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Paintball and Airsoft Experience Days

Are you brave enough to venture into the combat zone and go paintballing? Can you take the pressure of being hunted, or are you the hunter? Get the target in your sites and aim to fire your team to victory. That's the essence of these thrilling outdoor paintball games that will either see you covering the enemy or yourself getting splatted with balls of paint.

This is paintball at its most exciting: hours of fun and no one gets really hurt, just paint-splattered! It's the perfect day out for groups of friends, family or workmates looking for a challenge that's truly different. There’s even a kids’ version of paintballing too. With over 70 sites available the length and breadth of the UK including venues near London within the M25, Scotland, Ireland and Wales there's sure to be a convenient location nearby. Read more...

Paintball for Kids

Venues Nationwide

From £9.99

    • 10-12 action-packed games
    • 100 paintballs per person
    • End of day debrief and Top Gun awards
    • All equipment is provided
Paintball Pass
Based On 1 Reviews


From £19.00

    • 10-12 different games throughout the day
    • Each course offers different challenges
    • All equipment is provided
    • Available at over 30 locations nationwide!
Paintball Day
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From £9.99

    • 10-12 action packed games with different scenarios
    • 100 paintballs per person
    • Use a semi-automatic paintball marker gun
    • All equipment is provided
Woodland Shooting Combo Leicestershire

Lutterworth, Leicestershire

From £55.00

    • Air Rifles, archery and paintball in one day
    • Suitable for groups of 10 +
Zombie Infection Experience

Sheffield, Leicester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Nottingham

From £69.00

    • Fight the hordes of infected Zombies & find a cure
    • Unique locations around the Midlands
    • Very realistic, dramatic & theatrical set up
    • You'll be armed with an airsoft replica firearm
Zombie Survival Experience
Based On 1 Reviews

Kidderminster & Bury

From £99.00

    • Zombie busting missions in Bury or Kidderminster
    • Use of a Benelli shorty replica shotgun
    • Photo shoot with the Zombie actors
    • Full tactical clothing and safety goggle hire

Run yourself ragged playing paintball

Get ready to run wild, paintballing gun in hand, as you take on the role of ninja warrior for the day! There's something quite primeval about this ground-based sport. We can only say it's probably that mix of the sense of survival and team spirit that comes to the fore as soon as you pull on your mask and get ready to face the music with your comrades.

Essentially, it's all about team dynamics. On these experiences there will always be two teams competing against each other to really get the competitiveness and adrenaline factors on the rise. To succeed you need to communicate with your colleagues out on the field and don't be afraid to keep moving - especially if there are missions to accomplish as part of your paintball experience.

Paintballing tactics, team games and scenarios

You will be tackling a range of scenarios. Some may just have the objective of eliminating the players on the opposing team, some involve capturing flags, others task you to stand guard and not let the enemy take control of something like a forest fort or a ammunition store.

Before you can go into full-on battle, there are some ground rules that the organising crew will explain to you in the pre-tournament briefing. One of the most essential is regarding your protective clothing. You must wear your mask at all times whilst in play - bearing in mind a ball of paint from these guns travels at around 200 feet per second, so it will hurt if you take a direct hit in the face.

The rules and regs of paintball

Rules of combat will also be explained to you. Most venues operate a surrender command, which means that if you come face to face with a component at close quarters, you can shout 'surrender' rather than take a splat at close range that will hurt. And the sniper who surprises you should also call for you to surrender, so you have to chance to capitulate rather than take the shot.

Then once you've got the basics of how to shoot your gun and how to reload the hopper with paint balls you're ready for the off. What type of paintballer will you be? Will you be lurking in shadows taking people out as they appear in front of you, or will be running around like a thing possessed determined to reach the treasure first?

Who knows how you'll react when you're actually out in the field of action, but take a look at our paintballing video that gives you a paintball player's point of view of what goes on!

And a tip for our London-based paintballing fans, we have some of the best coverage of venues in the country and you'll find we have sites within the M25 (at Sidcup and Westerham for example) and at countryside areas in the Home Counties that are easy to get to from the capital, such as near Gatwick, South Nuffield and Waltham Abbey. So come on crazy combatants, it's time to get the hopper filled and head off into the colourful skirmish!

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