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Classic & Vintage Car Driving Experiences

Magical classic car driving experiences. There may be no motoring aids like ABS and power steering, but there’s something incredibly involving about driving these veterans of the road or track. It’s harking back to an era when you really had to drive these cars to get the best out of them. Classic car experience FAQs...

Cotswolds Classic Car Tours

Redditch, Worcestershire

Special Offer From £99

    • Drive five different classic cars on open roads
    • Two different Cotswolds itineraries to choose from
    • Fuel, insurance & event back up all included
    • A full day out driving stunning classic sports cars
Vintage Car Taster Hire

Redditch, Worcestershire

From £39.00

    • Best value vintage car hire & drive packages
    • Drive on a self-guided tour in a classic car
    • Full fleet of classic cars for you to choose from
    • Fill all available seats in the car at no extra cost
Self Drive Classic Car Hire

Weybridge, Surrey

From £235.00

    • Self drive classic car hire packages in Surrey
    • An eclectic fleet of cars to choose from
    • Spend four hours driving on public roads
    • You can invite passengers to fill the seats!
Ford Bullitt Mustang

Bovingdon Airfield, Hertfordshire

Save £80 From £59

    • Drive a Steve McQueen-style Bullitt Mustang
    • Experience takes place at Bovingdon Airfield track
    • Enjoy 10 driving laps of this replica movie car
    • Includes sighting laps in hot hatch as a passenger
Classic Car Blast Oxfordshire

Heyford Park, Bicester

Special Offer From £49

    • Taster drives in stunning vintage cars
    • Drive them on the track at Heyford Park
    • A fine collection of motors for you to choose from
    • Choose one, two or three-car drives
Classic Car Driving at Bicester Heritage

Bicester, Oxfordshire

From £109.00

    • Drive classic cars at superb Bicester Heritage
    • Exclusive access to this fascinating venue
    • Centre uses original buildings of RAF Bicester
    • A fine fleet of classic cars to choose from
Classic Car Road Trip with Morgan Factory Tour

Redditch, Worcestershire

Save 20% From £99

    • Classic car road trip & Morgan factory tour
    • Drive beautiful cars on open roads in the Malverns
    • Watch the skilled workforce hand-make Morgans
    • Lunch at the on-site Morgan cafe is included
Heritage Jaguar Driving Day

Redditch, Worcestershire

Save £76 From £99

    • Drive classic Jaguars out on the open road
    • Cover 100 miles on your round trip from Redditch
    • A cross country rally completed in stages
    • Take turns in driving the different Jaguars
1965 Ford Mustang Experience
Based On 5 Reviews

Locations Nationwide

Special Offer From £39

    • Drive a genuine 1965 Ford Mustang
    • Get behind the wheel of a true American classic
    • A choice of private circuits around the UK
    • Experience this old school V8, 500bhp Mustang
1968 Corvette Drive

Nationwide Locations

From £39.00

    • Drive an iconic Chevrolet Corvette on the track
    • This is a genuine 1968 Third Generation 'Vette
    • Can you handle this big GT with its V8 engine?
    • A choice of laps & choice of circuits available
1968 Mustang Fastback

Heyford Park, Oxfordshire

Special Offer From £49

    • Drive one or two great classics at Heyford Park
    • 3 or 6 laps in the Mustang & or six in a Jag as an add-on
    • America meets England with the classic car duo option
    • Friends & family invited to watch the motoring fun
American Classics
Based On 3 Reviews

Locations Nationwide

Special Offer From £49

    • Drive classic American cars on the track
    • A superb selection of cars from across the pond
    • One, two, three or four car vouchers available
    • Cars include vintage Corvette, Camaro SS & Mustang
Austin Healey 3000 Track Experience
Based On 2 Reviews

Heyford Park, Oxfordshire

Save £20 From £49

    • Drive a rare Austin Healey 3000 at Heyford Park
    • This is a genuine right hand drive MkIII model
    • It's a roadster, so if the sun's out it's top down
    • Our only venue offering the Austin Healey
Best of British Coupes Experience

Heyford Park, Oxfordshire

Save £60 From £129

    • Drive two great British coup├ęs out on the track
    • This experience pitches Aston Martin against Jaguar
    • The classic E-Type coupe vs the modern DB9
    • A British motoring match made in heaven in Heyford
Classic Aston Martin Vantage Drive

