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Wakeboarding & Waterskiing Lessons


Wakeboarding experiences for beginners. Learn to wakeboard or waterski with taster lessons in wakeboarding and waterskiing at some of the UK's top water centres. All the kit is included, so you don't need to splash out on a wakeboard & bindings, waterskis or even a wetsuit. Some of the sessions are behind the boat, whilst others are on the cable tow - and all are great fun!  Read more about Wakeboard & Waterski experiences...


Wakeboarding Brighton


From £55.00

Wakeboarding Brighton
  • Learn wakeboarding at Hove in-land lagoon
  • Tuition from top-notch (and patient) wakerboarders
  • Lessons are on dedicated beginner's cable tow
  • Choose from one or two taster lesson packages
Waterskiiing - Sunset Waterskiing

Waterskiing Newhaven


Buy For £45.00

Waterskiing Newhaven
  • Waterskiing behind the motorboat
  • A 15-min session out on the water
  • Setting off from Newhaven Marina
  • Coaching on-shore & in the water
Wakeboarding in Sussex - On Seaford Bay

Wakeboarding Sussex


Buy For £45.00

Wakeboarding Sussex
  • Wakeboarding out of Newhaven Marina
  • Suitable for all levels from beginner
  • On-land lesson & on-water coaching
  • All the wakeboard gear included


Learning to wakeboard in the UK

Of course, wakeboarding on the generally cold waters of the UK is never going to be as glamorous as riding the wake in the Florida sunshine, so expect to be wearing a wetsuit pretty much all year round on these wakeboard and waterski lesson sessions. But that won't stop you from having the most fun out on the water. Just prepared to get a little wet whilst you learn…

Our guide to wakeboarding and waterskiing lessons

If you're not au fait with the sport, here's our little guide for you so you can pick the experience that best suits who you're buying for.  In essence there are two ways to be towed; either by a boat or a cable.

Cable tow wakeboarding and waterskiing

Cable tows work a bit like a ski drag lift, except they go round in a continuous loop and you try to hang on rather than letting go to get off.

Cables have the advantage that you are less reliant on the weather and they are much more eco-friendly. Several people can be going round at the same time (spaced apart though of course!) and it's all together a lot better value for money. All of our venues offer this type of system and it generally means you get more riding time, depending on how good you are at getting up and staying up that is.

In some cases you might be advised to start on the cabletow on a kneel board as these are easy to launch on and control. Otherwise, it's up to you whether you fancy giving wakeboarding (where you stand sideways on a single board) or waterskiing (where you're looking forward on one or two skis).

As you wait in line on the pontoon for your slot you're bound to feel nervous, so the instructors will assist with the easier way to start for novices - a water start - where you get in the water then grab onto the handle as it passes.

Don't be put off by the fancy pants doing a stylish jumping dock start in front of you - if you take to it like duck to water you'll be doing that before long and a whole lot of other cool tricks just like these guys in their stylish onboard camera wakeboarding video.

Wakeboarding or waterskiing behind a boat

It has to be said, all the riding styles and tricks that can be done behind a boat can also be done on a cable tow. However, some wakeboard purists prefer being towed by a powerboat.

This is far more intense thrill, but gives you less time to practice, as slots usually only last about 10 or 15 minutes. But what a ride it is and you'll be exhausted after. And let's face it, there's nothing more satisfying than nailing your first wake-to-wake jump behind a fancy Malibu Wakesetter or the seminal Mastercraft X Star - just two of the most popular wake boats in the UK.

Qualified drivers and instructors will be taking you out for your run. If you're an absolute beginner waterskier or wakeboarder, you will probably begin your lesson on a solid boom attached to the side of the boat. Once again, you start off in the water with the board attached to your feet, then you grab the boom, the boat pulls away and (hopefully) you stand up and ride!

Of course, even after an intense wakeboard course, you probably won't be pulling tantrums or hoochy glides yet. But you will have an absolutely fabulous time. And hopefully, by the end of your session, thanks to the patient wakeboarding instructors, you will be successfully completing whole runs on either the cable or behind the boat…just watch out for going round corners or when the boat turns!