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18th Birthday

A range of 18th birthday gifts they'll love as they celebrate turning from a teenager into an adult. Excitement, trepidation and enjoyment are all on the cards with these activities that are perfect 18th birthday present ideas. If you know someone who'll be celebrating their 18th soon, we've got some great gifts to choose from. Please visit our gift ideas section for a great choice of inspiring gift ideas for all the family.

Here at Into the Blue we say you should make the most of your 18th. It's the birthday that means you are now a genuine, official, proper adult. Of course, many indulge before they are 18, but from this day you can officially go clubbing, have a drink in a pub, apply for a credit card, buy tobacco, place a bet in bookies and vote.

All of which are very grown up, but not very exciting. This is where we come in, with our fantastic range of entertaining gifts for you to enjoy as a fully fledged adult. An 18th invariably means a toast with a bottle of champers, a family get together and a party, but it could also lead to a fantastic day out doing some completely bonkers activity or learning something new that will amaze you. IntotheBlue does pride itself on having some of most exhilarating, yet unusual birthday gifts available throughout the UK so there's always a perfect gift for each milestone birthday!

As instantly wise and responsible you might feel on your 18th, we think you also deserve some serious fun, which is why we've gathered together a collection of gifts ideas perfect for 18th birthdays. And yes, for some of them you do need to be 18 to take part, so that works out quite nicely.

Being such an important birthday to mark, many of these 18th gifts offer the chance for friends and family to go along with you and spectate, take photos and film the whole event for prosperity. So smile your best smile, feel like a grown up 18 year old young man or lady and enjoy your Into the Blue activity.

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