Heyford Park, Oxfordshire

Save £30 From £49

    • Drive a rare classic Aston Martin Vantage
    • Takes place at Heyford Park circuit in Oxfordshire
    • Choose between a three or six lap experience
    • This is a 4.0l, straight six super fastback car!
Classic Car Choice
Based On 4 Reviews

Heyford Park, Oxfordshire

Save £40 From £69

    • Classic car circuit driving at Heyford Park
    • Drive British & American motoring icons
    • Drive six laps in each of the cars you choose
    • Friends & family are welcome to watch the driving
Classic Mini Cooper S Driving Experience
Based On 2 Reviews

Heyford Park, Oxfordshire

Save £40 From £49

    • Drive a classic Mini Cooper S at Heyford Park
    • This is a genuine 1970 Mk III Cooper S
    • Enjoy retro charm of the Italian job-style mini
    • Built just down the road at the Cowley plant
Classic Mustang Hire

Lewes, East Sussex

From £295.00

    • Hire a classic 1960s Ford Mustang for 24 hours
    • Drive on the open roads around Lewes & East Sussex
    • There are coupes, fastbacks & convertibles to hire
    • A short familiarisation drive before you head off
Dodge Charger Experience


Special Offer From £39

    • Drive a General Lee styled 1972 Dodge Charger
    • Takes place Prestwold Driving Centre
    • Looks just like the iconic Dukes of Hazzard car
    • Standard or extended drive options available
E-Type Driving Experience in Scotland
Based On 1 Reviews

Near Fife

From £209.00

    • Drive a glamorous & gorgeous E-type Jaguar
    • Activity takes place at Knockhill Circuit in Fife
    • You will be driving on the International Circuit
    • Four laps in a saloon then six laps in the Jaguar
Forest of Dean Classic Car Rally

Redditch, Worcestershire

Fully booked for 2019 From £249

    • Drive classic cars in the Forest of Dean area
    • Route takes in quiet roads around this stunning area
    • You will drive a total of five different cars
    • The 160-mile itinerary includes all fuel and lunch
Gone in 60 Seconds Mustang GT500 Experience
Based On 11 Reviews

Locations Nationwide

From £49.00

    • Drive an Eleanor-style Shelby Mustang classic
    • Just like the car featured in 'Gone in 60 Seconds'
    • A choice of distances and venues
    • Live out the epic Nicolas Cage movie in this car!
Jaguar E Type Driving Experience
Based On 3 Reviews

Heyford Park, Oxfordshire

Special Offer From £59

    • A Jaguar E-type FHC (fixed head coupe) drive
    • Take to the track at Upper Heyford in your Jag
    • A 4.2l, 265bhp classic with a 150mph top speed
    • The 'world's most beautiful car' said Enzo Ferrari
Jaguar E Type V12 Coupe Hire

Redditch, Worcestershire

From £299.00

    • Hire a Jaguar E-Type to drive on open roads
    • Just you and your Jag for 24 beautiful hours!
    • You will be hiring a 3 series 1971 Jaguar E-Type
    • Vouchers valid for one driver plus one passenger
Mk1 Escort RS Drive

Locations Nationwide

Save 60% From £39

    • Drive a classic MK 1 Ford Escort RS on the track
    • This is just like the Escort from Fast & Furious 6
    • Experience an icon of the 1970s rally world
    • Lots of tracks around the UK to choose from
On Road Classic Sports Car Day

Brent Cross

From £359.00

    • Drive sports cars on the open road from London
    • A fleet of cars across the decades lined up for you
    • Day run as a treasure hunt in teams of two
    • Drive up to six cars as you swap over regularly
1969 Camaro SS Driving Experience

Nationwide Locations

Save 60% From £39

    • Drive a 1969 First Generation Chevy Camaro SS
    • This is classic American muscle cars at their best
    • Choose between a three and six mile drive
    • It's 580bhp, 8.0l of V8 power in this Chevvy!
1970 Dodge Charger Drive

Nationwide Locations

Save £60 From £39

    • Drive a 1970 Dodge Charger on the track
    • Looks just like Dom's famous supercharged Dodge
    • Choose between a three and six-mile drive
    • See if you can tame this powerful beast!
Aston Martin DB5 Drive

