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Air Rifle Target Shooting and More

Fully supervised air rifle shooting experiences at UK-wide professional shooting ranges. All grounds offer a secure and safe environment with top-notch tuition to teach you to shoot an air pistol or rifle. Adopt the right stance, be steady on your feet, keep your eye on the target and give it your best shot! Air rifles & pistol shooting experience FAQs
rifle shooting

Air Rifle Shooting Doncaster

Blyth, Doncaster

From £14.00

Air Rifle Shooting Doncaster
  • Try rifle shooting near Doncaster
  • All the gear you need is included
  • Archery, crossbow & axe add-ons offered
  • Minimum age 8 for rifle shooting
shooting sim

Professional Shooting Simulator Wiltshire


Discounted Offer From £45.99

Professional Shooting Simulator Wiltshire
  • Experience virtual shooting on the simulator
  • Professional Marksman ST-2 sim set up
  • Unlimited ammo & targets within your time
  • Shooting whatever the weather!
target sports

.22 Rifle Shooting Hampshire

Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire Border

From £25.00

.22 Rifle Shooting Hampshire
  • Target sports near Eversley in Hants
  • Authentic woodland setting
  • Rifles with archery & axe add-ons
  • Easily accessible from Surrey & Berks too
air pistol shooting
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Air Rifles & Pistols for Two Bedfordshire


Best Seller Buy For £79.00

Air Rifles & Pistols for Two Bedfordshire
• Exclusive expert tuition
• One hour Air Rifles and Pistol Session
• Takes place 7 days a week
• All safety equipment is provided
peaky pistols shooting

Peaky Pistols Shooting Experience

Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham

Buy For £35.00

Peaky Pistols Shooting Experience
  • Peaky Blinders-themed shooting session
  • Shoot on a film-like set with FX lighting
  • Using vintage gun replicas
  • Bring your overcoat & peaky cap!
air rifle

Air Rifle Shooting Manchester

Heaton, Manchester

Save 22% From £25.00

Air Rifle Shooting Manchester
• Air rifle shooting experiences near Manchester
• At an outdoor activity centre in Rushton Spencer
• All the gear (including ammunition) provided
• Add an extra activity with the combo experience
man target shooting

Target Shooting in North Nottingham

Lime Woods, Calverton

Save £11 From £20.00

Target Shooting in North Nottingham
• Target shooting at Lime Woods near Calverton
• Go for the exploding target option for extra bang!
• All the gear and tuition you need is included
• Try the combo experience for two target activities
outdoor choice

Outdoor Choice

Locations Nationwide

From £50.00

Outdoor Choice
  • Choose from a wide choice of Outdoor Adventures
  • Locations across the UK
  • Option to top up your voucher on line
  • FREE premium packaging included worth £4.99
air rifle
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Air Rifles Brighton

Falmer, East Sussex

From £29.00

Air Rifles Brighton
• Air rifle experiences near Brighton
• Shoot pellets at paper & knock-down steel targets
• A pre-charged airgun chosen for your build
• Tuition for your stance, trigger control & aim
Duo shooting pistols at gun range
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Rifle & Pistol Shooting Devon

Newton Abbot

From £29.00

Rifle & Pistol Shooting Devon
• Three shooting ranges in one indoor centre
• Shooting range is nr Newton Abbot in Devon
• Fire air rifles & bb handguns at over 100 targets
• Try the big screen simulated shooting games
group shot

Target Sports in Somerset

Highbridge, Somerset

From £25.00

Target Sports in Somerset
• A trio of target sports near Highbridge in Somerset
• Try axe throwing, archery & air rifles
• Choose to do one, two or all three activities
• A great choice for small groups of up to six
air rifles cheshire

Air Rifles Cheshire

Frodsham, Cheshire

Buy For £29.00

Air Rifles Cheshire
• A 1 hour air rifle session
• A qualified instructor throughout your experience
• Have a go at shooting a series of targets
• Takes place in Frodsham, Cheshire
girl with a rifle
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Air Rifles & Pistols for Two

Hertford, Hertfordshire

Special Offer 2 for 1 From £39.00

Air Rifles & Pistols for Two
  • Air rifle & pistol shooting
  • Sessions led by experienced marksman
  • Shoot at a purpose-built range in Hertfordshire
  • Countryside setting easy access from M25/A1
boy aiming air rifle

