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Last Minute Valentine’s Offers – Best Deals for the 14th Feb!

With our last minute Valentine’s offers, you’ve never left it too late to buy that Valentine’s gift that’s sure to impress!

So, if you’re reading this, the chances are you’ve left it to the very last minute. You haven’t got time to get into town. If you buy something on the internet it won’t get to you in time by post. And your fave restaurant is all booked up. What to do, what to do. This is where you need a website you can trust, to buy an experience they’ll love, with a voucher delivered by email…

Take a bow, Intotheblue.co.uk. Open 24hrs, you can browse and buy last minute Valentine’s offers right up until that very last minute, or even second, and you get an instant voucher by email.

What’s more, we’ve negotiated some fab discount deals for St Valentine’s Day. Here’s our rundown of the very best value, last minute, special offer gifts for Valentine’s.

Last minute Valentine’s offers – five of the best

iFLY last minute Valentine's offers

Feel those free-fall sensations with this last minute Valentine’s offer from iFLY

1. iFLY Indoor Skydiving for two
Was £98, now £73
Quite literally blow your beloved away with this great value indoor skydiving voucher just for Valentine’s Day. You’ll both great dressed up in a flying suit, helmet and goggles, before jumping into a vertical wind tunnel for that ultimate free-fall sensation. Just like when you first fell in love…or something like that. Available at iFLY centres in Manchester, Milton Keynes and Basingstoke.

2. Lover’s Leap Bungee Jump for two
Was £120, now £99 including Champers
You have to be pretty comfortable with each other for this one. You’ll be strapped together and attached to the bungee cord for the Lover’s Leap. Hugging each other tightly, you’ll take the leap into the abyss together. Pre-meditated or last minute, we think you’d be mad to want to do this for Valentine’s Day!

3. Climb and Dine at the O2 Arena
£99 for two
Join forces and walk the walk together, with this amazing experience at London’s O2. You will literally climb up and over the roof of the capital’s famous domed arena. And after that vertiginous challenge, you get to sit down together and enjoy a lovely meal.

4. Proms for two
Was £79, now £63
The perfect last minute Valentine’s offer to grab now and enjoy later. Buy your tickets to the Summer Proms season, as series of outdoor spectaculars combining music, rousing proms songs and aerial entertainment from fireworks to vintage aircraft flypasts. All very evocative stuff and a great evening out to look forward to for you both.

5. Exclusive Heli Charters
Was £476, now £299
Just because you’ve left your Valentine’s gift buying to the last minute doesn’t mean you can’t push the boat out…or rather the helicopter with these offers. All exclusive charters are private bookings, so you can take who you want on your aerial tour with you. Invite the whole family, or make it a romantic flight for two, it’s up to you. And with departures from Stirling to Cornwall, we’ve got flight paths over most of the UK’s cities and towns for under £300 per helicopter!

Valentines last minute offers heli flights

Last minute Valentine’s offers on exclusive helicopter charter flights. Book the whole chopper from just £269!

And don’t forget, all these last minute Valentine’s offers are available to buy online now from Intotheblue.co.uk. If you need to speak to us, give us a call during normal office hours on 01959 578100.  We can’t find you love, but we can definitely find you an experience you’ll love!

what is caving

What is caving? Go caving in the UK

What is caving, potholing or spelunking? It’s essentially the same thing – the exploration of underground caves and caverns. And what you might think would be a dark and dank uninhabitable world, can actually be full of natural geological wonders. But caving isn’t for everyone. Here’s our guide to give you an overview of what caving is all about.

What is caving like?

There are many different types of caves to explore. Some are manmade (having been mined for whatever reason), some are naturally occurring. Some you can literally just walk into and look around and they are open to the public and staffed. Others involve a boat ride to access huge underground lakes an caverns, which are run more like a tourist attraction.

But when you ask purists what is caving, they will tell you it’s about discovering and exploring the hidden underground world. These more wild caving spots are well-documented amongst the caving community and this is what the sport of caving is all about, rather than being a visit to a tourist attraction and this, the more adventurous sort of caving, is what we’re talking about here.

So what is this more ‘grass-roots’ caving actually like then?

Well, it’s a mix of canyoning, climbing and abseiling techniques, whilst being underground – which means it’ll be dark, so it’s not an activity for claustrophobics.

You could find yourself having to squeeze through tiny letterbox-size openings to access these underground caverns, there may be some abseiling involved using ropes and there may be metal wrought iron ladders to negotiate and lots of water too.

But the ‘holy grail’ of caving is coming across amazing underground caverns covered in stalactites, or glistening lakes for example. Vestiges of the glaciers that formed these series of geological wonders.

what is caving stalactites

This is what caving is all about – discovering magical stalactites in caves!

Sounds like you could get wet. What should you wear when caving?

Again, it depends what sort of caving it is. In the UK, most caves are damp to water filled, so you’ll need warm base layers, a fleece-lined one-piece if it’s really cold and waterproofs. You can get jackets and trousers, or the more heavy duty PVC all-in-one coveralls. Then you’ll need rubber Wellington boots with a good tread and maybe neoprene wet socks as well. One thing definitely not  to wear is jeans. These get really heavy when wet.

