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Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is great fun and great value for money. You’ll be shown how to pick up an axe, how to handle it and then how to throw it. You’ll be throwing a variety of axes and knives into wooden blocks, under the watchful eye of the expert instructors. Axe throwing FAQs...

Axe Throwing Birmingham

Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands

From £25.00

    • Axe throwing at a centre near Birmingham
    • Learn to lob axes, flying angels & knives
    • Excellent basecamp facilities & axe arena set up
    • Rifle shooting & archery add-ons available
Axe Throwing Hertfordshire

Ware, Hertfordshire

From £19.00

    • Learn to chuck things in chunks of wood!
    • Try double head & tomahawk axes & knife throwing
    • Sessions for small groups of up to six throwers
    • Hosted by a family-run outdoor centre in Herts
Axe Throwing in Kent

Dartford, Kent

From £25.00

    • Axe throwing near Dartford in north Kent
    • Throw Perfect Point, Tomahawks & Mousehawks
    • All the gear and tuition is included
    • Archery & crossbow add-ons available
Axe Throwing in Yorkshire

Leeds/York and Harrogate

From £30.00

    • Learn to throw a tomahawk axe
    • Yes, it's dangerous but it's all controlled!
    • Play axe throwing target games & challenges too
    • Available at two venues in Yorkshire
Axe Throwing Leicestershire

Sibbertoft, near Husbands Bosworth

From £25.00

    • Learn to throw Angel and Norse Tomahawk axes
    • Hosted by an outdoor centre near Market Harborough
    • Coaching to get your axes to 'stick' in the wood
    • Possibility of an air rifle session add-on
Axe Throwing Manchester

Rushton Spencer, Nr Macclesfield

Save £10 From £25

    • Axe throwing south of Manchester nr Macclesfield
    • At an outdoor centre in a lovely woodland setting
    • Instructors will teach you how to throw axes
    • Add an archery session for extra target fun!
Axe Throwing Warwickshire

Wedgnock, Warwick

From £39.00

    • Axe throwing sessions at Wedgnock near Warwick
    • Learn to throw Tomahawk and metal trainer axes
    • Sessions last around one hour - tuition included
    • Includes a point-scoring axe throwing competition
Axe Throwing Brighton

Falmer, East Sussex

From £25.00

    • Axe-throwing at a shooting ground near Brighton
    • Learn how to throw a variety of axes
    • It's all about stance & technique not strength!
    • Archery & air rifle shooting available as add-ons
Axe Throwing North Nottingham

Lime Woods, near Calverton

Save £11 From £25

    • Have a go at axe-throwing in north Nottingham!
    • Learn to throw Tomahawk axes into wood targets
    • Event takes place at Lime Woods near Calverton
    • Axe throwing experience lasts for around an hour
Medieval & Modern Target Combos for Two

Frodsham, Cheshire

From £99.00

    • A trio of combat shooting combo experiences
    • Choose to go Medieval or modern
    • Each of the three activities lasts for 45-minutes
    • Shoot instructors are all active or ex-military
Target Sports in Somerset

Highbridge, Somerset

From £20.00

    • A trio of target sports near Highbridge in Somerset
    • Try axe throwing, archery & air rifles
    • Choose to do one, two or all three activities
    • A great choice for small groups of up to six
Woodland Target Sports Kent

Mount Ephraim, Faversham, Kent

Save £10 From £35

    • Target sports in the Kent countryside near Faversham
    • Activities take place at the Mount Ephraim estate
    • Try archery, field archery, crossbows & axe throwing
    • One voucher, four experiences - great value!

Should I buy this experience?

Who it's for

Contrary to what you might think, axe throwing is for everyone. You don’t need to have all the muscles to throw an axe and you don’t need to be chopping down a tree to use an axe - throwing them can be just for fun too!

Who it's not for

Axe throwing isn’t suitable for very young children (for fairly obvious reasons!), but other than that, we reckon anyone can have a go at axe throwing. So don’t be shy, book an axe throwing season at a centre near you and get lobbing!

Axe throwing FAQs

Is axe throwing dangerous?

The instructors are all highly trained and experienced, the equipment used is specifically for axe and knife throwing and you’ll be doing it in a controlled environment, where safety is paramount. So if you follow the rules, axe throwing will be safe!

How do you actually throw an axe?

