VR Racing Simulators


A world of VR racing simulators awaits! Giving you the most interactive and realistic virtual reality sim racing near you. These VR racing cars are ready and revved up in the pits for Grand Prix and race events. A great range of (virtual) race series and iconic circuits to choose from.


Simulator Race Experience


Buy For £45.00

Simulator Race Experience
• Authentic simulation in a race pod
• Each race centre has 10 linked race pods 
• Virtual race against others
• Dates throughout the year
VR Game

Navrtar Free-Roam VR Experience

Ealing, West London

Buy For £36.00

Navrtar Free-Roam VR Experience
  • One-hour sessions at Navrtar London
  • Fully-immersive, free-roam VR gaming
  • 30-mins mini-VR experiences + 30-mins free-roam VR
  • Voucher valid for any of the game scenarios