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Nationwide Gliding Experience

Nationwide Locations
Rated Based On 24 Reviews

  • Voucher valid at countrywide glider clubs
  • Enjoy the sensation of silent flight
  • Have a go at the controls during your flight
  • An explanation of glider flight included


What's Included

  • Enjoy a gliding experience at your choice of location
  • The opportunity to take the controls during your flight
  • All flights are preceded by a briefing and explanation of glider flight
  • Allow spending approximately one hour on site for gliding experiences
  • Flights can be aerotows, winches or by motorglider

Flight Type and duration:

  • Cornwall  St Agnes - 30 minute flight in a motorglider
  • Devon  Honiton - 30 minute flight in a motorglider
  • Essex Colchester - 1-2 flights (winch launch) with up to 20 minutes flight time
  • Essex  Sudbury - 2000ft aerotow with around 20 minutes flight time
  • Gloucestershire Stroud, Aston Down Airfield - 30 minute flight in a motorglider
  • Kent  Ashford - 2000ft aerotow with around 20 minutes flight time
  • Leicestershire  Lutterworth - 30 minute flight in a motorglider
  • Oxfordshire Chipping Norton, Enstone Aerodrome - 30 minute flight in a motorglider
  • Peterborough  Crowland - 2000ft aerotow with around 15 minutes flight time
  • North Yorkshire  Selby - 2000ft aerotow with around 15 minutes flight time
  • Warwickshire  Bidford on Avon - 2000ft aerotow with around 15-20 minutes flight time
  • Wiltshire   Swindon - Sandhill Farm Airfield - 2000ft aerotow with around 15-20 minutes flight time

What Can I Expect

Our nationwide vouchers for gliding at UK clubs - they give you maximum flexibility! Valid for your taster flight at glider training schools and clubs around the country, these glider vouchers are the best answer to the question 'where can I go gliding near me?'.

They're flexible because when you buy this voucher, there's no need to choose a location. With UK-wide aero clubs accepting Into The Blue vouchers, you can order your voucher today and let the lucky recipient choose wherethey go for their gliding experience.

All experiences include a safety briefing and explanation of the basics of gliding. Once you're airborne, you'll have the opportunity to take some stunning snapshots of the Great British scenery below, as well as the option to take over the glider's controls for a short period of time.

There are several different ways to get airborne in your glider. Our hand-selected range of UK gliding clubs offer winch and/or aerotow launches, or self-launching motor gliders, depending on the site.

Winch launches are via a ground-based cable, pulling to create the lift needed to get the sailplane off the ground. For aerotow launches, the glider is towed into the air by an aeroplane and then released. Motorgliders have their own power, so they self-launch.

Once soaring, you'll begin to feel the sensation of silent powerless gliding across the UK skies, relying solely on air currents and 'lifts' such as thermals to keep you aloft.

No matter how you get up there, the views are guaranteed to be spectacular, especially on clear days. Buy your voucher to go gliding in the UK and see where your thermals will take you!


  • Flights are subject to availability and weather conditions
  • Cornwall  St Agnes - Weekdays and weekends throughout the year
  • Devon   Honiton - Weekdays and weekends throughout the year
  • Essex   Colchester Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays along with one Monday per month, April-October
  • Essex   Sudbury - Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays between April and November
  • Gloucestershire   Stroud - Weekdays throughout the year
  • Kent   Ashford - Weekdays only (usually Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays) from April to September
  • Leicestershire   Lutterworth - 7 days a week between May and October
  • Oxfordshire   Chipping Norton, Enstone Aerodrome - weekdays and weekends throughout the year
  • Peterborough   Crowland - Weekends throughout the year
  • North Yorkshire   Selby - Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays - Please Note:   Due to popularity bookings are now being taken for dates from November 2024 onwards. Last updated (02/07/24)
  • Warwickshire   Bidford on Avon - Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year
  • Wiltshire   Swindon - Sandhill Farm Airfield - Weekends and Bank Holidays throughout the year