With the axe in one hand, stand with your opposite foot forward. Bring the axe up to head height, then bring your arm forward (just like throwing a ball) and when it’s parallel with the ground, release the axe. Simple as that!

Are the axes heavy?

A classic Tomahawk throwing axe can weigh between 1 and 2lbs (that’s 450-900g for you metrics out there). When you think that a small bag of sugar is 500g and a big one 1kg, these axes are pretty manageable in weight.

Is axe throwing suitable for beginners?

Yes! You don’t need to be a hulking, checked shirt-wearing lumberjack to be able to throw an axe. These sessions are all about fun in a controlled, safe environment. All sessions are geared to you and instruction on how to handle the axes and throw them is included.

What is the minimum age for axe throwing?

The minimum age differs from venue to venue, varying from 12 to 14 or 16 years of age. In all cases under 18s will need to be accompanied on site. Check each location for the minimum age under the ‘Suitable for’ tab or contact us via the online chat, email or ‘phone for help.

What sort of axes will I be throwing?

The most popular axes and hatchets to throw are Tomahawks, which originated from American Indians. There are now lots of variations of Tomahawks such as Norse Tomahawks, and Swedish Double Head Tomahawks (ie the axe is bladed on both edges, known as ‘double bit’). Other popular axes include smaller 12” Ninja axes and Angel Axes which are an all-metal cross between a knife and an axe.

Is axe throwing an indoor or outdoor activity?

Indoor axe throwing arenas do exist, but for these experiences you will generally be throwing your axes in an outdoor venue. Much like other target sports or shooting activities, there may well be a covered area where you’ll stand to throw your axe, so a bit of rain won’t stop the fun.

What targets are used?

You’ll usually be lobbing your axes into big thick roundels of tree trunks with target rings painted on. And believe us, nothing beats the satisfaction of the ‘thud’ as you axe lands in the block. In axe throwing lingo, you say that it ‘sticks’!

Are the axes sharp?

An axe doesn’t actually have to be that sharp be land and stay in a block of wood. If the axe’s blade is sharp enough to cut you, it’s too sharp. For the purpose of these axe throwing experiences care must be taken at all times when handling the axes, but they will be no sharper than they need to be to stick in the target.

What distance will I be throwing axes at?

How far away you’ll be standing from the targets varies depending on what sort of axe you’re throwing and what the target is like. It could as close as 6ft (2m) or even up to 85ft (25m) away. Usually for these experiences it’ll be somewhere in between!

Where does axe throwing come from?

Back in Medieval times, every self-respecting warrior had their battle axe that was used as a weapon. Then there are the axes used for wood and tree chopping, from a felling hatchet to a splitting maul. It wasn’t long before humans realised that as well as being tools and weapons, throwing axes was good fun!

Can you throw axes competitively?

Yes. There are several associations around the world for professional axe-throwing competitions. The rules can differ, but essentially you go head to head with another axe thrower and throw a certain number of axes at roundel targets to see who can score the most points.

What is the ‘killshot’ in axe throwing?

Don’t worry, nobody gets hurt in a ‘killshot’ - it’s the name given to extra-point scoring last throw of an axe in a competition.

So is it axe or ax?

Both! Brits call it axe throwing, whilst the Americans often use ax throwing, but it’s all the same thing.

What should I wear for axe throwing?

As most sessions are outdoors you should dress for the weather. Casual sports clothing is best and no open-toed shoes. Any protective gear needed will be supplied.

How much does axe throwing cost?

Axe throwing is great value for money. Sessions cost as little as £19 per person, giving you around an hour to lob a number of axes into those hefty chunks of wood. It’s a great option for a group activity too.

Is knife throwing included in these sessions?

Some of our axe throwing operators do indeed combine knife throwing into the mix. The knives are special throwing knives, a bit like the ones you’d see on stage spectaculars. So whilst you won’t be chucking knives into an apple perched on your mate’s head, it’s a great variation on axe throwing!

Where can I go axe throwing near me?

We have got axe throwing experiences at venues around the UK. Current locations include:
  • Brighton
  • Manchester
  • Leicestershire
  • Leeds
  • York
  • Harrogate
  • Hertfordshire
  • Nottinghamshire

Feeling ready to chuck a few Tomahawks? BVook your axe throwing experience right now!

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