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Medieval Jousting Games, Tournaments and More!

We've all dreamt of being a knight in shining armour and this collection of Medieval jousting games makes that dream on horseback a reality! This mix of jousting games , horse riding skills and axe throwing will see brave horsemen and women defending their honour in the modern version of the medieval jousting arena - no previous gallant antics necessary, anyone can learn to joust!

As well as the jousting from Medieval times, you can up your game by combining other skills to become a very proficient combat expert or even a trick rider in just one day. Can you imagine vaulting on a horse or even managing to ride and fire arrows at the same time? And even though you won't be taking part in a full on jousting tournament, you might try and bit of head to head duelling or even axe throwing. And of course everything you need is included, so just bring along a whole load of courage and a good helping of dauntlessness! Read more...


Medieval Jousting Experience


Special Offer From £175

    • Learn jousting skills on horseback
    • Immerse yourself in the full Medieval setting
    • Quintaine, tilt rings & pig sticking competitions!
    • Run the Gauntlet Challenge & face the Black Knight
Horseback Archery Warwickshire


From £99.00

    • Horseback archery classes in Warwickshire
    • Learn to handle a bow & arrow on a moving horse
    • Master letting go of the reins to shoot your arrow
    • Archery & horse riding techniques will be taught
Trick Riding

Warwick, Warwickshire

From £99.00

    • Learn vaults and tricks on horseback!
    • Taught as a group at this specialist riding centre
    • Tutors are Equity-registered stunt horse riders
    • Train on a vaulting barrel and then on a horse
Axe Throwing Brighton

Falmer, East Sussex

Save 20% From £20

    • Axe-throwing at a shooting ground near Brighton
    • Learn how to throw a variety of axes
    • It's all about stance & technique not strength!
    • Archery & air rifle shooting available as add-ons
Axe Throwing Hertfordshire

Ware, Hertfordshire

From £25.00

    • Learn to chuck things in chunks of wood!
    • Try double head & tomahawk axes & other activities
    • Sessions for small groups of up to six throwers
    • Hosted by a family-run outdoor centre in Herts
Axe Throwing in Yorkshire

Leeds/York and Harrogate

From £30.00

    • Learn to throw a tomahawk axe
    • Yes, it's dangerous but it's all controlled!
    • Play axe throwing target games & challenges too
    • Available at two venues in Yorkshire
Axe Throwing Leicestershire

Sibbertoft, near Husbands Bosworth

From £25.00

    • Learn to throw Angel and Norse Tomahawk axes
    • Hosted by an outdoor centre near Market Harborough
    • Coaching to get your axes to 'stick' in the wood
    • Possibility of an air rifle session add-on
Axe Throwing Newark on Trent

Kelham Hall & Country Park

From £25.00

    • Have a go at axe-throwing in Newark-on-Trent!
    • Learn to throw Tomahawk axes into wood targets
    • Event takes place in the grounds of Kelham Hall
    • Axe throwing experience lasts for around an hour
Crossbow Experience

Hazlewood Castle, Leeds

From £30.00

    • Learn how to load and fire a modern crossbow
    • Lessons last an hour and include all equipment
    • Crossbows are powerful & highly accurate
    • Take part in some crossbow challenge games

Jousters wanted - no horse riding experience necessary

Partaking in a spot of Medieval jousting or entering a jousting games tournament might not the first leisure activity that comes to mind of a weekend, but when we found out we were going to be offering a range of horseback activities at Intotheblue, there was no shortage of volunteers wanting to give these exciting games and skills on a horse a go!

If, like us, you are fans of the adventure comedy film 'A Knight's Tale’, the fearless and action-packed world of jousting tournaments in the merry Medieval times is hard to resist. A what finer excuse for a little video medley of the best jousting scenes from A Knight's Tale...

Just imagine it now…thousands of spectators packed into the hot arena getting ready to cheer on the noble knights as they prepare for their bout of jousting games. The smell of fresh hay, the smoke and steam rising from the blacksmiths's tents. And all that for the honour of winning a duel on horseback that probably involves the hand of some fair maiden, proving that Medieval jousting games where about more than just keeping the rich amused. 

Jousting games making a comeback

Since the 1970s Medieval jousting games and showcases have seen a resurgence in popularity, with many renaissance fayres and events incorporating jousting games and tournaments featuring actors. There has even been a return to combat in the saddle as a competitive sport rather than just a theatrical showcase. Our jousting games are suitable for anyone, whether you have already been on horseback or not.

Traditionally, headstrong charger horses were dressed in head shields (chanfons) and decorated in the heraldic flags of the honourable knight who would be going into battle in these exhilarating jousting tournaments. However, these mounts have all been selected for their steady temperament and they are all used to the excitement of a few games of jousting.

Learn some nifty Medieval jousting and horse trick skills

The temperament of the horse is also the key to success on our other horsey experiences too , which could see you vaulting onto your horse and even pulling off a few stands and hold tricks whilst the horse is trotting! Not exactly Medieval, but just as exhilarating in its own way, with no previous riding experience necessary.

Similarly, for the Medieval experiences you don't need to be a knight to learn to joust, as these games are all about fun. You will get to hold a lance and maybe even spar with your opponent as you gallop head to head, ready to tilt and attack. It’s all in the name of fair play of course, with the aim for you to make contact with your opponents shield. In these post Medieval jousting days, the expert jousters aim to break the lance or knock the rider off their horse rather than fighting or anything even more sinister!

So with these Medieval jousting experiences and games it's clear chivalry and the honourable arena sports from 'ye olde worlde' times are not forgotten. You'll get a wonderful insight into what it must've been like competing in horse riding showcases and wild jousting tournaments under the watchful gaze of the king and thousands of enthusiastic onlookers too.

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