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Bushcraft & Survival Skills Gift Experiences

Here you'll find not only bushcraft, but spy camps, secret agent games, orienteering, foraging and mud-runs, with survival course tasters, whole days, overnighters and weekends. Prepare for wet and wild, map navigating, bivouac-making, campfire cooking and more! Adventure & bushcraft experience FAQs...

navigation skills sussex

Introduction to Navigation Sussex

South Downs

Buy For £100.00

Introduction to Navigation Sussex
  • Full-day navigation courses
  • Learn map reading & compass skills
  • Always find your way on your walks!
  • Hosted by adventurer Tom & team
bushcraft basics
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Bushcraft Fundamentals

Derbyshire, Oxfordshire, East Lothian

Buy For £99.00

Bushcraft Fundamentals
• Bushcraft days at your choice of location
• Spend a full day in the woodlands with an expert
• Learn the essentials - shelter, food, fire & water
• Get ready for walking, foraging & outdoor cooking
man looking
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Spy Academy, Buckinghamshire

Milton Keynes

2 for 1 Special Offer Buy For £99.00

Spy Academy, Buckinghamshire
• Learn secret spy skills in Milton Keynes
• Run by ex SAS, special forces, police & military
• Try everything from crossbows to unarmed combat
• A multitude of special agent skills will be taught
bushcraft dorset
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Bushcraft Dorset

Near Blandford, Dorset

Save £20 From £75.00

Bushcraft Dorset
• Survival courses at Blackmore Vale nr Blandford
• A range of options including a family day
• Discover flora & fauna in ancient woodlands
• Pick up some amazing tips & advice from experts
spy games pistol
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Spy Camp for Kids

Milton Keynes

Save 20% Buy For £39.00

Spy Camp for Kids
  • Spy camps for kids aged 10 to 16 years
  • Code breaking, minefields, sniper & pistol drawing
  • Learn fire lighting & shelter building skills
  • A certificate of achievement for all young spys
outdoor choice

Outdoor Choice

Locations Nationwide

From £50.00

Outdoor Choice
  • Choose from a wide choice of Outdoor Adventures
  • Locations across the UK
  • Option to top up your voucher on line
  • FREE premium packaging included worth £4.99
man crawling on assault course

Ultimate Challenges Dorset

Blandford Forum, Dorset

From £25.00

Ultimate Challenges Dorset
• More than just an Assault course
• Activity combos with buggies, quads or clays
• Perfect for groups of all sizes
• Minimum age 12 for most activities
foraging oxfordshire

Foraging Adventure


Buy For £99.00

Foraging Adventure
  • Go foraging in Appleton in Oxfordshire
  • Hosted by award-winning bushcraft expert Jason
  • Unearth the edible & medicinal flora all around you
  • Cook up a feast with the fruits of your labour!
map and compass

Map Reading & Navigation

The Peak District

Buy For £99.00

Map Reading & Navigation
• Map reading & navigation in the Peak District
• Set off on foot from Stony Middleton with the host
• Learn about contours, grid reference & compass use
• You will be walking & navigating for around 6hrs
big hat logo and camp fire

Family Bushcraft

Lyne, Surrey

From £55.00

Family Bushcraft
• Fun family bushcraft in Lyne, Surrey
• Hosted by ex-Army officer & children's author Ian Brember
• Sessions are open to all ages, under 4s go free
• Basha shelters, hammocks, campfire cooking & more
making a fire

Weekend Bushcraft

Devon and Staffordshire

Buy For £220.00

Weekend Bushcraft
• An overnight bushcraft course in Devon or Staffs
• This is an accredited NCFE IIQ course
• All the skills to spend a weekend in the wild
• Choose from Ottery St Mary and Burton on Trent
Woodland Ways Weekend

Woodland Ways Weekend

Derbyshire, Oxfordshire, Scotland

Buy For £249.00

Woodland Ways Weekend
  • Overnight survival courses ideal for beginners
  • A weekend learning all the key survival skills
  • Discover all that Mother Nature can give us
  • A variety of landscapes & environments to explore

Bear Grylls Adventure

The NEC, Birmingham

From £49.00

Bear Grylls Adventure
  • Embark on a unique Bear Grylls Adventure!
  • Snorkel & diving packages on offer
  • Meet the underwater residents!
  • High ropes, archery etc add ons possible
group shooting

Gun Rush Experience Day

Woking, Surrey

Buy For £325.00

Gun Rush Experience Day
• A unique day of firearms & performance training
• Re-create movie action scenes like a stunt pro
• Learn to handle & fire a variety of weapons
• Be taught how to 'fall' and 'die' after a hit!

Should I buy this experience?

Who it's for

These experiences are all about turning off the telly and going to do something less boring instead. You'll be in the great outdoors learning some fantastic new skills and having fun - all whilst benefitting from that fresh air. Yoyu'll need some get up and go for these courses, so if you've bring your enthusiasm, you'll love it.

Who it's not for

You really do need to like being outside for these experiences. No point in worrying about a broken nail or what your hair looks like when you're wading through waist-high water troughs on a tough mudder race, for example!

Bushcrafting & Outdoor Adventure FAQs

What is bushcraft?

Bushcraft is all about Mother Nature. It's using what nature gives you to eat, drink, shelter and survive in the great outdoors. It can include everything from hunting for food, sleeping under the stars and navigating your way around your environment. In essence, it's going off-grid for a while in the great outdoors!

