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Racing Car Experiences

Our collection of race car driving experiences includes everything from single seaters to saloon cars, with a little sideways digression for F1 simulators too. Time to drive an open-wheeler racing thoroughbred on the track with the competitive spirit of an F1 driver to post the best lap times. Race car experiences FAQs...
2 seater race car
Based On 2 Reviews

2-Seater Racing Car Ride


Save £30 Buy For £59.00

2-Seater Racing Car Ride
• Ride in a two-seater version of a single seater car
• A high speed passenger ride at full throttle
• You will be driven by an ex-Euroboss F1 driver
• Experiences hosted by a competing motorsport team
formular renault car

Formula F1000 Driving

Bovingdon Airfield, Hertfordshire

Save £90 From £89.00

Formula F1000 Driving
• Drive a Formula 1000 racing car on the track
• Take this single seater out for 10 or 30 laps
• In-car briefing as passenger in a sports car
• Feel the power of this car with a motorbike engine!
racing helmet

Race Track Tuition Experience

Nationwide Circuits

Save £150 Buy For £249.00

Race Track Tuition Experience
  • Learn all about the racing line on the track
  • One to one tuition from an expert racing driver
  • You'll be at the wheel for around 30 miles
  • Available at tracks around the country
single seater
Based On 2 Reviews

Racing Leicestershire


2 for 1 Buy For £119.00

Single Seater Racing Leicestershire
  • Four laps in a single seater racing car
  • Take on the professional circuits
  • Cars are race-prepped 1.8l Formula Fords
  • Drive familiarisation laps before going solo
drivers choice

Driving Choice Voucher

Nationwide venues

From £50.00

Driving Choice Voucher
  • Flexible driving gift voucher tokens
  • You choose the amount to buy
  • They choose the experience they want
  • FREE premium packaging included worth £4.99
Extreme Dodgem Racing
Based On 6 Reviews

Extreme Dodgems Birmingham


Save £10 Buy For £139.00

Extreme Dodgem Racing - Birmingham
• Race 1200cc saloon stock cars in Birmingham
• Up to 10 cars out on the track at once
• Non contact racing on a 400m asphalt oval circuit
• Every driver competes in heats & a finals race
Jordan F1 Race Car

Ultimate Jordan F1 Driving Experiences

Bovingdon Motorsports Centre, Hertfordshire

Save 50% From £999.00

Ultimate Jordan F1 Driving Experiences
  • Drive Sato's Jordan F1 car
  • The only place in the world to do this!
  • Several driving sessions included
  • 600kg, 600bhp and 10,500rpm

F1 Pitstop Experience


From £30.00

F1 Pitstop Experience
• F1-style pit-stop challenges & more
• Hosted by a motor sports event company
• Vouchers available for 2 to 24 people
• Add-on challenges: kart building & F1 simulator
Renault Single Seater
Based On 6 Reviews

Single Seater Track Day


Save £100 From £99.00

Single Seater Track Day
• Drive genuine championship-racing single seaters
• Race prepped Formula Fords & Formula Renaults
• Cars capable of 0-60mph in 2.7 seconds
• Onboard camera footage included on Gold Experience
Single Seater Racing in Scotland

Racing Scotland

Near Fife

From £175.00

Single Seater Racing - Scotland
• Racing car driving at Knockhill race circuit Fife
• Coaching laps, demo laps and solo driving laps
• Drive a single seater just inches off the ground
• Excellent on-site facilities at this pro circuit
Racing Wiltshire
Based On 2 Reviews

Racing Wiltshire

near Chippenham

Buy For £185.00

Single Seater Race Experience - Wiltshire
• Single seater racing at historic Castle Combe
• One of the country's longest circuits at 1.8miles
• Some of the most challenging corners in the UK
• Drive a hatchback before going solo in a race car
single seater

Single Seater Track Drive

Blyton Park, Curborough Sprint Course, Three Sisters Race Circuit

Special Offer From £75.00

Single Seater Track Drive
• Drive a single seater on a high speed track
• All experiences start with a paced driving lap
• Drive in a genuine Formula Renault racing car
• Try your hand at proper race craft skills
porsche boxter head on

Porsche Boxster S Racing Experience

Nationwide Locations

Special Offer From £39.00

Porsche Boxster S Racing Experience
  • Drive a Porsche Boxster S in Martini racing colours
  • Choose between a 3 or 6 mile driving experience
  • Available at a selection of circuits around the UK
  • Rear wheel drive, open-top Porsche driving fun!
Single seater Racing Car at knockhill

Ultimate Driving Experience Scotland

Knockhill Racing Circuit, Fife

Buy For £325.00

Ultimate Driving Experience Scotland
• A fun packed day of driving events in Scotland
• Race, rally and kart at Knockhill's famous circuit
• In-car teaching in fully race prepped vehicles
• Spectators can watch from pit lane or race control
ferrari 458

