Creative Learning Experiences


Creative days out to show you something different. Try a new sport, fire your passion for dancing, or get your creative juices flowing as you work with stained glass. You might leave your workshop proudly clutching the bouquet of arranged flowers you curated. You could be heading home with a bespoke willow cricket bat, ready to hit a few personalised sixes. So not only do you get to enjoy your actual day of teaching, learning and creativity, you also get to appreciate the fruits of labour for years to come!


Fun creative experiences from Into The Blue

The things you wish you'd learned when you were young…

When we were young and at school, teachers were always telling us the importance of learning. Experience tells us we don't always listen to that good advice in our youth. When we grow up and we get a little wiser, we wish we'd 'had a go' at loads of things when we were younger. Now you can grab that chance with our fascinating range of creative days and experiences.

Some of the sessions we offer are pretty off the wall. After all, who'd have thought that spending a day creating fancy sculptures out of ice could be such fun? Then there's neon art. Light up your enthusiasm for neon with these unique (and admittedly rather eccentric) neon lighting workshops.

Get creative and make lovely things
As well as all that cool retro and modern trendy stuff, we step right back in time with a Blacksmith course. You'll be taught how to heat and work metal, just like smithys have done for thousands of years. Now that's a pretty neat party trick to boast about, when you present your self-made iron candlestick as your table centre piece.

If you're very imaginative, chances are you'll love a day at jewellery school making lots of shiny, pretty sparkly things, or perhaps becoming proficient in making candles would be the one to light up your day?

Learn to rock that stage or burn up that dance floor!
And before you tell us you've got two left feet or not a creative bone in your body, that doesn't wash with us. We've got musical and dancing workshops galore with tutors and teachers who are all very patient and skilled at getting the most out of their students. You might actually surprise yourself with what you are capable of.

Whichever creative experience you pick, you're sure to have your eyes well and trying opened to a new skill or sport that might just grab your attention so much, that it becomes a new hobby. Even if it doesn't, there's nothing like saying you've learned something new and opened up your creative mind at the same time. Are you ready to get learning?