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Axe Throwing & Medieval Jousting Experiences

As well as Medieval jousting, you can up your Knightly game by combining other skills to become a very proficient combat expert or even a trick rider in just one day. Can you imagine vaulting on a horse, lobbing axes, or even managing to ride and fire arrows at the same time? Jousting & Medieval Games FAQs...

Medieval Jousting Experience


Special Offer From £175

    • Learn jousting skills on horseback
    • Immerse yourself in the full Medieval setting
    • Quintaine, tilt rings & pig sticking competitions!
    • Run the Gauntlet Challenge & face the Black Knight
Horseback Archery Warwickshire


From £99.00

    • Horseback archery classes in Warwickshire
    • Learn to handle a bow & arrow on a moving horse
    • Master letting go of the reins to shoot your arrow
    • Archery & horse riding techniques will be taught
Trick Riding

Warwick, Warwickshire

From £99.00

    • Learn vaults and tricks on horseback!
    • Taught as a group at this specialist riding centre
    • Tutors are Equity-registered stunt horse riders
    • Train on a vaulting barrel and then on a horse
Axe Throwing Brighton

Falmer, East Sussex

Save 20% From £20

    • Axe-throwing at a shooting ground near Brighton
    • Learn how to throw a variety of axes
    • It's all about stance & technique not strength!
    • Archery & air rifle shooting available as add-ons
Axe Throwing Hertfordshire

Ware, Hertfordshire

From £19.00

    • Learn to chuck things in chunks of wood!
    • Try double head & tomahawk axes & knife throwing
    • Sessions for small groups of up to six throwers
    • Hosted by a family-run outdoor centre in Herts
Axe Throwing in Yorkshire

Leeds/York and Harrogate

From £30.00

    • Learn to throw a tomahawk axe
    • Yes, it's dangerous but it's all controlled!
    • Play axe throwing target games & challenges too
    • Available at two venues in Yorkshire
Axe Throwing Leicestershire

Sibbertoft, near Husbands Bosworth

From £25.00

    • Learn to throw Angel and Norse Tomahawk axes
    • Hosted by an outdoor centre near Market Harborough
    • Coaching to get your axes to 'stick' in the wood
    • Possibility of an air rifle session add-on
Axe Throwing Manchester

Rushton Spencer, Nr Macclesfield

Save £10 From £25

    • Axe throwing south of Manchester nr Macclesfield
    • At an outdoor centre in a lovely woodland setting
    • Instructors will teach you how to throw axes
    • Add an archery session for extra target fun!
Axe Throwing North Nottingham

Lime Woods, near Calverton

Save £11 From £25

    • Have a go at axe-throwing in north Nottingham!
    • Learn to throw Tomahawk axes into wood targets
    • Event takes place at Lime Woods near Calverton
    • Axe throwing experience lasts for around an hour
Medieval & Modern Target Combos for Two

Frodsham, Cheshire

From £99.00

    • A trio of combat shooting combo experiences
    • Choose to go Medieval or modern
    • Each of the three activities lasts for 45-minutes
    • Shoot instructors are all active or ex-military
Medieval Longbow Experience

Chelmsford, Essex

Save £49 From £149

    • Go back in time to play the role of a soldier in 1346
    • Learn to shoot Medieval longbow weapons
    • Re-enact battle tactics & shoot for silver coins
    • Includes a Medieval-style lunch for all archers
Crossbow Experience

Hazlewood Castle, Leeds

From £30.00

    • Learn how to load and fire a modern crossbow
    • Lessons last an hour and include all equipment
    • Crossbows are powerful & highly accurate
    • Take part in some crossbow challenge games

Should I buy this experience?

Who it's for

If you’ve ever dreamt of being a knight in shining armour, this collection of Medieval mix of jousting games, horse riding skills and axe throwing will see brave horsemen and women defending their honour in the modern version of the medieval jousting arena. No proof of previous gallant antics necessary, anyone can learn to joust!

Who it's not for

If you really don’t feel comfortable around horses, or have no noble aspirations to be a jouster, these horseback experiences might not be for you. But don’t dismiss the axe throwing, everyone loves that (and no, you don’t need to be strong).

Jousting and Knight Games FAQS

  • Will I actually be jousting?
  • Do I need to know how to ride a horse to joust?
  • Do I need to be fit for these Medieval and jousting experiences?
  • What is trick riding?
  • Will I get to vault a horse?
  • Do I need to be a competent horse rider for the tricks experiences?
  • Can you really ride and fire arrows at the same time?
  • Are jousting games popular?
  • What sort of horses are used?
  • Will I actually get to use a lance?
  • Could I fall off the horse?
  • What are jousting lances made from?
  • How heavy is a jousting lance?
  • How do you win at jousting?
  • Why is axe throwing also in this section?
  • What is axe throwing all about?
  • Isn’t axe throwing dangerous?
  • Are these activities for knights and maidens too?
  • Is chivalry dead?
  • Where can I do jousting near me?
  • Where can I go axe throwing near me?
  • Will I actually be jousting?

