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Bushcraft & Survival Skills Gift Experiences

Forget those z-list celebrities in the jungle, it's now your turn to step into the great outdoors and learn about the art of bushcraft, survival and outdoor adventure. These experiences can be as genteel or as extreme as you like. We’ve everything from a weekend learning survival skills with nothing but what you can forage for to eat, to a nice afternoon in the hills being taught navigation skills.

On all of these outdoor and bushcraft courses the emphasis is very much on hands-on learning. That means there’s be expert instructors with you every step of the way, but it’s you who’ll be tackling the many challenges that being in the great outdoors can throw at you. Read more...

Bear Grylls Adventure

The NEC, Birmingham

From £35.00

    • Embark on a unique Bear Grylls Adventure!
    • After Basecamp, tackle your chosen 'Hero' activities
    • iFlY, high ropes, diving, escape rooms & more
    • Tackle the tough mental & physical challenges
Spy Academy, Buckinghamshire
Based On 1 Reviews

Milton Keynes

Save 50% From £49

    • Learn secret spy skills in Milton Keynes
    • Run by ex SAS, special forces, police & military
    • Try everything from crossbows to unarmed combat
    • A multitude of special agent skills will be taught
Bear Grylls 24 Hour Survival Academy

Brecon Beacons and South Downs

From £349.00

    • Learn survival in a Bear Grylls style for 24hrs
    • Course created by survivalist Bear Grylls
    • Cross water, build shelters, forage for food etc
    • This is the ultimate test of human ability
24 Hour Family Survival Course

Brecon Beacons, South Downs & Dartmoor

From £438.00

    • A 24-hour survival course for family duos
    • Course created by survivalist Bear Grylls
    • Learn adventure and survival skills in the wild
    • Bed down overnight in the shelter you built
Bear Grylls Extreme Survival

Dartmoor National Park and Scottish Highlands

From £875.00

    • Multiday extreme survival courses with Bear's team
    • A 'lowland' 3 days in Dartmoor National Park
    • A 'highland' 5 days in Alladale Wilderness Reserve
    • Our toughest survival courses on the books!
Bushcraft Dorset
Based On 3 Reviews

Near Blandford, Dorset

Save £20 From £75

    • Survival courses at Blackmore Vale nr Blandford
    • A range of options including a family day
    • Discover flora & fauna in ancient woodlands
    • Pick up some amazing tips & advice from experts
Bushcraft Fundamentals
Based On 1 Reviews

Derbyshire, Oxfordshire, East Lothian

From £99.00

    • Bushcraft days at your choice of location
    • Spend a full day in the woodlands with an expert
    • Learn the essentials - shelter, food, fire & water
    • Get ready for walking, foraging & outdoor cooking
Bushcraft Skills Bristol

Westerleigh, near Bristol

From £35.00

    • Bushcraft classes at Westerleigh near Bristol
    • Try a two-hour taster or the four-hour experience
    • Learn fire lighting, campfire & cooking skills
    • Great inclusive outdoor for all ages from 7 years
Family Bushcraft

Lyne, Surrey

From £55.00

    • Fun family bushcraft in Lyne, Surrey
    • Hosted by ex-Army officer & children's author Ian Brember
    • Sessions are open to all ages, under 4s go free
    • Basha shelters, hammocks, campfire cooking & more
Foraging Adventure

Oxfordshire & Leicestershire

From £99.00

    • Go foraging in Belvoir Leics or Appleton Oxon
    • Hosted by award-winning bushcraft expert Jason
    • Unearth the edible & medicinal flora all around you
    • Cook up a feast with the fruits of your labour!
Foraging and Cookery Course

Buildwas, Shropshire & Worplesdon, Surrey

From £60.00

    • Forage for food in Shropshire or Guildford
    • Make lunch using only what nature provides
    • Learn whittling, purifying & fire lighting skills
    • A full day hosted by ex-military instructors
Gun Rush Experience Day

Woking, Surrey

From £325.00

    • A unique day of firearms & performance training
    • Re-create movie action scenes like a stunt pro
    • Learn to handle & fire a variety of weapons
    • Be taught how to 'fall' and 'die' after a hit!
Map Reading & Navigation

The Peak District

From £79.00

    • Map reading & navigation in the Peak District
    • Set off on foot from Stony Middleton with the host
    • Learn about contours, grid reference & compass use
    • You will be walking & navigating for around 6hrs
Orienteering Yorkshire

Hazlewood Castle, Ripley Castle

From £15.00

    • Try the adventure sport of orienteering in Yorks
    • Your choice of location for these courses
    • Orienteering races aim to test the mind & body
    • Three routes of various difficulty available
Secret Agent Full Day