After that, you’ll be wearing a hard-hat style helmet and have a light source (remember it’s properly dark down there!). LED helmet torches are the most favoured lights by cavers these days – and remember to have a back up too.

Experienced cavers on more extreme caving expeditions that last many hours will also take supplies and extra gear to maybe even spend the night underground.

Dark caverns

Exploring the dark, underground caverns – that’s what caving is all about!

When is it possible to cave?

That’s the advantage of caving – it’s an all-weather activity, with temperatures inside the caves staying pretty much constant year round. You’ll need to check things like water levels to see whether caves are accessible at the time you want to go though.

Where can you go caving?

Nearly all caving in the UK is where there’s limestone rock. Some of the best and most accessible caving in England is in the Peak District. This is where you’ll find Titan cave, with its 141-metre shaft, making it the deepest known of any in the country. With several series of caves around Castletown, Bradwell, Lathkill Dale, Stony Middleton and the Hamps, there’s plenty of caving opportunities, including plenty of beginner’s caving in the Peak District.

Aside from the Peak District, top areas for going caving in the UK include Ogof Ffynnon Ddu (Cave of the Black Spring) in Swansea, Goatchurch Cavern in the Mendips and underneath the peaks of Penygent in Yorkshire, where there are lots of spectacular underground explorations possible.

Is caving safe?

Away from the staffed caves you can visit, you will need to be a competent caver to go caving. We highly recommend taking a guide, or going on an organised caving experience for your first taste of underground exploring. Then if you like it, why not join a caving club where regular group outings are organised?

Safety is fundamental to what caving is, as it can be a dangerous pastime. We advise you to take heed of the British Caving Association’s document explaining what is caving for beginners, for info on learning to cave safely.

Stay safe caving

Take a guide, or go on an organised group expedition to stay safe when you go caving

Sky high Valentine's messages

How to write Valentine’s messages to win their heart

When it comes to Valentine’s messages are you stuck for words? If you’re struggling to think of something to write for your Valentine, we’ve cogitated, deliberated and procrastinated long and hard to come up with some musings and thoughts on how to write your Valentine’s messages.

In essence, there are four rules to winning them over with your message on Valentine’s Day:

1. Use that pet name you have for them
2. Say something sweet and cute
3. Say something a little bit steamy
4. Write a little poem (or cheat and quote from one!)

But above all, the key to the best Valentine’s messages is …to BE YOURSELF!

Before you groan and say we’ve been no help to you, here are some of our golden nuggets when it comes to writing short, but very sweet, Valentine’s messages:

Saying I love you in under 150 characters

If you’re buying your Valentine’s gift online, the chances are you’ll have the opportunity to enter a personalised message for your loved one. For example, when you buy a Valentine’s experience from intotheblue.co.uk, you type your words of wisdom in the ‘Add a gift message’ box on the checkout page.

Valentine's gift messages on ITB

Time to shine with your personalised Valentine’s messages – and you’ve got 150 characters to do it in!

The tricky bit here is the amount of space you have to personalise gifts. With Into the Blue gift vouchers, you have 150 characters to put your message across. You could play it safe with a smattering of ‘Love you babes’ and ‘Just for you bubs’, but if you want to incorporate our golden rules, throw caution to the wind and drop in that little pet name you have for them. And if, like many of Intotheblue’s Valentine’s customers, you buy an experience that you can both enjoy together, make a sweet reference (that’s number two covered!) and say something like:

To [petname],
Will you let me share your childhood dream?
My love always,
Your [petname] x

But what about the poetry in your Valentine’s message?

You might not think you can do poetry within the 150 character limit, but you can. Rather than agonising over rhyming your couplets for hours and hours, you can always quote someone else’s wonderful wordsmith-ery.

Our favourite is by Samuel Lover, the appropriately-named 18th century Irish composer and songwriter. He simply wrote: ‘Come live in my heart and pay no rent’.

Then there’s Elizabeth Barrett Browning, the English poet in Victorian Britain who said: ‘I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am with you’.

But if you want a modern twist to your poetic Valentine’s messages, you can’t beat Adrian Henri’s ‘Love is’. Packed full of quotable lines, from ‘Love is a fan club with only two fans’, to ‘Love is you and love is me’, it’s a great contemporary love poem. And if you don’t know it, here’s ‘Love Is’ being read out aloud for you.

Poetic Valentine's messages

Poetic Valentine’s messages – write your own, or quote a love poem to make them swoon

You’ve forgotten rule number three?

Ah yes. The saying something steamy rule. We couldn’t possibly go into that here. We’ll leave that part of your Valentine’s messages up to you and your imagination!

So before you head off and write ‘Love you to the moon and back, baby cakes’ again, have a read of our four rules for writing Valentine’s messages. Have a think, but don’t forget to be yourself. and remember – they love you just the way you are. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentines heart

But in the end, the most important thing is to just be yourself in your Valentine’s messages