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Tandem Parachute & Skydiving Jumps

Tandem Skydive - Country Wide
Based On 3 Reviews

Locations Nationwide

Save £26 From £249

    • Our most flexible skydiving voucher
    • Valid at drop zones around the UK
    • A tandem parachute jump from 10,000ft
    • Friends & family welcome to watch the freefall fun
Skydiving Peterborough

Sibson Airfield

Save £20 From £199

    • Tandem & Accelerated Freefall Skydiving at Sibson
    • Jump at the well-established Peterborough dropzone
    • Option to exit the plane at a super-high 13,000ft!
    • All the training you need to get you ready to jump
Devon Parachute Jumps
Based On 2 Reviews

Near Honiton

From £239.00

    • Go tandem parachuting in Dunkeswell, nr Exeter
    • Jump zone here since 1964
    • Coastline views of the Bristol & English Channels
    • Experience freefall from a height of 10,000ft
Skydive Durham

Shotton Airfield, Durham

Special Offer From £235

    • Tandem & static line parachuting offered
    • Drop zone is at Shotton Airfield nr Peterlee
    • This is the only skydive school in the North East
    • Jump out of the plane at around 13,000ft
Skydiving over Lancashire
Based On 1 Reviews

Near Lancaster

From £225.00

    • Static line & tandem jumps in the North West
    • Skydive centre in Cockermouth established in 1964
    • Instructors all British Parachute Ass. qualifed
    • Tandem jumps at 11,000ft, static line from 3500ft
Skydiving Cambridge

Chatteris Airfield

From £230.00

    • Sky diving courses at Chatteris Airfield nr March
    • Choose from tandem or accelerated freefall course
    • On tandems you jump from around 13,000ft
    • Accelerated freefall (AFF) is a two day course
Skydiving Cornwall

St Agnes and Bodmin

From £240.00

    • Tandems at Perranporth & AFF at Bodmin Airfield
    • Amazing coast & country views as you jump
    • Freefall over the Cornish coast from 10,000ft
    • This school is family-owned and run
Freefall Skydiving Courses, Suffolk / Norfolk border

Beccles Airfield, near Norwich

From £199.00

    • Skydiving at Beccles Airfield nr Norwich
    • Tandem & accelerated freefall jumps available
    • School is run by expert ex military parachutists
    • No altitude or air traffic control restrictions
Headcorn Skydive Kent
Based On 6 Reviews

Headcorn, near Ashford

From £255.00

    • Skydiving at Headcorn Airfield in Kent
    • Tandem jumps from 9000-12,000ft
    • A renowned drop zone & school established in 1979
    • British Parachute Association qualified instructors
Skydiving Lincolnshire

Hibaldstow Airfield, North Lincolnshire

From £219.00

    • Highest skydives in the UK - jump from 15,000ft
    • Centre offers AFF, tandem and static line skydiving
    • Drop zone at Hibaldstow Airfield in Lincolnshire
    • Well-established school operating since 1992
Skydiving Perth

Errol Airfield, Perth

From £175.00

    • Tandem & static line skydive jumps in Perth
    • Drop zone is at Errol Airfield on the Tay river
    • Instructor team has done thousands of jumps
    • Bunk house, canteen, BBQ & picnic area on site
Skydiving Salisbury

Salisbury, Wiltshire

From £249.00

    • Tandem skydiving over Salisbury Plains
    • Standard skydives go from 10,000ft
    • Ultimate 15,000ft jump is the maximum in the UK
    • Super friendly instructors & crew
Skydiving Shropshire

Tilstock Airfield, Whitchurch

From £210.00

    • A choice of skydving experiences in Shropshire
    • School is based at Tilstock Airfield nr Whitchurch
    • Instructors are British Parachute Assoc. qualified
    • This drop zone has been active since 1964
Fun Filled Skydives in Wiltshire
Based On 1 Reviews

Redlands Airfield, near Swindon

From £175.00

    • Tandem, static line & accelerated freefall jumps
    • Drop zone is near Swindon
    • Choose to jump solo or tandem freefall thrills
    • Spectators welcome to watch the skydiving action
Tandem Skydive North Yorkshire


From £249.00

    • Drop zone is at Grindale nr Bridlington
    • Tandem jumps from around 10,000ft offered
    • Great sea views whilst you jump
    • All experiences include a 30 min ground briefing
Flyers Choice

Locations Nationwide

From £50.00

    • Choose from a wide choice of Flying Experiences
    • Locations across the UK
    • Option to top up your voucher on line
iFLY Virtual Reality Experience

Milton Keynes, Manchester, Basingstoke

From £79.99

    • Experience indoor skydiving with VR headsets
    • Feel the wind and see yourself skydiving for 'real'
    • VR is available at all three iFLY centres in the UK
    • Two indoor skydives before your VR skydive flight

Three ways to jump out of a plane

If you're not a skydiving aficionado, you may not know the difference between accelerated free falling, static and tandem experiences. By far the most popular on the website are tandem parachute jumps. These give you all the free falling thrill, without the lengthy ground training.

Tandem skydiving - the number one choice

Put simply, you rock up to the jump school feeling confident, if a little nervous, get kitted out in flying suit, helmet and goggles, go through a safety briefing, practice the techniques…and then wait your turn to head out to the plane. And yes, you are literally strapped to the harness of your instructor, with you in front of them. All you need to do then is give the jump master a thumbs up and away you go, from around 13000ft in the air.

As soon as you leave the plane there will be a few seconds when you are definitely have the sensation of falling. As quickly as your body is adjusting, you reach terminal velocity and suddenly it doesn't feel like you're falling anymore. It’s more like you're being 'propped up' and cushioned by the air pressure on your body. This is what a sky dive is all about. Those delicious 45 seconds in the aerial sweet-spot…

At around 4000ft your expert parachutist will deploy the canopy and (after the initial pulling up as you go from horizontal to vertical) it's a gentle drift back down to earth. At this point you will probably be screaming with delight, or at least grinning from ear to ear, just like the tandem jumpers in this skydiving video at our Cambridgeshire centre.

Solo skydiving with static line

Static line is perfect for someone who wants a taste of going solo. You'll spend more time on the ground with the team learning the skills needed to be able to direct your own chute, but once you're up in the air you're by yourself. Of course, you'll be guided by radio or ground signals and there's no need to worry about when to release the canopy, as this is done automatically as you exit. Fully opened after around 300ft, you don't get that free fall moment, but you do get to steer yourself in the sky - which we reckon is pretty cool!

A two day skydiving course for serious freefallers

Last but definitely no means least in the crazy world of diving into the sky, is the accelerated free fall option. Also known as AFF, it's a teaching method renowned both in the UK and worldwide to quickly get students doing their first solo sky dive. Expect to spend a full day learning the ropes before your jump, which is often programmed for the following day.

So there you are sitting on the ledge at 13000ft. You've got your main and reserve rig on your back. At each side of you there's a smiling, reassuring instructor. The signal's been given and out you all go. With your chaperones keeping hold of you, it's time to experience the wonders of gravity on the human body and away you go. Master or mistress of your own canopy, it'll be you deploying the ram-air parachute at around 4500ft.

Back on Terra Firma after your air time, be it tandem, static or accelerated freefall, we think you'll agree that skydiving is one of the best experiences of your life. And remember, it doesn't matter where in the UK you jump, all of our parachute schools are BPA (British Parachute Association) registered and qualified, so you're in safe hands.
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