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Helicopter Flying Lessons

Get your first taste of rotary aviation on these fantastic helicopter lessons. We offer a full range of lesson durations, from a 15-minute flight around the local area, to a full one-hour trial lesson, departing from helipads, airfields and international airports around the country. All schools are Civil Aviation Authority registered and you get to fly the chopper and maybe even hover! Helicopter lesson FAQs

Helicopter Lessons London
Based On 25 Reviews

Elstree Aerodrome

Special Offer From £89

    • Heli trial lessons in Robinson helicopters
    • Learn basic controls as you pilot your chopper
    • Take off from Elstree helipad near London
    • Onboard camera footage available (payable locally)
Helicopter Rides
Based On 9 Reviews

Nationwide Locations

Best Seller From £195

    • A half hour helicopter flight with a pro pilot
    • You get to choose from airfields nationwide
    • Try basic manoeuvres like pitch and roll
    • All lessons include a pre-flight briefing
Helicopter Flights
Based On 8 Reviews

Nationwide Locations

From £345.00

    • Spend one hour in the helicopter learning to fly
    • Head up from your choice of helipad nationwide
    • Minimum age for heli flights is 14 yrs old
    • Have a go at flying the chopper yourself
Helicopter Flight for Two

Elstree Aerodrome, London

Save £59 From £139

    • Helicopter flights for two out of Elstree Aerodrome
    • A helicopter lesson with room for a passenger too
    • A 30 min lesson with plenty of time at the controls
    • Celebrate with chocolates & a glass of fizz after
Helicopters Nottingham
Based On 2 Reviews

Nottingham Heliport

From £195.00

    • Helicopter lessons at Nottingham Heliport
    • Helis are owner operated by the school
    • A choice of two and four seater aircraft
    • Fly over south Nottinghamshire on your flight
Helicopter Flights South Yorkshire

Doncaster Sheffield Airport

From £195.00

    • Fly from Doncaster Sheffield International Airport
    • Robinson R22 or R44 with you at the controls
    • Hosted by a hugely experienced flight instructor
    • Book the four seater heli to bring a passenger
Helicopters Kent
Based On 25 Reviews

Manston Airport in East Kent

From £145.00

    • Take off from Kent International (Manston) Airport
    • Heli flying at a busy cargo and passenger airport
    • Great views for friends & family coming to watch
    • Fly over Ramsgate & around the Kent coastal region
Helicopter Sessions Newcastle

Newcastle Intl Airport

From £99.00

    • Heli lessons at Newcastle International Airport
    • Take off from a busy commercial airport
    • All lessons count towards your pilot's licence
    • Plenty of time to take the controls
Fly a Helicopter Experience
Based On 2 Reviews

Locations Nationwide

Save £30 From £169

    • 20mins helicopter flight from locations nationwide
    • Have a go at the controls of the chopper yourself
    • Try the Hover Challenge as part of your lesson
    • Minimum age for heli flights is 12 years old
Based On 3 Reviews

Blackbushe Airport, Surrey

Special Offer From £99

    • Lessons from Blackbushe Airfield nr Camberley
    • Fly in unrestricted & controlled airspace
    • Both two and four seater helicopters operate
    • Helicopter flights offered all year round
Helicopter Lessons Berkshire

White Waltham Airfield, Maidenhead

From £159.00

    • Helicopter lessons out of White Waltham Airfield
    • Learn at a skilled heli school & services company
    • Skilled pilot team with fascinating backgrounds!
    • Invite a passenger on four seater flights
Helicopter Lessons Cornwall

Bodmin, Cornwall

From £349.00

    • Helicopter flying from St Breward nr Bodmin
    • Lessons taken in an executive Robinson R44
    • In-land and coastal flight paths for lessons
    • You have a chance to take control of the heli
Helicopter Lessons Cotswold Airport

Cirencester, Gloucestershire

From £189.00

    • Helicopter lessons from Cotswold Airport
    • Fly out of this historic airfield near Cirencester
    • 20, 30 and 60-minute lesson slots available
    • A bustling airfield with a great cafe on-site too
Helicopter Lessons Coventry

Coventry Airport

From £129.00

    • Helicopter training out of Coventry Airport in Warks
    • A full range of lesson durations available
    • Get a real insight on the pilot half day experience
    • Hear all about owner Jason's own pilot story!
Helicopter Lessons Devon
Based On 5 Reviews

