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Gyrocopter Flying Lessons

Is it a gyrocopter, a gyroplane, an autogyro or even an autogiro? Whatever you call these ‘Little Nellie’ flying machines, they’re agile and easy to fly, enabling you take control on your very first flight. We've got gyrocopter lessons at locations dotted around the country, at some great clubs and training schools. If you've tried the rest, isn't it time you took to the skies in a funky autogyro? Read more...

Autogyro Hampshire

Basingstoke, Hampshire

From £120.00

    • Fly an autogyro at Popham nr Basingstoke, Hants
    • Choose from open or closed cockpit gyrocopters
    • Flights are with a certified training school
    • 30, 60 and 90 minute flights are available
Gyrocopter Essex

North Weald Airfield, Essex

From £75.00

    • Gyrocopter flights out of North Weald Airfield
    • Full range of flight durations available
    • Cruise at 800ft above the Essex countryside
    • Take off in a tandem, open cockpit gyroplane
Gyrocopter Experience York

Rufforth Airfield

From £125.00

    • Gyrocopter flying from Rufforth Airfield in York
    • Open cockpit gyrocopter flights in modern aircraft
    • Visit the showroom & museum on site
    • Wonderful sights to see from the air too!
Gyrocopter Flying
Based On 28 Reviews

Rochester, Kent

From £75.00

    • Fly open cockpit gyros from Rochester Airport Kent
    • All aircraft are dual-controlled & tandem seating
    • Experience the phenomenon of autorotation
    • You have the chance to sit up front if you want to
Gyrocopters Belton

Sandtoft Airfield, South Yorkshire

From £49.00

    • Lessons in Rotorsport open cockpit gyrocopters
    • Flying out of Sandtoft Aerodrome nr Doncaster
    • A wide range of flight lesson times offered
    • Learn the basics of flight in a gyroplane
Gyrocopters over Silverstone


From £45.00

    • Fly in a gyroplane from Turweston Airfield
    • See military & motoring landmarks from the air
    • Select your own flight path on the 60mins flight
    • Good viewing area & onsite cafe for spectators
Gyrocopters Oxford

Chiltern Air Park, Wallingford

From £120.00

    • Go gyrocopter flying from Chiltern Air Park
    • Small & friendly private aerodrome in Oxfordshire
    • Flights use a tandem Magni trainer gyrocopter
    • Plenty of time to try flying the gyro yourself
Gyrocopters Perth
Based On 8 Reviews

Perth Airport

From £99.00

    • The magic of gyroplane flight at Perth Airport
    • Meet & fly Big Nellie auto gyro in Scotland
    • Being dual controlled you can have a go at flying
    • Various flight durations in this open cockpit gyro
Gyrocopters Wiltshire

Clench Common Airfield, near Marlborough

From £110.00

    • Gyrocopter flying at Clench Common near Swindon
    • Take to the skies in modern closed-cockpit gyros
    • Enjoy great views over Wiltshire as you fly
    • Your chance to have a go at the controls too
Gyroplanes Yorkshire

Melbourne Airfield, East Yorkshire

From £130.00

    • Flights in a gyroplane from Melbourne Airfield
    • See the East Yorkshire countryside from the air
    • Lessons with David Beevers, expert gyroplane pilot
    • Fly in a side-by-side Magni 24 enclosed gyrocopter
Lake District Gyroplane Experience

near Keswick/Ullswater

From £125.00

    • Gyrocopter flights out of Berrier Airfield
    • Fly over the Lake District and Cumbria
    • Various gyroplane flight durations available
    • Simply enjoy the views, or take the controls
Flyers Choice

Locations Nationwide

From £50.00

    • Choose from a wide choice of Flying Experiences
    • Locations across the UK
    • Option to top up your voucher on line

Should I buy this experience?

Who it's for

Gyrocopters are becoming increasingly popular, especially given how cost-effective gyrocopters are compared to other aviation experiences. So if you’re looking for a great value way to take to the skies, this is it!

Who it's not for

They might look a tad fragile, but autogyros are actually really stable. However, if you’re a nervous flyer you probably won’t be convinced. If that’s the case, maybe look at a driving experience, where you keep your feet firmly on the ground?

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