Nationwide Locations

Save 60% From £49

    • Drive a beautiful tribute Aston Martin DB5
    • Just like the iconic Bond car from Goldfinger
    • Choose a three or six-mile driving experience
    • Available at professional race tracks near you!
British Motor Museum Classic Car Tour

Redditch, Worcestershire

From £99.00

    • Drive classic cars & visit a car museum too
    • Half and full-day tour packages available
    • Drive to & from the British Motor Museum at Gaydon
    • Fleet includes Jaguars & HMC Healey
Classic Car Hire London

Haringey, North London

From £295.00

    • Classic car self-drive hire out of London
    • Hire periods run from 9am to 9am the next morning
    • Packages are for one driver plus passenger(s)
    • Includes fully comp insurance and breakdown cover
Classic vs Modern Aston Martin Drive Oxfordshire

Heyford Park

Save £30 From £89

    • Drive two Aston Martins at Heyford Park circuit
    • Try the modern DB9 & the classic 1970s Vantage
    • Choose between three and six lap experiences
    • Which of these lovely Astons will you prefer?
Iconic MK2 Escort Rally Experience

Saffron Walden, Essex

Save £50 From £199

    • Drive an iconic Ford Escort MkII rally car
    • Tackle the loose gravel rally stage in Essex
    • The most successful rally car ever in the 1970s!
    • In car tuition from an instructor in passenger seat
Jaguar E Type Road Trips

Redditch, Worcestershire

Save £50 From £199

    • Self-drive road trips in Jaguars
    • All ages of Jag from the E-Types, to the XKR
    • Explore the Cotswolds on your journey
    • Half and full-day excursions available
Morgan Car Hire

Kings Cross, London

From £295.00

    • Morgan on-road car hire in London
    • A modern take on a classic design!
    • Choose between 24hrs or long weekend hire
    • All Morgans for hire are convertibles
Sierra Cosworth Rally Driving

near Safron Walden, Essex

Save 60% From £99

    • Rallying Ford Sierra Cosworth style!
    • Learn to rally in a classic Cossie on loose gravel
    • Control the oversteer in this rear wheel drive car
    • Top-notch teaching from owner Tom & his team
Themed Multi Classic Car Hire

Redditch, Worcestershire

Special Offer From £99

    • Themed on-road classic car hire packages
    • Setting off from the HQ in Redditch, Worcestershire
    • Follow the SatNav on your 20-mile tour in each car
    • Choose between a two or three car hire package
Three Car Classic Open Road Trip

Redditch, Worcestershire

Save 20% From £125

    • A choice of guided tours in classic cars from Redditch
    • Drive three different classic cars during the afternoon
    • Both tours are round trips on open roads
    • Driver only or driver + passenger vouchers offered

Should I buy this experience?

Who it's for

You’re stuck in a traffic jam on your morning commute. Glancing around you, every car looks the same. If this makes you feel like modern motoring is dull, then these classic car driving experiences are totally for you. They allow you to hark back to that bygone age when ‘going out for a drive’ was a rather spiffing way to while a away a Sunday afternoon - and the cars were full of character, just like the ones you get to drive on these vintage sessions.

Who it's not for

If driving is simply a means of getting from A to Z, you probably won’t be interested in these classic car drives. Similarly, if you think old cars just mean lots of hassle, heavy steering, noisy and slow, the charm of driving a vintage car will be completely lost on you. Maybe it’s time to go modern and zoom off on a fancy supercar drive instead?

Classic car driving experience FAQs

Are these classic car experiences on the track or on the road?

Both! We’ve got a whole range of classic car driving experiences including both on road and on track sessions. Have a browse and see if you fancy cruising along carefully chosen country roads, or want to hoon it around a race circuit. You can do either with Into The Blue!

Which is better - a classic car road trip or track day?

Well that all comes down to personal preference. Some may prefer the exhilaration of learning race craft out on the track, whilst others might lap the luxury of spending a longer amount of time behind the wheel on a road trip. The road trips are probably more leisurely and make for an ideal day out in the countryside.

Are all these experiences self-drive car hire packages?