Dunkeswell Aerodrome, Honiton

From £225.00

    • Heli lessons from Dunkeswell nr Honiton in Devon
    • 839ft above sea level, airfield is highest in UK
    • Learn how to fly a two seater Sikorsky helicopter
    • All budding pilots presented with a certificate
Helicopter Lessons Herefordshire

Shobden Aerodrome, Leominster

From £159.00

    • Heli lessons from Shobdon Airfield, Herefordshire
    • Fly 2 seat Robinson R22 or 5 seat turbine Jetranger
    • Helicopter training school established in 1992
    • School boasts excellent facilities & expert tuition
Helicopter Lessons Leeds

Leeds Heliport

From £195.00

    • Lessons in 2 & 4 seater Robinson helicopters
    • Take off the training school's own helipad
    • Choose between a 30 or 60-minute flight
    • Time to practice hovering & circuits too
Helicopter Pilot Day
Based On 3 Reviews

Locations Nationwide

Save £130 From £149

    • A trainee helicopter pilot initiation day
    • Combines flying time with full pre-flight briefing
    • Tour the hangars and ask questions
    • A talk on becoming a commerical heli pilot
Helicopters Aberdeen
Based On 5 Reviews

Culter Helipad, Aberdeen

From £119.00

    • Heli lessons from Culter Helipad near Aberdeen
    • Fly from the heli school's purpose-built helipad
    • Extensive 30mins ground brief before all flights
    • Presentation of certificates after your lesson
Helicopters Bournemouth

Bournemouth Airport

From £275.00

    • Helicopters at Bournemouth International Airport
    • This heli school has an excellent reputation
    • Sikorsky and Robinson choppers used for lessons
    • See the Dorset country & coastline from the air
Helicopters Goodwood
Based On 2 Reviews

Goodwood Aerodrome

From £225.00

    • Helicopter lessons at historic Goodwood Aerodrome
    • Learn all the basic heli moves including hovering
    • Choose a 30 or 60-min lesson in a two seater chopper
    • Great location with viewing room for friends & family
Helicopter Thrill Gloucestershire
Based On 9 Reviews

Gloucestershire Airport, Staverton

From £229.00

    • Helicopter flying in the heart of the Cotswolds
    • Airfield handles over 90,000 flights a year
    • Well-situated midway between Cheltenham & Gloucs
    • Cafe, clubhouse & aviation museum on site

Liverpool John Lennon Airport

From £329.00

    • Helis at Liverpool John Lennon Airport
    • Helicopter flight school established in 1986
    • All lessons count towards your licence
    • Try sideways, hovering & spot turn manoeuvres
Helicopters Loughborough

Loughborough, Leics

From £159.00

    • Take off from Costock near Loughborough
    • One of the largest helicopter operators in the UK
    • Private helipad in the Leicestershire countryside
    • CAA approved helicopter flight school
Helicopter Experience Sussex
Based On 7 Reviews

Brighton City Airport, West Sussex

From £140.00

    • Helis at Brighton City (Shoreham) Airport
    • Spectacular south coast scenery to fly over
    • Experience the hustle & bustle of a busy airport
    • Visitor centre, viewing area & restaurant on site
Helicopters Swansea

Swansea Airport

From £135.00

    • Rotary action from Swansea Airport in Wales
    • Heli lessons at a flourishing civil airport
    • Discover the Gower Peninsula from the chopper
    • Have go at the heli controls on all lessons
Helicopter Experience Wales
Based On 7 Reviews

Mid Wales Airport, Powys

From £165.00

    • Heli flights from Welshpool (Mid Wales) Airport
    • See Powys and the Severn Valley from the air
    • Minimum age for flights is 14 years
    • All flight time counts towards a PPL-H licence
Lessons in Lincolnshire

Humberside, North Lincolnshire

From £195.00

    • Helicopters at Humberside International Airport
    • Learn to fly in busy commercial airspace
    • Helicopter flight training organisation since 1996
    • See the magnificent Humber Bridge from the air
London Olympic Skyline Lesson for Three

Elstree Aerodrome, Hertfordshire

From £399.00

    • An exclusive experience for three flying together
    • One of you gets to be co-pilot for the flight!
    • See the sights of QE London Olympic Park
    • Weekday & weekend departures available
Solent Helicopter Lessons

Solent Airport, Lee on Solent

Save £51 From £99

    • Helicopter lessons out of Solent Airport Daedalus
    • Operated in two or four seater helicopters
    • A full range of flight durations to choose from
    • Sensational seaside views as you fly!
Tactical Flying Lesson Offer

