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Medieval Jousting Games, Tournaments and More!

Medieval Jousting Experience


Special Offer From £175

    • Learn jousting skills on horseback
    • Immerse yourself in the full Medieval setting
    • Quintaine, tilt rings & pig sticking competitions!
    • Run the Gauntlet Challenge & face the Black Knight
Horseback Archery Warwickshire


From £99.00

    • Horseback archery classes in Warwickshire
    • Learn to handle a bow & arrow on a moving horse
    • Master letting go of the reins to shoot your arrow
    • Archery & horse riding techniques will be taught
Trick Riding

Warwick, Warwickshire

From £99.00

    • Learn vaults and tricks on horseback!
    • Taught as a group at this specialist riding centre
    • Tutors are Equity-registered stunt horse riders
    • Train on a vaulting barrel and then on a horse
Axe Throwing Brighton

Falmer, East Sussex

Save 20% From £20

    • Axe-throwing at a shooting ground near Brighton
    • Learn how to throw a variety of axes
    • It's all about stance & technique not strength!
    • Archery & air rifle shooting available as add-ons
Axe Throwing Hertfordshire

Ware, Hertfordshire

From £19.00

    • Learn to chuck things in chunks of wood!
    • Try double head & tomahawk axes & knife throwing
    • Sessions for small groups of up to six throwers
    • Hosted by a family-run outdoor centre in Herts
Axe Throwing in Yorkshire

Leeds/York and Harrogate

From £30.00

    • Learn to throw a tomahawk axe
    • Yes, it's dangerous but it's all controlled!
    • Play axe throwing target games & challenges too
    • Available at two venues in Yorkshire
Axe Throwing Leicestershire

Sibbertoft, near Husbands Bosworth

From £25.00

    • Learn to throw Angel and Norse Tomahawk axes
    • Hosted by an outdoor centre near Market Harborough
    • Coaching to get your axes to 'stick' in the wood
    • Possibility of an air rifle session add-on
Axe Throwing Manchester

Rushton Spencer, Nr Macclesfield

Save £10 From £25

    • Axe throwing south of Manchester nr Macclesfield
    • At an outdoor centre in a lovely woodland setting
    • Instructors will teach you how to throw axes
    • Add an archery session for extra target fun!
Crossbow Experience

Hazlewood Castle, Leeds

From £30.00

    • Learn how to load and fire a modern crossbow
    • Lessons last an hour and include all equipment
    • Crossbows are powerful & highly accurate
    • Take part in some crossbow challenge games

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