Milton Keynes

Save £81 From £99

    • Try your hand at 5 different spy activities
    • From sniper action to crossbows on this full day
    • Includes driving a Land Rover too
    • Learn your spy skills in Milton Keynes
SOE Spy School Experience

Swansea, Wales

From £60.00

    • Discover the Special Operations Executive!
    • Be an SOE operative & undertake missions
    • Setting for your experience is WW2 occupied France
    • Learn loads of covert skills and try them out!
Weekend Bushcraft

Devon and Staffordshire

From £220.00

    • An overnight bushcraft course in Devon or Staffs
    • This is an accredited NCFE IIQ course
    • All the skills to spend a weekend in the wild
    • Choose from Ottery St Mary and Burton on Trent
Woodland Survival & Bushcraft

Buildwas, Shropshire & Worplesdon, Surrey

From £60.00

    • Learn bushcraft skills in the woods of Shropshire
    • Shelter, food and water are your priorities here!
    • Hosted by ex-frontline military & special forces
    • Choose between a one or two-day (overnight) course
Woodland Ways Weekend

Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Oxfordshire, Scotland

From £249.00

    • Overnight survival courses ideal for beginners
    • A weekend learning all the key survival skills
    • Discover all that Mother Nature can give us
    • A variety of landscapes & environments to explore
Spy Camp for Kids
Based On 2 Reviews

Milton Keynes

£39 From £39

    • Spy camps for kids aged 10 to 16 years
    • Code breaking, laser room, sniper & pistol drawing
    • Learn fire lighting and shelter building skills
    • A certificate of achievement for all young spys
Outdoor Choice

Locations Nationwide

From £50.00

    • Choose from a wide choice of Outdoor Adventures
    • Locations across the UK
    • Option to top up your voucher on line
Ultimate Challenges Dorset

Blandford Forum, Dorset

From £20.00

    • More than just an Assault course
    • Activity combos with buggies, quads or clays
    • Perfect for groups of all sizes
    • Minimum age 12 for most activities

There’s no celebrity getting out of here on these bushcraft courses

There’s nothing like a bushcraft expedition to sort the whiners from get-getters who just get stuck in there! As seen on the endless extreme survival shows on TV (many of which involve our very own Bear Grylls who puts his name to several of our bushcraft courses), staying alive in the great outdoors can be quite an experience. This range of bushcraft and survival courses will test you mentally and physically, but they are also great fun and you will probably surprise yourself at just resilient you can be.

Learning to survive - eating, sleeping and keeping warm

Mind you, you do have to leave all those home comforts behind. If you spend a night or two outside under the stars, the saying ‘make your bed and lie in it’ has a whole new meaning. You will literally have to make yourself somewhere safe to sleep. Or at least somewhere fairly dry where you won’t get soaked or freezing cold. But how do you do that when the only materials you’ve got are the ones Mother Nature has left around? Forget procrastinating over the thread count of your Egyptian cotton sheets, this is all about the basic need to stay dry and warm using leaves, moss, branches and maybe a tarpaulin if you’re lucky!

Then there’s the staying warm bit. No turning up the thermostat on the central heating when you feel a bit of a chill here. Of course, if you’re in the forest there’ll be loads of wood around for you to burn. But how do you get the fire started? There are no matches and no petrol to get it going, so how will you get those flames flickering around your campfire? It can be done, but to find out you’ll just have to book on to one of our bushcraft courses!

When it comes to eating, if you’re away in the wilds for a weekend, there’s no popping to the nearest cafe or drive-through fast food joint when you’re feeling a tad peckish. Once again, you’ll be relying on nature’s rich basket of edible goodies. Of course, it take expert knowledge to know you which of the those mushrooms you can eat and which berries are full of juicy goodness.

The menu of the day varies with our courses. On some you might be hunting rabbit for the campfire stewing pot. At other locations the immersion into bushcraft life might be a bit more gentle, with ingredients provided for you to cook on the open fire. So if you’re vegetarian chose your bushcraft sessions wisely!

Spy games, mud runs and more!

As well as bushcraft, we also have sessions in anything from learning how to navigate, to crazy mud run experiences that have you absolutely caked in mud as you tackle an outdoor obstacle course. And if you don’t know what we’re talking about, here’s a video taster of a typical mud run. Then there is the top secret selection of spy games and special agent events. This brings a whole new meaning to survival, when you take on a James Bond persona to learn special agent skills and use clever gadgets that’d make Q proud.

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