Target Air Rifles North Yorkshire

Coniston Cold, Skipton

Buy For £39.00

Target Air Rifles North Yorkshire
• A one hour air rifle experience
• A choice of paper or knock-down metal targets
• There are three permanent ranges
• All ranges have covered roofs
pistol shooting
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Target Training Cambridgeshire

Huntingdon, Brampton

Buy For £30.00

Target Training Cambridgeshire
• Target shooting at a family-run centre near Cambridge
• Excellent coaching from tutors who know their stuff
• Choose air rifles or replica weaponry experiences
• Unlimited shots so no need to hold back on firing
zombie rifle shooting

Zombie Apocalypse Training

Lime Woods, near Calverton Nottingham

Buy For £48.00

Zombie Apocalypse Training
• Zombie shooting session nr Calverton Nottingham
• Use air rifles, crossbows and axes to tackle undead
• Lots of different zombie-themed targets to aim at
• All the gear & training to shoot zombies included!
outdoor shooting

Target Rifle Shooting Newcastle

Matfen Hall Estate, Northumberland

Buy For £40.00

Target Rifle Shooting Newcastle
• Target shooting at a country estate near Newcastle
• Try a variety of different air rifles
• Shoot at traditional paper & mechanical targets
army air rifle set up
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Air Rifles Leicester


Buy For £29.00

Air Rifles Leicester
• Air rifle shooting session
• Sessions include, equipment and 60 shots
• A competitive turn with a scoring system
• Free entry to the on site museum
target sports birmingham

Target Sports Birmingham

Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands

From £29.00

Target Sports Birmingham
• Target sports in Birmingham near Sutton Coldfield
• Choose one, two or three activities to try
• Archery, air rifles and axe throwing on offer
• Excellent facilities on this 200 acre site
group shooting

Gun Rush Experience Day

Woking, Surrey

Buy For £325.00

Gun Rush Experience Day
• A unique day of firearms & performance training
• Re-create movie action scenes like a stunt pro
• Learn to handle & fire a variety of weapons
• Be taught how to 'fall' and 'die' after a hit!

Multi-Activity Adventure Cheshire

near Northwich, Cheshire

Buy For £89.00

Multi-Activity Adventure Cheshire
  • Four outdoor activities - one voucher!
  • Hosted by this outdoor centre near Northwich
  • Try falconry, Segways, archery & rifles
  • Spend around four hours on site

Should I buy this experience?

Who it's for

It takes concentration and nerves of steel to be a hot-shot shooter, but even if you think you might be a bit of a miss-firer, these air rifle shooting experiences are designed to be fun, safe and as inclusive as possible. That all means there's no previous shooting experience necessary, so why not just got for it?

Who it's not for

If the thought of taking aim and releasing the trigger strikes fear into your heart, these air gun sessions might not be for you. There are other ways to enjoy some target-based fun though, such as archery - which offers all the fun without the bang!

Air guns & rifles FAQs

Are these air gun shooting experiences safe?

As with any form of target shooting experience, there are inherent risks, but if the rules and regulations of the shooting ground are adhered to, everyone taking part in these air rifle and pistol shoots can have fun, whilst remaining safe at all times. All experiences start with a full safety briefing before you start handling or shooting any guns.

What sort of guns will I be firing?

We have a range of target experiences for you using different types of firearms. Most are 0.22 calibre air rifles or air pistols. Pistols are handheld, whereas rifles have long barrels, so the way you handle them is different, but fear not, all the coaching is included in your experience.

Will I be shooting with real bullets?

No. All the firearms use pellet ammunition. But make no mistake, in the wrong hands these pellets can do some serious damage, so these experiences only take place at professional shooting ranges under supervision.

How does an air gun actually work?

Air guns (the generic name for the rifles and pistols you'll be using) use compressed air to fire the ammunition (rather than a conventional gun that creates a small explosion to propel the bullet out of the barrel). There are several different types of design, but most you come across are either pneumatic or spring air. Put simply, the gas expands (either air, carbon dioxide or another gas) and this compression increases density, to create a greater pressure on the air inside than outside the barrel. As the shooter presses the trigger, this compressed gas is released and the ammunition is propelled forward at speed and hey presto, you've fired a shot!

I'm quite small, will I be able to fire a gun?

Yes! Operators have a range of rifles and pistols to suit height, build and ability, so the appropriate gun will be chosen for you.

Will the recoil of the gun hurt?

