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60th Birthday

Our range of 60th birthday gifts will delight anyone who is turning 60 years old! Many of the gifts show a nostalgic side as they can go flying a vintage plane, driving a steam train or get behind the wheel of a classic car. We also have 60th birthday ideas that'll make them feel special, with relaxing pampering and gourmet activities too. In essence, buying a 60th birthday gift isn't an easy task, but we help you make it easier with our ideas here! See more gift suggestions on our main gift ideas section.

Shhhhh.....for some people, approaching their 60th birthday is not something to shout about. Long gone are the days when we could all retire at 60 and now we're all working later in life, but that doesn't mean to say there are no benefits to attaining the age of 60...

For a start, depending on where you live in the UK, you may very well be able to get a free bus pass! Ah yes.The iconic symbol of the 60th birthday. Then there are the free eye tests and the winter fuel top up payments. What joy we here you cry!

If all this is sounding a little too frightening for someone who is 60 years young, then never fear, help is here in the form of this gathering of great gifts all highly suitable for 60th birthday bashes. Why not let them celebrate not retiring in style with a fun day out for all the family to enjoy. Perhaps the kids and even grandkids can come along to watch the special event? This is the stuff of superb memories that'll never fade.

We can't tell you what you should plump for, as when it comes to seeking out the very best 60th birthday pressie it very much depends on the person concerned. Maybe they want to try something that'll scare them (in the good way!) or step back in time to a golden age that reminds them of their childhood.

Whatever you think they'll enjoy on their 60th, if you do happen to get it wrong, here at Into the Blue we will exchange the voucher for any other activity on our website throughout its 12 months validity - so no worries if you pick the wrong thing for their 60th.

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