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Outdoor Adventure Activities - From Bungees to Zorbing and More!


If you're looking for exciting outdoor activities that'll tear them away from the telly and into the great outdoors, this is the place to start. Into the Blue has adventure gifts for a wide variety of experiences at centres throughout the country, with ideas for nature lovers, those sporty 'try anything' types, as well as an activity range that the whole family can enjoy together.

Let's face it, we all spend too much time indoors just doing pretty much nothing. That's why we got our thinking caps on to come up with a superb mix of things to do. They'll get you loving life outside all over again, just like you did when you were a nipper. Read more...


Swap the dull indoors for outdoor activities

Do you know someone whose idea of outdoor activities is taking their iPad to the park? Does all sensible conversation stop as soon as the telly goes on at your house? We know how you feel and that's why our experienced team of outdoor activity researchers scoured the length and breadth of the UK to collect the very best days out you could wish for. The range is most definitely eclectic, but does mean there will be something to suit all tastes, budgets and desires.

Your adventure can be as extreme or as gentle as you like. Many give you the chance to get up close to the flora and fauna and feel at one with nature. Others will see you learning a new skill (who knew you could make a bivouac out of bracken, that you could learn to joust or be taught how to lasso?). And some show you how to make the most of all that fresh countryside air by literally finding for yourself on the map reading and orientation course in the Peak District we have a video clip of.

Action-packed or at one with nature? Activities to cover all bases

Active types are spoilt for choice in this section with plenty of high-altitude thrills on offer, including tackling obstacle courses high up in the trees and throwing yourself off a platform 160ft above the ground with nothing but a length of (admittedly very strong) elastic cable attached to your ankles. If all that sounds too much, but you still want to be outside, how about touring the very lovely Oxford on a bike? It's a great way to combine sightseeing with gentle exercise as you burn off a few calories pedalling.

Some of our open-air sports activities will certainly bring the competitive spirit out in you. Standing in a field taking aim at clay pigeons will make you determined to smash them to smithereens. All budding Robin Hoods (or Katniss Everdeen wannabes for the younger Hunger Game generation) will love the chance to have a go with a bow and arrow. If team spirit is what you want, look no further than a paintball event.

Winter sports - normally outdoor activities, but not in this case!

A duo of sports that are normally done al fresco is skiing and snowboarding. However, Scotland aside, snow and mountains are in short supply round these parts, so we've got indoor versions available for all budding Hermann Maier types. And if you've already tried those, you'll love our beach-based board sports such as kite buggying, land yachting and landboarding.

Be at one with the animals in the great outdoors

Animal lovers are good stead too with a whole spectrum of outdoor experiences where you can walk with wolves, fly magnificent raptors, herd sheep with a Collie dog, or even make a change by adopting an animal who desperately needs you help to survive in the wild or in captivity.

Just writing about these great activities has left us exhausted, so maybe out of all the dozens of outdoor activities has to offer, we should plump for fly fishing. As tranquil and genteel as J R Hartley himself, we can think of nothing better than spending an hour two on the river's edge, watching the world outdoors go by as Mother Nature does its thing.