Ferrari 458 Challenge Experience

Bovingdon Airfield, Hertfordshire

Save £79 From £79.00

Ferrari 458 Challenge Experience
• Drive the unique Ferrari 458 Challenge car
• This racing Ferrari is not even street legal!
• Drive for 4 or 8 laps around Bovingdon Airfield track
• Genuine car used in the Ferrari Challenge series
car on track

Radical SR5 Driving Experience

Bovingdon Airfield, Hertfordshire

Save 50% From £69.00

Radical SR5 Driving Experience
  • Drive a Radical SR5 racing car at Bovingdon Circuit
  • The only experience of its kind in the world!
  • Experience the torque & acceleration of the SR5
  • This endurosports car weighs in at just 570kg
F1 Race Simulator

F1 Race Simulator

Hampshire and West Yorkshire

Buy For £39.00

F1 Race Simulator
• A hyper realistic F1 Grand Prix race simulator
• Ten linked race pods in each of these race centres
• Sit in full race seat with immersion graphics
• Drive practice, qualifiers & heats to gain points
Radical Passenger Rides
Based On 1 Review

Radical Passenger Rides


Save £10 From £39.00

Radical Passenger Rides
  • It does what it says - it's Radical!
  • Single or multi lap options available
  • Be driven at speed by an expert racing driver
  • Radical passenger ride certificate included
various shots of f1 simulator
Based On 1 Review

Formula 1 Driving Experience

Oldham, Manchester

From £24.00

Formula 1 Driving Experience
• Try this full size F1 simulator & slot cars too
• Full force feedback steering wheel on the F1 car
• Choose from any world-famous F1 track to race at
• Sessions are run as Grand Prix races
VR experience

Virtual Reality Gaming Experience

Newcastle upon Tyne

Save £10 From £39.00

Virtual Reality Gaming Experience
• A Virtual Reality gaming experience
• Top of the range HTV Vive & Oculus Rift headseats
• Step into the indescribable world of VR games
• Choose from a full catalogue of games & experiences

Should I buy this experience?

Who it's for

Its all about the sheer speed and acceleration in these racing cars. Forget comfort and exotic styling, this is raw, pared down motorsport at its very best. If that sends shivers down your spine, then these racing car experience are most definitely for you.

Who it's not for

If you really don't fancy being out there on your own in a single seater car that's a bit of a handful to drive and requires unwavering concentration, these race car days may not be for you. We've got lots of other driving experiences that are just as exciting, yet a little less demanding, with an instructor in the front passenger seat next to you.

Racing car experience day FAQs

  • Will I be driving an actual Formula One racing car?
  • Are these what you call 'open-wheel' racing cars?
  • What sort of racing cars can I drive?
  • Are genuine racing cars used for these experiences?
  • If it's a single seater does that mean I'm on my own out there?
  • Will I be in a race?
  • Is a racing car easy to drive?
  • Will I be on a proper racing car circuit?
  • Do I need a driving licence for these experiences?
  • How fast do these race cars go?
  • They're only 1.6l engines. How come they're so fast?
  • What's it like inside the cockpit?
  • Are these racing car experiences dangerous?
  • What should I wear for these race car days?
  • They look like F1 cars - are they?
  • Are the laps paced?
  • Do I just go straight out in the car?
  • Are there height or weight restrictions for driving a racing car?
  • Are helmets provided?
  • Where can I drive a racing car near me?
  • Will I be driving an actual Formula One racing car?

    Not on the race track, no. We do have F1 simulatorslisted in this section that give you an incredibly realistic feel of what driving an actual Formula One car is like. On the track experiences you'll be driving single seaters such as F1000, Formula Ford and Formula Renault.

    Are these what you call 'open-wheel' racing cars?

    Yes. Open wheel race cars are ones that have the wheels on the outside of the car body. It's a bit of an Americanism, as we tend to call them single seaters over here in the UK.

    What sort of racing cars can I drive?

    We have a whole host of venues offering single seater race experiences in purpose-built racing cars. We also have race-prepped saloon cars and even extreme banger cars listed in this racing car experience category.

    Are genuine racing cars used for these experiences?

    Many of the racing schools we work with use single seaters that compete or have competed in racing series, so you could be driving a car that has clocked up podium finishes at celebrated circuits around the country. Other schools are run by professional motor racing teams and they build single seater cars specifically for these experiences. The saloon cars used are race ready and again, many well have been driven in saloon car championship races.

    If it's a single seater does that mean I'm on my own out there?

    Yep! There's no room for an instructor in these open wheelers! Many race schools use helmets with integrated headsets and intercoms so they can communicate with you at all times.

