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Hovercraft Experience Days and Racing


Slide and float on a Hover Craft and find out just how much fun these marvellous machines are on both land and water! We have to admit, being on a hovercraft is pretty noisy, with the wind in the skirt and duct fan thrusting you forward it's all quite crazy too. We're not really sure how hovercrafts actually work, but one thing's for sure, these experiences around the UK are great fun.

Personal hovercrafts are surprisingly simple in terms of controls, with just acceleration and steering to think about. But the real hovercrafting skill is being able to make what is, effectively, a big motorised fan on an air cushion, go exactly where you want it to. And that's not as easy as it looks. Add to this the adventure of hovercraft racing, where you compete against the clock and you have an exciting and unusual hovercraft experience day that individuals and small groups will absolutely love. Read more...

hovercraft racing
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Hovercraft Experience Essex

North Weald, Essex

From £39.00

Hovercrafting in Essex
  • Go hovercrafting in North Weald, Essex
  • Learn the basics on the training area
  • Then hit the purpose built track
  • Venue uses sit-down Marlin II craft
Hovercraft Experience Leicestershire
Based On 7 Reviews

Hovercraft Experience Leicestershire

Husbands Bosworth

From £59.00

Hovercraft Adventures Leicester
• Hovercrafting at Husband's Bosworth in Leics
• Try race prepped Formula 3 hovercraft
• A duo of experiences to choose from
• Enjoy skimming across grass & water at this track
drivers choice

Driving Choice Voucher

Nationwide venues

From £50.00

Driving Choice Voucher
  • Flexible driving gift voucher tokens
  • You choose the amount to buy
  • They choose the experience they want
  • FREE premium packaging included worth £4.99
hovercraft experience
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Hovercrafts Sittingbourne

Sittingbourne, Kent

Buy For £90.00

Hovercrafts Sittingbourne
• Try hovercrafting near Sittingbourne in Kent
• Pilot Flying Fish Marlin II craft
• Venue is a well-equipped outdoor pursuits centre
• Try a 180 degree or even a 360 degree turn

Try a hovercraft experience - it's like floating on air!

Nothing can prepare you for the sensations you get on your very first hovercraft experience as you whizz over the water and skim on land too. Whether you want a hovercraft experience to race, or purely fancy having a go at it as a leisure cruise activity, we've got a selection of hovercraft experience venues around the UK for you.

These unique vessels are a mix of a motor cruiser and a fast sports boat. However, they look very different as they are amphibious and glide OVER water on a air cushion, rather than using a propellor IN the water. This means that hovercrafts experience less pollution (as they create no wake that can damage banks and doesn't pump exhaust emissions into the H2O either) than traditional boats. They are also much more versatile as they can go hovering, floating or zooming across inland lakes, waterways and seaside tidal locations too.

Learn the basic techniques to pilot a hover craft

You really need to get into a hovercrafting adventure to experience two things: 'Ploughing' and 'Hump Performance'. Ploughing is when you dip the nose into the water and get a rapid deceleration that can at best put you off kilter and at worst throw you out of the craft. A experienced hovercraft racing pilot can recover from this experience and is practically par for the course, especially if you compete.

So what on earth is 'Hump Performance'? This is the 'sweet spot' in the hovercraft experience world, when you transition from floating on water to rising up and riding over the ripple to glide on that fully inflated cushion of air. It's hard to get your head around, but you are actually skimming over the water at this point. How cool is that?!

Whizz over land and water in a personal hovercraft

For your Intotheblue experience you will be in a hybrid hover craft that is capable of both hovercraft racing and a cruising modes. It'll be something like a Flying Fish craft, as seen here on this hovercrafting action video.

Incidentally, when we say race, it's not intended to be a contest, but it certainly brings out that competitive spirit as you try and beat the best lap time out on the water.

And of course, no matter how adventurous you may be feeling, when it comes to being a hover craft pilot, safety is of paramount importance. So you will be obliged to wear a helmet and suitable clothing. The hovercraft experience team at each of our UK locations will be on hand to guide, help and assist with your first foray into piloting one of these madcap cushions of air!