Are these bushcraft experiences suitable for children?

We offer some specific bushcraft courses that have been specifically devised for families to enjoy together. Whether you go into the wild for one day or a weekend, it's going to be loads more fun than the usual camping trip. Kids just love the foraging, shelter building and camp fire tasks.

Is it going to be like celebrity get me out of here?

No, thankfully not. It's not about z-list celebs taking part in staged tasks involving thousands of insects. You'll be learning proper outdoor skills so you can survive in the forest, jungle or wherever!

Are the survival courses as extreme as Bear Grylls's TV shows?

While nothing can be as extreme as Bear climbing inside a dead camel to sleep overnight in the desert, we do have some quite gnarly survival weekends and experiences on offer. In fact, they have been designed and curated by the great man himself, so you can see if you've got what it takes to survive in the wild just like Bear Grylls.

Do you have to be physically and mentally strong?

There's certainly an element of this for some of these experiences. You definitely need to be in the right frame of mind for these courses. Whilst some are more physical, others need you to think laterally. When it comes to actual requirements, each product page lists any restrictions for that particular activity, so make sure you read through the full details.

Will I really have to leave my home comforts behind on these bushcraft courses?

Yep! Shock, horror, you might actually find yourself somewhere with no wifi coverage! There won't be any Egyptian cotton sheets, electric kettles, takeaway delivery services or TV, it's all about surviving with what Mother Nature provides.

Will I have to make my own bed on the overnight survival courses?

Yes - and you'll have to lie in it too! In all seriousness, one of the main parts of the overnight bushcraft courses is working with your fellow outdoor survivalists to build a suitable shelter for the night. Called a bivouac, it might not be a 5* hotel, but it will keep you warm and dry!

What should I take with me bushcrafting?

Once you've bought your voucher and booked your date with the supplier, they will let you what you can and can't bring to the day with you. It's always advisable to leave valuables at home and remember, you won't need any specialist or technical gear - if needed this will be provided for you. If you're unsure of anything, don't hesitate to contact us via the online chat, email or 'phone.

What should I wear to for these experiences?

It depends entirely on what you're doing, but we've got one top tip for you. Make sure your footwear is suitable and comfortable! There's nothing worse than soggy feet or blisters. Other than that, it's generally sports or outdoor clothing that you'll need to wear.

Is there a kit list?

On some of the overnight courses you might be required to bring a sleeping bag with you and a set of camping-style eating utensils, like an unbreakable mug, plate and cutlery. The suppliers will give detailed guidance on what you should pack. More details can be found on each individual product page.

Do you learn how to make a fire?

This is what nearly everyone on a bushcraft course is most excited about doing! For those experiences where fire lighting is part of the programme, you will indeed be shown how to make a campfire, light it and keep it going.

What will we be eating on these courses?

If meals are included in your course, you may be hunting for the food yourself! On the more extreme survival courses you'll be setting traps for rabbits, skinning them and cooking them - but only if you want to. On other courses it's more of a camping affair, with your instructors providing the rations. On shorter taster experiences meals are usually not part of the programme.

What is foraging?

Foraging is searching for and gathering wild food sources. It could include picking wild mushrooms, berries, nuts, fruits, plants and leaves. Anything which is edible. It's quite a skill to know what you can and can't eat, so best left to the experts to show you during your experience. We have in-depth foraging courses too if it's something you really want to get into.

Will I have to catch and kill any live animals?

Some of the courses do have hunting on the programme. You're not obliged to take part or even watch though. Most of the courses use more foraging techniques to provide food to be cooked with food brought in by the instructing team.

What are the spy courses all about?

On our popular spy experiences you will learn typical spy skills. From hand to hand combat and sniper skills, to laser beam avoidance and listening devices, you'll delve into the sometimes murky world of espionage. Brilliant fun and we have courses specifically aimed at kids too.

Is it like being a real life James Bond?

Yes, it can be, but without the sharp suits and the Aston Martin cars. If you do fancy whizzing around in a fancy Bond-style motor, you can book that over in the Aston Martin experiences listings over in our supercars section.

What are tough mudder races?

These are really popular right now in the UK. It's a modern take on an army obstacle course. It involves running, climbing, sliding, crawling and jumping your way across a gruelling outdoor obstacle course where you will, of course, get very muddy. There are no big prizes at the end of it, it's all about the honour of having survived all that mud and water!

So do you offer any tough mud races?

Yes we do. We've got mud runs and obstacles races that will test your mettle to the max. Why not get a group of you together to take part? You'll need guts and enthusiasm for these experiences, but you'll feel exhilarated when you cross that finish line!

Where can I learn bushcraft near me?

We have got bushcraft courses, spy days, tough mudder races and survival skills experiences of varying extremeness around the UK for you. Most venues are in the countryside, so you might have to travel a bit, but you'll be leaving the hustle and bustle of the city behind for sometime in the great outdoors. Current locations include:
  • South Downs
  • Peak District
  • Brecon Beacons
  • Dartmoor
  • Scottish Highlands
  • Derbyshire
  • Oxfordshire
  • Leicestershire
  • Dorset
  • Surrey
  • Shropshire
  • Yorkshire

Ready to light your fire and forage? Book your bushcraft or adventure experience now!