Vouchers are valid for any of the locations listed.
Choose your preferred location when registering your voucher after purchase.  
  • Cornwall  St Agnes - Perranporth Airfield
  • Devon  Honiton - Dunkeswell Aerodrome
  • Essex   Colchester - Wormingford Airfield
  • Essex   Sudbury - Ridgewell Airfield
  • Gloucestershire   Stroud - Aston Down Airfield
  • Kent  Ashford - Squids Gate, Challock
  • Leicestershire  Lutterworth - Husbands Bosworth Airfield
  • Oxfordshire   Chipping Norton, Enstone Aerodrome 
  • Peterborough   Crowland - Crowland Airfield
  • North Yorkshire   Selby - The Airfield
  • Warwickshire   Bidford on Avon - Bidford Airport
  • Wiltshire   Swindon - Sandhill Farm Airfield


Suitable For

  • The individual requirements of each glider club vary
  • General guidelines are minimum weight 7 stone, a maximum weight of between 15 and 16.2 stone depending on the type of aircraft used
  • Maximum height 6ft 2ins


  • Spectators are welcome at all venues and most have clubhouses offering refreshments

Anything Else

  • All clubs included in the nationwide gliding experience voucher are BGA approved
Gliding Nationwide Vouchers
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Average Rating: 5
Total Reviews: 24

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  based on 24 reviews

Rating: 5 stars
An amazing day! Booking was easy, communication was good and the experience was excellent!
Rating: 5 stars
Superb experience at the gliding club Mark makes you feel so welcome lo ely people superb flight hi...
Rating: 5 stars
Cliff Gardner
What a great day out. A unique experience and a great way to experience flight. I can now say I’...
Rating: 5 stars
John A
3 days ago
Great experience with a friendly professional team looking after me. Phil was my pilot and get me i...
Rating: 5 stars
Jennifer West
1 Months ago
The experience was easy to book and Bidford Gliding Club were amazing. A very friendly, welcoming ...
Rating: 5 stars
8 Months ago
Amazing flying, lovely instructor and let me have a go at hand flying the glider.
Rating: 5 stars
Rachel Bedford
8 Months ago
Amazing experience
Rating: 5 stars
Paul Moxon
9 Months ago

Excellent. Pilot, Gary was truly great and friendly.

Rating: 5 stars
9 Months ago
I was given the opportunity to fly a glider at Husbands Bosworth in Leicestershire. Some young frie...
Rating: 5 stars
Marion Turner
It was easy to book a time to go gliding. The people were very friendly. Everything was explained ...
Rating: 5 stars
Jamie Gleave
Fantastic experience. My 16 year old son took to the skies and loved every minute! Recommended as B...
Rating: 5 stars
Fantastic experience and great ground crew, tow pilot and instructor Ben was very informative
Rating: 5 stars
Brett Garlick
Had a fabulous day, the team who run the site are great and informative. Myself and 2 friends went ...
Rating: 5 stars
Kev Brown
Fantastic experience, would recommend to anyone not worried about flying.
Rating: 5 stars
Anthony Bugg
When to Bidford on Avon gliding club. They were very welcoming from the moment I arrived, started w...
Rating: 5 stars
Sioux Gijzen
Absolutely awesome. The glider flight was a birthday gift to my partner. He said afterwards it was ...
Rating: 5 stars
Colin Burr
Really enjoyed experience and would highly recommend venue at Burn airfield. Staff were great and a...
Rating: 5 stars
L. McCrory
A brilliant experience - one that I would love to repeat! All personnel so very friendly & helpful...
Rating: 5 stars
Jenny koulouru
This was an exhilarating expeiriance. I felt very safe and my instructor was an absolute gem A sup...
Rating: 5 stars
John Eyles
This was an amazing experience on a lovely summers day. The club members were very friendly and inf...
Rating: 5 stars
Phil Wright
Brilliant. Would do this again and also recommend this experience.
Rating: 5 stars
Very enjoyable experience and the instructor was excellent
Rating: 5 stars
David Simpson
Easy to arrange, welcomed on arrival and given a super gliding experience. Lasham did very well
Rating: 5 stars
Mike Williamson
An exhilarating gliding experience, easy to book and a warm welcome on the day from the gliding cl...