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Indoor Skydiving in the UK

Our indoor skydiving experiences give you all the freefall without the need to get on a plane. Feel your body become airborne thanks to a vertical wind tunnel blasting winds up to 120mph and get ready to test your acrobatic skills as you rise into the blast of air! Indoor Skydiving FAQS

ifly family

Family iFLY Vouchers

Milton Keynes, Manchester, Basingstoke

Save £20 Buy For £180.00

Family iFLY Vouchers
• Indoor Skydiving for up to 5 people
• Share 10 mins of flight time
• Flight certificate for each flyer
• Suitable for ages 5 and over
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Bear Grylls Adventure iFLY

The NEC, Birmingham

Save 20% From £52.00

Bear Grylls Adventure iFLY
• Indoor skydiving for one or two people in Birmingham
• Take on the Bear Grylls Adventure iFLY challenge
• Experience freefall in the vertical wind tunnel
• Includes two flights per person - great value
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Flyers Choice

Locations Nationwide

From £50.00

Flyers Choice
  • Choose from a wide choice of Flying Experiences
  • Locations across the UK
  • Option to top up your voucher on line
  • FREE premium packaging included worth £4.99
VR Indoor Skydiving

iFLY Virtual Reality Experience

Milton Keynes, Manchester, Basingstoke

Buy For £99.99

iFLY Virtual Reality Experience
• Experience indoor skydiving with VR headsets
• Feel the wind and see yourself skydiving for 'real'
• VR is available at all three iFLY centres in the UK
• Two indoor skydives before your VR skydive flight
Assault Course

Bear Grylls Adventure

The NEC, Birmingham

From £40.00

Bear Grylls Adventure
• Embark on a unique Bear Grylls Adventure!
• Extensive range of activity packages offered
• High ropes, diving, climbing, iFly & more
• Tackle the tough mental & physical challenges
ifly tuition
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Extended Skydiving Simulator Sessions

Milton Keynes, Manchester, Basingstoke

Buy For £79.99

iFLY Skydiving Simulator Experience
• Four minutes of Indoor Flight
• Equivalent to 6 x 12,00ft skydives
• 1:1 wind tunnel tuition
• Suitable for kids and adults

Should you buy this experience?

Who it's for

Indoor skydiving and bodyflight is THE adrenaline sport of the moment, so if you're one of those people always on the look for new adventures, or you want to experience a proper adrenaline rush, this is right up your street. And let's be honest, it looks pretty cool too!

Who it's not for

Not feeling the whole 'getting lifted up the ground by giant fan machines' part of the experience? Are you terrified with everything airborne related? Then this activity might not be the right fit for you. But don't worry, we have more down to earth experiences you can choose from!

Indoor skydiving experiences FAQ

What is indoor skydiving?

Indoor skydiving refers to the activity of simulating a true freefall experience without having to leap out of a plane, as it all takes place inside a building. A vertical wind tunnel is used to generate powerful currents of air that can go up to 120mph, which in turn, allows the human body to float in the air and achieve that freefall sensation.

Is indoor skydiving safe?

Yes. Safety is a top priority when it comes to your indoor skydive, so you will be accompanied by a highly-trained flight instructor during the whole experience. The whole team will ensure you're having a great time in a safe environment. The necessary safety equipment will also be provided before getting in the tunnel.

What should I wear to an indoor skydiving experience?

As you will be wearing a flight suit over your clothes, it's recommended to wear something comfortable that won't restrict your movements, such as trousers and a t-shirt. For footwear, go for lace-up and well-fitting shoes; like trainers or running shoes. Boots, high heels or flip-flops are not allowed.

Is there a weight limit?

Yes, participants must be under 18 stone (114kg) to be able to take part in this experience. There is not a minimum weight requirement.

What is the recommended age?

You should be at least three years old to participate in an indoor skydiving experience. There isn't a maximum age limit in place, as long as you meet the physical requirements, you're good to go!

Can I go indoor skydiving while pregnant?

Unfortunately, this experience is not recommended for pregnant women due to safety reasons.

Will I be able to do flips and tricks?

In due time, yes, you will be able to do flips, rolls and all sorts of tricks! However, your first session will be all about the basics and the nitty-gritty of indoor skydiving. You'll be accompanied by a professional instructor who will guide you through the different manoeuvres and the 'how-tos'.

Are there any other health restrictions?

Indoor skydiving isn't suitable for those under the influence of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs, people who have dislocated their shoulder before, or people wearing a hard cast. If you've suffered any heart, back or neck injuries recently, it is recommended to speak with a doctor before flying.

Can I eat before my indoor skydiving experience?

Definitely! Feel free to eat anything you fancy before your flight session without having to worry about possible nausea or motion sickness.

How long does an indoor skydiving flight last?

You will get two 60 seconds flight per person (the equivalent of three aeroplane skydiving jumps!), but the whole experience can take up to one and a half hours. Please make sure to leave enough time for the check-in and the briefing session.

Can I fly with my friends/family at the same time?

Although they can be part of the same group that will be flying on the day, these experiences are designed for solo flight sessions. The only other person allowed inside the wind tunnel at the same time as you will be the flight instructor, who will be guiding you through the duration of the experience. But the others in your group will be watching just outside the wind tunnel whilst waiting their turn!

Can we bring spectators to watch us?

Of course! The venues all have an observation area where spectators are more than welcome to come and watch you while you're taking part in the experience.

Where can I go for an indoor skydiving experience?

We have indoor skydiving experiences available in selected centres across the UK:
  • Milton Keynes
  • Manchester
  • Basingstoke

Up for a thrilling adventure? Book your indoor skydiving lesson now!

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