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Truck Driving

Articulated Lorry Driving
Based On 78 Reviews

Essex, Lincolnshire & South Wales

Save 50% From £49

    • Drive a 480bhp Renault Magnum lorry
    • A 55ft Supercar Transporter behind you
    • Approximately 15 minutes personal driving time
    • Ride as a passenger when not driving
Drive a Truck
Based On 12 Reviews

Essex, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire

Save £50 From £49

    • Drive a proper MAN or Renault truck!
    • Haul a 45ft Supercar Transporter behind you
    • You get 15-20 minutes personal driving time
    • One to one or small group driving sessions
HGV Driving in Devon
Based On 14 Reviews

Near Honiton

From £275.00

    • 44 tonnes, 55 ft long and you at the wheel!
    • 1.5 hour truck driving experience
    • 1:1 tuition with various scenarios
    • Friends and family can ride in the cab
Juggernaut Experience
Based On 47 Reviews

5 Locations

Save 50% From £49

    • Drive a Volvo FH460 truck
    • A 45ft Supercar Transporter behind you
    • Approximately 15-20 minutes at the controls
    • Ride as a passenger when you are not driving
Optimus Prime Truck Driving

4 Locations

Save £120 From £79

    • Drive an Optimus Prime-style American truck
    • Peterbilt 379 - just like in the live action films
    • Take your drive at your choice of circuit
    • Step up to the cab and drive this massive monster!
Truck Driving Experience
Based On 11 Reviews

Yorks, Leics, Lincs or Surrey

£99 From £99

    • Drive a 480bhp DAF truck and racecar trailer
    • Short in vehicle briefing explaining the controls
    • Manoeuvre a 55ft beast of a lorry
    • Available at 3 locations nationwide!
Truck Driving Surrey

Dunsfold Park, Cranleigh

From £159.00

    • Drive a 44-ton MAN articulated truck yourself!
    • Hosted by a professional driver training school
    • Tackle obstacles and various tests in your truck
    • You'll be driving at an off-road driving centre
Truck vs Supercar Experience
Based On 11 Reviews

Yorks, Lincs, Leics

Special Offer From £125

    • Drive the 550bhp, automatic gear DAF
    • 10-15 minute driving session
    • Three or four laps driving your choice of supercar
    • Personalised certificate of achievement
Trucks and Supercars

Essex, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire

Special Offer From £89

    • Drive a truck & the supercar of your choice
    • Combines lorry driving with fancy supercar driving
    • The truck is used to transport the supercars
    • Cars driven on track & trucks on perimeter roads
Ultimate Truck Driving Duo

Nationwide Locations

Save £20 From £109

    • Drive a Peterbilt 379 and a Volvo FH460 truck
    • It's USA vs European on this ultimate truck drive
    • A 15-20 min driving session in each of the trucks
    • Available at circuit venues around the UK
DAF Army Truck Driving Northumberland

Felton, Morpeth

From £85.00

    • Military all wheel drive truck driving near Morpeth
    • Drive the ex-British Army DAF T244 military truck
    • Choose between a 20 and 40-minute drive time
    • Try manoeuvring the 4-tonne truck on the 4x4 track
Ultimate Transformers Experience

Nationwide Locations

Special Offer From £99

    • Drive two of your fave Transformers characters
    • Vehicles are copies of movie cars and truck
    • Your chance to actually drive 'Optimus Prime'!
    • Three miles driving Bumblebee too!

Keep on truckin’

What is it that fascinates us all about driving a big truck? Maybe these experiences take you right back to your childhood when on very long drives to the seaside kids used to wave at Eddie Stobart lorries on the motorway in the hope that they would wave back or flash their headlights!

Now it's your chance to actually step up to the challenge of being a bonafide trucker. And as these experiences are all conducted on private land away from the public roads, there's no need for you to have a licence to drive one of the multi-wheelers. We think you'll love the sensation of being high up in your cab looking down on the road that's way below you.

Of course, the normal tasks for a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) driver are to load, secure, transport, unload, deliver and collect goods. On these sessions you won't be doing any of that, but you will be practicing the sort of tricky manoeuvres truckers perform every shift, including reversing into a loading bay, going round roundabouts and dealing with junctions.

Some of the large goods vehicles (LGVs) that are available are actually articulated lorries used for transporting cars to track days. These are solid-sided behemoths of juggernauts that look rather like the sort of trucks you see all neatly lined up in the pits at motorsport events around the UK and worldwide.

Thankfully you won't be responsible for the precious cargo onboard whilst you drive, as the lorry will be empty. But you will be taking the truck on the track - and you'll be amazed at just how well these things handle the corners, as shown in this truck driving video taken at Blyton Airfield. 

Drive an HGV at a proper truck driver training centre

We also have lessons that take place at purpose-built centres where drivers can go to train for their C1 (up to 7.5 tonnes) and C (over 7.5 tonnes) licences and take the Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) to become fully qualified LGV drivers. The set ups at these schools are very realistic and designed to give and insight into what it'd be like negotiating the A roads of the UK in a huge lorry.

We have even had IntotheBlue customers who want to try truck driving to see if that's the career they want to do. So who knows, if you've always fancied being a trucker sitting high up in your cab hauling anything from new cars to lorry loads of pallets piled high with groceries, all whilst clocking some serious mileage on your tachograph, this is the perfect experience for you. Are you ready to go truckin'?
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