use powered rotor blades to provide the thrust. That's done by a propellor and engine at either the front or the rear of the aircraft. The blades above you auto-rotate when the wind rushes at them, making them turn and provide lift. That's the science bit for you and it's as simple as that really!

Wasn't 'Little Nellie' a gyrocopter?

Yes she was! 'Little Nellie' featured in the 1967 James Bond film 'You Only Live Twice', having been shipped by Q to Bond in just four suitcases. She was designed, built and flown by Ken Wallis, a former Royal Air Force Wing Commander, now considered as the Godfather of modern gyroplanes.

Can gyrocopters hover?

Whilst they can't hover and execute sheer vertical take offs like helicopter, autogyros need very little space to take off and land and they can fly at very slow speeds, making them excellent for surveillance work. They are also a lot cheaper to buy and maintain than a heli, for an aircraft that flies almost as well as an entry-level chopper.

Can a gyrocopter take off vertically?

No. But as Little Nellie's inventor Ken Wallis said when asked how much space a gyrocopter needed for take off: 'a small putting green will do'!

How far can you fly in one?

Now that all depends on the model of gyro you have, how many people are on-board and how big the fuel tank is. But on average, you can easily be cruising the skies for around two hours, covering in the range of 130 miles on a full tank. For these gyrocopter experiences, vouchers are offered in terms of flight time, usually giving you a 20, 30 or 60 minute flight.

Do you need a pilot's licence to fly a gyrocopter?

To fly solo in a gyrocopter you do need a PPL(G) - that's to say Private Pilot's Licence (Gyrocopter). However, for these trial lessons no previous experience is necessary and if you're up for it, you'll be able to have a go at the controls during your flight too.

How much are gyrocopter flying lessons?

If you want to learn to fly a gyrocopter you will need to undertake a programme of training that includes theory and practical skills at a qualified training school. Whilst the cost is quite significant, it's a lot less expensive than learning to fly a helicopter or a plane. Likewise, our gyrocopter lessons start at under £50, making them a lot cheaper than light aircraft or heli lessons.

Are gyros safe to fly?

Unlike other aircraft, gyros can't stall or spin. However, there's an inherent risk involved in flying, no matter what form of aircraft you use to get up into the sky. All our autogyro pilots are fully qualified and licensed, with all aircraft meeting current CAA safety regulations.

Are all gyrocopters open cockpit?

Traditionally, autogyros are indeed open cockpit. Having said all that, there are increasing numbers of new generation gyros that are fully enclosed. The little cabin is rather snug, but it does mean you are protected from the wind a lot more. And you have the advantage of a side by side cockpit, so you can sit next to your pilot and learn and awful lot by watching what they are doing as they fly.

What should I wear for a flight in a gyrocopter?

If it's open cockpit you'll be wanting to wrap up with gloves and a flying suit, as it can feel pretty cold up there. Your instructor will advise you on what to wear and bring before you arrive for your flight.

How high (or low) will I being flying on my gyrocopter lesson?

If the power of the engine and the pluckiness of the pilot is there, a gyrocopter can climb to several thousand feet. For these experiences you will be flying at around 1000ft in your gyrocopter.

Are there any gyrocopter flight experiences near me?

We work with gyrocopter operators and training schools based at airfields and aerodromes around the country. With a fair few on your books, it's the proof that gyrocopters really are a popular form of flight. Our current locations include:
  • Essex
  • Hampshire
  • Yorkshire
  • Kent
  • Perthshire
  • Oxfordshire
  • Northamptonshire
  • Lake District
  • Yorkshire
  • Wiltshire
  • Devon
  • Doncaster

Ready for your auto-rotating aerial adventure? Book your flight in a gyrocopter now!

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