The classic car hire packages are all self-drive. Some are run as an accompanied road trip where you’ll all set off in convoy, others are totally self-guided with a pre-loaded SatNav route that you follow. And for some you get the car for a certain amount of time and it’s up to you where you go. If you’re out on the track an expert instructor will be in the front passenger to give you all the hints and tips about hitting that perfect racing line to help you get the most out of the car.

Is it purely British classic cars?

Nope. Although we do have an awful lot of classic British cars on the books, there are some awesome classic American motors too. And you can even book a slot in a vintage rally car!

What are the most popular classic cars to drive?

Jaguars without a doubt. The E-Type is widely revered by motoring aficionados as one of the most beautiful cars ever built, so if you’re driving one of these classics on the open road, expect to get lots of admiring glances, people waving and tooting their horns too!

Will I be insured whilst I drive?

Yes. Basic insurance is included. On track days you may be offered the chance to buy optional insurance to cover the excess. For the on road experiences insurance is included too and once again, there may well be an excess to pay in the event of any damage/accident. All the nitty gritty of the hire or track day insurance is detailed on each product page, or contact us via the on-line chat, email or ‘phone for more info.

Do I need to pay fuel costs if on a road trip in a classic car?

On the accompanied convoy-style group road trips fuel is included. If it’s a self-hire package where you get the car for 24 hours and you go where you like, you may have a limit on miles and/or fuel that’s included in the package. Classic car experiences on the track all have fuel included too.

Is it a hosted trip or self-guided?

We offer both. The hosted road trips are run in small groups, with regular stops so you can swop cars. These usually last a half or full day. On the self-guided trips, you will follow a set route at your own pace, within the limits of the time allowed.

Is lunch included on full day road trips?

Quite often yes! This is what makes these drives out in classic cars so convivial. Organisers know all the best places to stop, so it might be a delightful Cotswold inn for lunch, or a cosy tea room for cream tea.

How far will I drive on a road trip?

This all depends on how long your hire period is for. You could cover say, 150 miles on a full day trip, which includes stop offs to change car/driver, refreshment stops and even time to take pics of the landmarks on your travels. The full details of each trip itinerary can be found on each individual product page, so you can see if it’s the right one for you.

Can I choose which classic cars I want to drive?

Yes! You can choose the number of cars you’d like to drive on our multi drive experiences AND you can then request which cars from the fleet you’d like to drive. Of course, it’s not guaranteed, but the organisers will do their very best for you. And remember, due to unforeseen circumstances, cars out on the day can change from the ones listed on our website.

Don’t classic cars break down a lot?

They do, but these classics are all kept in tip-top showroom condition, with a team of in-house mechanics looking after them and making sure they all have current MoTs for driving them on the public roads. All that doesn’t come cheap, which is why you’re better off hiring a classic car rather than buying one and endlessly sinking money into it!

Can I invite a passenger to come and join me for the ride

Several of our hire packages will allow you to invite a passenger (or passengers if there are rear seats) to join you. Other road trips are organised with two drivers in each car and you swap, but you can buy a driver + passenger voucher, so you don’t have to share the driving with anyone. Obviously on track-based experiences, no passengers are allowed.

If I’m on a classic car track day is it all about racing?

No. Even if there are several cars out on the circuit at the same time, there is no element of racing involved. There’s a special protocol if you are overtaking or being overtaken, but in essence it’s all about you connecting with car and getting the most out of it for yourself and not against anyone else or even the clock.

Do I need a driving licence for these classic car drives?

Yes a licence is essential if it’s an on-road classic car drive. For the circuit drives it’s on private land, so it’s not a legal obligation, but nearly all operators ask that you have a full driving licence.

Can I drive classic cars near me?

We’ve got a good selection of locations on offer, be it for an on-road classic car drive, or a session on the track in your fave vintage car. The current list includes:
  • Redditch (lots of options)
  • Haringey North London
  • Saffron Walden Essex
  • Brent Cross North London
  • Heyford Park Oxfordshire
  • Lewes East Sussex
  • Knockhill Fife
  • Bicester Oxfordshire
  • Weybridge Surrey
  • Bovingdon Hertfordshire
  • Bruntingthorpe Leicestershire
  • Abingdon Airfield Oxfordshire
  • Three Sisters Circuit Wigan
  • Dunsfold Park Surrey
  • Castle Combe Wiltshire

Ready to get behind the wheel of a vintage car and go for a drive? Book your classic car driving experience now!

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