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Blacksmith Courses

Blacksmith courses and experiences at forges around the UK. These hands-on workshops show you the art of blacksmithing using traditional forging techniques and tools. From metal key fobs to knives, you'll be making something practical or decorative that you can take home with you. Blacksmith experiences FAQs...
forge fire

Oldfield Forge Experience Days

Oldfield Forge, Hereford

Save £20 From £59.00

Oldfield Forge Experience Days
  • Hosted by Oldfield Forge Blacksmith near Hereford
  • Learn how to forge metal to make your own piece
  • All the instruction & materials you need included
  • Axe & knife making experiences also available

working at forge

Blacksmith Course Kent


Discounted Offers From £175.00

Blacksmith Course Kent
  • Learn the art of blacksmithing in Kent
  • Hosted by award-winning blacksmith Michael
  • Full day courses with a max of four pupils
  • Make three metal-work creations to take home

Blacksmith Experience Day Cumbria

Middle Row Forge, Brampton

Exclusive Offer From £140.00

Blacksmith Experience Day Cumbria
• Blacksmithing at a forge in Brampton near Carlisle
• Workshops are in a purpose-built teaching forge
• Learn to forge using traditional techniques & tools
• Take your very own hand-made forged item home with you

Blacksmith Experience Day North Yorkshire

Lockton, North York Moors National Park

From £160.00

Blacksmith Experience Day North Yorkshire
  • Full-day blacksmith courses in Yorkshire
  • Hosted by David in his Lockton forge
  • Make several pieces to take home and use
  • Exclusive sessions for extra hands on time
hammer in forge

Blacksmith Courses Essex


From £99.00

Blacksmith Courses Essex
• Blacksmithing tasters & day courses in Essex
• Learn basic blacksmith skills from an expert
• Make your own forged metal item(s) to take home
• Classes for up to two only - lots of hands-on time
two rings

Hand Forged Ring Making for Two

Oldfield Forge, Hereford

Buy For £239.00

Hand Forged Ring Making for Two
  • A blacksmith workshop to forge your own rings
  • Design and make a ring for each other
  • Working with a highly skilled blacksmith
  • A very unique way to show your love for each other!

Traditional Blacksmithing Carmarthen

Trevaughan, Wales

From £130.00

Traditional Blacksmithing Carmarthen
• Blacksmithing courses in Carmarthenshire, Wales
• Make axes, knives, letter openers and more
• Take everything you make home with you
• A choice of three different full-day workshops
Owen Bush

Bladesmithing Experience Kent

Welling, Kent

Buy For £195.00

Bladesmithing Experience Kent
• A workshop with skilled bladesmith Owen
• Hosted at his forge in Welling, Kent/SE London
• Make your own one-piece forged knife
• Group sizes kept to a maximum of 10
the forge

Blacksmith Experience Day Peak District

Bakewell, Derbyshire

Buy For £150.00

Blacksmith Experience Day Peak District
• A full-day blacksmithing course in the Peak District
• Purpose-built forge near the village of Elton
• Hosted by expert blacksmiths Jessica, Phil and Tim
• Create a forged metal piece to take home with you
blacksmith courses north kent

Blacksmith Courses near Margate

Quex Park, Birchington

From £139.00

Blacksmith Courses near Margate
  • Hosted by tool forging specialist Spike
  • Farm estate venue just 15mins from Margate
  • Learn to forge metal & make knives
  • One and two-day courses available
sword making for two

Sword Making Experience for Two

Oldfield Forge, Hereford

Buy For £359.00

Sword Making Experience for Two
  • Sword forging course for 2 people
  • At a family-run forge in Hereford
  • Spend two days making your sword
  • All materials & tutoring included
couples forging experience

Blacksmithing Day Date for Couples

Oldfield Forge, Hereford

Buy For £179.00

Blacksmithing Day Date for Couples
  • Blacksmith workshops for couples
  • Forge a piece together to cherish
  • Spend five hours at the forge
  • Lots of choice of what to make
forge and tasting

Blacksmith Forging and Tasting Experience

Hereford, Herefordshire

Buy For £95.00

Blacksmith Forging and Tasting Experience
  • An introductory session to blacksmithing
  • Make your own bottle opener (or similar)
  • Visit a cider mill or craft beer brewer after
  • Great day out for couples and groups

Should I buy this experience?