14 Locations Nationwide

Special Offer From £115

    • Three flights: one as the pilot, two as a passener
    • Learn flying, navigation and observational skills
    • Take part in the Hover Challenge
    • At tour choice of helipads nationwide
Trial Lessons at Nottingham Airport

Tollerton, East Midlands

Special Offer From £99

    • Helicopter lessons out of Nottingham Airport
    • Cabri G2, Robinson R22 & R44 helis available
    • Various fight durations available to choose from
    • Plenty of time for you to take the controls & fly
Ultimate Plane & Helicopter Experience

Coventry Airport

From £349.00

    • Enjoy both a helicopter and aeroplane flight
    • Both depart from Coventry Airport in Warkwickshire
    • Experience both rotary & fixed-wing aviation
    • Both flights operated as lessons, so you get to fly
Lynx Helicopter Simulator

Mildenhall, Suffolk

From £89.00

    • Try your hand at piloting a helicopter simulator
    • Created from an actual ex-Army Westland Lynx heli
    • Virtually experience military helicopter power!
    • Choose between a 60 and 90 heli sim session

Should you buy this experience?

Who it’s for

These helicopter lessons are a great introduction to helicopters. Whether you have dreams of being a helicopter pilot, or just want to feel the sensation of being in a chopper at least once in your life, we’ve got flights to suit all budgets at locations around the UK.

Who it’s not for

If you’re really not keen on flying, a helicopter experience might not be for you. Similarly, if you’re more interested in seeing the sights from the air than actually having a go at flying the helicopter, you may prefer our sightseeing tours that offer sensational itineraries all over the country.

Helicopter lesson experiences FAQ

How much are helicopter lessons?

A 15-minute helicopter flight lesson comes in at less than £100. In the UK there are hundreds of helicopter training schools. We offer these lessons to give you a taste of what flying a helicopter is like. They're also a great way to see if you like it before forking out lots of money on pilot training. 

Can I take a passenger with me?

Most of our helicopter suppliers offer flights in both two seater and four seater helis. In the larger four seaters there are rear seats in the cabin and often (subject to your instructor pilot being in agreement) you can invite a passenger to fly with you in the rear seats.

How long does a trial lesson last?

We offer flights that last between 15- and a 60-minutes. Even on the shorter durations there will be time for you to take the controls and fly the chopper yourself. On the longer flights your lesson will follow the first part of helicopter pilot training syllabus.

Can I fly a helicopter when pregnant?

Read with the policy of each individual helicopter flight school we have listed, but in general women in their third trimester should check with a medical professional before booking on the experience.

Will I get motion sickness on my helicopter lesson?

Flying in a helicopter is a very different sensation to flying in your typical commercial airliner. If you suffer from motion sickness generally, the chances are you might also suffer when riding in a helicopter. If you are in any doubt, please contact us.

What type of helicopters are used for lessons?

Many of our helicopter schools use Robinson R22 and Guimbal Cabri G2s as they two seater training helicopters and the Robinson R44 as the four seater. They are all dual-controlled and are some of the most popular, stable and easy to fly helicopters used around the world for lessons and training.

Will my lesson still go ahead if it’s raining?

Poor visibility due to fog, rain and high winds may postpone your lesson. If it does, check the school’s policy on cancelled flights, but they will most likely postpone and rebook you for another slot.  

Are there height and weight restrictions for flying in a helicopter?

Yes. Smaller two seaters have a weight limit of around 100kg and those more than 6ft3” will struggle to get in this type of helicopter. Limits are usually greater on the larger four seater aircraft. You will also need to be agile enough to climb into the cockpit.

Should I bring a camera along with me?

As long as the pilot is OK with it, you are welcome to bring cameras on your flight. Some operators offer packages that include onboard footage. Friends and family can usually come out to the helicopter on the ground before your flight to take photos, then head to safe area to take pics or film your take off - and landing!  

Where can I take helicopter lessons?

We have Civil Aviation Authority-approved helicopter flying schools around the country wanting to take you out on your very first helicopter lesson. Some of our most popular trial lesson locations include:
  • London
  • Cambridge
  • Devon
  • Cornwall
  • Dorset
  • Kent
  • South Yorkshire
  • Newcastle
  • Nottinghamshire
  • Sheffield
  • Surrey
  • Sussex
  • Scotland - Aberdeen
  • Wales - Powys

Ready to hover in your heli? Book your helicopter lessons now!

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