Recoil is the backwards movement from the force of the gun firing. You'll experience the sensation of recoil on all firearms. On larger, more powerful guns, the recoil can be quite significant, whereas on these air guns the recoil is a lot less. You'll be shown how your stance before and after pulling the trigger helps compress the recoil.

Is it loud when you release the trigger?

We have to say, if you weren't expecting to hear the 'bang' of a gun going off, it's bound to make you jump. As the shooter, you'll be wearing ear protectors to stop that point-blank range noise doing any damage. And to give you an idea of how loud an air gun is, if you're standing 25ft away from one that's fired it's around 80-85 decibels, which is the same as being six feet away when a car door is slammed.

Are children allowed to go on an air gun shooting experience?

This is very much down to the policy of each shot operator. Some ask that all shooters are at least 18 years old, whereas others offer shooting experiences for children from around the age of 12 years, as long as they are accompanied onsite by a responsible adult. Age restrictions are included in the full details of each product page and if you need any more info, please don't hesitate to contact us by email, 'phone or online chat.

What will I be shooting at?

All sorts of targets! Many sessions start off by shooting at traditional paper roundel targets. You might then progress to what are called 'knock down' targets. These drop down when you hit them, then pop back up again. Some shooting grounds offer more unusual targets to aim at, from zombies to human silhouettes!

I've never fired a gun before. Will I be able to do it?

With the right gun and the right tuition, of course you will! These air gun shooting experiences are aimed at beginners who have never even held a gun before. All the gear and tuition is included too, so once you've bought your voucher there's usually nothing more to pay.

Will I get unlimited pellets to shoot?

This depends on each individual operator. Some offer sessions with a certain number of pellets included, others operate on a timed basis with unlimited ammunition. Please check each individual page for further information on this.

What are your 'combo' shooting experiences all about?

Lots of our centres offer different forms of target shooting, so we thought it'd be fun to add different disciplines together to make combined shooting experiences. That means you can fire air guns, do some clay shooting or maybe archery, all with one voucher.

I wear glasses/contract lenses, does that matter?

No. For these experiences you can wear prescriptions glasses or contact lenses. If you get hooked on shooting and take it up as a sport, you'll see the serious shooters invest in a pair of prescription shooting glasses which help with aim.

Will my experience be a shooting competition?

You will be part of a small group of people shooting together, but it's not a competition. Everyone will shoot for themselves. There may be an element of competitive shooting to round off the experience with a fun shooting challenge of some sort for you to take part in. If you book a exclusive private group (a work or stag/hen outing for example) then the experience can be built around what you'd like to do.

Is the teaching on a one to one basis?

Yes. Even if you are part of a group on the day, the instructors will spend time with each shooter. You will all attend a pre-shoot briefing that goes over what will happen during your shooting experience, safety, range rules and etiquette.

Can I legally shoot air guns in the UK?

Yes. If you're in England or Wales, air guns and pistols up to a certain power can be used, as long as you have the permission or the owner or the tenant of the land or water where you plan to shoot. This area must not be within 50ft of the centre of a highway and you must adhere to the code of conduct. This includes rules such as never pointing an air gun at someone, or leaving it unsupervised at any time. The law is different for those in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Do I not need an air rifle licence for these shooting experiences?

For an air rifle that is more powerful than 12ft lb you must have a firearms certificate, but if it is less than that, you don't need a licence to own or use one. The guns used on these experiences fall into the latter category, so no licence is needed. In all cases, you must not be prohibited under Section 21 of the Firearms Act from using or possessing firearms or ammunition. If you are, you will not be legally allowed to take part in any of these shooting experiences. Please note these are the rules for England and Wales, gun laws are different in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Are the shooting ranges all licensed?

The venues have all the licences and clearances necessary to operate firearms of the calibre that they use. Some are professional shooting clubs with members and facilities such as gun shops on site. Others offer air rifling as part of their programme of outdoor activities. Most are affiliated with governing bodies such as BASC (the British Association of Shooting and Conservation), the NSA (National Shooting Association) and the NRA (National Rifle Association).

Where can I go air gun shooting near me?

We have got loads of target shooting experiences at venues around the country for you. There's bound to be an air rifle shooting experience somewhere near you:
  • Devon
  • East Sussex
  • Leicestershire
  • Bedfordshire
  • Cheshire
  • Shropshire
  • North Yorkshire
  • South Yorkshire
  • Northumberland
  • Essex
  • Nottinghamshire
  • Cambridgeshire

Reckon these experiences are right on target? Book your air rifle shooting experience now!