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Truck & Lorry Driving Experiences

Articulated truck driving experiences. Drive trucks with a rigid cab hooked to a full-size trailer on private land. A fully-loaded lorry may not be the fastest when it comes to acceleration, but they are the powerful workhorses of the road. Ain't nothing gonna stand in your way in an 18-wheeler! Truck driving FAQS...


Articulated Lorry Driving
Based On 78 Reviews

Essex, Lincolnshire, Crail Scotland , South Wales

Save 60% From £39

    • Drive a 480bhp Renault Magnum lorry
    • A 55ft Supercar Transporter behind you
    • Approximately 15 minutes personal driving time
    • Ride as a passenger when not driving
Drive a Truck
Based On 12 Reviews

Essex & Leicestershire

Save £50 From £49

    • Drive a proper MAN or Renault truck!
    • Haul a 45ft Supercar Transporter behind you
    • You get 15-20 minutes personal driving time
    • One to one or small group driving sessions
HGV Driving in Devon
Based On 14 Reviews

Near Honiton

Fully booked for 2019 From £275

    • 44 tonnes, 55 ft long and you at the wheel!
    • 1.5 hour truck driving experience
    • 1:1 tuition with various scenarios
    • Friends and family can ride in the cab
HGV Truck Driving Thrill

Exeter, Leicestershire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Yorkshire

Save £50 From £39

    • Drive an actual Scania car transporter
    • Rig is used to transport up to 12 supercars
    • Offered at various track day venues around the UK
    • This is a 13l, 420bhp and 2200NM torque HGV beast
Juggernaut Experience
Based On 47 Reviews

12 Nationwide Locations

Save 50% From £49

    • Drive a Volvo FH460 truck
    • A 45ft Supercar Transporter behind you
    • Approximately 15-20 minutes at the controls
    • Ride as a passenger when you are not driving
Optimus Prime Truck Driving

Nationwide Locations

Save £120 From £79

    • Drive an Optimus Prime-style American truck
    • Peterbilt 379 - just like in the live action films
    • Take your drive at your choice of circuit
    • Step up to the cab and drive this massive monster!
Truck Driving Experience
Based On 11 Reviews

Yorks, Leics, Lincs or Surrey

Special Offer From £59

    • Drive a 480bhp DAF truck with trailer
    • Short in vehicle briefing explaining the controls
    • Manoeuvre a 55ft beast of a lorry
    • Available at four locations nationwide!
Truck vs Supercar Experience
Based On 11 Reviews

Yorks, Lincs, Leics, Surrey, Birmingham

Special Offer From £125

    • Drive a truck & a supercar too
    • A 10-15 minute driving session in the HGV
    • Three or four laps driving your choice of supercar
    • Personalised certificate of achievement
Trucks and Supercars

Essex and Leicestershire

Special Offer From £89

    • Drive a truck & the supercar of your choice
    • Combines lorry driving with fancy supercar driving
    • The truck is used to transport the supercars
    • Cars driven on track & trucks on perimeter roads
Ultimate American Truck Driving Experience

Bedford, Dorset, Leicestershire, Kent, Ipswich, Staffordshire

Exclusive Offer From £79

    • Drive an all-American Big Rig truck
    • Genuine Kenworth & Peterbilt series trucks
    • Limited dates at selected venues in the UK
    • A total of 15 or 40-minutes driving time for you
Ultimate Truck Driving Duo

Nationwide Locations

Save £20 From £109

    • Drive a Peterbilt 379 and a Volvo FH460 truck
    • It's USA vs European on this ultimate truck drive
    • A 15-20 min driving session in each of the trucks
    • Available at circuit venues around the UK
Ultimate Transformers Experience

Nationwide Locations

Special Offer From £99

    • Drive two of your fave Transformers characters
    • Vehicles are copies of movie cars and truck
    • Your chance to actually drive 'Optimus Prime'!
    • Three miles driving Bumblebee too!

Should I buy this experience?

Who it's for

What is it that fascinates us all about driving a big truck? Maybe these experiences take you right back to your childhood, when on very long drives to the seaside kids used to wave at Eddie Stobart lorries on the motorway in the hope that they would wave back or flash their headlights. Either way, if you love driving you will love the chance to get behind the wheel of a proper HGV.

Who it's not for

We’re honestly having trouble working out who wouldn’t like to drive a big truck. But if you really don’t like driving or you really aren’t interested in driving something as big and bulky as a truck, maybe this experience isn’t for you.

Truck Driving Experience FAQs

Do I need a licence for these truck driving experiences?

