Stunt Driving Experiences & Courses


Thrilling stunt driving experiences around the UK! Professional stunt drivers teach you to pull handbrake turns, skids and J turns just like in the films and car commercials. It's the most fun you can legally have in a car, so no surprise that everyone in our office wants to sign up for a stunt driving course too!  Read more...


Stunt Car Driving (1080p)


Ultimate Stunt Passenger Rides

Darlington & North Yorkshire

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Ultimate Stunt Passenger Rides
  • Watch a stunt show by the pros
  • Passenger stunt ride with a pro driving
  • Ford Mustang gymkhana ride
  • Hosted by Paul Swift Precision Driving
mustang rear view
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Paul Swift Ultimate Stunt Driving Experience

Darlington, Silverstone, Croft Circuit

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Paul Swift Ultimate Stunt Driving Experience
• Stunts with the Paul Swift Precision Driving Team
• Paul is a World Record-holding stunt champion
• Learn the best car stunt moves ever!
• Take part in a timed Auto Test in the Mustang
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Stunt Driving Hertfordshire

Bovingdon Airfield, Hertfordshire

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Stunt Driving Hertfordshire
  • Stunt driving classes at Bovingdon in Herts
  • Taster & extended Pro Courses offered
  • Learn handbrake turn parallel parking
  • Car used is a rear wheel drive Mazda MX5

Extreme Stunt School UK Stunt Driving Experiences in Hereford and Cheltenham
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Extreme Stunt Driving

Cheltenham & Hereford

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Extreme Stunt Driving
  • Stunt driving fun at two UK venues
  • Learn 'don't try this at home' car tricks!
  • Family-owned school established in 1965 
  • Hosted by Word Record holding Moffat brothers
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Driving Choice Voucher

Nationwide venues

From £50.00

Driving Choice Voucher
  • Flexible driving gift voucher tokens
  • You choose the amount to buy
  • They choose the experience they want
  • FREE premium packaging included worth £4.99
Stunt Ride & Drive Challenge - Mustang

Stunt Ride and Drive Challenge

Darlington, Silverstone, Croft Circuit

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Stunt Ride and Drive Challenge
  • Stunt driving & rides combined
  • Ride in 4 different stunt cars
  • Drive a Gymkhana in a Mustang
  • Learn J Turns in a Focus ST

Freewheeling and free styling car tricks at stunt school

Our handpicked selection of stunt driving experiences are run by some of this country's most skilled tricks drivers. These drivers spend hours and hours learning the art of freestyle driving. They practice the classic stunt moves over and over again, so each one is inch perfect. Having the chance to learn with these expert teachers is a real privilege for any motoring fan.

Even if you don't know the name Paul Swift, you will certainly have seen some of his work on your screens. Paul drove like a mad stuntman in the 2010 World Cup adverts and made a fleet of R8s dance gracefully for the 'Beauty and the Beasts' Audi TV campaign too.

Paul runs experiences for wannabe stunt drivers in Silverstone (yes, that Silverstone) and Darlington, with loads of hands-on time in the cars to nail all those favourite tricks. What's more, he really is a very affable guy, with a fantastic team alongside him, so it'll be a convivial experience for all involved too!

Learn the best autotest moves

As well as TV and film work, these drivers also compete in events called Autotests. This is a series of challenges where the cars are pushed to their limits, busting out gravity-defying feats that are ever more daring, to see who can be crowned the trickster of the track.

The itineraries for our experience days mirror these comps with a series of tests to undertake, with you taking it in turns to have a go.

Some of our favourite moves include a good old classic 360 spin, where you come in at 70mph, swing the car round and then simply keep on driving in the same direction. Very cool indeed. Then there's parallel parking. But make no mistake, this is not the same as reversing slowly and surely into the parking spot like you do on your driving test. For this version you'll be flicking the vehicle into a tight space with aplomb.

Your stunt driving moves might just come in handy!

A more serious side to stunt car training is the fact that it shows you what to do when you get into trouble out on the public roads. If you lose grip in the wet and feel the back end starting to swing out, your new-found skills will help you stay calm and in control of the flailing vehicle.

We’ve got stunt driving experiences at a selection of locations around the UK. Buy your stunt course voucher now and get ready to drive like you stole it!