Who it's for

Blacksmithing is a fascinating craft. These courses are a great opportunity for those with no blacksmithing experience to work in the forge using traditional methods to create your very own piece. If you're ready to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in, you'll love it.

Who it's not for

Blacksmithing is fairly physical and these workshops are very much hands-on, so you'll need to be up for hammering the metal using a variety of tools. It's also quite a hot environment to work in.

Blacksmith courses FAQS...

What is blacksmithing?

Blacksmithing is the art of heating metal (wrought iron or steel) in a forge, to then be able to create objects, both decorative and practical, using tools such as hammers, chisels and tongs to bend, form and cut the hot metal into the shape you want.

What can I make on a beginner's blacksmith experience?

You'll be surprised by what you can actually get to make in fairly short space of time on a blacksmith course. Typical items include hooks, letter openers, fire pokers and key fobs. More complicated pieces include woodworking tools, knives and swords.

Will I be able to take what I make home with me?

Yes! Be it a keepsake or something that's totally practical like a kitchen knife, everything you make you will be able to take home with you as a memento of the day you learnt how to be a blacksmith!

Do blacksmiths still exist?

Yes! Back in the 18th and 19th centuries there would have been a blacksmith in every village. That's not the case nowadays, but blacksmithing is still a profession, often with the emphasis on the artistic side, with blacksmiths carrying commission work. There are also a lot of hobbyist blacksmiths and people interested in learning this traditional craft, which is why blacksmith courses and experiences exist too!

Is all the material I need provided?

Yes. All the protective gear, the raw materials and the use of the tools is included in all blacksmithing experiences.

What is a forge?

A blacksmith's workshop is known as a forge, but it's actually the fire or heat source that's the actual forge. Today's forges are powered by propane, natural gas or the more traditional coal or charcoal.

How does a blacksmith's forge work?

The wrought iron or steel is placed in the forge top heat up. Once it's glowing, it's hot and soft enough to be able to be bent, cut and shaped into whatever form you want.

How hot does the forge get?

Red hot! A coal-fired forge can easily reach 1900°C, but to forge steel for example, a temperature of around 1000°C is needed. That's extremely hot, when you think your average cooking temperature in your oven at home is 180°C!

Is blacksmithing dangerous?

Sure you're in an environment where there is extreme heat and flames using heavy hand tools, but as long as you wear all protective gear and take all necessary precautions, you can be a safe blacksmith.

How many people will be on the course?

With the amount of supervision required and space needed for using the forge and tools for these blacksmithing experiences, numbers are generally kept low, usually to one or two participants per tutor.

How does a blacksmith make knives?

Knives are one of the most popular practical items for a blacksmith to make. They involve a lot of skill and work, from laboriously hammering the metal, to shaping the blade and the 'tang' (the bit that goes into the handle) before heat-treating the blade and finally grinding.

What sort of metals do blacksmiths use?

Blacksmiths use traditional wrought iron and steel, including forging various types together.

What should I wear for a blacksmith course?

You should wear comfortable, well-fitting casual clothing. The most important thing is your footwear. A good pair of sturdy boots is best. And think about tying long hair back or up. The blacksmiths will provide things like gloves, eye protection and aprons.

Am I going to get dirty?

There's no denying blacksmithing is hot, sweaty and grimy, so yes you will get dirty, but that's all part of the experience!

Who invented blacksmithing?

Evidence has been found that metal was worked as far back 1350BC in ancient Egypt. During the first Iron Age in 800-500BC, heating metal in fire and shaping it became widespread. And although the processes and materials have been developed since then, the technique is basically the same - to heat the metal and then shape to create.

Do you use power tools in blacksmithing?

No. Artisan blacksmithing is one of the few traditional skills that has pretty much stayed as it always has been. No power tools, no robots, just humans, heat and some proper elbow grease!

What tools will I be using?

Traditional blacksmith tools (which, of course, the blacksmith can make themselves!) include various types and sizes of hammer, chisels and tongs, with an anvil and vice. These are the basic tools needed for blacksmithing and you'll discover others such a hardy and a punch.

Where can I learn blacksmithing near me?

Blacksmithing courses and experiences are becoming increasingly popular, with more and more forges opening up their doors to welcome beginners to learn the art of blacksmithing. Usually full-day courses, you'll find blacksmith courses near you in:
  • Kent - Horsmonden
  • Hereford
  • Essex - Chelmsford
  • Cumbria
  • Wales - Carmarthen

Get hammering and shaping that metal! Book your Blacksmithing Course now!

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