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Racing Car Experiences


Our collection of race car driving experiences includes everything from single seaters to saloon cars, with a little sideways digression for F1 simulators. Drive an open-wheeler racing thoroughbred on the track with the competitive spirit of an F1 driver to post the best lap times. Race car experiences FAQs...

2 seater race car
Based On 2 Reviews

2-Seater Racing Car Ride


Save £30 Buy For £59.00

2-Seater Racing Car Ride
• Ride in a two-seater version of a single seater car
• A high speed passenger ride at full throttle
• You will be driven by an ex-Euroboss F1 driver
• Experiences hosted by a competing motorsport team
formular renault car

Formula F1000 Driving

Bovingdon Airfield, Hertfordshire

Save £90 From £89.00

Formula F1000 Driving
• Drive a Formula 1000 racing car on the track
• Take this single seater out for 10 or 30 laps
• In-car briefing as passenger in a sports car
• Feel the power of this car with a motorbike engine!
racing helmet

Race Track Tuition Experience

Nationwide Circuits

Save £150 Buy For £249.00

Race Track Tuition Experience
  • Learn all about the racing line on the track
  • One to one tuition from an expert racing driver
  • You'll be at the wheel for around 30 miles
  • Available at tracks around the country
single seater
Based On 2 Reviews

Racing Leicestershire


2 for 1 Buy For £119.00

Single Seater Racing Leicestershire
  • Four laps in a single seater racing car
  • Take on the professional circuits
  • Cars are race-prepped 1.8l Formula Fords
  • Drive familiarisation laps before going solo
drivers choice

Driving Choice Voucher

Nationwide venues

From £50.00

Driving Choice Voucher
  • Flexible driving gift voucher tokens
  • You choose the amount to buy
  • They choose the experience they want
  • FREE premium packaging included worth £4.99
Extreme Dodgem Racing
Based On 6 Reviews

Extreme Dodgems Birmingham


Save £10 Buy For £139.00

Extreme Dodgem Racing - Birmingham
• Race 1200cc saloon stock cars in Birmingham
• Up to 10 cars out on the track at once
• Non contact racing on a 400m asphalt oval circuit
• Every driver competes in heats & a finals race
Jordan F1 Race Car

Ultimate Jordan F1 Driving Experiences

Bovingdon Motorsports Centre, Hertfordshire

Save 50% From £999.00

Ultimate Jordan F1 Driving Experiences
  • Drive Sato's Jordan F1 car
  • The only place in the world to do this!
  • Several driving sessions included
  • 600kg, 600bhp and 10,500rpm
Renault Single Seater
Based On 6 Reviews

Single Seater Track Day


Save £100 From £99.00

Single Seater Track Day
• Drive genuine championship-racing single seaters
• Race prepped Formula Fords & Formula Renaults
• Cars capable of 0-60mph in 2.7 seconds
• Onboard camera footage included on Gold Experience
Single Seater Racing in Scotland

Racing Scotland

Near Fife

From £175.00

Single Seater Racing - Scotland
• Racing car driving at Knockhill race circuit Fife
• Coaching laps, demo laps and solo driving laps
• Drive a single seater just inches off the ground
• Excellent on-site facilities at this pro circuit
Racing Wiltshire
Based On 2 Reviews

Racing Wiltshire

near Chippenham

Buy For £185.00

Single Seater Race Experience - Wiltshire
• Single seater racing at historic Castle Combe
• One of the country's longest circuits at 1.8miles
• Some of the most challenging corners in the UK
• Drive a hatchback before going solo in a race car
single seater

Single Seater Track Drive

Blyton Park, Curborough Sprint Course, Three Sisters Race Circuit

Special Offer From £75.00

Single Seater Track Drive
• Drive a single seater on a high speed track
• All experiences start with a paced driving lap
• Drive in a genuine Formula Renault racing car
• Try your hand at proper race craft skills
porsche boxter head on

Porsche Boxster S Racing Experience

Nationwide Locations

Special Offer From £39.00

Porsche Boxster S Racing Experience
  • Drive a Porsche Boxster S in Martini racing colours
  • Choose between a 3 or 6 mile driving experience
  • Available at a selection of circuits around the UK
  • Rear wheel drive, open-top Porsche driving fun!
Single seater Racing Car at knockhill

Ultimate Driving Experience Scotland

Knockhill Racing Circuit, Fife

Buy For £325.00

Ultimate Driving Experience Scotland
• A fun packed day of driving events in Scotland
• Race, rally and kart at Knockhill's famous circuit
• In-car teaching in fully race prepped vehicles
• Spectators can watch from pit lane or race control
ferrari 458

Ferrari 458 Challenge Experience

Bovingdon Airfield, Hertfordshire

Save £79 From £79.00

Ferrari 458 Challenge Experience
• Drive the unique Ferrari 458 Challenge car
• This racing Ferrari is not even street legal!
• Drive for 4 or 8 laps around Bovingdon Airfield track
• Genuine car used in the Ferrari Challenge series
radical sr5 racer

Radical SR5 Driving Experience

Bovingdon Airfield, Hertfordshire

Save 50% From £69.00

Radical SR5 Driving Experience
  • Drive a Radical SR5 racing car at Bovingdon Circuit
  • The only experience of its kind in the world!
  • Experience the torque & acceleration of the SR5
  • This endurosports car weighs in at just 570kg
F1 Race Simulator

F1 Race Simulator

Hampshire and West Yorkshire

Buy For £39.00

F1 Race Simulator
• A hyper realistic F1 Grand Prix race simulator
• Ten linked race pods in each of these race centres
• Sit in full race seat with immersion graphics
• Drive practice, qualifiers & heats to gain points
Radical Passenger Rides
Based On 1 Review

Radical Passenger Rides


Save £10 From £39.00

Radical Passenger Rides
  • It does what it says - it's Radical!
  • Single or multi lap options available
  • Be driven at speed by an expert racing driver
  • Radical passenger ride certificate included
VR experience

Virtual Reality Gaming Experience

Newcastle upon Tyne

Save £10 From £39.00

Virtual Reality Gaming Experience
• A Virtual Reality gaming experience
• Top of the range HTV Vive & Oculus Rift headseats
• Step into the indescribable world of VR games
• Choose from a full catalogue of games & experiences
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