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Gifts for Kids

No adults allowed - these are activities for kids only! On this page we’ve scoured the entire website to pick off the very best gift choices for the kids. They are all great fun and make no mistake, these are not simply watered down versions of our standard experiences, they’re been specially concocted to be suitable for youngsters.

Our most popular experience gift ideas for kids by far are the ones that get them doing something that they are too young to do in the ‘real world’. We’re talking driving sessions for little ones without the need for a driving licence. We’ve got a whole world of automotive craziness for kids out there, all perfectly legally run on private land, in safety. And in a similar vein there are shoot ‘em up days for the kids, as well as sessions in the flight simulators and a whole load more. Read more...

Super cool kids' activities are here!

This page collates some of the best gift ideas for kids that we’ve got in our massive portfolio of experience gifts. We think you’ll be surprised at the type of activities your little ones can do, with everything from children’s spy game days, to 'Fast and Furious' cars.

Indeed, all of these experiences have been created and finely tuned to be the perfect blend of learning and fun, with safety and expert instruction paramount. You can be rest assured that no matter how ‘gnarly’ (as the kids would say) these experiences look, they are all very safe. Security is foremost at all venues and safety briefings are always carried out before these kids activities commence.

Mind you, it’s still hard to believe that a track day operator lets kids loose in fancy supercars. The truth is, they are usually dual control and being out on a designated part of a private track is actually the best place for juniors to get a taste of being behind the wheel. And of course, the kids love it because the vehicles are all so cool!

These activities aren't just about high-adrenaline for your mini monsters. We also have plenty of experiences that’ll teach them something new. Indeed, don’t tell the kids, but we've got gift ideas that are actually quite educational. Children can learn about the wonderful world of birds of prey on a falconry experience, or discover what it’s like to own and look after a pony on a cowboy adventure. We can highly recommend this one if you have a little one who is constantly pestering to have a pony!

All that learning aside, sometimes you just want to give the kids a treat. With gift ideas like the entrance tickets to an indoor trampoline park or Madame Tussauds, you know the kids are going to love those experiences. We’ve even got special Kids Pass gift ideas that give you discounts on food and days out for the kids around the country.

No matter what your budget is, we’ve got activities for kids in all price brackets, for all age ranges. Get the toddler grand kids bouncing on a trampoline, or that grumpy teen grinning after a Land Rover drive with these fab experience gifts solely for the kids.

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