Some of our truck driving suppliers do ask that you have a standard car driver’s licence, whilst others don’t need you to have one. The best thing to do is to find the truck driving venue that’s nearest to you and check their requirements in the ‘Suitable For’ tab under ‘More Info’. If you need any assistance, email, chat or call us on 01959 578100.

What’s the minimum age for these truck drive sessions?

If the operator doesn’t require you to have a driving licence, you can be as young as 12 years old. Please see each supplier page for full details on age limits for truck driving.

Is there a minimum height?

They say if you can drive a normal car you can drive a big, hulking truck! You’ll need to be a minimum of 5ft to be able to see over the steering wheel and reach the pedals.

Where will I be driving the truck?

All experiences take place on private, off road land - hence no need for an LGV licence. You might be driving on a coned-out circuit at a former airfield, or you could be taking the truck out at an off road driver training centre. In all cases there will be plenty of truck driver manoeuvres and challenges for you to try.

How much driving time will I get?

The amount of time spent behind the wheel varies from venue to venue. Some offer a driver briefing, others do all the safety talk and training whilst you’re in the lorry. During an experience that lasts around an hour overall, you might be driving for around 15minutes.

Is there an instructor with me?

Yes. A qualified instructor will be up front in the cab with you whilst you drive. Seeing as driving a lorry is actually quite different to driving your average car, (did you know lorries often have 16 gears and you can start off in second?) they’ll be able to give you all the advice and pointers to get you truckin’

What sort of lorries do you have lined up?

These are proper articulated lorries, that’s to say full-sized cabs with a curtain or solid-sided trailer hooked up behind. We have everything from 489bhp Renault Magnum’s with 45ft supercar transporter attached, to the long-nosed American trucks like the Peterbilt 379 or the Kenworth.

Is it hard to learn how to drive a lorry?

You need to be a pretty skilled driver to reverse a 55ft trailer into a loading bay, which is why specific driving licences are needed to be able to drive a lorry on the public roads. Cruising in them is great too. They have all mod cons onboard, with aircon, hydraulic seat, driver aids and all sorts, so whilst you’re eating up the miles on the motorway you’ll be properly comfortable.

What’s the difference between HGV and LGV?

Nothing really! In the UK and Europe these terms are interchangeable. A Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) is the same thing as a Large Goods Vehicles (LGV) - that’s to say any vehicle over 3.5tonnes, from box vans and tippers, to refrigerated trucks and articulated lorries. HGV and LGV are not classes of licences. Licences to drive trucks go from C1 for a a truck under 7.5tonnes, to the C+E licence which is the most comprehensive and allows you to drive trucks of all sizes, up to a lorry with a single or double trailer, i.e. a proper artic!

Are these lorries articulated lorries like you see on the motorway?

Yes! Some of them are curtain-sided trucks like you see pounding the motorways every day. Some cabs are hooked up to solid-sided trailers that serve as car transporters, just like the ones you’d see parked up at big motorsport events. Whatever the set up and how ever they are used, they are proper Kings of the Road.

Will I be just driving around a track in the HGV?

No. Of course, the normal tasks for a heavy goods vehicle driver are to load, secure, transport, unload, deliver and collect goods. On these sessions you won't be doing any of that, but you will be practicing the sort of tricky manoeuvres truckers perform every shift, including reversing into a loading bay, going round roundabouts and dealing with junctions. You could try a bit of slaloming (trucks actually handle corners pretty well!) and have a go at accelerating along a straight too, so you experience the sensation of move up the gears. You might even learn how to hook and unhook your trailer!

Will it make me want to be a truck driver?

Probably. In fact, this is what loads of our customers say when they tell us how their truck driving experience went. And if you do actually want to go for your C class truck licence, the operators that run as driver training schools will be only too pleased to explain what the training involves.

Who runs these truck driving experiences?

Some sessions are run as part of the programme of supercar driving days at a race track, others are provided by professional truck driver schools as a taster experience for those who just want to ‘have a go’. In all cases, a professional and experienced instructor will be in the cab with you for the duration of your truck driving experience.

What’s it like inside the cab of a lorry?

High! The elevated viewpoint from your cab is pretty cool. You seem really, really high up compared to the driving position in your standard car. It’s quite roomy and comfy in there too. Some even have onboard sleeping cabins and all the mod cons you could every need to be an international truck driver on multi-day missions.

Are there any truck driving experiences near me?

With several different truck driving experience centres around the UK, there should be a venue near to you. We currently offer truck driving at places like:
  • Devon
  • Dorset
  • Cornwall
  • Essex
  • Lincolnshire
  • Cheshire
  • Scotland
  • South Wales
  • Leicestershire
  • Surrey
  • Yorkshire
  • Oxfordshire
  • Northamptonshire
  • Northumberland
  • Wigan
  • Warwickshire

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