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Balloon Flights and Rides

Weekday Sunrise Deals

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Special Offer From £99

    • Our best value weekday hot air balloon ride deals
    • Discounted weekday early morning take offs
    • Drift serenely as you watch the sun come up
    • Hot air balloon rides last around one hour
Flexible Balloon Experiences
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From £154.00

    • Flexible anytime hot air balloon ride vouchers
    • Flights in association with Balloons over Britain
    • Dozens of launch sites around the country offered
    • Cruise up to 4000ft, ride lasts for around 1 hour
Sunrise Balloon Trips
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From £114.00

    • Vouchers for weekday sunrise balloon flights
    • Balloon baskets hold between 6 and 17 passengers
    • Soar away from a wide choice of launch sites
    • Hot balloon trip lasts around one hour
Romantic Balloon Experience


From £699.00

    • Exclusive balloon rides - just you 2 in the basket
    • The perfect way to create a very special moment
    • Personal flights offered only on weekday mornings
    • Celebrate after with a Champagne toast

Rides in hot air balloons - one of our most popular experiences

Hot air ballooning is one of our long standing best sellers, with wedding anniversaries being by far the most popular occasion to celebrate. It seems you love the idea of sending Mum and Dad up in a balloon to mark the day they tied the knot. And for the hopelessly romantic, you can even propose in a hot air balloon with our exclusive flights for two. Imagine popping the question as you float at 1000ft!

So what can you expect on your balloon day? Well, it's usually a dawn or dusk take off. That might mean having to get up early in the morning, but it'll most definitely be worth it as you enjoy the sunrise from the air. And equally, an evening flight means you can make the most of the sunset. And there's a scientific reason why balloons operate early and late in the day too - it's because the thermals are more stable at these times.

When you arrive on site you can help with the setting up if you like, as most people relish the chance to lend a hand. You’ll be spreading out the envelope (that's the proper term for the nylon balloon bit!) ready for inflating with the burners.

Once the basket is upright, time for you to all hop in (if you're not on a balloon flight for two you may be part of a group of up to 16) and, despite what you might think when you first see the cane and willow basket, it's really stable. Before you even have time to feel nervous, you'll be drifting ever-so-gently up, up and away. It's really quite cool to be able to see people walking their dogs, cars pootling around, tractors in the fields - all in miniature!

Taking a camera with you is a must-do, especially if you fly over somewhere like Leeds Castle, as you can see on this couple's hot air ballooning video.

How do hot air balloons fly?

One the most-asked questions is 'is it the hot air that steers the balloon?' - and the simple answer is no, it keeps it afloat, it's the wind that guides you. However, wind direction generally changes with altitude, so your skilled pilot will be able to seek out the winds going in the direction they want as you alter your height.

We have to say, landing is often the most thrilling part of balloon flights. As the pilot deftly controls the burners, you'll start your descent as the balloon cools. As you come in to land skimming the tree tops as you go, prepare to come back down to earth with a bit of bump or two. The ground crew then appears to unload everyone, deflate and pack up, leaving you to reflect on the day you soared the skies in you beautiful big balloon. Enjoy the ride! 

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