Medieval Jousting Experiences

As well as Medieval jousting, you can up your Knightly game by combining other skills to become a very proficient combat expert or even a trick rider in just one day. Can you imagine vaulting on a horse, or even managing to ride and fire arrows at the same time? Jousting & Medieval Games FAQs...
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Medieval Jousting Experience


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Medieval Jousting Experience
• Learn jousting skills on horseback
• Immerse yourself in the full Medieval setting
• Quintaine, tilt rings & pig sticking competitions!
• Run the Gauntlet Challenge & face the Black Knight
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Axe Throwing Brighton

Falmer, East Sussex

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Axe Throwing Brighton
  • Axe-throwing at a shooting ground near Brighton
  • Learn how to throw a variety of axes
  • It's all about stance & technique not strength!
  • Archery & air rifle shooting available as add-ons
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Axe Throwing Hertfordshire

Ware, Hertfordshire

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Axe Throwing Hertfordshire
• Learn to chuck things in chunks of wood!
• Try double head & tomahawk axes & knife throwing
• Sessions for small groups of up to six throwers
• Hosted by a family-run outdoor centre in Herts
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Axe Throwing Leicestershire

Sibbertoft, near Husbands Bosworth

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Axe Throwing Leicestershire
  • Learn to throw Angel and Norse Tomahawk axes
  • Hosted by an outdoor centre near Market Harborough
  • Coaching to get your axes to 'stick' in the wood
  • Possibility of an air rifle session add-on
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Axe Throwing Manchester

Rushton Spencer, near Macclesfield

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Axe Throwing Manchester
  • Axe throwing south of Manchester nr Macclesfield
  • At an outdoor centre in a lovely woodland setting
  • Instructors will teach you how to throw axes
  • Add an archery session for extra target fun!
trick riding

Vaulting & Trick Riding Perthshire

Pitlochry, Perthshire

From £110.00

Vaulting & Trick Riding Perthshire
  • Learn tricks & vaults on horseback
  • Hosted by Kirsty & her team
  • At Pitlochry in Perthshire
  • Two-hours of training
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Horseback Archery Warwickshire


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Horseback Archery Warwickshire
  • Horseback archery classes in Warwickshire
  • Learn to handle a bow & arrow on a moving horse
  • Master letting go of the reins to shoot your arrow

horse trick

Trick Riding in Warwickshire

Warwick, Warwickshire

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Trick Riding in Warwickshire
  • Learn vaults and tricks on horseback!
  • Tutors are Equity-registered stunt horse riders
  • Train on a vaulting barrel and then on a horse

Medieval Longbow Experience

Medieval Longbow Experience

Maldon, Essex

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Medieval Longbow Experience
  • Go back in time to play the role of a soldier in 1346
  • Learn to shoot Medieval longbow weapons
  • Re-enact battle tactics & shoot for silver coins

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Who it's for

If you've ever dreamt of being a knight in shining armour, this collection of Medieval mix of jousting games and horse riding skills experiences will see brave horsemen and women defending their honour in the modern version of the medieval jousting arena. No proof of previous gallant antics necessary, anyone can learn to joust!

Who it's not for

If you really don't feel comfortable around horses, or have no noble aspirations to be a jouster, these horseback experiences might not be for you.