    Yes! You will be attending a professional jousting school for the day and you’ll learn how to joust. By the end of the course, you should be good enough to take part in your own mini joust tournament.

    Do I need to know how to ride a horse to joust?

    No. These jousting sessions have been designed to appeal to those with little or no horse riding experience. If you go on to do further jousting training, the minimum level of horse riding required is that you are able to canter on a horse.

    Do I need to be fit for these Medieval and jousting experiences?

    A certain level of fitness is needed to be able to get on the horse, stay on it and hold that Knight’s lance at the same time!

    What is trick riding?

    Trick riding is performing vaults, tricks and stands the back of a horse using the famous Cossack trick riding saddles.

    Will I get to vault a horse?

    Yes! After training sessions using a wooden vault, you’ll progress to trick skills on a real horse, including vaulting onto the horse.

    Do I need to be a competent horse rider for the tricks experiences?

    No. No previous horse riding skills are necessary. However, you will need to be fairly fit for these experiences, as you will be performing tricks on horseback.

    Can you really ride and fire arrows at the same time?

    Yep! Horseback archery is an actual thing. Back in the days of olde, as well as battling it out in the jousting arena, knights were also expected to be fine marksmen, even whilst in the saddle. Our experiences teach you how to ride and fire arrows. A bit like patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time, it’s all about coordination.

    Are jousting games popular?

    Jousting games for fun are really, really popular and are now a staple feature in the summer entertainment programme at many an English castle and Medieval fayre around the country. It’s always an exhilarating show that’s pretty spectacular to watch, as Knights battle it out to honour and protect their coat of arms.

    What sort of horses are used?

    Horses with the right temperament are chosen to be trained as stunt and film horses and your mount for jousting, archery and trick riding will be highly experienced, calm, stable and placid, as well as being strong. They are pretty amazing horses and you’re bound to create a bit of a bond during your Knight training!

    Will I actually get to use a lance?

    Yes. Once you’ve got the techniques for jousting sussed, you’ll be in the saddle, lance in your hand as you ride. It’ll feel like a scene from ‘A Knight’s Tale’!

    Could I fall off the horse?

    Just as you could riding ay horse in any situation, technically yes, you could fall from the horse, but it is highly unlikely, especially when all safety precautions are correctly followed. The trainers hand-select horses to suit each rider and they are super patient and calm.

    What are jousting lances made from?

    Traditionally, in Medieval times, they were made of ash wood. Each one would be decorated with the knight’s colours and coat of arms and a spear or spike fitted to the tip. The lances you’ll be using won’t be quite as lethal, thankfully!

    How heavy is a jousting lance?

    Being between 9 and 14ft long, traditional lances made from ash were heavy, weighing in at 25-50kgs. The ones you’ll be using are much lighter, making it easier for you to handle them. And believe us, it’s tricky getting ready for the lunge move at the same time as holding your shield and riding your horse!

    How do you win at jousting?

    We’re sure that back in the day it was more about knocking your rival off their horse and maybe even fatally wounding them! But sport jousting is about scoring points with each ‘pass’ (when the knights canter or gallop in their horse towards each other). You get one point for hitting your opponent’s shield but without breaking the tip. Two points for a hit that breaks to the tip off the lance and then three points if the hit smashes the lance tip into fragments. Of course, if you smash the lance to smithereens completely, you win the respect of baying crowd!

    Why is axe throwing also in this section?

    Ah yes. To be totally honest with you, we couldn’t think where else to put it and seeing as knights of old were highly trained in combat skills including axe throwing, we thought we’d put it here!

    What is axe throwing all about?

    Specially manufactured throwing axes and knives are used for these axe throwing experiences aimed at total beginners. You’ll be shown how to pick up the weapon, how to handle it and then how to throw it. You’ll be lobbing a variety of axes and knives into wooden blocks, under the watchful eye of the expert instructors. It’s great fun!

    Isn’t axe throwing dangerous?

    When you see acts on TV shows like Britain’s Got Talent with knives being chucked into apples perched on people’s heads, there’s more than a touch of danger to it all. But of course, it’s a well-rehearsed show and all safety precautions have been taken in advance. It’s the same with these axe throwing sessions. The hosts are all highly trained and experienced, the equipment used is specifically for axe and knife throwing and you’ll be doing it in a controlled environment, where safety is paramount.

    Are these activities for knights and maidens too?

    Yes of course. Thankfully things have moved on since Medieval times, so experiences are suitable for males and females.

    So is chivalry dead?

    We don’t know how to answer that one!

    Where can I do jousting near me?

    As you might imagine, learning how to joust is quite a unique thing to do, so there are not jousting schools all over the country. But with such specialist training on offer, it’s well worth travelling for these jousting, horseback skills and trick riding experiences, currently available in Warwickshire.

    Where can I go axe throwing near me?

    Axe throwing experiences take place at outdoor activity centres around the country. Locations offering axe throwing sessions currently include:
    • East Sussex
    • Hertfordshire
    • Yorkshire
    • Leicestershire
    • Cheshire
    • Nottinghamshire

    Ready for some gallant antics? Book your jousting experience now!

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