    Will I be in a race?

    No. You'll be racing against the clock to post the best lap times you can, but you won't be physically racing against any other cars out there.

    Is a racing car easy to drive?

    A single seater is very different to a normal car or even a sports car. There are no doors or roof for a start! It's very much back to basics driving, so don't expect any modern driver aids like ABS or EPS. They are incredibly sensitive to control, with the just the slightest touch on the steering wheel to turn and very light pedals. Many of these racing cars have, just like their big brother F1 counterparts, paddle shift semi automatic gearboxes too. And don't forget, you will literally be just a couple of centimetres off the ground.

    Will I be on a proper racing car circuit?

    Several of our operators run these racing car driving days at professional motor racing circuits. Others have purpose-built tracks at former airfields. In all cases, you'll be driving on smooth tarmac or concrete surfaces, which provide optimal running conditions for these racing cars.

    Do I need a driving licence for these experiences?

    Yes. You'll need to present your valid manual driving licence at check-in. Some may ask that you've held your licence for at least two years. If you don't have a UK-issued licence, you will need to take photographic ID with your as well as your licence. Any other details regarding licence/driving requirements will be mentioned on each individual experience page.

    How fast do these race cars go?

    Fast! You can easily reach speeds of over 100mph in well under five seconds, even as a novice driver. And of course, being open cockpit and so close to the ground makes it all feel even faster when you drive.

    They're only 1.6l engines. How come they're so fast?

    It's all about the build. Single seat racing cars are pared down to the absolute basics and built with weight-saving materials, such as a monocoque chassis with carbon. These things come in at less than 500kg (compared to a normal family car that's near 1500kg) and being so lightweight means they perform really, really well. A 1.0l, 1.6l or 2.0l engine in an open wheel race car way outperforms a standard hatchback with the same capacity engine under the bonnet.

    What's it like inside the cockpit?

    Tight. We have to admit, it is a bit of squeeze to get in there, as you are so low to the ground and you have to kind of tuck your shoulders and arms in.It's very different to the normal driving position, but once you're all harnessed in you'll totally get into the zone and you'll be raring to go.

    Are these racing car experiences dangerous?

    Safety is number one priority for all driving day providers. All the necessary precautions are taken to ensure your safety in the cars. Of course, as with any form of motorsport, there is an inherent risk, but schools monitor closely all current safety criteria regarding the cars and the track.

    What should I wear for these race car days?

    Some schools provide one-piece race suits, others require casual clothing with shoulders covered (for the multi-point seat harnesses). Footwear is really important for driving these cars. You'll need narrow-fitting, flat-soled pumps or trainers. Some schools may have plimsolls for hire.

    They look like F1 cars - are they?

    No. With their wings, spoilers, open-wheel style and aerodynamic body, the single seater cars we feature do indeed look like F1 cars (they follow the same ethos on lightweight builds and aerodynamics) but there are not as powerful or expensive as actual Formula One cars. Having said that, many an F1 driver started out racing in series like Formula Ford and Formula Renault, so it's a definite stepping stone to F1.

    Are the laps paced?

    Some schools get a group of single seaters out on the track at once, with an instructor-driven pace car leading the pack. This facilitates getting the racing line and braking points just right, so you can really feel like you're making progress on the track.

    Do I just go straight out in the car?

    No. All drivers sign in and then attend a classroom briefing session where performance driving techniques and race track etiquette are covered. In most cases you will then go out as a passenger in a high-performance saloon for sighting laps with an instructor driving. You may also then get a few driving laps in a saloon to get used to the lay of the track. Then it's over to you to go out for the drive of your life in the race car!

    Are there height or weight restrictions for driving a racing car?

    Yes and, due to the nature of the car, they can be stricter than usual. Minimum heights range from 5ft to 5ft 2" and maximum heights from 6ft 1" to 6ft 6". In terms of weight, the maximum is usually around 16 to 19 stone. Please check each individual page for all the restrictions and details, or contact us using the on-page chat function, by 'phone or by email and we'll help.

    Are helmets provided?

    Yes. Helmets suitable for motorsport will be provided for you. Some schools have full face helmets with an integrated communication system.

    Where can I drive a racing car near me?

    Single seater and racing car driving experiences are hugely popular and not every motorsport supplier offers them, so you may have to travel bit to realise your racing driver dreams and book well in advance. It'll SO be worth it though as you go screeching around the circuit in locations such as:
    • Leicestershire
    • Lincolnshire
    • Staffordshire
    • Fife
    • Hertfordshire
    • Oxfordshire
    • Kent
    • Cheshire
    • Yorkshire
    • Hampshire
    • Wiltshire

    Are you up for posting a personal best lap time? Book your racing car experience now!

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